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Why Sekinchan picked the symbolic red colour

Jamal Sekinchan thinks that Anthony Loke is Siew Yoke.

round DAP yang berhormat

The Red Shirt boss believes that Loke (pix above) personifies the saying “You are what you eat”. Hannah Yeoh (pix above) eats Bak Kut Teh.

Madame Speaker’s colleague Ng Suee Lim (pix above) is rather greedy in wanting to be Selangor Deputy Speaker and in the process sidelining PAS. Thus some Umno bloggers call him “Cina babi”.

Tan Kok Wai is DAP chairman. He is seen above together with DAP old timers and newcomers who are the party’s reps in Parliament and the DUNs.

Tony Pua (not in pix) is ‘delusional’ and proud of it.

DAP’s Three Musketeers

Tony Pua proud to be delusional

Musketeer No.1 – Tony Pua

I’m proud to be ‘delusional’,” evangelista Tony Pua declared in his Facebook entry yesterday. He was, of course, only grandstanding and saying it sarcastically in response to Singapore’s ambassador-at-large, Bilahari Kausikan.

Kausikan, a former permanent secretary for Singapore’s Foreign Affairs ministry had penned the following observation in The Straits Times (Singapore) two days ago.


“It is my impression that many young Malaysian Chinese have forgotten the lessons of May 13, 1969. They naively believe that the system built around the principle of Malay dominance can be changed. That may be why they abandoned MCA for the DAP. They are delusional. Malay dominance will be defended by any means.”

Pua’s commentary had appeared both in Malaysiakini under the headline ‘S’pore envoy confuses racial dominance with supremacism’ and in The Malay Mail headlined ‘We’re ‘delusional’ because we have hearts and souls, DAP man tells Singapore diplomat’.

dog catch Penang

On a side note

A short video clip of the capture of the dog can viewed HERE. According to regular commenter Mulan, the dog above was a female that was still nursing her pups. The murder of this mother dog by the Penang authorities have orphaned her litter of puppies.

I vehemently disagree that DAP people have a heart as claimed by Tony Pua. On the contrary, their support for the callous killing of thousands of dogs in Penang shows how heartless they are.

Meanwhile, the behaviour of Dapsters at other times can only be described as vicious, full of malice and not to mention bodoh sombong.

The brutal regime elected by and beloved of the Dapsters in Penang is just short of (canine) genocidal.

If they can treat harmless animals like this without any qualm of conscience, you shouldn’t ever assume that they will be any kinder to their human enemies.

Musketeer No.2 – Ong Kian Ming

Responding yesterday also to the diplomat, DAP election strategist Ong Kian Ming insinuated that what Kausikan really feared was Singapore succumbing to a contagion of “power transition”, should there be a successful regime change in Malaysia.

Kian Ming is employing the evangelista sneaky tactic of ‘simply accuse‘ through casting aspersions on the envoy’s motive. Kausikan, btw, is an advisor to the Singapore government on foreign policy.

The DAP evangelista Serdang MP also disparaged Kausikan’s reading of our current political battle as using a “narrow lens” – viewing it as a struggle between Chinese/non-Muslim and Malay/Muslim.

Kian Ming is one of those in-denial Firster ideologues unable to conceive the deep abhorrence and loathing with which his party is regarded. He fits Kausikan’s description of the “many young Malaysian Chinese have forgotten the lessons of May 13, 1969”.

BELOW: Unafraid of May 13, DAP deputy sec-gen P. Ramasamy dares the noisemakers to bring it on

Musketeer No.3 – P. Ramasamy

Penang Deputy Chief Minister (II) P. Ramasamy is the third DAP man to slam Kausikan for his “crude remarks” about May 13, Malaysiakini reported yesterday.

Ramasamy too made personal scathing attacks on the seasoned Singapore diplomat, saying, “He is still living in the 1950s and 1960s and does not realise how far Malaysia has moved forward in our ethnic relations”.

Speaking through Malaysiakini, Ramasamy challenged Kausikan whether he was “an apologist for the Malay racists”.

On Kausikan’s “gall” to say that young Malaysian Chinese have not learnt lessons from the May 13, Ramasamy asked which Chinese the Singapore diplomat was referring to – “Is it the DAP, MCA or Gerakan?”

