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‘Take Johor for Jesus’

Isma president Ustaz Abdullah Zaik Abdul Rahman said behind the evangelical party’s beyond race and religion facade, DAP has been telling lies and deceiving the public. See ‘Rasisme DAP punca Melayu marah Cina‘ (Ismaweb, 11 Oct 2015)

Ustaz Abdullah Zaik said, “Walaupun mereka sering melaungkan perjuangan yang meliputi semua kaum, namun DAP sebenarnya telah memperolok-olokkan dan membohongi rakyat dengan sering kali memainkan isu dan sentimen perkauman”.

He said this two days ago in response to the keynote address by Liow Tiong Lai at the MCA general assembly.

Ustaz Abdullah Zaik agreed with the MCA president’s take that the current overwhelming support by the Chinese for DAP is “sending the wrong message”.

This shared sentiment of both men is resonant with a recent observation by Singapore ambassador-at-large Bilahari Kausikan that those young Malaysian Chinese who abandoned MCA for the DAP are “delusional”.

They’re delusional because they’re punch drunk on DAP lies.

Word Cloud Tony Pua

DAP are greedy “master manipulators”, says MCA

In his Oct 11 speech at the AGM, Liow said, “DAP has long been sowing the seeds of hatred between the races”.

Liow also said that despite the DAP’s frequent claim “to stand for all races … they continue to deceive the Rakyat with their racial politics”.

He added that “DAP are master manipulators who are only interested in their own gain”.

It is not only the presidents of MCA and Isma who see the DAP as arch deceivers. Muslim NGOs are equally worried about the activities of DAP Christian evangelists.

BELOW: Mission accomplished … Subang taken for Jesus

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hannahyeoh daniel ho dumc

ABOVE: Pastor Daniel Ho heads DUMC, the church that wants to take KL for Jesus and whom Hannah Yeoh declares has a “vision for the city”

Biggest threat to Islam in Malaysia

Persatuan Belia Islam Nasional too is concerned about the evangelistas. Only a few days ago, Pembina president Ustaz Ibrahim Mohd Hasan warned about ‘Usaha lenyapkan Islam sebagai agama negara’ in his Oct 9 press statement.

Ustaz Ibrahim is disturbed by the trend to delimit Islam’s role in our national life, and the insistence by non-Muslims that Malaysia is a secular country which separates Religion and State. According to him, the ones promoting this worrisome trend are the propagandists hiding behind the mask of human rights and freedom of speech.

Earlier this year in June, Isma exposed M4J’s ‘Take Johor for Jesus’ – see Ismaweb page below.

Isma Johor for Jesus

Apa evangelista mahu?

“To take possession of the land”.

What is it the evangelistas are hoping for? Have a listen to the song Harapan Bangsa recorded in bahasa Melayu by local singer Jaclyn Victor.

In the lyrics are these verses – YouTube here – containing the trigger words ‘Ubah’ and ‘Pulih’:

  • “Malaysia arah tujuanmu kan berubah, Engkau tidak akan sama lagi”
  • “Engkau akan melihat perubahan nyata”
  • “Setiap bangsa kan mengalami pemulihan pemulihan”

Below are some screen grabs from the music video:

Malaysia belongs to Jesus


Engkau [Malaysia] tidak akan sama lagi


The message? Post-‘change’, our country will never be the same again.

Pengerusi DAP Johor: “Bersedia untuk tawan Putrajaya”

You may recall a J-Star reporter had asked the Taman Medan residents, “Who gives you the right to claim this land as Muslim land?”

A similar bunch of delusional Chinese are also hellbent on taking over Malaysia.

Yesterday, DAP Johor chairman Liew Chin Tong posted in his Facebook,

“Setiap lapisan parti termasuk PLC, cawangan, DAPSY, Wanita, semua perlu menyiapkan diri untuk menghadapi cabaran tersebut, supaya kita bersedia untuk mentadbir negeri Johor dan menawan Putrajaya.”

The DAP is preparing to take Johor, and then leveraging on this key state as their springboard to Putrajaya.

flying flag Putrajaya

DAP is the evangelista spearhead

The chairman of DAP Perak is the evangelista David Nga Kor Ming.

