Ambassador: DAP’s delusional dream “may well lead to disaster”

To date, Wisma Putra has not rebuked the Singapore ambassador-at-large.

This can only mean that our Foreign Ministry views our neighbour’s roving ambassador Bilahari Kausikan as telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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Tony Pua mercenary prick

But how do we know that the facts as stated by ambassador Kausikan are correct?

Answer: The delusional Dapsters went ape shit.

DAP supporters going berserk is a sure sign that what’s being said is all true.


It’s over 9000 on DAP’s hate meter

Sir, to attract this much hatred, you must be doing something right,” a Facebooker by the name of Tan Yijun had suggested to His Excellency Mr Kausikan in the latter’s FB.

Kausikan, who is a highest-ranking diplomat, made a rejoiner that the “emotions on display prove my point”.

The ambassador also said, “If calling me and Singapore names makes him [Tony Pua] feel better, I fully understand. But it is not going to change reality.”


mercenary prick

Tak ragu-ragu lagi evangelistas kepala Dapster

Housing Minister Rahman Dahlan apologized to the ambassador for Tony Pua’s “brute language and crude behavior”.

Retorting to Kausikan, Tony Pua said earlier in his Facebook that Singapore is perceived as “the mercenary prick of Southeast Asia”. (Tsk, tsk, the DAP evangelistas should really endeavour to stay classy.)

Delusional is as delusional does.

“But does it [venting] really change anything?” asks the ambassador knowing full well that reality is.

Word Cloud Tony Pua

What is Tony Pua smoking?

The DAP legislator said: “I argued that you attended Bersih4 not to make racial demands but to express your aspirations for a better Malaysia, defined by justice, good governance and democratic ideals.”

According to the DAP Petaling Jaya Utara MP, “Mr Bilahari responded on his Facebook to tell us that while he ‘respected’ our hopes, we should stop our pipe dreams. In effect, his valuable advice is to quit whatever we are smoking.(You go, Mr Ambassador!)

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Adrian Lim Bersih4

High temperature of “racially fraught atmosphere”

Malaysian Firsters delude themselves that they’re colour blind. This delusional bunch also pretend that they’re beyond race and creed and above religion.

To recap some of the things Ambassador Kausikan said that caused the Dapsters to go ballistic:

  • “familiar system is now under immense stress”
  • “not certain that it can hold together”
  • “pressure point is religion”
  • “increasingly pronounced emphasis on religion”
  • “Umno and PAS … could be the core of a new ruling system”
  • “DAP-led Chinese opposition”
  • “This will be potentially explosive”
Jakarta's May 13 during the Asian financial crisis
Jakarta’s May 13 during the Asian financial crisis

Chinese not learning the lessons of May 13

Kausikan wrote in his Oct 6 article in The Straits Times, “It is my impression that many young Malaysian Chinese have forgotten the lessons of May 13, 1969”.

Alluding to a collision between racial/religious identities of the Chinese and the Malays, he expressed his “hope that the worst does not occur”.

In a speech delivered earlier this year in April during the launch of Wang Gungwu’s latest book, Kausikan described South-east Asia as “a region where the Chinese have generally not been an entirely welcome minority”.

(Cue for the Bintang Lima to rant and rave as to what a beloved minority they are, and their immeasurable contributions to nation-building.)

BELOW: If disaster does strike, it is most definitely the delusional DAP’s fault

Kausikan added it “cannot be entirely ruled out” that “a major anti-Chinese event should again occur in South-east Asia”. By ‘major anti-Chinese event’, he was referring to 1998’s deadly May 13 riots in Jakarta.

The passage of half-a-year – since he spoke at eminent historian Prof. Wang’s April book launch – has not served to change the ambassador’s assessment of our volatile political landscape.

Two days ago Kausikan cautioned (see below), “But I fear this particular hope and dream [of the Cina DAP] may well lead to disaster; it did in the past …”.

Bilahari Kuasakin disaster


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46 thoughts on “Ambassador: DAP’s delusional dream “may well lead to disaster”

  1. Now I understand why Tony Pua is delusional. He’s delusional because he based his “hope and dreams” on Star Wars movies!

    Here’s the evidence:-

    Tony Pua’s Facebook page cover photo shows a cartoon of a guy holding flowers in front a row of FRU being “satirized” as imperial storm-troopers from Star Wars movies.

