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(video) DAP man: “My tax money, and you are just our servant”

Five photos on the Penang Purple Shirts and other Dapster perpetual hysteria, below.

(1) Lim Guan Eng fighting with Ketua Polis Negara

Papa Dapster cabar: “Saya pantang lari … jangan main-main sama saya.”

Video here (see 3:45)

Guan Eng maki polis

(2) DAP Bentong Parliament candidate Wang Tack asking DBKL officers, “You know who am I?”

The Himpunan Hijau taiko also said:

“Ini saya punya tax money. I’m a businessman. My tax money is building this park [Dataran Merdeka]. My tax money, and you are just our servant.”

Video here (see 0:28, 3:00)

Wong Tack

(3) TANGKAP #1

Tian Chua bites policeman’s ear and other body parts.

Polis tangkap dia.

Tian Chua

(4) TANGKAP #2

Anthony Loke heard hollering something like “Melayu celaka” when he was arrested by police a couple of days ago.

Anthony Loke ditangkap polis poster

(5) DAP’s Superman Hew Kuan Yau displays his version of Middle Malaysia

He’s giving the original DAP Super Cyberbullies @hannahyeoh and @imokman a run for their money.

Pemimpin Kristian DAP, Hew Kuan Yau, membuat isyarat lucah pada papan tanda

Bapa borek, anak rintik

My thanks to commenter ‘Indian’ for reminding me @ 2015/10/09 at 8:54 am about how the DAP leaders (and Tian Chua) are setting a hysterical example for “delusional” Chinese youngsters to follow.

Thanks also to commenter ‘Survivor’ @ 2015/10/09 at 10:38 am for jogging my memory on the phrase “perpetually hysterical” which he coined and introduced to this blog previously.

The DAP leaders such as Tony Pua and their Dapsters like to call their opponents (whether Malay or Chinese or Indian) all “running dogs”. When young people behave badly, we know who their idols and role models are.

BELOW: Truly adorable video of real puppies running to get their dinner

running pups


The time lapse video tracks the puppies’ growth from three to 10-and-½ months.

It really beats me how the DAP Penangites can so wantonly condone that innocent dogs be killed. What kind of people are they?!


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14 thoughts on “(video) DAP man: “My tax money, and you are just our servant”

  1. Kak Helen,

    Have you seen the two youngsters in Penang who called a female local council officer “Anjing” (“Anjing” is a Malay word for “Dog” just in case ada geng2 yg “high class cap gunting” kat sini kan) and threw RM50.00 at her feet, whilst shouting abusive comments, simply because she clamped their car for double-parking?

    I always thought most people in Penang loves clean, efficient, transparent government because they are law-abiding, clean, efficient Malaysian-first? Oh well, some people have their own version of “Hak Keistimewaan” apparently.


    1. ……Dua remaja yang terlibat dengan kejadian memaki hamun tiga anggota penguatkuasa Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang ditahan polis di sebuah kedai makanan segera di Bandar Baru Farlim, Ayer Itam. Kedua-dua suspek akan disiasat mengikut Seksyen 186 Kanun Keseksaan kerana menghalang tugas penjawat awam……

      Well done.

      Now merisik dengan mendalam latar belakang keturunan dan dokumen2 kerakyatan mereka dan semua ahli keluarga/kenalan mereka.

      Make sure not ‘fake’ wan. Kalau keturunan dberi kerakyatan semasa Merdeka duku, anih juga dok buat perangai kurang ajar macam ni.

  2. Kak Helen, the Chinese are delusional about Communist Party on their side. The Chin Pengs have lost before.
    So to think they are siapa is pure delusion again.

  3. Hmmmm, ya, their are our servants.
    Otherwise, why are they called civil servants?
    Alternatively they can go freelance cutting grass what….
    It’s a free country.

    1. Lampah,

      No doubt they are civil servants.

      But do these 2 people whom the car was locked have to be rude? Are we saying it is OK to throw money at others ? What kind of attitude is that?

        1. Or tell them they have go to pay their summons at the MPPP office, and then return and find some other officer to unlock the clamp.

  4. Helen, write something on the recent Sultans’ remark on 1MDB. It does sound bad, you know……

      1. This part perhaps?

        “6. Raja-raja Melayu memandang berat isu-isu menyentuh kaum dan agama dan dengan ini mengingatkan para pemimpin parti-parti politik dan badan-badan bukan kerajaan agar tidak mensensasikan isu perkauman dan isu agama dalam hasrat meraih sokongan rakyat terhadap parti atau pihak masing-masing.”

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