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Najib’s photo at the UN

Al freír de los huevos lo verá. This is Spanish and taken from the famous novel Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.

It means literally, “You will see it when you go to fry the eggs”.


Si Pudin and his wobbly alif ba ta party

A translation of the Spanish saying above was credited as the origin for the English proverb “the proof of the pudding is in the eating”. In modern English, it means you can only test the pudding when you eat it.

puddingKalu ikut Lebai Google, maksudnya “the real value of something can be judged only from practical experience or results and not from appearance or theory”.

Si Pudin has already been amply tested. The judgment from practical experience and results is that Pudin offers no value add. The proof is as clear as transparent jelly that he is an unwanted dish.

Umno delegates did not want to elect him as a party supreme council member. Umno members in Temerloh too refused to have him as their deputy division chief.

(Note: Even Jamal Sekinchan can win the divisional contest to become Umno Sungai Besar chairman but Si Pudin can’t make the cut as deputy division leader. Ish!)

Saifuddin Abdullah Wong Chun Wai

‘Sokongan’ yang membawa rebah

Awang Selamat in the Utusan editorial yesterday has as much as said that Saifuddin Abdullah should be sacked from Umno.

“Sampai bila pengurusan Umno masih teragak-agak untuk bertindak ke atas bekas Ahli Majlis Tertinggi Umno, Saifuddin Abdullah. […]

“Cukuplah, sudah banyak peringatan diberi. Kegagalan untuk bertindak akan memberi mesej yang salah kepada semua. Tanpa Saifuddin dalam Umno, tiada siapa akan menangis sebaliknya, ia kelegaan besar buat semua.”


What Awang Selamat recommended vis-a-vis The Pudding similarly applies to the MCA. To paraphrase from the Utusan editorial:

  • Sampai bila pengurusan BN masih teragak-agak untuk bertindak ke atas MCA?
  • Sudah banyak tindak-tanduk dan kenyataan MCA yang bukan sahaja tidak selari dengan aspirasi BN malah bercanggah, contohnya sokongan yang terang-terang diluahkan mantan presiden Ling Liong Sik bagi Bersih 4.0.
  • Kenyataan terbaharu Tun Dr Ling menuntut agar Najib Razak berundur adalah satu lagi ujian buat BN. Meskipun demikian, MCA cuma lepas tangan seolah-olah dalam diam parti Cina tersebut memang merestui syor yang dibuat bekas pemimpinnya itu.
  • MCA tidak lagi berminat kepada BN dan BN lebih-lebih lagi, sudah tidak mengharapkan undi Cina.
  • Lagipun pengaruh MCA di persada politik sudah hilang selepas kalah teruk tatkala PRU13 dulu. Maka apa ditunggu lagi, sudah tiada keserasian antara kedua-duanya.
  • Baik MCA meninggalkan BN secara terhormat daripada terus menjadi duri dalam daging kepada parti pemerintah.
  • Kegagalan Najib untuk bertindak akan membawa padah kepada BN dalam PRU14 nanti.

Najib UN Oct 2015 1Malaysia

Pointless to try and please the Chinese

The above photograph of the Prime Minister speaking at the United Nations a few days ago is lifted from the UN News Centre website.

You can see that Najib is still faithfully wearing the 1Malaysia pin on his lapel.

Five years ago Najib stood before the UN and pledged to create a Global Movement of Moderates. True to his world, he appointed The Pudding as GMM boss soon upon his return from New York.

Lim Kit Siang asks whether Najib has lost confidence in Saifuddin to head his pet project and whether Pudin was going to be replaced as CEO.

According to Kit Siang, moderation is in any case an oxymoron in pro-Umno/BN circles because moderates are “a rare and may-soon-become-extinct species” in Umno.

With the DAP people, buat tak betul, tak buat pun tak betul.

NUCC Saifuddin

Let it go, let it go

Di sisi orang yang tak berkenan, buat segala apa pun kira salah jua. Najib initiated GMM. He established the National Unity Consultative Council (NUCC). He launched his signature policy 1Malaysia.

None of it cut any ice. On the contrary, the Dapster-evangelistas diss everything without giving any idea mooted by BN – however well-thought out or good-intentioned – a sliver of chance to take off.