    “This is an evil empire we’re dealing with…” (BN is like the evil empire from Star Wars, lead by the evil emperor Darth Sidious?), Tony Pua seems to believe.

    The problem with this premise is that Star Wars is just another silly fantasy movie, duh- nobody got hurt or die in the movie.

  2. I can sense his concern and am sure he got the blessings fm Singapore authorities to “voice out his opinions”. Whatever may happen here definitely will affect Singapore and other Chinese diasporas worldwide.

    The world is watching how these Chinese manipulate and hoodwink locals of their host country. Behaviour Dapster memual, one Aney commented “tahap loya dah nak muntah”.

    Nak buat apa pikiaq sama masa depan oghang lain. Belajar erti kesyukuran. Dah diberi peluang mai dok tempat aman damai, makmur dan bebas untuk mencari rezeki pasai apa nak menjahanamkan tempat tu?

    1. Well, President Xi is reported to be making a state visit to Singapore in November.

      There will be no organised protests in Malaysia about this, for sure.

      As for your concern about the Chinese “diaspora”, they are well able to take care of themselves without your tender ministrations.


  3. What so much to care when nobody don’t care in the lurch of time saves nine is the practice by the gov. of the day absolute power corrupts absolutely

  4. Well, the blogger who goes by the name 書政 is even more delusional. Now that the communal relationship between the various races, in particular between the Malays and Chinese, in funk, he goes around town with more venom. l o l ! You know, just like Hannah who defines who a Malaysian should be, he appropriates for himself the authority to define who a Chinese should be. Both are essentially the same persons.

    The last time I made a comment here I was lampooned by a lot of people. Guess what, with the TPP now agreed by all 12 nations I can now say gleefully that what I said regarding Najib and his goons have been justified. Now only did he sell the Malays out to the corporate vultures he also did the Chinese in, particularly the Chinese dominated SMEs. The man is a crook, a wicked crook.

    1. The Dictator. Sir, You are right about the SMEs. These will go under. But unfortunately, the Chinese will be forced to be MIDDLE MEN again which we do not want to be a’la NEP, financed by imperialist Singapore to distribute and market their re-labelled goods like South African oranges etc !

  5. Whilst it is true that Bersih 4 was in principle multiracial and focused on matters which concern all Malaysians, Ambassador Bilahari is right about the broader public perception resulting from the predominance of Chinese at Bersih 4, and it’s this perception, not the principle or intent which matters most in mass democratic politics.

    Tony Pua and most of the commentors on his blog are looking it it purely in terms of political principle and intent when Bilahari sees it from the impact of the perception on the mass of voters across Malaysia.

    These people are most probably comfortably well off, educated, well-travelled, urban middle class people who can think and talk one dimensionally in terms of meritocracy but they forget that when inequalities exist between urban and rural people, and even between middle class urban and lower income urban people, a socio-economic-political policy based solely on meritoracy will result a widening income and opportunity divide, which will in turn lead towards a tendency for social unrest, which in Malaysia and other countries, could well take the form of inter-ethnic unrest.

    Right now, we hear and read about European countries accepting refugees from the Middle East and Africa who are flooding into Europe right now but what the media ignores is the growing resentment of ordinary people in Europe who resent this influx, especially during tough economic times, austerity, cuts in social services and high unemployment.

    I was a student in Britain in the 1970s, when Indians with British passports were being driven out of Uganda, Malawi and other countries of Africa by the indigenous Africans.

    In the summer of 1976, when inflation and unemployment was rising and the government was cutting back on social services, there was a case where the social services housed 13 Indian refugees who had arrived from Malawi in a four star hotel where they received breakfast but not other meals, so these two families when to social services and the media to ask for more allowance and the media went ballistic with sensationalist reports of more immigrants ready to come over and that stoked racial tensions, resulting in the killing of two overseas students in Bethnal Green in London and the killing of an Asian youth, Gurdip Singh Chagar in the London suburb of Southhall which was mostly populated by Indian immigrants.

    Even in the generally liberal and tolerant environment of my student halls of residence in Salford next to Manchester, I could sense the racial tension in the air and it was not pleasant.

    There were also other racially motivated case of violence and even killings in other parts of Britain at the time, and the popularity of neo-Nazi National Front rose at the time, and that party too, became more active to take advantage of the sentiment.