Well actually, Chinese rejection of BN is almost complete across the board. MCA past president Ong Tee Keat and MCA former vice president Gan Ping Sieu are now standing with MCA ex-president Ling Liong Sik on the latter’s criticism of Najib Razak.

Ramasamy is not a Tamil Tiger

So he should just cease trying to act like a big cat who is king of the jungle.

Kausikan, the Singapore ambassador-at-large, had put across the point diplomatically when he said, “Malay dominance will be defended by any means”.

Norman Fernandez, a former DAP Johor deputy chairman, was more blunt. Post-Bersih 4.0, he wrote: “Malays will shed blood rather than give up political power … to the Chinese”.

BELOW: Invoking the Tentera Selempang Merah

Google the search term “Sg Manik bermandi darah”

Unlike the more level-headed Fernandez, Ramasamy is quite delusional. Even though the Penang DCM II is not young nor Chinese, he nonetheless fails to escape the delusion afflicting the Dapsters.

Ramasamy was questioned by police for his “bring it (on)” taunt aimed at, presumably, Umno. This kind of DAP behaviour is dangerous.


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28 thoughts on “Why Sekinchan picked the symbolic red colour

  1. Penggunaan isitilah “kepimpinan Melayu” dan tidak “ketuanan Melayu” oleh orang Sungai Manik (of all people) suatu perubahan signifikan. Saya percaya kebanyakan penyokong DAP tidak sedar tentang mengapa peristiwa Sunai Manik berlaku. Baca disini

    1. Dear Dr Dollah,

      About the book page you cited that said the Banjar men “were given some sort of dope” by the Tok Imam …

      … please recall that the Red Shirts who did the demo that day breaking roof tiles over their head outside Sogo – a little while before the Sept 16 Merah rally – also appeared to be under the influence of some sort of hallucinogens, according to reports by some journos.

      Whatever moves or motivates the Tentera Sabilillah mindset is frightening. It is the frame of mind that leads to amok.

      The Chinese are so ignorant. Their bodoh sombong attitude like that of the Dapster-evangelistas makes them oblivious to what it is about their behaviour that sets other people/races off. Anti-Chinese riots have occurred elsewhere in the world.

  2. quote,”Well actually, Chinese rejection of BN is almost complete across the board. MCA past president Ong Tee Keat and MCA former vice president Gan Ping Sieu are now standing with MCA ex-president Ling Liong Sik on the latter’s criticism of Najib Razak.”unquote.

    Now Helen, you got it completely wrong.

    Rejection of Najib doesn’t mean rejection of BN.

    Rejection of Najib doesn’t mean rejection of UMNO.

    Prime Ministership, BN Presidency and UMNO Presidency are a lot bigger than Najib.

    If Najib were to die tonight, the country, BN and UMNO would still be around.

    1. re: “If Najib were to die tonight, the country, BN and UMNO would still be around.”

      If he were to die tonight, Umno will not be able to hold the fort in the face of the oppo onslaught, and DAP will go for the kill.



      1. Don’t under estimate Zahid and the gang.

        Zahid is not going to give DAP Chinese the same “muka” compared to Najib.

    1. About Sekinchan calling Loke Siew Fook “babi” …

      Wonder if the Ikan Bakar franchise creator had pig or pork or cooked dishes (char siew or siew yoke) in mind when he uttered the ‘babi’ word.

      1. “Wonder if the Ikan Bakar franchise creator had pig or pork or cooked dishes (char siew or siew yoke) in mind when he uttered the ‘babi’ word.”

        Babi is a disgusting (jijik) animal to the Malays; so I don’t think he has that kind of picture in his mind like us, who may salivate when thinking about “char siew-siew yoke farn” (barbecued & roasted pork combo rice).

        Anyway, red seems like Malays’ favorite color when it comes to politics. If you look at most of the PAU pictures, you can see that red dominate the pixels (i.e. delegates wearing red shirt, ladies wearing red tudungs with white-red baju kurung, stage banner in red background, etc).

  3. How’s going about SosMa if the subject case comes about in the situation of the Red seekers and the Musketeers of this two political divide in your opinion then that’s interest you Helen!

  4. Yes, this kind of DAP behaviour is dangerous. So is the conduct of their delusional supporters.

    Why are more and more Malays (and Indians) referring to the Chinese as Cina babi?

