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Wong Chun Wai trots out ‘children’ cheap gimmick week in, week out

Evangelistas are masters at capitalizing on little children or even exploiting the tragedy affecting children.

Hannah Yeoh omits mentioning who the dead children are (they’re Palestinians) and where the killings took place (in Gaza) – see her tweet below – because her political support base is staunchly Christian Zionist.


BELOW: Dunno who, dunno where


hypocritehannahHANNAH’S  HEART “BREAKING”

BELOW: “Shay Shay dunno what to do”

hannahyeoh_ Overheard my 3yr old daughter

The Malaysian First School of Acting

Chameleon Mama Muniandy is adept at doing tearjerker Tamil drama, “why so many people die?” and exploiting her three-year-old daughter for political mileage.

And let’s not forget how each meal Hannah Yeoh takes, she thinks of Anwar Ibrahim’s meals in prison and her eyes well up with tears.

But all that crying does not appear to have decreased her hearty appetite any.

snake Malaysian First

The big bird in the Nest of Evangelistas

For a Malaysian Firster who claims to be “colour blind” and “beyond race”, J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai’s weekly column disproves that he is in any way capable of removing his own ethnic blinkers.

Below, screenshot of Chun Wai’s MCA newspaper column today (Oct 11) headlined ‘Proud of being multiracial‘.

And aside from exploiting children photos, Chun Wai is not beyond exploiting our national flag – pula! – when Hari Kebangsaan has passed one-and-half months already.

Most Viwed WCW


WCW1 Proud of being multiracial

Below, screenshot of Chun Wai’s column last Sunday (Oct 4) headlined ‘Let cool heads prevail‘ where he complains about the red-shirted thugs.

He also talked about the SJK(C) vernacular school system that caters to one race. Chinese First.

But his picture highlights Malay pupils in tudung – WCW is such a sneaky bastard – when it is 95 percent of Chinese parents who send their kids to Sekolah Cina.


WCW2 Let cool heads prevail

Below, screenshot of Chun Wai’s column two weeks ago (Sept 27) headlined ‘No to race politics‘.

There he goes bleating about Race again when Chun Wai’s own colleague, associate editor M. Veera Pandiyan, even denies that there is any such thing as ‘Race’.

Veera had insisted that “race is really a myth”, and writing, “there is no national, religious, linguistic or cultural group or economic class that constitutes a race”.


WCW3 No to race politics

More children again being exploited to prop up Chun Wai’s bangsa Anak Malaysia narrative. Amazingly Chun Wai invokes the “bipolar disorder” and pointing the finger not at the Firsters but instead at Umno.

He accuses BN of preaching diversity but at the same time they still “spew out racist and hate remarks”.

Chun Wai needs to be given a two-face mirror like the one below.

Two Faced Hannah Yeoh


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11 thoughts on “Wong Chun Wai trots out ‘children’ cheap gimmick week in, week out

  1. Dear helen,
    You are absolutely right about the star n wong chun wai.their hypocrisy and racism and ‘dapsterism’ disguised under moderate malaysian is nauseating,using the minority liberal melayus as their ‘icon.’.the majority melayus are truly moderates in nature and accommodating unless provoked.i finally stopped my 10 years of star subscription coz i can no longer stomach their hypocrisy and evangelistas reporting.but the star are really smart helen by introducing 1-2 yeats subscription with substantial somehow quite a number are stuck with the star coz we paid in advance. Thats one way they can implant all these hypocrisy in the readers mind…right up to election time.

  2. Looking at the tweet, I really cannot believe that she is Selangor speaker.

    She sound very much like those cute celebrity trying to show how adorable she is in the social network.

    Imaging people like Condoleezza Rice or Hillary Clinton tweet with word like Po Po, Shay Shay, or about what food she is craving for.

    This is actually the real no class display of politician in top position.

    1. Cute or act cute? Huge difference. One is tolerable. The other one is like Donkey in Shrek trying to act cute like Puss in Boots … memualkan … makes me wanna squash her head like a tomato.

  3. And why should WCW worry about SRJK C? Didn’t the PM promised at the MCA meeting that vernacular schools are here to stay?
    Oh, wait … forgot….WCW and the Star do not really cover the MCA, do they?

    1. J-Star reporters are young Chinese who are delusional and much like Nicholas ‘EvangeliSTAR’ Cheng who almost got beaten up by the Taman Medan residents when he reported on the illegal church/cross story.

      They hate MCA with a vengeance. Don’t reckon MCA events are their favourite beat, as per one example I pointed out some two years ago, i.e.

      MCA Deputy Minister Chua Tee Yong officiated a 1Malaysia Lantern Festival event in a Petaling Jaya Chinese primary school. No coverage by the Gunting.

      Over the same weekend, two reports on Lantern Festival event held in Subang Jaya and featuring Madame.

      Even Chua Soi Lek (the MCA president) complained that the paper did not give him coverage. Since MCA dungus are unable to act, Umno should patahkan jer gunting berbisa tu.

      1. Umno nak patahkan? Have you not seen the coverage on the MCA convention? Did you not see the PM bending over backwards to win the hearts of the attendees?

        Umno brings up 1MDB, PM marah. MCA brings up the issue tak ada pula panggil bangang. Baik-baik saja cakap walaupun evasive.

  4. The standards of English at The Star is on the decline. Some of their choice of words are downright cringeworthy and totally out of context.

    Seems like they hire products of SRJKC as journos.

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