    The National Front organised several marches through immigrant areas in various cities and the anti-racist forces organised counter rallies to stop them and by the summer of 1977, the racial tensions had cooled.

    However, I am not that idealistic to believe that given similar tough economic condition in Europe right now, that there will not likely be a similar backlash against the fresh influx of refugees, even though I oppose and condemn racism and religious intolerance.

    If idealist meritocracy ideologues like the DAP, Tony Pua and his fanboys fail to recognise the perception and concerns of less privileged people on the ground and try to find wasy to accomodate their concerns, then I’m afraid they will not get the support of the broader masses beyond their privileged circle.

    1. re: “The National Front organised several marches through immigrant areas in various cities”

      Sounds like Ali Tinju and Jamal Sekinchan.

      re: “If idealist meritocracy ideologues like the DAP, Tony Pua and his fanboys fail to recognise the perception and concerns of less privileged people on the ground”

      They are not ‘idealists’. They are ‘opportunists’. Recall how Tony Pua wanted DAP to grab the post of Selangor Deputy Speaker and when it went to PAS through democratic vote, DAP S’gor pressed for the creation of a redundant Deputy Speaker (II) position.

      Recall also how Hannah Yeoh, who had been a mere 6-7 years in the political arena, gave herself a pay hike equivalent to the salary of the Prime Minister, someone has been in politics close to four decades (Najib was elected Pekan MP in 1976).

      The evangelistas are greedy carpetbaggers and DAP is the perfect vehicle for them, just like their RM2 churches.

      1. Helen,

        I think I know why Tony Pua was very upset( a very diplomatic way of saying it) when the Singapore diplomat advised Chinese to face reality.

        Tony is simply upset that a Chinese albeit from Singapore told them off on their dangerous political game. If a Malay saying that, he would be accused as playing a racial card. But a Chinese whose credential is impressive( at least much better than that off Tony Pua, Hannah Yeoh or Guan eng) saying a truth is deemed as unkindest cut above all.

        DAP thrives on slandering. And I know how to face the forked tongues DAP members: Just face them and tell the truth right on their faces. And be firm as DAP knows no diplomacy at all.

        jamal managed to do that. He put senses into Chinese mind by playing DAP’s own game. As goes the saying “bila buku bertemu ruas”, then sanity prevails at least once in DAP.

        For now they know every BERSIH can be matched by Baju Merah

        1. re: “a Chinese albeit from Singapore told them off on their dangerous political game”

          Err, Bilahari Kausikan doesn’t sound like a Chinese name to me.

          re: “Jamal managed to do that. He put senses into Chinese mind by playing DAP’s own game”

          Yup, Sekinchan gives them a dose of their own “Pork is not Bak Kut Teh” medicine.

          re: “For now they know every BERSIH can be matched by Baju Merah”

          They are threatening to disrupt public order here and there – Petaling Street, Komtar Georgetown, Kajang and now Melaka Raya. This risks spiralling.

          1. quote,”They are threatening to disrupt public order here and there – Petaling Street, Komtar Georgetown, Kajang and now Melaka Raya. This risks spiralling.”unquote.

            It’s just the beginning. Malays are fighting back. DAP should be very worried, very very worried.

          2. Ms H. Sorry to say all comments on these fly by nite types Chinese have proven to be correct in this latest emotional outburst by those who misled others in the Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP. My view has always been (i) We Malaysian Chinese must be loyal and devoted to our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans and our cherished Constitution. No treble-speak to mislead others. In other words, if these folks have assets outside our beloved Malaysia, don’t do politics ! Be sincere in understanding that our Malay, Indian and all compatriots are different from us Chinese. Once you realise this it is so much easier to communicate and accommodate. HY is a bad example of a jealous Chinaman.

          3. Helen,

            Thanks for correction. What I meant is that Bilahari is from Singapore, a country that is ruled by Chinese and looked upon by DAP as ideal above all nations.

            As for Himpunan Merah, for now Malays believe the massive turnout manages to “put some senses” into Chinese mind that they( Chinese) better watch out.

            I notice chinese are somewhat “tone down” with regards to future demonstration. They met their match. They got the message.