    Lim Sian See provides the rationale:

    I feel truly ashamed for my fellow Chinese over the actions of the two men in Penang who threw RM50 at the feet of the female enforcement officer and called her “Anjing”.

    The two men had their Myvi clamped for parking on a double-line and they are clearly at fault.

    Instead of paying the fine, they argued with the lady saying mean things such as “Wa bukan tak ada duit. Wa banyak duit. Lu buka dulu. Tak payah takut wa tak lari.”

    One of them showed the lady how much money they have and the other threw the RM50 note at the feet of the lady officer.

    To her credit, she did not react and picked it up from the floor and unclampped the car. I do not have enough praise for this lady officer.

    Nothing can excuse their behaviour and I am truly ashamed of their behaviour.

    Here, I will blame the DAP and PKR politicians and cybertroopers who have been giving very bad examples to their followers (especially in Penang) to disrespect authority.

    Here are some examples (out of many many):

    1) The entire Pakatan Rakyat asking not to pay AES traffic summons or even paying back PTPTN before GE13.

    2) Lim Guan Eng very emotionally challenging IGP and then saying “aku tak takut!” when police arrested the illegal PPS last year: 

    3) Tony Pua saying “”Bastards. Real bastards. Royal my foot” to the Police:

    4) Tony Pua calling ROS as “running dogs”:

    5) Tian Chua biting the policeman who arrested him:

    6) MP Jeff Ooi labelling Penang Municipal Council staff as ‘kucing kurap’

    7) Anthony Loke shouting “Celaka something-something and saying aku tak takut” when he was arrested a few days ago:

    8) Wong Tack scolding DBKL officers and essentially every time Wong Tack gets arrested.

    9) Uncle Lim Kit Siang offering steering lock road bully Kiki legal aid in a bid to win Malay votes:

    10) Superman Hew Kuan Yew for being superman Hew Kuan Yew

    If their political leaders always engages in behaviour like this and their cybertroopers keep praising them for being “brave”, you can be sure their example will be learned by their young supporters -especially in Penang.

    Which is what led to all those unacceptable behaviour by BERSIH 4 participants which insulted the Malay leaders and the Malays which then caused the red rally.

    You can be sure if this practise and bad leadership continues, big trouble will be ahead.

    BTW, which cyber groups likes to call others as “anjing”?

    This is the RM50 incident that I am referring to:

    1. Re If their political leaders always engages in behaviour like this and their cybertroopers keep praising them for being “brave”, you can be sure their example will be learned by their young supporters -especially in Penang.

      They obviously believe people are going to fear them through their antics. On the contrary this will only invite disaster to their community. People of another ethnicity will only despise them, look down on them.

    1. ‘in the future …. ?’

      Oh Mulan, dengan Melayu Muslim DAP dah lama layan lagi teruk daripada tu! Ramai Melayu tutup mulut tapi buka mata…

  5. Bible verse

    Abuse of anything that God made is not the character of God, but rather of the Evil One. Domestic Animals:

    “A righteous man cares for the needs of his animal, but the kindest acts of the wicked are cruel” (Proverbs 12:10)

    Tell that to the many Christians who support dog culling and LGE. I don’t know whether Hannah and OKM’s Bible has this page or not.

  6. There is no need for the government to close vernacular schools. These scums are already doing a fantastic job screwing the mind of the Chinese especially the young. If you still think Chinese schools can instil some reason into its disciples you’re wrong. Everything is gone. I doubt what the Singapore diplomat said can knock some sense into these people. I also doubt another May 13 can knock some sense into them. Nothing, absolutely nothing can fix these people. Their origins of being British coolies makes them what they are today.

  7. Before my jiran Apek’s father mati he ‘sedekah’ to himself >RM300K upon death his son is to burn worldly luxuries so he can enjoy a comfortable afterlife. Irony, his living children complains daily susah nak cari makan pasai gomen BN bodoh.

    HH dreams of France tapi tak mampu migrate sana. Mak tak ampun pak pasai tak migrate to US. Meghacau tak kehabisan.

    Aso jiran exSingaporean when her Malaysian husband died Singapore did not approve her citizenship reapplication. Membebel tak renti.

