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Rahman Dahlan on Tony Pua’s “brute language and crude behavior”

Exactly! Brute and crude.

We know who the rude RBAs take their cue from. Yeah, that’s right, the DAP’s evangelical Leadership by Example.

Isn’t it just mind boggling how the love-love-love clan is able to harbour so much “brute language and crude behavior”?

Rahman Dahlan Spore envoy

ABOVE: ARD’s comment in the ambassador’s Facebook; source:

Housing Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan also asked Bilahari Kausikan, Singapore ambassador-at-large, to “Please accept our apology for his [Tony Pua’s] uncouth and lack of good manners”.

“Lack of good manners” translated into bahasa Melayu is ‘tiada adab’.

Nota: Biadab terbentuk daripada kata ‘bi’ (dari bahasa Parsi yang membawa makna “tiada”) + ‘adab’ – Dewan Bahasa & Pustaka

BELOW: Another example of biaDAP calling people “low class”

The Singapore ambassador’s comment about the “delusional” Chinese in Malaysia predictably prompted the expected explosions of rage from the Dapsters.

Mr Kausikan responded to Tony Pua’s comments saying, “I can understand their [the DAP’s] hopes, but hopes are not reality. The emotions on display prove my point …”

Two Faced Hannah Yeoh

Yup. The ape shit spewed by the DAP evangelical politicians and the “emotions” (going berserk, and what else is new?) from the Cina DAP prove His Excellency’s point most perfectly.

The rest of Malaysia is growing tired of the petulant Chinese minority throwing a temper tantrum over every piece of criticism, and mind you, all of the critiques of the Dapsters are most justified.

This going ballistic incessantly is tiresome and taxing on our patience.

Tony Pua Malaysian First

The calibre of the DAP

Tony Pua is the putative Finance and Economy Minister in the DAP’s shadow cabinet – see table below.

Anthony Loke, who publicly shouted “celaka” a couple of days ago, is designated the Culture, Tourism and Communication – ha ha ha – Minister by his party should they take Putrajaya.

Ariff Sabri is the sole Malay guy in the DAP shadow cabinet list containing 18 portfolios. He is going to be made the Agriculture, Commodities and Rural Development Minister, ha ha ha ha.

Melayu mah, so DAP put him in Pertanian lah.

dap shadow cabinet


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4 thoughts on “Rahman Dahlan on Tony Pua’s “brute language and crude behavior”

  1. You can safely remove any of the LGE camp from the shadow cabinet. The Lim family and friends after Doggate is toast. The insults people place on his FB cover not only curses on him but also his family including his kids and wife. The H place is mentioned with the karma.
    Remember Koh Tsu Koon. The worst insult he got was just bo hood (no balls). Nobody called his wife and kids names or curses.
    If LKS wants his career to continue, he better hide in Johor.

    For Hannah, her popularity still remains intact. The same with Tony.

    1. Tokong Lim had stopped the culling now after saying that he had discussed it with the respective office and that they had agreed to stop the culling. What a joke and what a drama he is trying to pull !!!

      After almost all of the strays had been terminated, then only he stopped. Even though if the cullling were to continue, there will be very few dogs around for them to cull as most had been either dead or kept protected in homes by dog-lovers. Ask him for the total number of dogs culled, and I am sure he will do bullshit mathematics.

      So to all Penangites, don’t be fooled by the father of all dogs.

      The only reason he did the culling was when there was an opportunity for him to “clean-up” Penang of strays, and that was when the word “rabies” start flying. Dog lover he is non, just mere bullshit.

      The only reason he stopped the culling is when there were very few dogs left to be culled…well except DAP dogs.

  2. Depa pilih pakai cabut nombor ke ni?

    M Kulasegaran as Foreign and Defense Minister?
    Kampung Buah Pala pun dia tak dapat beri perlindungan inikan pula satu negara?

    Teresa Kok as International trade and Industry? Foreign English speaking investors terketaq2 asyik nak kena berdepan dengan saman hanya sabit miscommunication. Kalau dia order boiled eggs mana suppliers nak cari boys yang sanggup jual teloq depa?

  3. I must admit that I actually laughed out loud at the paragraph on “delusional” because never a truer word was said, painful though it is as a reflection of our community.

    I shared that article on my FB and as expected, the usual culprits (Malaysians living a cushy life overseas (or so they say…) but seem to be bitching all the time about Malaysian politics) have started jumping up and down, condemning it as “myopic”, “one-sided” etc etc.

    From now on, I think the proper response to their typical remarks of:
    1) Malaysia going down the drain!:
    “then don’t come back here lor, holiday also cannot since here like Zimbabwe – people going to chop you. Lucky I got double eyelid but you don’t leh. So why donch you sponsor all your parents, brother, sister, yi ma, ku cheh for migration then? What? Financial capability not strong enough ah, points not enough ah? Haiya, die lo like that. So sad. Go buy 4D la…”

    2) RM so WEAK, HoW!? Najib must GO!:
    “Ah Boy, why you so upset, I tell you, you no like here, right? Come, you sell your houses to me. I give you CASH money. But at 50% of market value la.. BETTER you sell eveerryyything now, you knowww. Then ah, you can go because if you want to wait Najib go, better you go first, grab the opportunity mah.. Australia ah, Canada ah .. but hor, your English like that only, you can ah? Never mind la, sell me first then we talk later.”

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