The chairman of DAP Selangor is the evangelista Tony Pua.

Dr Boo Cheng Hau, who is NOT a Christian, was chairman of DAP Johor from 2005 till 2014. In January last year, Dr Boo was ousted from his party post and yesterday he resigned as opposition chief in the Johor legislative assembly.

teonieching cropEvangelista Teo Nie Ching (pix left) is the new Johor DAP vice chairman, elected two days ago.

With each successive party election, the evangelistas’ chokehold on the various state DAP committees becomes ever more entrenched.

See visuals – screenshots below – for the song Harapan Bangsa by Jaclyn Victor – YouTube here

The evangelista storyline goes – Jesus is the only HARAPAN for our country to bring about PERUBAHAN in order to PULIHKAN Malaysia.




BELOW: The Malay ‘Harapan’ component – Amanah president Mat Sabu and his taiko Papa Dapster

Mat Sabu Guan Eng

Like Christian missionaries, DAP evangelistas are fanning out

Some of the politicians now leading DAP Johor are not local boys but bidan terjun like their Dear Leader who parachuted into Penang from Malacca. The newly minted YBs are unlike Johor-born Dr Boo whose political career has been centred in his home state all the way.

New wave DAP Johor deputy chairman S. Ramakrishnan was a DAP Selangor exco cum Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) city councillor. He is commuting between the Klang Valley and Johor.

Before relocating to the south (Kluang, Johor), Liew Chin Tong was MP for Bukit Bendera in Penang. Prior to his foray to the north, Liew was based in the central Klang Valley.

These blue-eyed boys and girls of the Lims traverse the peninsula like a traveling circus, e.g. Dyana Sofya from Gelang Patah to Teluk Intan (and they may just give her a safe Chinese-majority seat in, say, Penang for GE14).

Hannah Senai

ABOVE: Hannah Yeoh tweeting a photo of DAP Johor publicity secretary-cum-Adun Senai Wong Shu Qi wearing baju kurung

The DAP’s chameleon young Turks are different from the party old guard. They’re willing to masquerade in tudung, songkok and other guises as well as do just about whatever it takes to taste power.

And it is undoubtedly the enterprising evangelistas who control the DAP.

They’re aiming to take Johor and along with it, Putrajaya.


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27 thoughts on “‘Take Johor for Jesus’

  1. RE: “Ustaz Abdullah Zaik said, “Walaupun mereka sering melaungkan perjuangan yang meliputi semua kaum, namun DAP sebenarnya telah memperolok-olokkan dan membohongi rakyat dengan sering kali memainkan isu dan sentimen perkauman”

    The same sentiment applies to PAS which had presumed to represent the religion of the Malays – until their behavior in recent years proved them to be otherwise. The PAS leadership and their brute Takfir propaganda had split up the Malay communities and seduced many Muslims into allegiance to their political cause under the rubric of “obligatory hudud”; they were for several decades averse to interaction with Chinese or Indian religious and political groups. UMNO under Dr. Mahathir’s leadership and the Barisan Nasional was their cherished punching bag. Many traditionalist Tok Guru were astounded when MB Nik Aziz and Ustaz Hadi Awang agreed to ally themselves with Lim Kit Siang who has a background of communist chauvinism – unlike the traditionalist MCA Chinese party. Of course the link man between the two racialistic chauvinist parties was Mr. Anwar Ibrahim with his Zionist and Islamist sponsors.

    Classical mainstream Islam has taken a severe beating from the global forces of radical Islamism. PAS never sponsored a sen to the dilapidated pondoks of the Sufi Malay tok gurus. Our teachers had to scrimp and save to keep their classes in the kampungs and the belukar going for the sake of Prophet Muhammad’s religion. This is the religion of Islam upheld by our honorable Kesultanan Melayu.

    In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate and Merciful

    Sufis as Spiritual Psychologists

    1. Unlike DAP which disguises itself, PAS outwardly declared that it wants to rule according to Islamic principles and rules. So it is up to you to chose.

