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Opinion survey: What do the Chinese want?

Updated: 12.33pm on Oct 15

Okay, poll now restored.

Updated: 9.20pm on Oct 14

There seems to be a problem with the visibility of this poll.

Can you guys see it?

Are race and religion still the factors colouring our political climate as read by Singapore ambassador-at-large Bilahari Kausikan recently relating to the Malaysian landscape?

Or have the Chinese, particularly its young generation, experienced a paradigm shift and are now changed (‘Ubah’) to pursue the ideals of democracy such as good governance, accountability, etc.


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39 thoughts on “Opinion survey: What do the Chinese want?

  1. Kak Helen,

    I think that duta kelana singapura-pura is just playing games. He probably said all that to induce more “penyakit anjing gila” in Malaysia, and some already frothing at their mouths one. Some idiots also blamed that Malaysian government is being double-standard because Wisma Putra did not summon the duta kelana singapura-pura just like with the duta No-Free-Tibet-Cannot-Puasa-Xinjiang, when the latter visited Jalan Petaling. Bodoh ke apa nak blame Wisma Putra? The duta kelana is not singapura-pura’s High Commissioner to Malaysia, why must summon him one? Fuckatan is stupid as always and eager for other gullible Malaysians to be stupid too.


    1. Helen,

      Chinese (majority of them) wants the elusive political power. DAP manages to convince them that they can eventually takes control of politics.Having controlled of economy and followed by social media, no thanks to sloppiness of the government of the day, Chinese now aims for total control. To do that they need political power.

      The only force standing against their ambition is this party called UMNO. Hence, the non stop slandering against UMNO, Malays, majlis Raja Raja or anything that is identified with UMNO or Malays like PDRM, SPRM among others.

    2. Haha, I am amazed! How did you manage to hit on it, so discreetly? Share la..wooii! Well done!

  2. See the latest from Adolph Lim

    “GEORGE TOWN: Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng (pix) has called for animal welfare NGOs to be rational and understanding regarding the containment of a rabies outbreak in the state.

    He said the administration found conducting dialogues with those who were racist, extremist and irrational difficult.”

    You would notice anyone who opposes LGE is definitely a racist, extremist and irrational. Delusional isn’t it? What has race got to do with dog killing?

    In fact, many that I know who encourage dog killing are in favour because the dogs are mongrel (in human words mixed race – like many of the Bangsa Malaysia.) They say these dogs are of low breed because they are mixed (again Bangsa Malaysia regular scream of class). I noticed the two that I know who are pro-LGE on all stance and definitely pro-kill is a Chinese married to a Serani and a Chinese married to a Chindian. There one professional who goes around promoting the kill studied in a Christian school – which is so called English schooled (high class). He is a school mate of the Serani’s husband. The two are “pet lovers” who take pride of their pedigree animals (class again.)

    Those who are anti-cull are mostly Buddhist or Hindu. The Chinese are mostly Chinese educated. These people can’t afford to own pedigrees.

    I called LGE Adolph.True. Isn’t the current DAP supporters resonant of the Nazi party? There are so loyal that they will support everything their leaders say (Hail ….) and will attack anyone who opposes their leaders. If Bersih was the agenda of these people, nobody actually asked for a review of the killing in Penang. For their leaders, they can even bend their true Bersih objectives.

    Remember Nazi Germany. The supporters were really delusional. Like the current dog culling scenario, morality does not count (i.e. killing). Everything their leaders say is right.

    Anyway I am proud to be “racist, extremist and irrational”. I am not DELUSIONAL like the moderates who are not “racist, extremist and irrational”.

    1. Pwincess heard that someone was so desperate to justify the cull, to the point that someone posted fake “anjing gila” bite marks on someone’s FB account? Wah, so desperate even innocent animals pun boleh kena fitnah ke? I thought since Dear Tokong took over Penang, the state government managed to woo a lot of investors and hence has a lot of money. So stop killing la, vaccinate the animals one.


      1. Tokong and Mrs are now are the way to romantic Paris and classic London for a working visit.
        They are visiting Louis Vuitton.
        Yuki’s husband is also joining. I hope he behaves.

