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The wicked, “wicked regime” – Hannah Yeoh

Hannah tweeted to Najib today that his regime is “wicked”.

Hannah Yeoh wicked regime

Even in the past – see her March 2011 tweet below – Hannah Yeoh torpedoed 1Malaysia before the PM ever had a chance to get it off the ground. Well, Najib has a wicked heart so he mustn’t be allowed to try.

Some months ago, Hannah Yeoh was ranting about the “wicked Barisan Nasional government”. And not only is the BN gomen wicked, it has “no shame” either.

Double whammy!

Then last week, @hannahyeoh fingered those wicked people who are “corrupt” and who “steal, kill and destroy” – see her tweet below. These are the wicked wolves. They are so unlike her Lamb of God, meek and mild.

Hannah thinks “wicked leaders” vote for draconian laws and so, “Yes. Wicked BN MPs” they are.

In the eyes of Mama Dapster, dah lah Barisan MPs cukup jahat tapi si Umno MPs lagi jahat. See her tweet below singling out the “wickedness of Umno-BN”.

Not only are the Umno MPs and the BN regime wicked, they get progressively wickeder by the year. Oh, the horror!

Hannah is aghast. “I have never seen the level of vile & wicked language,” she exclaimed, taking Rahman Dahlan to task (at that time he had not been appointed BN strategic communications director as yet).

The Change Agent Cometh

It’s hard to be Hannah and having to preach all the time.

Imparting a lesson from the Bible, below … Amen.


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9 thoughts on “The wicked, “wicked regime” – Hannah Yeoh

  1. Hannah ‘Wicked Soalan Mulut Banana’ Yeoh

    She ain’t gonna grow old in grace.

    1. Helen,

      Seriously, UMNO who’s who need a good whacking.

      They are allowing Hannah to mock them with impunity. Get even. Tell the whole world how Hannah is a hypocrite. ell that EVERYDAY.

      TELL THAT every time UMNO Ministers give public statements.

      JAWAB LA.

  2. DAP’s icon of kurang ajarness and worshipped by thousands, including some lost Melayus, the old and the young included…

    Do we need these kind of people in policy and decision making august houses?

  3. The most unfair Independant Power Plant (IPP) is now history. The 21-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with YTL has expired on September 30th and will not be renewed (by Najib). Yes, the PPA with such favourable terms not found anywhere else in the world is no more. As of this month, YTL no longer owns any IPP in Malaysia. This was the most unfair PPA ever in world history and allowed YTL (and unnamed 30% Bumiputra individual shareholders including a mysterious company called Bara Aktif Sdn Bhd), to essentially make free money for 21 years.

    This PPA was the only one to have a take-or-pay mechanism where TNB must take the power generated from the IPP whether it needed it or not or even if TNB had excess capacity.. If it didn’t take the power or had a had a need for it, TNB still need to pay. And it even have a clause that guarantees YTL a fixed fuel cost. Meaning that when fuel price increased, TNB also had to compensate YTL.

    And worse, the late Tan Sri Ani Arope had said that TNB’s cost to generate electricty then was 8 sen per unit but was forced by EPU then to pay YTL 23 sen – and this is before fuel cost compensation by TNB comes in. So unfair was the deal that Ani Arope confronted Maha****. “All these things have to be passed onto the consumers. So, I said, sir (Maha****) your EPU is not an Economic Planning Unit. It is an Economic Plundering Unit. I am sorry, I’m no signing” said Ani Arope to Maha****. Within a week of saying no to Mahathir, Ani Arope was forced to resign as TNB Chairman.

    By all estimates, this IPP recovered its capital within two years and hence had 19 years of free guaranteed and risk-free money – estimated at RM1 billion profits per year. I am glad that Najib did not renew this YTL IPP plant but has renewed others owned by 1 MDB and TNB at lower rates. This non-renewal is guaranteed to piss of certain interested parties.

    I thinks fat yearly profits at the expense of the rakyat for 21 years is more than enough. However, I am sad that Ani Arope who passed away in Dec last year did not live to see this (non-renewal) today.

    To all Malaysians and Members of Parliment let us support Najib. Otherwise, we will see this blood-sucking monster (IPP) will be alive again under the directive of the puppet master (Maha****) who will be in control of everything.

    1. ‘fat yearly profits at the expense of the rakyat for 21 years is more than enough.’

      Pastu YTL ada muka nak kata depa tak buat duit kat Malaysia tapi oberc, memang dasar tak kenang dek untung!

      1. Don’t forget how they too monopolize the ERL train linking KL Sentral to KLIA, slaving people to pay RM70 for a return trip while in Singapore, a return trip from Changi Airport to Raffles Place cost SGD3.54.

  4. “Then last week, @hannahyeoh fingered those wicked people who are “corrupt” and who “steal, kill and destroy” – see her tweet below. These are the wicked wolves. They are so unlike her Lamb of God, meek and mild.”

    It is perfectly fine to destroy animals especially mothers. It is OK to go into people’s house steal that dog, kill their dog and destroy their dog.

    Just ask madam, is it Christian kindness to steal a dog, kill that dog and destroy that dog?

    Or perhaps the owners of the dog is not Christian so kindness is exempted?

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