One more scalp for the Dapster Dynasty

Nice guys just don’t last in the DAP new order.

Dr Boo Cheng Hau, DAP’s Skudai Adun, today resigned as opposition leader in the Johor state assembly. Efforts by the Lim camp to derail Dr Boo’s political career appear to be bearing bitter fruit.

Dr Boo Cheng Hau

No mercy for challengers to Dapster family mafia

The Father-and-Son demigods had previously turned the screws on Kedah and Malacca state DAP leaders who were not in the Lim good books.

Due to pressure from Guan Eng, DAP state chairman Goh Leong San quit as Malacca opposition leader in October 2013. The Lims also installed their boy Zairil Khir Johari as DAP Kedah chairman.

Meanwhile Dr Boo’s relationship with the Lim Dynasty had taken a turn for the worse during the GE13 election campaign period where candidates aligned to the Lims filled the party slate.

Under Dr Boo the last time, DAP Johor was muhibbah with Norman Fernandez (Indian) as state deputy chairman and party veteran Ahmad Ton (Malay) as vice chairman.

With the changing of the guard, however, DAP Johor has become “zero Chinese-all Malaysians” but as evangelical as DAP Perak and DAP Selangor

hannahlks crop

The purge of Dr Boo is the culmination of character assassination carried out by his own party colleagues, some of whom are newcomers to DAP Johor. He is quoted in the Malay Mail today as saying, “I’ve been sabotaged and smeared”.

Asked by the paper if Gelang Patah MP Lim Kit Siang was among those orchestrating the attacks, Dr Boo declined to comment. (His Skudai state assembly seat lies in the Gelang Patah Parliament constituency.)

Dr Boo was Johor DAP chairman from 2005 until last year when he was ousted by Kit Siang’s former pol-sec – the wunderkind Liew Chin Tong.

Hannah Guan Eng
To get ahead in DAP, one must know who to suck up to

All serious rivals to Junior will be culled

Dr Boo’s resignation as Johor oppo chief comes as no surprise – it was a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’.

Ever since the ouster of Dr Boo’s right-hand man Norman Fernandez from the latter’s post as Johor DAP deputy chairman, the moves to sideline Dr Boo (whom the Lims dislike) have been relentless.

Fernandez quit DAP last July but Dr Boo states that he will remain in the party.

DAP former sec-gen Kerk Kim Hock had also quit his post. He once accused Guan Eng supporters of sabotaging him in his bid for the Kota Melaka Parliament seat during GE11.

Like Selangor’s Teng Chang Khim, Dr Boo too has long been viewed as a threat to the Lim Dynasty and a formidable rival to Junior.

He is smarter, kinder and much handsomer than the Dear Leader, who can be seen ranting and waving his arm like a purple-shirted Nazi (below).

Actually DAP really was the Nazis, no kidding. DAP stands for Deutsche Arbeiter Partei (German Workers Party but better known as the Nazi party).

Guan Eng maki polis
Lim Guan Eng – the Dog Butcher of Penang

No democracy in the Democratic Action party

Dr Boo is a medical practitioner who gives free treatment in his clinic to poor patients. He was a government doctor in Segamat and Johor Bahru before setting up on his own. He also holds a degree in law from the University of London.

Compare Papa Dapster who is a “failed accountant”.

Lim-Guan-Eng nerd

Lim Guan Eng was a parachute candidate, who following the DAP’s 2008 stunning success, had snatched the chief ministership from under the nose of Penang DAP chairman Chow Kon Yeow. This precedence over Chow is Guan Eng’s privilege that comes from Daddy’s dictatorship of the DAP.

Lim Junior grew up in the DAP as the son of the supremo and is party blue blood. (He’s also got blood on his hands from the mass murder of Penang stray dogs but that’s another story for another day.)

DrBooIn contrast, Dr Boo (pix right) helped his widowed mother work in their rubber smallholding growing up as a child. He sometimes awoke at the crack of dawn to get ready to go to school, having fallen asleep outdoors on the dewy ground after tapping rubber.

Unlike Guan Eng’s gilded DAP ‘birthright’, Dr Boo had to submit his membership application form in 1994 like any other ordinary person. He chose to enter politics because he felt it was his calling.

Dr Boo was instrumental in building up Johor DAP in the wilderness years before the Chinese revolt swept evangelical upstarts like Hannah Yeoh and Ong Kian Ming into unprecedented power.

Yet despite all his past contributions to the party, Dr Boo failed to be elected to the DAP Johor 15-member state exco.

StabDr Boo attributed his insufficient votes in the DAP committee election yesterday to being a victim of a nasty smear campaign.

According to a report today in The Rakyat Post, Dr Boo described the situation confronting him to be like a “Soviet Madhouse” with plenty of backstabbing and tyrannical suppression in the party echelons.

He decried the dirty tactics to undermine him as bad party politics.


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6 thoughts on “One more scalp for the Dapster Dynasty

  1. helen,

    I could not agree more. But sad to say what you said are immaterial to Chinese community.

    They are damn sure that Putrajaya will be captured in next election. as such they are willing to tolerate Lim Dynasty.

    1. They are trying their best to capture Putrajaya. They obviously have a masterplan and they may add to it (or Umno may provide more ammunition) but they stay on track.

      Grandpapa “arrived in Tunis together with DAP MPs Teresa Kok (Siputeh), Zairil Khir Johari (Bukit Bendera) and Steven Sim Kee Cheong (Bukit Mertajam) after a 14-hour flight from KLIA” and still manage to keep in touch with his followers on current issues. Tunisia is part of his MidEast outreach program under the guise of understanding hudud (since obviously PAS did not explain hudud truthfully).

      Dr Boo is obviously not a team player, just like Pas, so of course needs to be ousted. (Same scenario with Shafie and Muhyiddin, and maybe Ku Li next?)

      See, they need to keep together to stay on track so they can get to Putrajaya. So having a maverick like Dr Boo or Norman is not in their best interests. Let’s see who else is not a team player.

  2. The DAP pressure will devolve without the idiosyncratic misrule of Najib for them to pressurize.

  3. Dear helen,
    Dr Boo sure doesn’t look like the typical dapsters.he looks handsome,not like the hungry,greedy ferocious evangelista dapsters and he seems much more sincere considering his poor background.the really sincere ones will never survive in dap.good for him IF he leaves dap.he should join the likes of tan sri lee lam thye n wee choo keong… a real contributor to a multiracial harmonious msia..(i.e minus the delusional dap evangelistas n their zombie followers)

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