        Look at the comments

        Simon Leong Please take a chartered flight. And reveal all expenses. To show to BN goons it’s cheaper to even charter a flight than having a private jet.
        Like · Reply · 9 mins

        Peter Khoo Lay Hong Dear CM,its good to know that you are on working trip to this country for invester not for playing golf or hair do.Safe journey.
        Like · Reply · 1 · 4 hrs

        Ahbhng Kong Pls make clarifications to the UK reporters of the actual situation in Malaysia
        Like · Reply · 1 hr

        1. ‘Ahbhng Kong Pls make clarifications to the UK reporters of the actual situation in Malaysia’

          Coolie mentality at works.

          ‘Those primitive, labour-intensive hydraulic mines soon gave way to the efficient, mechanised, floating dredges. Suddenly thousands of coolies were no longer needed and forced to leave the mines. They settled on Malay lands.

          Soon hitherto Malay towns like Ipoh and Kuala Lumpur changed character in dramatic ways. Instead of the azan you would hear gongs; instead of the fragrance of the lady-of-the-night flowers we had the eye-searing smoke from burning joss sticks.
          – See more at:

  3. This Cina, inikalilah, tak delusional!

    ‘But, the moment you start calling someone anjing, it is natural that others would retaliate by calling you babi. Hence aggravated social confrontation sets in, ripping apart our country.

    Indeed we have been plagued by too much frustration that we tend to attribute our woes to some other people. But, have we ever conducted an inner search into us to see whether we have problems ourselves?

    It’s like an individual suffering from severe bipolar disorder, who is constantly locked within the vicious cycle of depression and excitement, in their own whimsical worlds that only they exist and they can dictate the world.

    If this crisis is not going to be defused anytime soon, the future of this ethnicity is headed to extreme perils.
    – See more at:

        1. wrong! i mean u cant be stating facts without having evidence to back it up. perhaps u shd stick to topic on religion.

            1. ok la, I know tis is the best u can to on non religion topic.

              china is “u give me something n I return something”, the usa is “i give u tis if u do what I say”, tppp ring a bell? who is more interested to milik laut china selatan?

              1. religion simply means way of life. even atheists live with it despite disbelieve in the existence of the creator.

                now about china & paman sam wrt the south china sea, it is also their way of life which undoubtedly affect us and our asean member-countries. i don’t want to be in ahjibgor’s position.

                tppa bukan semua negatif. mungkin untung sikit tapi rugi banyak

                1. i never claim tppa is negative, i just wanna tell america n china hmmm way of life. historically china rarely have conflict with countries that dun share border. i think term like mahu perintah n mahu hakmililk suggest absoluteness, i cant agree unless one show me more evidence of their claim. y not we say vietnam n philippines mahu hakmilik laut china selatan? or we just follow what uncla sam say?

                  1. 1. paman sam; capitalism is the way of life, dia kena kacau china.
                    2. laut china selatan; adakah kita pernah dengar india sentuh apa2 tentang indian ocean? historically, many natural resources were not discovered then & one of them is minyak. itu pun mat salleh jumpa dulu.
                    3. vietnam & philippines pun mahu tuntut, cuma suara saja kurang kuat.
                    4. you want proofs, here is one of them; ‘malaysian chinese are like a daughter who has left after marriage’. how about singapore, indonesia, thai, vietnam, philippines or even ‘chinese americans’? to me he meant overseas chinese. adakah dia lupa yg mao zedong dah disowned this category?. mengikut adat cina, bila anak perempuan dah kahwin, dia adalah ‘member of the house’ of the husband and will continue the customs & traditions of the family when the husband goes first. indirectly, dia mahu overseas chinese’ support la. what else? cuba pi tanya dia, susah atau senang2 saja, jika cina malaysia nak jadi rakyat china?

                    anyway, let’s live while we can still breathe. i rest my case.