      1. Adanya dua perkara yang berkenaan dengan hal ini:

        1) Tahaluf Siyasi telah diistiharakan kepimpinan PAS itu. Adakah ia merupakan sesuatu hujjah yang sahih untuk membolehkan Hadi Awang dan Mat Sabu berganding bahu dengan ideologi cauvinis komunis DAP dalam komplot menjatuhkan kerajaan parti Melayu yang terlalu lama memegang kepada prinsip maqasid al-shariah al-Islamiyyah?

        2) Pada kitab2 turath ulama yang berakidah Ashaari-Maturidi dan bermazhab Shafii (atau Hanafi atau Maliki) sepanjang zaman, di manakah dalil dan hujjahnya yang menghalalkan seorang Muslim mentakfirkan (accusing someone of religious heresy) saudara Muslimnya yang berbeza dari pandangannya pada hal2 hukum feqah?

        Imam Shafii counselled us with regards to resolving differences of opinion:
        “I am right, with the possibility that I might be wrong; and you are wrong, with the possibility that you might be right.”

        Hence, while you may choose to declare publicly your interpretation of Islamic regulations, do not belittle the incumbent government who has every right to declare that they are also governing according to Islamic principles.
        Shooting others down with accusations of heresy is not only unscholarly, it is altogether haram – definitely not the way of the blessed Prophet Muhaamad s.a.w.

    2. Dato’ Dr Afifi al-Akiti (b.1976), also known as Shaykh Afifi, is the KFAS Fellow in Islamic Studies at the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies. He is also the Islamic Centre Lecturer in Islamic Studies at the Faculty of Theology, University of Oxford, and is a Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford – the first Malay to be appointed to such a position in this university. Elsewhere, he is a visiting professor of Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia and has also received widespread media recognition across the globe.

      In 2010, Afifi al-Akiti was appointed Privy Councillor to the State of Perak, by the Crown Prince of Perak, HRH Raja Dr Nazrin Shah. Prof. Afifi talks about how Oxford resembles the classical teaching methods of the pondok system.

  2. Ony in Subang Jeyus

    ‘A parishioner claims to have seen the statue of the Virgin Mary shed tears and smile at the Church of St Thomas More in Subang Jaya.’

    “Her eyes were moving very slowly, all of us were there and we saw it.

    “The father (the priest) was saying, ‘Look at her, she’s looking at us. She was full of life, she had a lot of tears in her eyes’.

    “When we started singing ‘Ave Maria’, she started smiling and her lips were moving.

    “It has touched all of us.

    “The father had told us that he actually spoke to her. She will come more often, she also told father that she wants all of us to pray to her,” he claimed in the video.
    – See more at:

    1. “Ony in Subang Jeyus’

      Not really. Weeping and bleeding Catholic statues and images have been reported all over the globe. Google it.

      1. Where’s The Justice

        Kdrama Empress Ki Lagi dasyat.

        ……at the imperial temple Empress Dowager discovered that the Buddha statue there cried tears of blood!!!

        Actually, Empress Ki secretly painted those tears using red paint to scare the evil Dowager..

        Tak sangka zaman sekarang pun ada juga cerita2 macam ni.

        1. I’m just responding to the silly claim that it only happens in Subang, which is clearly not true. And how scientific of you all to just dismiss it because nothing of the sort happens in your religion or is beyond your levels of understanding. I thought Muslims were taught not to put limitations on God?

          Hundreds, if not thousands of cases like this have been reported all over the world. Can they all be hoaxes? You decide, but a simple youtube or google search will confirm that Islam1st is wrong as usual.

          1. Why bring Muslims into the picture?

            Sort it out among yourselves laa. Itu pun tak boleh?

            So bingai one aahhh?

          2. Hoaxes to attract brainwashed worshipper? Sure there are! When nothing else work, why dont get metaphysical a bit. At the very least some might drop a coin or two into the donation box. Make sure to put the box right next to the attraction. You can also google how many of these bleeding crying statues and stigmatas had been disproved. Why, theres even a movie made about vatican priests going around the world proving or disproving these “events”.

            Lets just say we muslim doesnt need any new miracle to believe like some christians does. Our faith is made from sterner stuff.