Kit Siang today alleged that 1Malaysia has gone the way to oblivion despite that Najib is still pinning 1Malaysia on his coat.

A lot of people in Umno are left wondering why their president remains fixated on 1Malaysia. Why can’t he just let go?

Hannah Racist Ugly Mouth Hodoh

Give DAP a taste of its own medicine

In his UN speech on Oct 1, Najib quoted the dictum, “That which is hateful to you, don’t do to your fellow human being”.

Another way of putting across the Golden Rule is – Do unto others what you would have others do unto you.

Essentially what DAP keeps doing to Umno is hurl malicious accusations of “racist”, “extremist”, “bigot” and “spewers of hate”. In fact, Kit Siang just did it again today.

Umno must return the favour, and without further reservation, firmly remind Malaysians that DAP is the real racist that sparked May 13. Moderation is wasted on the evangelista Bintang Lima.

The Umno president should by now realise that one can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs. 

Other countries, such as China and Singapore, where the government is led by Chinese would not be so tolerant of the vicious and slanderous behaviour of DAP people. You’ve just got to crack a few eggs to make an omelette. 

Time for Najib to get crackin’.

break egg



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6 thoughts on “Najib’s photo at the UN

  1. Helen,

    Hesitancy is a manifestation of weakness.

    To be on firm footing, UMNO must get rid of any elements in BN that is not in line with BN spirit.

    MCA in particular is simply another DAP within BN. It carries DAP voice within BN. MCA simply “beraja dimata bersultan dihati”.

    Sultan Mahmud of then malay sultanate of Melaka would simply execute traitor in form of ‘sula”. The punishment may sound harsh but now I appreciate why His Highness did that 500 years ago.

    MCA lives on charity of UMNO. Without its association with UMNO, it would have been dead decades ago.Yet MCA is “rak sedar diri”.

    UMNO members have for years object MCA representing malay majority areas. Places like Kulim, Alor Gajah, Tanjung piai, parit Yani are better be contested by UMNO in coming election.

    Why on earth Najib must carry “biawak hidup” that outlives its purpose decades ago. AFTER ALL, UMNO prevails despite total Chinese rejection.

  2. Quickly book an abode for MCA at the Nirwana Memorial… Faster faster faster go MCA… Living on “charity” for far too long.

  3. Must start looking for Najib’s eggs first. Find them and he can start cracking other eggs.

    Retaining Wong Chun Wai as spokesman for the “moderates” is what angers the real Malay moderates (not the G25 of course). Wong Chun Wai is given the liberty to berate the Malays as stupid, racists, bigots etc etc. And Pudding? Sometimes I cannot make out what his “new politics” is. He tries to sound and act intellectual but he comes out a dismal failure.

    And people like these two Najib keeps.

    How to fight DAP like this? Najib looks like he will be forever mired in his ineptitude.

  4. Kawasan saya MCA sekadar bantu2 Apek yang tak faham isi borang atau telefon tolong telefon jabatan dan pejabat2 kerajaan saja.

    Now lawyers Pakatan dah banyak takde kerja, can take over these functions. You will notice nak berurusan at some govt counters, macam anak2 itik dok ikut belakang lawyer just to submit a simple application.

  5. JStar does it again protecting the backside of the Great Papa DAP.
    They say lots of people in Penang want the dogs to be killed.

    “All of them express a grave dislike for what Lim is doing.

    To be fair, it is not Lim’s fault.”

    The Star says dogs are at fault and must DIE.
    “Lim believes there is public support for the culling and he may be right.

    Many Penangites do not mind the culling.

    There are an estimated 25,000 strays in the state and packs of them can be a nuisance.”

    And the Star scares us with the fall of Penang curse.
    “Several on Facebook proclaimed they would not vote for the Penang Pakatan Harapan government because of the dogs.

    Let them vote for Barisan Nasional next round and see what they get, Lim had said in a press release.

    He had even said he was willing to lose votes.

    It is a surprising statement coming from a seasoned politician. ‘

    To me Anything But Pakatan AND MCA! (ABPM)

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