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TPPA, KLIA and the MCA

The United States describes the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPPA) as “an agreement that puts American workers first and will help middle-class families get ahead”.

President Obama explained that his approach to trade is by “leveling the playing field for American workers and businesses, so we can export more products stamped Made in America all over the world that support higher-paying American jobs here at home”.

Statement yesterday by President Obama on the TPPA, excerpt:

“When more than 95 percent of our potential customers live outside our borders, we can’t let countries like China write the rules of the global economy. We should write those rules, opening new markets to American products while setting high standards for protecting workers and preserving our environment.

“That’s what the agreement reached today in Atlanta will do. Trade ministers from the 12 nations that make up the Trans-Pacific Partnership finished negotiations on an agreement that reflects America’s values and gives our workers the fair shot at success they deserve.”

(Source: The White House press office)

In a separate fact sheet prepared by the White House, Washington stated:

“With the TPP, we can rewrite the rules of trade to benefit America’s middle class. Because if we don’t, competitors who don’t share our values, like China, will step in to fill that void.”

(Source: Q & A – ‘What You Need to Know about President Obama’s Trade Agreement’)

And it looks like Malaysia is on the verge of inking the TPPA.

If/when our country signs the agreement, this will cause us to be closer to the USA and more distanced from China.

Najib Rosmah
Arrived KLIA yesterday from Milan

PM returns to thick haze in KL

The Prime Minister returned home yesterday morning from New York after making a stopover at Milan.

Above is a photo of Najib Razak disembarking from the plane. His wife meanwhile counts one to 20 in order to keep a distance of seven steps behind her husband.

The first couple are apparently more careful now about Rosmah’s public image. Previously they would alight from the aircraft together – see below.

Landing in Tokyo on 24 May 2015
Ku Nan
Tengku Adnan Mansor (in blue) at the KLIA’s Kompleks Bunga Raya

Ministers have a day out in the haze

Najib was greeted at KLIA by many VIPs and delegations of Umno members from all over the peninsula. Below are some of the Who’s Who:

  • Khairy Zumba
  • Reezal Merican Naina Merican
  • M. Kayveas
  • Mah Siew Keong
  • Salleh Said Keruak

Najib KLIA

Presence of Umno Youth is felt somewhere at least

Khairy was in attendance with his retinue of Pemuda Umno exco – pix below.

Standing beside Zahid Hamidi is Armand Azha (former Perkasa youth chief) who forgot to put on his trademark very, very tall songkok. Beside Armand is his fellow Umno Youth exco Ibdilillah Ishak, nicknamed Cocodilly, who is chairman of the party’s New Media Bureau.

Red Shirt leader cum Umno Youth Federal Territory chief Razlan Rafii sempat to clasp palms with the PM – pix below.

Razlan Rafii

Armand and Ibdil
Armand Azha in white shirt

Chinese notably missing from reception committee

In the next photo (below), some VVIPs can be spotted:

  • Zahid
  • Hisham Hussein
  • Liow Tiong Lai

Other Ministers who turned up to greet the PM’s arrival were Wee Ka Siong, Dr S. Subramaniam and Abdul Rahman Dahlan.

Some of crowd held up their palms in prayer. They appear to be predominantly if not all Malay with the sole exception of the MCA president.

Najib KLIA 2

KLIA pray for Najib

Showing up with colourful placards

The rombongan sepanduk below invokes memories of first-generation placard carriers who had waved the earlier slogans “I PM” and “I M 4 U“.

Some of professionally printed placards seen yesterday at KLIA said:

  • Selamat Pulang Wira Negara dan Keamanan Sejagat
  • Najib Razak Pejuang Keadilan Terhadap Palestin dan Umat Islam
  • Allah Selamatkan Najib, Allah Selamatkan Palestin
  • PM Najib Help Palestine, Save Syrian Refugees, We Are With You

I wonder if they scrambled all these ‘Palestine’ solidarity messages after the photo of Najib’s accidental bumping into Binyamin Netanyahu irked Malays in social media.

placards Najib KLIA 2

placards Najib KLIA

Gunting Dalam Lipatan

The 24/7 snipping by The Scissors is never diligent enough. The Scissorati will keep shredding and shredding the fabric until the BN is completely torn.

