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Rahman Dahlan on Tony Pua’s “brute language and crude behavior”

Exactly! Brute and crude.

We know who the rude RBAs take their cue from. Yeah, that’s right, the DAP’s evangelical Leadership by Example.

Isn’t it just mind boggling how the love-love-love clan is able to harbour so much “brute language and crude behavior”? Continue reading “Rahman Dahlan on Tony Pua’s “brute language and crude behavior””

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Tun says M’sia is now “pariah state”

Tun has become the Dapsters’ new BFF.

He is being loudly cheered on by them of late. Very soon, Tun Dr Mahathir will overtake his daughter Marina in popularity among the Bangsar Malaysia crowd. Continue reading “Tun says M’sia is now “pariah state””