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Sekinchan strikes again

Red Shirt boss Jamal Sekinchan calls Anthony Loke a “human pig” – FMT reported. You can watch the video clip on Malaysiakini‘s KiniTV.

To find out why DAP organizing secretary Anthony (pix below: bottom row, far left) is being called a piggy, go to SuaraTV.

Semua yang di bawah nih para Yang Berhormat DAP

hannah Her Royal Roundness1

DAP superbully meets his match

StabYup, Anthony Loke is a bully alright.

Read here how only just a couple of days ago he had tried to twist venomous scissors into the back of the MCA Youth chief Chong Sin Woon.

Nonetheless the prototype of the DAP Super Cyberbully remains the original model below.

Hannah Yeoh super cyberbully


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42 thoughts on “Sekinchan strikes again

  1. Hahahaha
    Sikalang kita tunjuk kurang ajar balik

    Just yesterday one Aso was trying to act kiasu and rudely comented something to a Malay cashier in front of me.

    I just snapped at her.. “Haiyaaa lu beli 6biji pisang pun apahat mau bikin kalut?” Banyak bising la! She was stunned. Hahaha

    1. yelah.. kalau kat supermarket.. kulit bawang, kulit sayur habis semua di kopek. I saw once, aso removed lemak ayam before timbang.. they want the best of everything.. aduhai..

      1. I love you Nor. You are so right. These kiasu fellows are mostly loud mouthed brainwashed DAP ants. If they are employers, they will pay RM2000/- to an employee to do a RM6000/- job. and when they go for buffet lunches/dinners, they will bring large handbags to pack / “bungkus” home anything that is packable including nice forks and spoons. That is why nowadays when you go for these buffets, you only find cheap forks and spoons which bend with a little pressure.

            1. Ge13 anti bangla vigilantes getting schooled by a dark skinned malay guy. It is illegal to force a person to produce his or her i/c if you are not the police. Impersonating an officer is also a criminal offence.

            2. Helen, as the title suggests maa, ‘These kiasu fellows are mostly loud mouthed brainwashed DAP ants.’

              But I heran la Helen, these Cina ask to masuk polis dowan. Askar oso dowan, kiasi. Dulu gomen oso dowan, gaji rendah.

              But why la, these Cina suka2 hati minta I/C orang tuduh orang Malaysia sebagai bangla dan sebagainya? The guy speaks better bahasa Kebangasaan than those fews kut?? Way much better. Perhaps dia pandang rendah ingat itu Melayu bodoh kut sebab tak dressed up macam depa, thus depa layan macam sampah pun itu stupid Melayu won’t say anything? Is that why, Helen?

              But then again why so gangster one?

          1. Islam1st

            Does that mean the next time somebody call someone from another race ‘pendatang’ and the accused produce his/her IC, an apology is then in order?


            Betcha lots of commentators here will be full to the brim.

            Bingeing on humble pies…

            1. If the i/c state BUMIPUTRA or MALAY in the race section we will kneel and beg for forgiveness…..

              Have some pie HH.

              1. AE

                You are lending truth to the DAP claim there is indeed class distinction in the Malaysian citizenry?

                Or is someone confused, intentionally or otherwise, privileges with classification of class distinction in the context of Malaysian citizenship. Too much Downtown Abbey?

                If you can showcase where and when I call another true blood Malaysian ‘pendatang’ , I’ll gladly have my pie.

                With cream and a cherry on top too.

                  1. And for someone who had defended Chinese civilizations over tanah tumpah darah civilizations, I’d say there is indeed distinction in the Malaysian citizenry, not necessarily class, I might add.

                    1. Islam1st

                      So, are you saying mendacity is a pre-requisite for being a Malaysian?

                      In order to qualify as good Malaysians, condescension and contempt for other civilzations and culture are fair game?

                      Talking about delusions, there’s little doubt who are the delusionals that need to be propped up with illusions of grandeur.

                    2. Well lets see. You guys barely speak the national language. Blind to its history. Feel proud and jubilation over a China’s rep. remarks on ‘saving’ some of you lots. So what mendacity are we talking about again? And what illusion of grandeur are your referring? A 5000 over a 500?

                      Stop the delusion once and for all and be a rakyat for once will you?!

                    3. Islam1st

                      I see being logical is not exactly your forte.

                      You construed me reprimending another commentator on another thread in defense of the 5000 year old Chinese civilization as a betrayal of allegiance to Malaysia.

                      Quite laughable actually when you had in your moment of lapse conceded there is no comparison between a 500 vs 5000 year old civilization.

                      So, by application of your own flawed logic, do you by conceding the above meant your loyalty to your country is in question?

