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Drunk on delusions – Danger of the DAP destructive cult

Seasoned diplomat Bilahari Kausikan is policy advisor to the Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Delusional Dapsters prove the roving ambassador’s point with a vengeance by giving His Excellency the RBA full treatment.

Now Singapore’s ambassador-at-large can safely (secure in the knowledge that he’s absolutely correct in his appraisal) and confidently advise his government that Malaysian Chinese are a train wreck waiting to happen.

To help Mr Kausikan with some local input, here’s first confirming what he already knows, i.e. the demented behaviour of DAP’s delusional followers takes its cue from the party’s evangelical leadership.

BELOW: Fruity Dapsters do not fall far from the @hannahyeoh tree


Dictum not understood by DAP: “Do not simply accuse!”

(See tweets) Hannah Yeoh reminded by MCA Kelana Jaya youth chief Lee You Hin as well as by MCA exco Ti Lian Ker that she should not be simply making false allegations.

@hannahyeoh shld not make 'false' allegations


You Ought To Know About DAP & Their Dapsters

The last time Dapsters were this berserk was at Alifah Ting Abdullah.

Alifah, who was then just finishing college, became the object of Dapster ire after announcing that she is an Isma activist and advising the Chinese minority who cannot fit into Malaysian society to return to China.

Although the Dapsters like to thump their hollow chest that they’re beyond creed and colour, nonetheless their reaction to Alifah’s conversion to Islam was nothing short of thermonuclear.

Hannah Racist Ugly Mouth Hodoh

(1) DAP mothership nurtures lynch mob mentality

And lead by example.

The ambassador is recklessly accused – without any shred of evidence – of being bankrolled by Umno’s Cash is King or by Arab oil money – see below.

The screenshots taken are readers’ responses @ FMT article today titled ‘LKS slams ambassador as smart-aleck Ugly Singaporean‘.

#Fact – DAP supporters are champions of fitnah; they lie too much and all the time

Dapsters can cook up the most outrageous stories and spread the vile lies they fabricate without batting an eyelid.

Click to enlarge

Ugly Singaporean

Ugly Singaporean2 money

2. DAP’s leadership by example through crudity and brutality

Readers of this blog are aware how often Hannah Yeoh and her party colleagues have labelled as “low class” their political opponents and other people who get into the DAP’s cross hairs.

Dapsters can’t get away from the cursing habit taught them by DAP leaders and hence their knee-jerk reactions below straight from the Ubah playbook. Spewing expletives and name-calling are the ‘weapons’ of choice in the DAP argumentative arsenal.

#Fact – DAP Firsters are the most foul-mouthed Malaysians … by far

Ugly Singaporean yapping dog

Ugly Singaporean dog2

Dapsters like to call others “dogs”, “garbage/rubbish/trash” and “stupid/dumb/moron/retard” – see screenshot above of the insults hurled at ambassador Kausikan.

Dapsters also like to mock their enemies, “Sit doggy sit”, “good dog” (sarcasm), “woof woof”, “Wag your tail”, “Roll over” and “Now eat the crumbs from your master’s table”.

Ugly Singaporean imbecile

EMBED: Viral video of Dapster in DAP Central (Penang island) calling a municipal council officer “anjing”

3. DAP breeds the most hypocritical (and delusional) cult following

The DAP and its supporters shout ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘diversity’ from the rooftops but this is merely lip service.

#Fact – Their hypocrisy is so thick you need a crowbar to pry apart the Daptser-evangelista’s two faces

Look at the cynical comment below on Mr Kausikan’s ethnicity vis-a-vis his high-ranking position in the diplomatic corps.

Ugly Singaporean diversity

Two Faced Hannah Yeoh

Ugly Singaporean kiasu

Ugly Singaporean kiasu2

4. DAP has widened country’s racial divide into unbridgeable chasm

Verbal attacks on Mr Kausikan have come from the Chinese.

Encouraging words and agreement with his views are from Malays.

Ugly Singaporean Dumno macai

#Fact – Criticisms of young Malays and Umno would not be met with this kind of unhinged reaction

Vile insults hurled at the ambassador by fake IDs misusing Islamic names have come from RBA masquerading as Muslims.

Ugly Singaporean RBA fake Malay

5. DAP is the deity of Double Standards

When China’s ambassador to Malaysia went to the ground in Chinatown, the Dapsters said nothing about unwanted and unwarranted interference by a foreign power.

When an ex-Permanent Secretary of the Foreign Ministry pens a commentary in his country’s own newspaper explaining Singapore’s concern over developments in her neighbour, the Dapsters allege that he is meddling in Malaysian matters.