      2. Ms H. These RM2 havens for the delusioned Chinese will not last once the rivers of MONEY MONEY MONEY run dry. The only question we the loyal and true Malaysians must ask ourselves ‘ Are the delusioned Folks’ and ex-meritocratic ‘ Bilahari Kausikan’ doing a ‘ sandiwara’ in preparation of the event when Malaysia signs the poisoned chalice for our beloved Malaysia, the TPPA which will kill all the Malays and the non-Malays, in favour of the huge flow of tariff free Singaporean goods. All our businesses, factories, owners will go bankrupt. Our workers unemployed. The Chinese unwillingly become MIDDLE MEN AGAIN, financed by imperialist Singapore. Without the TPPA signed by our beloved Malaysia, Singapore within less than 25 years will have to consider the 5 Options.
        1. Merge with the United States as the 53rd State of the Union.
        2. Become a Crown Colony again. Even the Scots want out.
        3. Confederate with Scotland to form a super-duper kiasu Union of Scotland and Singapore with a Jewish President.
        4. Re-merge with Malaysia. The ancients forbid as a good horse never returns to old pastures.
        5. Maintains status quo with an Indian Prime Minister, the highest cost of lilving in the World and a humongous foreign manned military against neighbours who love to play 19 holes of golf daily and will not defend one inch of their land unlike India, Japan, China and Korea but only too happy to give away national assets, our grandmothers etc for free since 2003.

        Please note the huge inflow of Singapoe labelled goods after signing the TPPA is never mentioned anywhere in the media since its leak in 2013.

        1. Sir, the Trans Pacific Partnership is looking more like your surreptitious Trojan Horse getting past the control gates of “Mr. Najib & Consultants”

          “Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange has said of the (TPPA) deal: ‘If you read, write, publish, think, listen, dance, sing or invent; if you farm or consume food; if you’re ill now or might one day be ill, the TPP has you in its crosshairs (ie. in a position to be criticized or attacked).’ ”

          1. Chris. You are good, very good with an excellent intellect which gives you an understanding and vision of things to come unlike a certain Chinaman who are always jealous of others and blame others for his present lowly status. God help those who help themselves. Why run down others ? Please note that the overnight flood of tariff free Singaporean goods into Malaysia has NEVER been mentioned anywhere in the media from Day 1.. Why ? All the pies in the sky for the future have been given a place in the Sun. But, never the immediate flood of tariff free goods from Singapore which will kill all Malaysian businesses, SMEs, factories, owners. And throngs of unemployed workers everywhere. Our First and Last Line of Defence the iconic UMNO will be brought down by the signing of the poisoned chalice for our beloved Malaysia, the TPPA due to the chaos. We should never allow this to happen because our Political System, the Free Malaysian Style Demcracy with its Open Capitalist Characteristics and a Malay Bias with our loyalty and devotion towards our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans and our cherished Constitution which safeguards Islam and all the other religions, MUST REMAIN UNTOUCHED.

            1. They will be morphed into economic digits to be tweaked by the powers that be; one couldn’t imagine a worse fate for Malaysians. Incredibly, it is pseudo-UMNO’s Mr. Najib and his coterie who are leading us all down this path of social dissolution.

              1. Chris. You are right. Someone in the First and Last Line of Defence which is UMNO forgot that its is one of the most famous political organisation in the World and not a private club with a 1MDB elephant in the premises. Acheh !

            2. re: “Our First and Last Line of Defence the iconic UMNO will be brought down by the signing of the poisoned chalice for our beloved Malaysia, the TPPA, due to the chaos. We should never allow this to happen because our Political System, the Free Malaysian Style Democracy with its Open Capitalist Characteristics and a Malay Bias with our loyalty and devotion towards our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans and our cherished Constitution which safeguards Islam and all the other religions, MUST REMAIN UNTOUCHED.”

              Indeed, where economic justice as taught by Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is concerned, it is paramount to inculcate personal ethics in business dealings and to plan for extending capital ownership to greater numbers of people – the TPPA or any other trade agreement cannot fail in this regard. Certainly, there ought to be genuine concern for the poor and disenfranchised in society, such as providing affordable universal healthcare, housing and education.

              The Quran states that there is no compulsion in religion, but we are duty-bound to God on High to seek the truth in all things and to be in its service. This is where many businessmen and worldly-bound people tend to be entrapped by their desire-clouded thinking. It is an uphill task for the wealthy and powerful to stay straight in life’s journey.

              Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim

              The Quran says:
              “In whatever business you may be, or whatever portion you may be reciting from the Quran, or whatever task you may be involved in – We are Witnesses to them whilst you are deeply engrossed therein.” (10:61)

              “O you faithful! Do not eat up your property among yourselves in vanities; let there be amongst you movement and trade by mutual goodwill – do not kill (destroy) yourselves. Verily, Allah your Lord is to you most merciful.” (4:29).

              “Those (who really believe) hearken to their Lord and establish regular prayer; who (conduct) their affairs by ‘mutual consultation’, who spend out of what we grant them for sustenance.” (42:38).

              “Woe to those that deal in fraud: those who when they are receiving from other men they exact full measure. But when they have to give by measure or weight to others they give less than what is due. Do they not think they will be called to account (for their fraudulence)? (83:1-4).

              The blessed Prophet gave us hope and issued a warning:
              He (peace be upon him) said: “Truthfulness leads to righteousness, and righteousness leads to the Paradise. A man continues to tell the truth until he becomes established as a truthful person. But Falsehood leads to “al-Fujur” (wickedness or ill-will), and al-Fujur leads down to the Hellfire – a man who continues to tell lies would be recorded before Allah as a deceiver (conniver, charlatan).”

              Our beloved Malay Sultans are the upholders of Prophet Muhammad’s religion – his Sunnah. We the ummah of Malaysia must continue to safeguard the institution of our Yang Di Pertuan Agong through the noble Constitution of Malaysia.

      3. “They are not ‘idealists’. They are ‘opportunists’. ”

        I was being a bit generous with Tony Pua, not having followed his other activities very much but I however do feel that some commentors on his Facebook page and quite a lot of DAP supporters or sympathisers are idealistic and quite often are unable to view issues in the broader context due to being too focused on a particular aspect, or as one would say, unable to see the forest for the trees.

        Whilst I do not like everything in the scenario Bilahari describes, I however feel that his description of the current real political situation is a fairly accurate overall description of the current situation in today’s real political context.

        1. Tony Pua is DAP Selangor chief.

          DAP Selangor colluded with the unethical Langkah Kajang. TP was also at the forefront of slandering Khalid Ibrahim in the PKR-DAP smear campaign against him.

          Khalid won his libel suit against the then PKR sec-gen also the Tan Sri did not sue DAP.

          Selangor DAP leaders are scumbags. With the exception of Yeo Bee Yin, they had nothing to say about DEIG.

          As for the idealism of the DAP supporters, it’s like Miss World contestants declaring they want to save the whales, reverse climate change/global warming and abolish poverty. Oh yes, and we mustn’t forget about ensuring world peace.

          1. Idealist DAP supporters seem to think that all it needs if for the Pakatan to win the federal government and then everything will be hunky dory and all Malays will gladly accept giving up their special position and accept meritocracy.

            More realistically, many Malays may agree to giving a better deal for other races but I do not expect that many will agree to give up their special position, including Malaysia in PKR, Amanah and PAS, well at least not for a very long time, until they themselves are convinced that they don’t need a special position any more.

            DAP should learn from Dr. Martin Luter King who fought to end de jure racial discrimination against blacks in America which he succeeded in doing with the help of anti-racist whites, though he did not succeed in eliminating de facto racial discrimination against blacks by certain members of society, especially in areas of employment, housing and so forth. Simply put, his dream was partially realised.

            On the other hand, had Dr. Martin Luther King tried to overturn the position of the whites, they would have fought back and crushed him and his movement but that was not his intention.

            Such advances are slow and gradual, and are won step by step, quite often with reversals along the way.

            Right now, with the opposition effectively fractured, especially with the break between DAP and PAS, the DAP has lost an important ally who has the required reach into the rural heartlands which provide the BN with the seats in parliament, so it is much harder now for the opposition to win the federal government, especially when the DAP’s and PKR’s strenghth is in the urban areas, whilst they are weak in the rural areas.

            Whilst there are lower income Malays who are unhappy with Najib for economic reasons, and would like to see him step down, they do not necessarily support the DAP or PKR but rather support Mahathir or PAS.

              1. BTW. This is what Bilahari Kausikan wrote about the situation in Europe which is very prescient and is turning out to be true right now.

                “– Europe is tying itself into knots by clinging to systems of values; systems based on an extreme ideological conception of the universality of rights taken to ridiculous lengths. These thinking are out of sync with societies evolving under demographic or other pressures.”