            1. “You can also google how many of these bleeding crying statues and stigmatas had been disproved”

              Yes, there are hoaxes, no doubt. But there are also many cases that defy scientific tests and scrutiny. Google what happened in Fatima, which was witnessed by 80,000 people, including many mainstream journalists who reported this the next day in newspapers all around Europe. And it’s usually the Vatican that will come out on a ruling about their authenticity, so there goes your argument about the Church trying to create a hoax to attract followers.

              “Hoaxes to attract brainwashed worshipper?”

              Funny, that’s how I perceive you. I view you as a hardcore religious fanatic who is a danger to open minded and civilised people. Your blind faith towards your religion has removed whatever rational ability you had to think and to be objective. Your posts are clear evidence of that.

              Surely you can’t have an opinion on this topic until you do more research into it, otherwise you just come across as being ignorant, like you normally do.

              “Lets just say we muslim doesnt need any new miracle to believe like some christians does. Our faith is made from sterner stuff.”

              Because you are not encouraged to question your faith.

              When I questioned the benevolence of God to my Muslim cousin, citing the clear inequality that exists in this world etc, he could not believe that I was even going down this route. He just would not entertain this notion and rather than having an objective discussion about it, he actually became very angry. That’s why I never engage in religious discussions with Muslims face to face anymore- you guys get way too emotional.

              In Malaysia, you can’t even choose to leave your faith if you want to do so, so don’t talk to others about being brainwashed when you belong to the religion that controls and brainwashes its followers the most, in this country at least.

              1. Still relying on labelling and calling people names to win an argument? Very strong proof of what i would call emotional.
                Vaticans authenticating scientific test and scrutiny on christians miracles? What else would they say but it is a miracle? Kinda like this one PM i know who says this one sovereign wealth company, which he is involved in, is cleared of any wrongdoing whilst being in control or/and influencing investigative bodies that is probing the said company for wrongdoing. Looks different but same same, no? Maybe next time let the atheist handle the verification, more credible either way.

                I also dont like to discuss theology with an evangelista. They always deflect, beating around the bush, bring up irrelevant points, labelling, calling names, and not mention the inability to see the light shed on the lies that makes up the foundation of their religion.

                If you can’t beat them, join them, if you cant join them then maybe it is time for the sheep and the herder to look for another pasture, greener or not. Islam is the religion of the federation, nuff said.

                1. ‘Islam is the religion of the federation’

                  And if the guy can’t be at peace with that, respect that, and abide by that, he can perhaps angkat kaki, the sooner the better, to save himself. #friendlyadvice

    2. Maybe instead of checking with the Vatican to see whether it was truly a ‘miracle’, they should seek the advice of Raja Bomoh.

      He can help them find the answer using his magic bamboo binoculars and coconuts. Hahaha

  3. PAS under the stewardship of Allahyarham Tuan Guru Nik Aziz has spur DAP to the new heights and allow them to penetrate into the land of the unknown; orthodox Melayu Islam Community. On another spectrum of PAS organization the liberals Melayu (or at least carry a Melayu name with Melayu-like appearance) have spearhead DAP prominence within the urban Melayu Islam community. We have witnessed the outcome in PRU13. Should this trend were to continue we would see the line of history for Malaysia being re-interpreted come PRU14.

    As the situation is today; I believed Malaysia is without any “governing body” literally writing. There is no Premier that is aligning the country towards managing the issue of the day. Hoping to hear the vision for the future seems to be too big a dream when the “governing body” can’t even grasp what is currently happening.

    From my observation; what the country have now is a “Spoke Person”. It is very apparent to me that this “Spoke Person” of ours speak with a different message to a different crowd. If the strategy is to divide and concur; the strategist whoever that might be have failed big time. Putting thing into perspective seems not to be their expertise after all.

    Under such a circumstances DAP with all their mighty brain should have position themselves as the most desirable futuristic-entity of the Malaysia land. That is not happening.

    DAP have lost their brightest opportunity to showcase their bangsa Malaysia identity. Rather than aligning themselves with Amanah; they should have embraced this troop into the ambit of DAP itself. DAP would be able to leap forward faster and lived by their motto of Malaysian Malaysia. Together with these new comrades; DAP would also be able to increase their Melayu membership perhaps by 100 or even 1000%.