After rounds and rounds blacking out news unfavourable to the DAP, the MCA’s treacherous mouthpiece yesterday played down the number who had turned up at the airport. The J-Star headline said “Scores gather at KLIA to welcome Najib“.

A “dozen” refers to twelve units while a “score” refers to twenty.

“Dozens” in plural might range, for example, anywhere between 120 and 144, i.e. (12 x 10) or (12 x 12)

When you say “scores”, you might mean anything in number from, say, 200 to 400, i.e. (20 x 10) or (20 x 12) or (20 x 20).

On the other hand, national news agency Bernama reported that “thousands” showed up.

Organizers of the KLIA welcome for PM would be gravely disappointed that the EvangeliSTAR chose to downplay the total number who had driven all the way to Sepang just to be at the airport.

When the J-Star reports the attendance as only by the “scores”, it means not many people.

BELOW: The J-Star is Bintang Lima

What is the MCA’s real loyalty?

On a separate front, Najib has expressed his intention to sue former MCA president Ling Liong Sik for defamation.

There are still no signs, however, of the libel suit announced against the Wall Street Journal proceeding as yet. And there is also Najib’s lawsuit against Malaysiakini initiated some time back but no follow-up news on any development since.

Whether Najib goes ahead or not with the threatened legal action against Tun Dr Ling, the fact remains that the MCA past president is siding Dr M .

Furthermore, none of the current MCA leaders have moved to censure Ling.

KLIA Raub Umno
Umno Raub at KLIA to support Najib

Who wants Najib to stay and who wants him to go?

Tun Mahathir is against the TPPA.

Given the MCA’s links to China and the Beijing leadership, what is the MCA’s stand on the Obama-crafted agreement that is detrimental to the mainland Chinese?

What about the DAP that has been extremely secretive about the sources of their funding, said to include big foreign donors? Ideology-wise and in their modus operandi, DAP is today closer to the Bible Belt American fundamentalists.

The lack of any Chinese VIPs at KLIA to greet the PM (aside from the two or three totems who are BN cabinet ministers) underscores the deep antagonism of the community for Najib.

Among the younger Chinese, the hostility is patent. MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon and Gerakan Youth deputy chief Andy Yong have been very combative.

The prospect of rapprochement between the bulk of the Chinese and the BN does not appear bright at all.

Putrajaya’s handshake on the TPPA will only make the Malaysian Chinese’s relationship with the government worse.


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31 thoughts on “TPPA, KLIA and the MCA

  1. I think a handshake on TPP will not only worsen Umno’s relation with Malaysian Chinese, it will also turn a lot of Malays against Umno. Check out the Malay groups currently actively involve in getting petition against the signing.

  2. it’s just a public servant returning after a so called job – i don’t get whats all the ho-hahs is about? bootlickers assembly??

    1. Dia pi promote Malaysia unlike some where their salary/allowances are by public funds who creepily sneak out to badmouth and conspire against their own country.

      1. Standard operating procedure for a jealous minority. Belittling other people achievement and name calling, mcm tak biasa. Ada point ke nak bukak mulut? Xdekan…..

        1. re: “a jealous minority”

          Some government policies discriminate against us. We’re also confronted with glass ceiling and road blocks.

          Lemme ask you something. If we – the ethnic minority – had taken the windows of opportunity (1957, 1969 and when Najib took office as PM) to integrate, would we have been treated as equal citizens of this country eventually?

          I’m not asking an antagonistic question. I really want to know the Malay POV.

          1. My POV.
            British made it easy infact encouraged the Chinese to do business here, gave many monopolies for their mutual benefit. Tu pasai bertongkang2 sailed abandoned their motherland and landed here. Berapa kerat lari mai sini due to prosecutions macam pelarian Rohinyas and Syrians?

            Bijih timah, balak habis di kikis dari bumi ini, fikir2 siapa yang benefit most?

            Before 1975 one can hardly see Malays involved in traditional professions (Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Engineers etc) or in business.

            Macam President Gambia cakap, the Bitish sekadar ajaq Bumiputras to sing “god bless the Queen and ba ba black sheep”, apa sangat mereka bagi?

            ……Some government policies discriminate against us….

            I don’t think so. Merely giving some opportunities for Bumiputras to help raise their standard of living. Kenapa tiba2 kalut sangat sekarang ni? Pasai tak suka tengok orang lain hidup senang ke?