#Fact – DAP don’t only have double standards, their standards spin like a revolving door, e.g. when Tun says anything to the party’s advantage, he’s their hero but the moment he reverts to type, he’s zero

BELOW: Attributing ulterior motives to the ambassador without providing any basis for the accusation … typical DAP modus operandi

Ugly Singaporean China

Note: All the Facebook comments screen captured above are via the FMT article ‘LKS slams ambassador’.

Key takeaway for the Singapore envoy

The inherent nature of Malays is to bersangka baik.

But trust between the communities has been eroded due to the DAP’s sneakiness and refusal to observe any boundaries or defer to any inhibitions.

The evangelistas are determined to win at all cost and will let nothing – not ethics, not fair play nor moral obligation to act more responsibly – get in the way of their grab for power.

DAP has destroyed racial and religious goodwill in Malaysia. They lie to their followers, they lied to their erstwhile coalition partners and they delude even themselves.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

DAP – delusional and dangerous

Some/many among the DAP’s delusional supporters can no longer distinguish truth from falsehood, and reason from illogic.

In a Facebook entry yesterday, Bilahari Kausikan cautions that the DAP political leader who deceives his followers into chasing an impossible dream is leading them into disaster.

He further warns that a “species of disaster … may befall Malaysia on its present trajectory”. His dark foreboding is well founded.

DAP and its mob are not only a danger to the country, they’re a menace to Malaysia’s neighbours as well.


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8 thoughts on “Drunk on delusions – Danger of the DAP destructive cult

  1. I had a dream last night about our political situation and I woke up with a vision.
    Umno has alot of internal problems presently, with the leaders in denial mode. With Najib not wanting to resign we the citizens are going to face alot of problems and as Tun said we are already a pariah country.
    I feel that we the Malays have no choice but to find an alternative for the sake of our future generations and the country.
    Well we can put up anew party but that too will cause more problems
    The only choice we have is for the Malays is to leave Umno and let us all join Dap because Dap has no racial discrimination, there are no Chinese Indians or Malays only Malsysians.We should all support Lim Kit Siang
    What do u say if about 5 million of us were to join Dap and make Dap a strong multi racial party.Thus we do not parties like Pkr and Harapan Baru
    Hidup Dap. Hidup LKS

      1. They practiced it PKR too. Great Dynasty indeed.
        Amanah or Trust is earn, not bestowed upon oneself.
        If Mat Sabu holds the ‘amanah’ or trust of DAP and its’ supporters, then I can agree.
        Anyway, what happen to Tabung Memali?
        Can Rossab explain Mt Sabu kept the monies donated since 1985?

    1. Rossab. How many of us realise that our iconic UMNO is the First and Last Line of defence of our beloved Malaysia, the Rakyat, our Yang Di Pertuan Agong and the Royal Sultans and our cherished Constitution ? How many of us realise that UMNO safeguards not only the 51% Malays of the population and also 49% of the non-Malays because of the powerless MCA and DAP ? Hence, Bilahari Kausikan ?

  2. Bilahari Kausikan is right and that is why DAP and their supporters make a lot of noise about what he said. Without PAS, there is no hope or Harapan for Pakatan to win GE14.
    Najib could rule forever and escape being drag to the courts too.

    UMNO and PAS can also make a ‘Pakatan’ or ‘pakat-pakat, behind their back.
    e.g. PAS can rule Kelantan forever, as long as UMNO and PAS could agree to disagree with each other. 90% State Seat (from total 45) could be ‘arranged’ in PAS’ favor, and UMNO, ‘given’ more than 10 Parliament seats from the total of 14 in Kelantan alone.
    For the Parliament seat such as Shah Alam, I’m sure PAN would field a candidate against PAS and UMNO. UMNO could ‘help’ by fielding a bankrupt candidate, disqualified itself at the last minute or turning up late for registration.
    UMNO can even use Hudud as a ‘tool’ to garner votes among the Muslims or as an ‘weapon’ to frighten the non into voting BN component parties, elsewhere.

    This is what worries DAP and their supporters most. The stomping of edited photo (Hadi and Najib embracing each other) proved this fact.

  3. Ms H. If with only a touch of power, the DAP behaves like this, what do we expect them to be when they are in full POWER ?

  4. Memang tepat sekali perkataan delusional ketahap mentally delusional. Apek jiran saya sampai all his dogs’ names are based on currency. MANI, TOTO, WANG and HAPI… I did not notice but he told me if we call those names 24/7, banyak ong senang duit masuk.

    Really la… Lucu betoi. LOL

  5. It’s looks like today’s DAP voters forgot their beloved party is in fact, a split from PAP, current ruling party of Singapore. When Singapore isolated itself away from rest of Malaysia in 1965, those who still left on mainland of Peninsular Malaysia have no choice to form their own party, DAP and it was founded by an Indian.

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