                “– The result? The revival of fascism or extreme right-wing political movements.”

                “– Unfortunately, European elites are not prepared to confront a redefinition of the conception of Europe and what it means to be European.”


                Now read these recent reports which most probably have not been reported by western mainstream media.

                “EU Migrant Crisis: Germany’s Spiegel Asks ‘How Naïve Do We Want to Be?'”


                “Swedes Go Back to the Stone Age, Pelt Syrians With Rocks”


                “Czech Republic to Send Police, Troops to Help Hungary Protect Borders”


                Massive Violence Against Refugees in Germany Increasing


                “Finnish Government Leaders Appalled by Attack on Refugees”


                “Muslim Leaders Brace for Armed Anti-Islam Protesters Across US”


                No it isn’t pretty but Bilahari is right as to what could happen and is happening.

                The influx of such large number of refugees when Europe is faced with economic recession and austerity is having explosive consequences.

                1. Likewise His Excellency is 101 percent right about the “delusional” Chinese and their pathological (my word) leadership in Malaysia.

              2. Ms H. How many of us realise that our UMNO is iconic and the First and Last Line of Defence of our beloved Malaysia, the Rakyat, our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans. And yet its members lose their cool and want to give vent to their emotions without realising that UMNO not only safeguards 51% of the population but the other 49% as well. Vide Haribulan Kausikan.

      4. Ms H. Again on Bilahari Kausikan. The Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP sat on their backsides and did nothing but only shouted, ‘Malaysia for Malaysians’ since 1966. Is the new PAP getting fed-up after the passing of the old? Or is this a clarion call to these sit-abouts that now is the hour ? Or the sugary words are for our political heirachy to sign the TPPA chop-chop ? I think the whole thing is an out-of-date charade. And our First and Last Line of Defence, the mandated UMNO should postpone the signing of the TPPA instead of asking Ali, Ah Kow and Samy to decide. UMNO should have the political expertise and not rely on the cost benefits by a guy who is paid a fee !

    2. scheiss, I think u have to compare apple with apple, chinese msian is not recent immigrant, yr experience is more suit to kausikan spore n pap on how to deal with singaporean that protest the influx of mainlander from both china n india. u attend b3b4 u shd know it is not abt race, how others wan to perceive is beyond our control. what else u think dap could do to accommodate the less privileged? in fact the only options left is make dap a malay party, or become a mca.

      1. Agreed that the Chinese and Indians are not recent migrants but have been in Malaysia several generations but that does not matter to those who perceive or wish to perceive it otherwise, whether rightly or wrongly, fairly or unfairly.

        Even today, there are parties in the U.K. such as the British National Party which promises to repatriate all non-white British out of Britain if elected to power, however many generations these immigrants have been in Britain.

        Fortunately, the BNP has little electoral support right now and is in disarray but who knows what could happen in the future, especially if there is a prolonged economic downturn, unemployment, inter ethic and inter-religious conflict and so forth in Europe.

        After all, Hitler and his Nazis had no regard for how many generations the Jews had lived in Germany or Europe, and such anti-Jewish sentiments rise to the fore in “enlightened” Europe and North America even today, I believe driven by legacies of Christian-Jewish antagonisms rooted in the Middle East whence Judaism, Christianity and Islam come.

        My view of religions which arose in the Middle East is that they were inherently tribal or national in nature, with their respective supreme deities or respective conceptions of the supreme deity, and with these tribes or nations regularly at war with each other, their respective supreme deities or conceptions of supreme deity were pitted against each other in war as well and assumed into their scriptures the inter tribal and inter national politics of the region at the time.

        For example, in the Biblical story of Moses and the exodus of the Jews from Egypt towards the promised land, Israel, one can see elements of the battle between the Jewish god or conception of God versus Ba’al, the Egyptian god or conception of God.

        Today, not only anti-Semitism but also Islamophobia are on the rise in Europe. Here are just two fairly recent media reports.

        “Anti-semitism, Islamophobia On The Rise In Europe”

        “We are facing many crises now, however, growing anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and racism are the biggest threats to Europe’s future.”

        “In Europe, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia go hand in hand”

        This certainly is not a good development but it’s happening and is not easy, even for the most well intentioned to stop.

        You asked:-

        “what else u think dap could do to accommodate the less privileged?”