            1. re: “Merely giving some opportunities for Bumiputras to help raise their standard of living.”

              ‘Affirmative’ action programme is inbuilt with a ‘discriminative’ component against the rival.

              It’s ying-and-yang package where the two elements can’t be separated.

            2. “Pasai tak suka tengok orang lain hidup senang ke?”

              And what are your suggestions on how to help the poorest Indians and Chinese? Or are your concerns of increasing the living standards of the needy only applicable to a particular race?

              1. MCA and MIC all those years dok buat ape for their followers? And DAP too? Kalau tengok pemimpin mereka montel2 saja.

                Macam mana most of our top 30 richest are Chinese (yg top Indian), tiada diberi adequate opportunities ke?

                1. Read up what happened when then MB Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim merely tried to appoint a long time Chinese civil servant, Low Siew Moi at PKNS, only in an acting GM position (yah, just an acting position only, not even a permanent one) back in 2008; created such a big hoo-hah.

                  1. Kalau ada ramai lagi Bumi yang berkelayakan, apa salahnya, yang memang pun tak akan diberikan peluang atau tempat dalam sektor BUKAN kerajaan, is that really too much to ask ke?

                    1. Apa salahnya wanita Cina dilantik ke jawatan yang kosong itu andaikata beliau berkelayakan, sudah sekian lama berkhidmat dengan syarikat/pertubuhan tersebut dan memang duduk di tempat No.2 (dan dengan itu dinaikkan secara automatik ke kedudukan No.1?

                      Is that really too much to ask ke?

                    2. Tak salah langsung, sama juga keadaannya, pada ketika itu, masih ada lagi yang berkelayakan, jadi apa salahnya juga, bukannya, peluang akan dibuka kepada mereka pun kat tempat lain, dia telah diberi tempat pun anyway, so benda tu bukan isu, saya cuma terangkan POV Melayu ketika itu, I think…

                    3. Cina itu selaku pemangku tapi tak disahkan jawatan.

                      Kalau ikut skim gaji perkhidmatan awam (bab ni saya tak pasti, mungkin dikira swasta atau separa swasta), maka wanita tersebut rugi dari segi pencen yang bakal diterimanya kelak.

              2. PR negara lain takyah sibuk sibuk posturing la. Not like you really care about the poor of your race….
                Tithe 10% pergi mana?

              3. ‘And what are your suggestions on how to help the poorest Indians and Chinese?’

                Tolong la, takdak salah pun kalau tolong. Ramai lagi Melayu yang disenfranchised kut. Takkan asal nak tolong bangsa mesti at the expense bangsa Melayu yang jauh lebih ramai, jauh lebih miskin lagi?

                Apasal kalau nak pertahankan hak bukan Melayu, mesti nak mansuhkan hak-hak Melayu??

          2. From my perspective, the “eventually” is a big one. Only two event will justify equal treatment. The first one is assimilation. Willful submissive assimilation of the minority in term of language, values and lifestyle. Even differing language can cause friction, what more the other two? When we can see things from the same perspective, speak the same tongue and observe the same taboo, then words like equal & sharing will have meaning. This eventually is achievable with the minority willingness to let go of their racial identity and any delusion of subjugating the majority through whatever means. Might take a hundred years but better chance of it happening than the next one.
            Second way is parity in equity. 60% bumis with 60% equity, 25% chinese with 25% equity, 10% to the indians, you get my drift. Other than drastic nationalization and redistribution not unlike communist nation does, this event wont happen, ever.

            1. The Blacks in America pun fight for a lot of things. Depa bukan terjerit sana-sini, pijak gambar pemimpin Melayu, semata-mata nak dapatkan ‘hak mereka’!