                1. Was the question ” Are you pendatang?” or ” Are u a citizen?”. Those are different questions with different answers.
                  A newly arrived bangla would have to answer yes to the first and no to the second.
                  Immigrants who had lived here for so long until 2-3 generation and was given citizenship must answer yes to both question or they are at risk of abandoning their heritage and culture which they so vehemently defended from being assimilated into the native’s.
                  Only a native could answer no truthfully to the first question.

                  Btw is it appropriate for a pendatang to level the first question to another? I am sure HH is an appropriate person and could never call anyone else a pendatang.

                  Meh makan pie meh…banyak ni….

                  1. AE

                    No need to go in circles.

                    Still waiting for the proof from you to prove me a hypocrite.

                    Tick tock, tick tock

                    1. I’m on a straight path bro.

                      Re:If you can showcase where and when I call another true blood Malaysian ‘pendatang’ , I’ll gladly have my pie.

                      Please showcase where and when i accuse you of uttering the word “pendatang”? I did however say you are unfit to call anyone else so because you are one yourself. So stop pusing pusing looking for exit. You brought this on yourself..
                      Come… Eat eat…

  2. Last time,I went to a function organized by a kiasu, due to start at 12.but was late by more than 30 minutes. I waited patiently, later asked politely Nevertheless, another kiasu asked; “how many 15 minutes more do you want?” rudely.
    I guessed it is their way or culture? Can’t help anymore. But, the way the ‘victim’ handled it was just to, buat slamber dek. I guess we, Mims need to learn their ways and styles too. Otherwise, we’ll be oftenly offended by their ‘roughness’.
    Besides that, they always call you ‘kamu’, no matter who you are,. It sounds disgusting to the Malays to be called ‘kamu’ by a minor. No hope, I guess, except to abolish the sjk schools.

    1. wave,

      re, No hope , I guess , except to abolished the sjk school .

      Vernacular education is to exist ,selagi ada bulan dan matahari ,Maays has to tolerate that ,there’s no other choice .

      Malaysian has to live with that .

    2. wave,

      re, No hope , I guess , except to abolished the sjk school .

      Vernacular education is to exist ,selagi ada bulan dan matahari ,Maays has to tolerate that ,there’s no other choice .

      Malaysian has to live with that , selagi ada bulan dan matahari.

      1. hahaha tebing rendah, watave.
        btw, we Muslims believe, no one is greater than God to determine the course of anything in the whole wide universe. what more you, tebing watave, a mere drifter in the whole wide ocean.
        btw2, why do you oftenly taking the bait? chill la, haha! btw again; I had been in the sjk system, once and I know it’s….yukky!
        the smell, the stench, the garbage, rubbish, dirt, dirty..the people, the morons…all ukhhs!

      2. Yes vernacular school is here to stay, but the gomen can render it irrelevant if they establish SRJK(E) and 6 years later, SMJK(E). E = English. This school must be same as those before 1977, when they abolished English medium schools. No religious activity allowed, including bacaan doa. Of-course as a subject, ‘Pegetahuan Agama Islam/Buddha/Hindu/Christian etc’ could be taught.
        Since the first tenet of Rukun Negara is ‘Percaya kepada Tuhan’, atheism must not be tolerated or they go for ‘Pendidikan Moral’ class.

        1. You want vernacular school you go private, no national funds for you.

        2. RD,
          …This school must be same as those before 1977…

          You nak macam mana? I was from a convent. Yang beza medium of instruction, teachers and Rev Mother were all nuns (and a Malay Agama ustazah). Morning assemblies all had to sing “come holy ghost”. Malay students enrollment below 10%. Itu saja yang I nampak lain sikit.

          1. Guru2 as qualified, dedicated, friendly, concerned and as loving..discipline our kids to respect them la no two ways about this. Kita ibubapa kena la also be involved in PIBG activities. Kalau anak2 pi sekolah perangai macam berok mak ayah macam khinzir, payah le cikgu nak control.

          2. Activities lagi banyak sekarang. Macam2 ade pilih aje. Dulu kami terhad. Maklumla all girls school, tak dbenar bercampoq dengan lelaki.

          3. English? My kids, nieces and nephews takde yang pi tiusyen, did not have problems pun. Lepaih sklh attended Agama school, malam mengaji pula. Sama macam kami yang attended convent dulu.

          …Own initiative la, kan ada internet. Free English lessons online berlambak. My doter by 10yrs old already picked up 3rd language, can speak, read and write basic Japanese, (katakana n hiragana) lessons online.

          4. Parents jangan harap lempaq anak masuk sekolah, automatic anak2 jadi pandai. They onky spend 7hours weekdays in school. Masa kat rumah, do your part pula le.

          Anak2 belajar jadi bodoh pasai makbapa suka sebut semua orang ‘BODOH’ memanjang.. Last2 karma, jatuh kat anak mereka jadi ‘BODOH’.

          1. ‘Parents jangan harap lempaq anak masuk sekolah, automatic anak2 jadi pandai.’