        Formulate and adopt a non ethnic-based policy to help the less privileged will be social welfare, social healthcare, education, social housing and affirmative action policies based upon each person’s economic and financial standing at the time irrespective of ethnicity.

        Such a policy which aims to help lift up the less privileged is not meritocratic, so the DAP and its members should stop using the term.

        If the DAP wants to be seen as a multi-ethnic party, it should have certain quotas for different ethnicities within its national and other excos. That case when not one Malay was elected to the exco can be rightly or wrongly perceived as a racial bias within party members, which is not good for a party which is trying to reach out to and win over the Malays, especially the rural Malays.

        Whilst working for greater equality and social justice for all ethnicities, DAP (or any party for that matter) must not go so far as to be seen to be going against or threatening the interests or any particular ethnic group or religious group.

        For example, many Malays, including the most liberal, are still concerned in preserving the special position granted them under the constitution, so DAP should find a way to bring about greater equality and social justice without going against or seen to be going against that special position.

        Remember that Rome was not built in a day, so it will take a long time for strongly held and entrenched legacies to gradually fade away, especially without threatening any group’s economic or social security.

        Given progressive and enlightened governance, say 100 years down the road, perhaps the majority of Malays themselves may decide that such constitutional provision such as special position is archaic and no longer needed.

        To be seen as a truly Malaysian party, the DAP needs to follow the example of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia and conduct all its official proceedings and some of its public meetings in Bahasa Malaysia.

        It may seem weird to many Malaysians to see a group of Tamils sitting in a circle and conversing with each other in Bahasa Malaysia but that is how official Parti Sosialis Malaysia discussions are conducted.

        ” b3b4 u shd know it is not abt race, how others wan to perceive is beyond our control.”

        Sure. One cannot control how others perceive an event, so it greatly helps for the event’s organisers to not allow childish and irresponsible actions like stomping on pictures of Najib and Hadi Awang or holding mock Taoist funeral rites for Najib and Rosmah to happen at their event, since they give the opponents points which they can use to reinforce certain perceptions amongst certain people, whether valid or invalid, just or unjust, real or imagined.

        The organisers and even the perpetrators must always cognisant of the consequences of such seemingly trivial actions in the eyes of others within the current domestic environment, and whether it gives the opponents ammunition to use against the organisers or the participants in an event.

        Stomp on Obama’s picture in the U.S. and its no big deal to most Americans but such actions carried out in Malaysia at this time and with the kind of perception some had of Bersih 4, must have greatly helped the opponents bring out greater numbers in the Red Shirt rally.

        Also people like Alvin and Vivien did a disservice to the Chinese community in Malaysia with their “Bak Kut Teh” stunt online.

        Whilst such actions may seem trivial to you or me, they add a bit more towards feelings of resentment against Chinese Malaysians in the minds of some Malay and Muslim Malaysians, which is not healthy at all.

        I’m neither Chinese nor Malay, so perhaps am able to view such matters more objectively and with a certain detachment.

  6. 1. walaupun dap (cina) perintah pulau pinang, kuasa politik negara masih ditangan melayu & ini (kuasa politik) pasti akan berterusan sekurang2nya lagi 350 tahun (10 keturunan). kalau tidak ianya sampai kiamat.ini kerana agama & bangsa masih jadi ‘makanan asas’.
    2. jawatan ketua menteri sepatutnya disandang oleh pengerusi negeri.ini bermakna itu saja yg depa boleh capai. presiden pas tak jadi menteri besar kelantan pun.
    3. cina kristian tak sama dengan pribumi kristian di borneo dimana mereka juga tidak akan serah kuasa kepada orang lain. walaupun bilangan pengundi hanya 15% tapi mempunyai 25% wakil di parlimen. oppo hanya menang 9 dari 56 kerusi.
    4. sekiranya penyokong2 dap ingin menjadikan malaysia saperti temasek, sila baca sejarah lagi. singapura dah dijual. ini perbezaan yg sangat ketara.
    5. walau bagaimana pun, dap masih ada peluang ke putrajaya sekiranya mereka bersedia menerima orang melayu jadi setiausaha agong. kalau tidak terus lah bermimpi.