          3. Honestly lah kan Helen

            memang byk policies yg berat sebelah kepada orang melayu….i pun tak nak bohong kat you lah….dah byk kali dah nampak throughout my life..sedikit sebyk policy2 negara ini mmg lebih kepada rakyat bangsa majority….

            although some may argue……it is for the greater good …it is for the “bigger” picture

            ntahlah…matlamat menghalalkan cara? I dont know

            the top richest men in malaysia are chinese?

            buat pa tgk top richest men? yg bagi depa kaya pun….ahli2 business man melayu kita jugak…

            pendapat peribadi….org melayu ketinggalan dari segi kepandaian buat business nie ( i have to exclude this comment for the ladies in kelantan & NS though….sorry, takde stats but ramai benar entrepenuers Malay from these states :D yang i come across )….we are catching up…but we in the past were never good in business…

  3. Ms H. The Singapore inspired and promoted TPPA is a Malaysian Politics game changer. What is NEVER mentioned is that tariff free goods will flow in from Singapore overnight after the TPPA is signed by those in POWER. Those not in POWER are not responsible for the consequences thereafter because they had NO POWER to sign.
    Those in Power better think out of the BOX on how this Singapore life-saver will affect our SOVEREIGNTY, NATIONAL INTEREST AND SELF ESTEEM, our Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Royal Sultans, the Rakyat and our cherished Constitution which safeguards Islam and all the other religions. Vide. The naive, gullible, hospitable and friendly UMNO owned New Straits Times. Streets Central Supplement Page 8. March 8 2014.

    1. [Anonymous question] :To the United States of America:
      “Many Malaysians are freaked out by TPPA because the agreement would supposedly bring more harm than good to the people. How is the reaction of the Americans? TPPA is a hot topic in Malaysia. I’m curious about over there.”

      6 answers to a damned good question:

      1. Chris, Sir. You see the light. A true and rational Malaysian cannot agree to the TPPA as I also explained at lengh in

        Sir, we are in a unique country which is our beloved Malaysia. Through evolution we can emulate Switzerland and Japan to become the 3rd success like them. Why shoot ourselves in the foot with this poisoned chalice TPPA ? The huge flood of tax-free goods from Singapore after signing IS NEVER MENTIONED. This is the killer for all of us. All our businesses, factories and owners will go kaput. All our workers jobless. We the Chinese become MIDDLE MEN again financed by imperialist Singapore after we slogged through the years of NEP to create a level playing field to unite with our compatriots the Malays, the Indians and all.

        1. Uncle Ed, is that you sir? Well, small and medium industries have taken a real beating in Singapore with the sky high rentals. What more with the dreaded $70,000 COE tax for mid sized cars, creative entrepreneurship has been grinding to a halt.The income gap has been widening fast and the middle class pressurized downwards – by one of the highest costs of living worldwide. Singapore has no min. wage stipulation and native born citizens have to compete against huge influx of 3rd world migrants for skilled and professional jobs. What does PAP’s TPPA offer to resolve Malaysia’s socioeconomic problems?

          1. Hi Chris. I have got answers to Singapore’s problems. The first problem is the failure of Singaporeans to reproduce. The second is siege mentality in everything. The third is the overemphasis on top marks. How many fellows per year can go to Ivy League or Oxbridge. The fourth is Singapore distancing herself from her neighbours. And many more. These are human problems and could be solved by human beings. Here is one example.
            In October 2008, the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid with the smartest fellow on top lost a whopping USDR 108 Billions (RM 420 Billions) on Wall Street. These folks forgot about the Kondratiff Curve. But the most disastrous of all in their chase for the highest returns from equity, they forgot to be creative, innovative and with vision to consider all the options available for Singapore to invest. Why ? With the basic thinking that Singapore has NOTHING, what is the best investment for a sovereign State to do. The options from properties, commodities, equity, so on and so forth, these dysfunctional elites would have come across GOLD as a sovereign investment for Singapore with a DUAL PURPOSE- to have a sound investment but no return and a financial tool in the eyes of some. But conventional economics hold sway condemning GOLD as barbaric. With a beautiful hind-sight if Singapore had acquired a few thousand tonnes of GOLD when the price was USDR 300 per oz., Singapore could control the World and Malaysia by now in conjunction with the U.S. India and China. But unfortunately, this did not happen. This fault revealed the lie that MERITOCRACY is great. It is not.