    Planting their ever ready Melayu comrades from Amanah into the DAP leadership role i.e. CEC would definitely knock UMNO further into the land of irrelevance which they so much try to portray. DAP would no longer need bersih event ever. They would now be capable to indoctrinate the Melayu Islam community with their sama rata sama rasa strategy.

    Why is DAP being an opportunist organization that they are; not using the above strategy? The answer is because DAP is a chauvinistic cina organization. The move would only dilute their cina-ness. Majority of the Melayu Islam have not developed any trust towards DAP in the midst of all the current issues. Their distrust for UMNO have not turn into their support for DAP.

    DAP’s “bangsa Malaysia” whatever that translate into is a hoax. Majority of Melayu Islam is aware of that.



    On a scale from 1 to 10, this ranks a full 10 on the DELUSION METER.

    The sheer presumptuousness…

    1. It’s the flip side of the coin to the young J-Star reporter, Nicholas Cheng, who posed the following question to the Taman Medan residents: “What gives you the right to call this land a Muslim land?”

      It’s no wonder he feared that they were going to beat him up.

  5. I sense a greater plot by the sith … one that involves its allies and its enemies being played against each other. Conflict would be engineered where there was none. In chaos, there is an opportunity to seize power. That’s what they want.

  6. You got to give credit to the Dap strategists for coming up with all these strategies to get Dap to Putrajaya. They can loudly berate Umno and Pas for using Islam to scare up votes from the Malays, while they quietly stir up the Christian spirit amongst the young nonMalays. If pushed to the wall they will swear that they are not a Christian movement and yet some of the more prominent YBs are preachers for their churches.

    And now they are shuffling people around. As you said S. Ramakrishnan is now in Johor. Why? Because they can put a greenhorn in his place in Selangor and the sheeple will vote for that person. But they need his seniority and possibly his genetics (cannot say race kan?) so they can place him where those criteria may win them another seat. They are also shuffling some voters around. Afterall do you really need a 20,000 or more lead against the other contenders?

    And what is BN doing? Hmmmmm…

    Btw, where there are “cosmopolitan” evangelistas gathering, strange events seemed to follow like nude beach party, bubble bath extravaganza and now this

    1. re: “yet some of the more prominent YBs are preachers for their churches”

      Hannah Yeoh is an itinerant preacher. She goes from church to church to church to church to spread her ‘goodwill’ and love.

      re: “And now they are shuffling people around. As you said S. Ramakrishnan is now in Johor. Why?”

      You’re right. Before the election and before the candidacies were announced, I’d blogged that the oppo should put an Indian to contest Labis and that’s exactly what DAP did.

      It’s the most logical strategy staring you in the face. There are 15 percent Indian voters there.

      This goes to prove that DAP factors race politics as much (definitely more) than the BN.

      The moral of the story is this: Malays should stop being bothered anymore to be called “racist” by the Dapster-evangelistas. Biar dema bising sampai kiamat, pedulikan.

      1. Helen,

        There is a beautiful saying “Take bull by its horn”.

        So UMNO must say with conviction that DAP s racist to its core . Not to mention DAP is very “dynastic’. SAy it out loud. Say it to the world. Say it to Chinese and make them realise they alone cant dictate to others(meaning to malays).

        Say it out loud. Show to the Chinese that UMNO cant be bothered with Chinese votes. The re is a limit to UMNO’s fulfilling to mind bogling Chinese demand.

        No need to worry about MCA. It has outlived its purpose.

        It does not need rocket science to understand the way to deal with DAP, MCA. Just common sense. Unfortunately it is not that “common” in UMNO.

        1. quote,”Show to the Chinese that UMNO cant be bothered with Chinese votes. The re is a limit to UMNO’s fulfilling to mind bogling Chinese demand.”unquote.

          The recent Red Shirt rally indirectly sent that message to the Chinese voters.

          1. Setem,

            Precisely, As UMNO hesitated and thinking too much whether to react, Jamal who have had enough decided to act.

            He managed to make Chinese understands that malays are losing their temperrs. Suddenly some sanity “emerges” among Chinese community.

  7. At the risk of echoing the warcry ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ I just wanna shout Malaysia is for Malaysians, not for Jesus, or any other freakin’ gods.

    Why are these people not in the brig yet?

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