            Haiya, some parents lani, kalau anak tak dapat jawab soalan peperiksaan pun marah lembaga peperiksaan wor. Cakap taktau buat soalan bagai. Siap menteri masuk campur lagi. Very the ultrakiasu one. Don’t play2!

            Some parents la. Not all. Some.

  3. More Jamal Sekinchans will surely “come out” .

    You asked for it, nay, demanded of it.

    Now deal with it and don’t cry baby and run to MCA for their help to scold the many Jamal Sekinchans

  4. Yeah, about those tapauing manners, I once asked an aso at a raya reception, “why you want to tapau?”
    She said, ‘manyak sidap, lorr” I guess anything free is sedap to them.
    Btw, I came across an Aussie , also there, to help himself to more goodies and taste them. He refused, saying he was on a strict diet regime, in spite of him being so fit and slim. Oh, my. Reminds me, we Malaysians are too greedy and thoughtless when it is about food.

  5. RE: “@hannahyeoh is a fine example of DAP SuperCyber Bully who doesn’t have the balls & can’t handle the truth when people react to her bullying.”

    She has no balls: nature.
    She is a bully: nurture.

    1. Plate number Penang pula tu!
      Should be able to get their full personal details for all to see.
      Viralkan with this video.

      Pihak berkenaan kena merisik latar belakang mereka berdua dengan lebih mendalam. With such behaviour are they Malaysian citizens or foreigners.

    2. Dgn pompuan bole la lansi. Kalau dgn penguatkuasa lelaki tak berani punya. If i were in the enforcer shoes, i would have told these pigs to pick up the money, hold it high over his head and say out loud daulat tuanku 3x or you can go pay at HQ.

      Btw if they arent trying to run why did they try to switch out the wheels? Some people really deserves to be called pigs…

  6. Kekejaman rejim Zionis Pulau Pinang.
    Tergaman pihak MBPP membunuh dengan kejam ibu yang tengah menyusukan anak-anaknya.
    Rina, Islam 1st aku tersangat sedih. Pulau Pinang tak ada undang2.
    Siapa kata pembunuhan sudah berakhir?

    This nursing mama dog was killed today at the Old Sunshine Farlim, 8km away from the rabies “hot spot” where two cases were found 3 weeks ago. She doesn’t show any evidence of rabies. DVS reports show that there have been no new rabies cases in Penang since September 21. So why did they kill this dog? Why did they deprive her puppies of their mother? DVS says their killing is humane. Does this seem humane to you?

    The DVS report implies that rabies has abated, so it logically follows they should lift their killing order. This dog shouldn’t have been killed. Nor should the many other uninfected animals who will meet this same terrifying fate until the DVS suspends their killing order. It’s time to stop killing, start vaccinating. The only way this will happen is if the public speaks up and demands a halt to the killing, so please spread the word far and wide.

    1. Mulan

      Tell people to boycott paying their local council fees and taxes that contribute to the States Govt for one year to protest.

    2. ‘Rina, Islam 1st aku tersangat sedih.’

      Saya pun. Tapi apa boleh buat Penang langs sudah undi itu Tokong untuk jadi 1st class in everything.

      Cuma Mulan kena start kempen kat Penang langs suruh depa sembahyang kasi Tokong kena karma bila lahir semula nanti jadi poodle pink!

      Penang langs mau ka Mulan??

      1. Penang lang 90% sudah sembahyang itu Tokong, minum air tokong dan kueh teow tokong. Nampak itu Tokong sudah macam nampak dia punya tuhan. Otak semua bukan mereka punya, semua dicuri Tokong melalui “cuci otak komunis style”. Buang masa kempen lawan Tokong. Buat kempen benci UMNO, anytime.

        Bunoh anjing pun dia orang sudah bersetuju kerana Tokong cakap manusia punya nyawa lebih penting dari anjing. Oh.. banyak sayang sama manusia.. hati dia orang pun sudah lemah. Terus cakap Tokong banyak baik punya orang…kah..kah..kah..

        Cerita benar:- Sampai hari ini, satu orang pun tidak terkena penyakit Rabies mengikut Pej. Kesihatan. Beratus ratus ekor anjing telah disembelih kerana “keselamatan manusia”.
        Siapa pembohong? Banyak sayang anjing dan manusia!!!. Porah….

    3. Mulan Malaysia

      I am lost for words.

      Haiyaaa.. Yang berpenyakit terpaksa dibunuh at least show some respect cara mau kasi dia mati. Yang talak sakit apahal kasi bunuh?

      Hello CM Penang,
      Christianity tarak kasi garis panduan dalam bible or you kasi ini arahan ikut suka kepala otak kamu? Innocent binatang pun lu talak pandai uruskan kebajikan mereka? Banyak suway la lu.

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