            1. “Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on [offices,] a rottenness commences in his conduct.”
              – Thomas Jefferson, 1799


              Sir, in the vocabulary of the original PAP assemblymen of the 60s-80s, Singaporeans understood “meritocracy” for what justice and egalitarianism would contextualize. These days however, the term has been spiked with a hermeneutics of “ARISTOCRACY”

          2. On the TPPA, Chris, the TPPA was inspired, designed and promoted by Singapore after the dysfunctional meritocratic pyramid with the smartest fellow on top was caught short at the end of the Cold War. Then Uncle Sam came up with his hegemonic spiel, “Globalization, Free Trade, Human Rights”. The bi-polar World had disappeared ovenight and replaced by a multi-polar World which is anathema to the traditional commercial activities of Singapore eg. smuggling, money laundering, sanctions breaking on Myanmar, North Korea etc, war debris salvaging in Vietnam, arms trade etc. Throughout the 1990s, the dysfunctional elites basked on the fat profits of the Cold War. Suddenly, the World was hit by the crash in 2001. Singapore’s economy spun into a recession, unemployment popped up and the GDP dropped from 7% to less than 5%. Singapore never recovered since. The dysfunctional elites came up with a proposal for 2 casinos which have since failed and the TPPA – a disguised trade pact to remove the trade tariffs of Malaysia to create, in other words, a LIEBENSRAUM (living space) for Singapore’s sustainability and LKY’s legacy as well. TPPA was launched in 2006 with only Brunei, Chile and New Zealand interested. Uncle Sam was too busy. But after the Crash of October 2008, Uncle Sam was willing to grasp at any straw in the mighty financial ocean in turmoil. As they say, the rest is history. But for Malaysia to sign it is its death knell. Why ?
            The tax free flood of goods from Singapore will kill off our factories, businesses, owners and unemployment will jump sky high. The UMNO led BN will lose the General Elections. Chaos reigns. The Chinese become middle men again financed by imperialist Singapore. This is bad after spending all our lives working through the NEP making the playing field level. Our Political System safeguarded by UMNO since 1946 which is Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Open Capitalist Characteristics and a Malay Bias with our loyalty and devotion towards our Yang Di Pertuan and the Royal Sultans and our cherished Constitution which safeguards Islam and all the other reiigions, is destroyed forever. Therefore, I am against the TPPA for this very reason – UMNO the trustworthy guardian since 1946 of our Political System with our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans and the Rakyat will be NO MORE. Without UMNO and the Malays where is our beloved Malaysia ? Quo Vadis Malaysia ? But after a return to NORMALCY, if Malaysia emulates the best of 850 year old Switzerland and 3,000 year old Japan instead of Singapore, we will have more than half achieved our Malaysian Dream.

        2. Mr. Najib has corrupted his soul and willfully corrupts the nation to remain in power over the people.

      2. Chris, After Blogging all round since early 2011, I am beginning to discover that there a many many Malaysians, Malays, Chinese, Indians and all with like minds. After these temporary conundrums pass, it is our great chance to progress from where we were in 2003 – an all inclusive and embracing Nation emulating the best of Japan and Switzerland, slowly and firmly. We will be there – the beloved Malaysia of our dreams. Why should we accept the dictates of utter foreigners ? We dictate our own Destiny to be within the ranks of Switzerland and Japan in time. We have our Political System, our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans, our cherished Consititution, our Rakyat, our Foundation as a Nation since 1957 and well before that. Why should we LET GO and salaam to nobodies but ourselves ? We have been successful until our Nation got involved with MONEY MONEY MONEY. There are many citizens who have many ideas and no need MONEY MONEY MONEY. We will prevail if we are NORMAL.

  4. Ulang tayang and comments:

    Conclusion: Moderation means kill and cull.
    If I support moderation means I support killing.
    If MCA got no balls to censure the Star, then they are bo-hood (no balls).

    To me Anything But Pakatan AND MCA! (ABPM)
    Cull Pakatan Harapan and MCA!

    Now my ulang tayang.

    JStar does it again protecting the backside of the Great Papa DAP.
    They say lots of people in Penang want the dogs to be killed.

    “All of them express a grave dislike for what Lim is doing.

    To be fair, it is not Lim’s fault.”

    The Star says dogs are at fault and must DIE.
    “Lim believes there is public support for the culling and he may be right.

    Many Penangites do not mind the culling.

    There are an estimated 25,000 strays in the state and packs of them can be a nuisance.”

    And the Star scares us with the fall of Penang curse.
    “Several on Facebook proclaimed they would not vote for the Penang Pakatan Harapan government because of the dogs.

    Let them vote for Barisan Nasional next round and see what they get, Lim had said in a press release.

    He had even said he was willing to lose votes.

    It is a surprising statement coming from a seasoned politician. ‘

    To me Anything But Pakatan AND MCA! (ABPM)

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