                    1. ‘malaysian chinese are like a daughter who has left after marriage’.

                      brader, u copy only half, but fine. zhou enlai said more or less the same thing in bandung 1955. ccp took over china not via election, they did it with blood n gun. what support they need from chinese msian? we have more money than them? the thing that connect chinese is history, culture n civilization, just like how islam create the brotherhood among muslim from diff country, that’s all.

  4. Ms H. I have been closely associated with the Chinese all over the World. In Malaysia, they want Stability, Peace and Prosperity with fair treatment and security. The Chinese anywhere are not stupid. Those who lead in their quest for Political Power in Malaysia are in the minortiy. No Chinese anywhere in the World where they are in the minority, want to be a Prime Minister or President. Their way of life on politics are mis-understood by most because the Chinese kept to themselves. Just copy how the British treated the Chinese in their colonies. They were left alone till they broke the Law. The vocal youmg Chinese of Malaysia do not understand themselves. The Mandarin speaking have an inferiortiy complex like one character here and introverted. There is a propensity for cheating. The English speaking are hollow, lost their cultural ballast and argumentative. The watchword of the Malaysian Chinese should be ” WE CO-OPERATE WITH ALL FOR THE COMMON GOOD.” All in all, there is no Malaysian Chinese Hero to lead and guide them.

    1. u start well, not sure y end with some unfair hyperboles n generalizations, but at least not going off topic like that mule.

        1. i call one a mule, i dun call the entire race a mule, y simple thing like tis u pun susah paham? whenever i try to point out yr lack of intelligence, u naik darah pula dan start to cari gaduh, just curious u umur berapa, tak kan born after 2000 kan?

          1. Tipikal keturunan komunis. You know what they do to people like you in Indonesia? Keep behaving like one and you’ll know soon enough. But hey, don’t say I didn’t warned you!

    1. I would not have anticipted the ‘No’ (don’t believe!) votes to be breach the halfway mark.

  5. I say half.

    The idealistic ones believe so. Unfortunately they are being cynically used by those who stand to gain from getting into power.

    Those with gangster links won’t want a clean government but obviously they will never make this known publicly. So they will fund all and sundry to maintain the status quo.

    The rest who don’t particularly care either way (as long as can make money) vote Opposition for several reasons: knowing that BN will win but to deny them the 2/3rd majority, just based on sentiment or an expression of general dissatisfaction. Because apart from property, the big easy gains from IPOs and share market volatility of the 90s are long gone.

    The majority of the Chinese have been hypnotising ourselves with the negative mantra of “it’s a hard life”, “money hard to find” etc , which at one level is a good motivator but can easily cause anger, despair and depression.

    Then along comes the pundits offering/tweeting their simplistic solutions of change, orange books, royal commissions of inquiry and asking PM to step down – will that solve their problems overnight? It won’t because all these negative thinking is generated internally in the minds of the Chinese, but they are looking for an external solution.

  6. The property market will soon lose its lustre too due to the affordable housing scheme supported by the government.
    Ever wonder, why they are so against the government’s incentives? The move will end up in a bubble for the property market.
    I suggest, it is time the government put a stop to further housing development for commercial gains. There is going to be a glut since the buyers are mainly non-first-timers.
    Hence, the affordable housing scheme should be further enhanced since it is targeted towards the ‘rakyat’ who really need them. Building unnecessary houses for the sake of investment is non-productive for the country since it takes up valuable space and priceless land which should act as the green lung for an area..

    1. Already losing steam now. But not due to affordable housing scheme. Affected mainly by high price, expected hike in interest rate, tight credit and the overall uncertainty in currency and economy.

  7. The only reason that the Chinese are voting for DAP because they thought DAP is a Chinese party, fighting for Chinese rights, quality of life, freedom etc. Unfortunately for them DAP is not a Chinese party but rather a far-right, capitalistic Christian party disguised itself as a left-winged, socialist liberal one, led by Christian anglophile bananas(yellow outside but white inside).

  8. Kak Helen. Please do a post on #pulangkanpinangkepadakedah

    If that were to happen, what might happen to DAP and the Chinese Chauvinist Dong Zong / Evangelista types?

    Would it crush DAP or would it allow it to swallow Kedah?

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