    1. Noted. A total of 54 percent J-Star (=Dapster) readers are “Amused” that SIA plane encountered trouble.

  7. Ambassador Bilahari Kausikan is currently Ambassador-at-Large and Policy Adviser in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), Singapore. Have held varieties of leadership roles and won many accolades through-out his illustrious career. Read link for complete profile:

    DAP has once again proven that they have the brain but is in dire needs of the wisdom. It is again about shouting at the highest volume of their voice to entice their converts to stay on with them and marched towards the war-zone together. Very unfortunately the war-zone that they are marching towards is being created by themselves and fought within their own circle. They have the best artillery in the form of communication weapons. They and their communication machines has become “one” which is without soul, without compassion, without wisdom. This is their downfall.

    DAP is fighting Ambassador Bilahari Kausikan as a machine. No tact, no diplomacy, no human relations. When you are dealing with machine and not human; the machine could be destroyed easily.

    And rightfully; Mr. Kausikan has responded, “I can understand their hopes, but hopes are not reality”.

  8. Grandpapa Dapster strongly disagrees with Bilahari.

    “Those who follow closely the DAP’s political campaign will know that the DAP had never advocated a Chinese Malaysia but as stressed in the Battle for Gelang Patah in the 13th General Election, the Malaysian Dream which envisions Malaysia as a plural society where all her citizens are united as one people, rising above their ethnic, religious, cultural, linguistic and regional differences as the common grounds binding them as one citizenship exceed the differences that divide them because of their ethnic, religious, linguistic, cultural and regional divisions.”

    That’s part of what he wrote on his blog in response to “ugly Singaporeans like Bilahari who suffer the delusion that they understand the dynamics in Malaysia.”

    That’s one thing good about these Dapsters. Whenever someone is seen as attacking them, we’ll see a whole gaggle of them singing the same chorus ever increasingly loud to drown out the critics.

    1. LKS dah berumur. Biasa umuq macam ni oghang tua kata “kuboq dah dok gamit”. Is he taking everyone with him there or what?

      Snap back to reality. Be sincere to yourself and ask;
      1. What has LKS contributed to the nation since Merdeka?
      2. What is he actually offering you today and tomorrow?

      Kalau sekadar ayaq lioq, bayi baru lahir lagi banyak ayaq lioq meleleh keluaq mulut.

        1. Mulan,

          I try to think about at least one contribution by this Kit siang. But i cant think of any decent contribution.

  9. This is a tragic tale of two ambassadors.

    Kak Helen, maybe you could do an article that juxtaposes the reaction of those closeted racists towards the two ambassadors? That would be awesome.

  10. Ms H. Reading between the lines in Bilahari Kausikan’s opus, I discerned that the worry of the dysfunctinal Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats is their Political System which is Godless Ultra Communist Political and Social System might collapse after the departure of their Dictator like Hitler, Mussolini, Franco, Stalin, Mao, Tito, Castro. And this could happen concomitant with the Malaysian faux pas now in train for all to see and visualise. As my mother used to admonish me, ‘ Don’t say that I did not warn you! ‘

    1. “Godless”?

      How many mosques are there in Singapore? How many Christian and Catholic churches? How many Buddhist and Taoist temples? How many Hindu and Sikh temples? How many Jewish synagogues (the answer is 2)?

      Seems to me that organised religion is flourishing in Singapore.

      As for the other comments about Singapore – it’s yadda yadda what’s new?

      Even Helen has admitted, albeit grudgingly, that Singapore has some good points. Unless she now wants to disavow those remarks.

      1. re: “Even Helen has admitted, albeit grudgingly, that Singapore has some good points.”

        When have I ever begrudged Singapore’s good points?

        Singapore is not on my personal radar, that’s all, despite Uncle Ed’s (AK47) and The Rithamist’s obsession with that country.

  11. Ms H. Thinking deeper. It seems the opus by Bilahari Kausikan is a Freudian knee jerk response to the broken link created by the newly departed Dictator (1959-2015). The Apparatchiks aka Meritocrats are now feeling insecure and lost, like orphans without the sardonic wisdom of their erstwhile Boss. Because in the past, he did all the THINKING for them. His comment on the ‘delusional members of the Singapoean Trojan Horse DAP is legal peanuts. But the main unwritten thrust is on the state of the troubled UMNO today. Those sweet nothings for our Honourable and Distinguished Prime Minister are sweet nothings. Malaysia and Singapore had needed each other since the founding of Singapore by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1820 ! BK’s comment is no earth shattering discovery !

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