    Therefore we have zombies walking around waiting to pounce on Najib and UMNO and baru2 PAS included.slurrrrp.

    Becoming refugees from troubled nations will be the cheapest and simplest means to enter and settle down in the West or Australia. Apply through normal process payah nak bungkus bawa masuk toknek makbapa bersama, sure tak qualify wan.

    The desperate moves to paint horrible pictures about Malaysia….. Being discriminated, prosecuted, cannot use Allah, bullied, corrupt, bad, evil wicked, stupid, morons, not fair, 2nd class citizen, no freedom, nation going bankrupt bla bla, some even claimed they are subjected to ethnic cleansing and aparthied. Ada yang conspire with anak cucu penjajah and foreign con man…. Ada even pelawa ‘bring on 2nd May 13’, sampai ketahap membelit macam tu sekali. Kelentong sedaya upaya to appear as victims to gain world sympathy.


  8. ‘HH dreams of France’

    HH, tengok ni lauded as the Great Britain’s ‘symbol of immigration success’.

    Malaysia dah produced Ananda Krishnan, Robert Kwok etc tapi still ada orang tak puas hati, rasa diri 2nd, 3rd, and 4th class segala dan ada juga yang nak ajar Malays-ia macam mana nak layan their keturunan pendatangs.

    Owh on pendatang before you marah and minta ahjibgor banned the word, tengok ni dulu HH, this lady is proud of herself and never delusional about her latar belakang and asal-usul. Owh and she didn’t try to tukar sejarah as well by calling the orang putih kat sana as non orang asal!

    ‘Hussain was born in Luton, a town with a large immigrant community about 30 miles north of London. The daughter of immigrants, she told the TV magazine.’

    Tapi biasalah tak semua kat Great Britain tu liberals sebenarnya. Tengok ni HH. Mungkin France negara yang HH nak pergi lebih liberals and won’t mind a Cina speaks nothing but Mandarin ony?!

    ‘Not everyone has embraced her, and some critics have accused the BBC of political correctness by featuring minority contestants.’

    Owh, Melayu selalu buat ni. Selalu subsidised minorities to be politically correct. Tengok rancangan TV. Program kemasyarakatan pun banyak. Second best pun dapat sebab nak bagi nampak majmuk at the expense of orang lain yang lebih baik. Tapi masih dituduh rasis dan macam-macam lagi yang buruk2.

    Tapi yang menariknya, ada yang di Britain komen sebegini:

    ‘home secretary, Theresa May, told a conference of Conservative Party members: “When immigration is too high, when the pace of change is too fast, it’s impossible to build a cohesive society.”

    Malaya, ambik 2 juta kut. Thanks to Great Britain. But then again, perhaps apa yang dia kata tu betul la kut? Mungkin home secretary belajar daripada pengalaman Malaysia sebab bila dah ramai sangat keturunan immigran nak hidup sesama mereka saja in silos!

    1. Islam1st,

      My friends(especially Chinese) are often amazed when I told them that BN( meaning UMNO led government) treatment of minorities are often a source of beauty, generosity of unparalleled scale.

      Here they are lambasting Najib, UMNO and everything malays and on the the side of spectrum I am praising UMNO.

      I once told that at times when apartheid was an expected norm and blacks had to drink from separate fountains and gave way to Mat Salleh in deep American south, a Chinese was appointed as the first Yang DiPertua Of Melaka.

      The Singaporean diplomat was just telling the truth. The Chinese, upon seeing how DAP takes over Pulau Pinang have the misplaced feeling that nothing can stop them. Aided by useless Anwar, Mohd sabu and at one time PAS, they think they have Malaysia at their feet.

      Finally, they begin to believe that the only power (UMNO)standing on their way will soon collapse. Showing off becomes accepted by Chinese community.DAP leaders have no qualm in biting policemen or calling authorities as “kucing kurap”. They rejected outright any advice not to disrupt business in Malay trading areas like SOGO.

      For too long UMNO played dumb just not to create a scene. Finally, one UMNO guy “can not tahan” anymore and organised Himpunan Baju Merah. Even without endorsement from Najib, he managed to rattle DAP. Ten of thousands of Malays demonstrated in Kuala Lumpur or more importantly in Chinese areas.

      these Malays have issues with Najib too. But they are not keen with DAP too.

      Malays have come to situation where they believe it is pointless to be nice to Chinese anymore. Many talked about Chinese tsunami in PRU13. Not many realised of Malay tsunami in last election.

      We have totally Malay governments that survive almost entire Chinese rejection. Gradually Malays begin to realise that they can forms governments on their own.

      1. shamshul anuar. In 1972, I conceptualised and delivered Sime Darby plc together with 2 Singaporean corporates and others with the support of the great Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and his close confidant, YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah. The cost was RM 23 millions to the Malays. Vide Far Eastern Economic Review. November 1976. In 1982, I proposed that Sime Darby controls the palm oil bunkering facilities of China. But only a small refinery was set-up in Port Said, Egypt. By 1992, my 3 Malaysian Chinese friends had control of all the bunkering facilities. For 39 years, Sime Darby never stayed home to help the Malays, the Malaysian Chinese and Indians and all. Sime Darby invested in small businesses in Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines and sponsored Ocean Yacht Racing in New Zealand for over 9 years. Instead of running around the streets of KL, I propose that Sime Darby buys the Mall opposite the Sheraton Imperial KL to help the Malay traders and all to trade, progress and expand. And also Sime Darby puts up platforms over the Sungai Klang and Sungai Gombak for the Malay traders and all to trade. These places are accessed by shuttle buses from all the KL hotels. It is time for Sime Darby to fulfil my 1972 vision of acquiring Western industrial enterprises with their markets and tech expertise and transfer back to the Malays, the Malaysian Chinese and Indians and all. Charity begins at home, Sime Darby.
        My 1972 Sime Darby concept arose out of 13 May 1969 and the NEP. At that point in 1969, the British owned 70% of the best assets of Malaysia, the Chinese with a handful of towkays, 25% of the 3rd rate assets, the Malays 2%. Prior to 1972, the economic System was through the British Currency Board rules and regulations. We spent what we earned. Business was exceedingly slow. The rich got richer. My newly graduated Malay friends had no money to buy a pair of cavalry twill or brogues. There was no housing loan, OD, credit cards etc. When the NEP was launched, it was obvious to me that the Malays must have big businesses as soon as possible which could be acquired from the British at fair market prices beginning with Sime Darby.Or else sooner or later, the 25% of assets of the Chinese not only would be under pressure but could not expand concomitantly with the rest of the economy under the NEP. Indeed, the Malay ownership of Sime Darby brought about fair expansion in economic activities by the Chinese, Indians and others. If Sime Darby played its part in a Malaysian fashion over the 39 years in question. THERE WOULD HAVE BEEN NO NECESSITY FOR ANYONE TO RUN AROUND THE STREETS OF KL. Charity begins at home Sime Darby.

        1. Hello, as a young (ish) bumi person, I too wonder why the institutions haven’t done much to advance the bumi agenda. Why is Sime Darby building 500 grand apartments in Nilai, or CIMB’s middle management very non Malay heavy, the sought after civil service jobs in Bank Negara, Khazanah, SC are EXCEEDINGLY strict in letting in local graduates and people not of upper middle class background. Why?

          1. Kamal,

            “…why CIMB’s middle management……”

            Because the very top people though benefitting immensely from DEB look down on Malays.

            They dont give a damn about “orang melayu”. They feel “terhina” talking about Malays. They feel the more they “bantai” Melayu, the better they are.

            They when in power refuse to put Malays in positions like Head of Department. They do not want to listen to advices that once the position is filled by Chinese(I am not against Chinese per se), almost all promotions would be from Chinese community.

            It happens everywhere. Though Bumiputera may controls the banks, but the who’s who who make decisions could not be bothered to ensure CEO is a Malay.

            If they are in Ministerial positions, they are reluctant to ensure housing development will benefit Malays. They could not be bothered that over priced expensive housing areas will drive the Malays away and turn a once Malay majority areas into Malay minority. Take a look at Hulu kelang.

            Those who’s who “tak kisah” Kerinci was renamed Bangsar south. Renaming the area “dilutes” the Malay character. Those Malays who’s who are very “pandai” too.

            They contest in Malay majority area. Yet when the win (on Malay votes) they are afraid to show support to malay agenda. they could not be bothered to attend Himpunan Merah for they are afraid to be called “racist” from DAP Lovers.

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