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If only Najib had advisors like Kausikan to enlighten him on the danger of delusional people

They’re not only “delusional“, they’re at war with the state. Asyik langgar jer.

Delusion is dangerous. Take a look at the ‘Caution, Radioactive’ sign painted on the face of the young Chinese woman in the photo below.

They appear to have taken their cue from Lim Guan Eng who (GASP!) called Lynas a “nuclear reactor”, no kidding (see screenshot of a 14 March 2013 news report HERE)

Lynas is a rare earth processing plant.


A few days ago (Oct 10), The Star reported ‘High Court dismisses suits against Lynas by Kuantan folk‘.

Young Chinese are so delusional as to be convinced that Lynas is radioactive. The utterly hysterical anti-Lynas campaign provided emotional capital for the DAP during the last general election.

Their perpetual hysteria may serve as one example of the extent to which delusion prevails among Malaysia’s young Chinese.

clamp wheel mbpp

Najib does not have advisors who understand what makes the Bintang Lima tick

The delusion of Malaysian Chinese youth is reflected in their social behaviour and nascent politics.

Nineteen-year-old Leong Wai Loon (pix above) pleaded guilty in a Penang magistrate’s court three days ago for arousing public anger when he threw money at an MBPP woman enforcement officer and calling her “anjing”.

DAP jangan biadapNow if only Singapore roving ambassador Bilahari Kausikan could be a Najib Razak special advisor to explain to our dear PM the psyche of those delusional people, and help knock some sense into No.1 on how to deal with them.

As one example, Najib is so very wrong to be paying rapt attention to scissorati macam sekor dok dalam gambar di bawah nih.

Kausikan, on the other hand, gets the essentials right. I’ve compiled in point form, HERE His Excellency’s perspicuous insight into our socio-political situation.


When you’re right, you’re right

Kausikan has a track record of being spot on when he chooses to expose the hard truths.

The Singapore ambassador-at-large is someone who understands the Malaysian Chinese mentality and why other societies are wary of the Chinese as a minority group. Najib however is unable to comprehend this aspect.

Kausikan is a Public Intellectual and he wears the accolade most deservingly.

Detractors of the high-ranking diplomat have an axe to grind with Ketuanan Melayu. These critics are always carrying their proverbial axe around, so much so that this implement (or weapon depending on one how uses it) has become a permanent fixture on their shoulder where it sits.

Part of the reason why Malaysian Chinese are delusional is the axe they carry on their shoulder.


Religion is primary pressure point

Penang Free School alumnus-cum-former NEAC member Danny Quah scoffs at Bilahari Kausikan’s reading that religion is the “pressure point” in Malaysia. (More on Dr Quah shortly.)

Quite frankly, Quah does not know the majority population in Malaysian society.

I believe the collection of photos below would pique the interest of Kausikan, especially in light of the most recent developments.

The Perkasa demo below that took place on 19 Aug 2011 demanded for Christian teachers to be kept away from children in national schools.

perkasa islam tergadai

Note the messages printed on the placards carried by the Perkasa protesters.

Incidentally, members of this right wing Malay movement also carry a stronger strain of Umno DNA than members of the mothership like, as one example, the ‘KJ 10 Q’ fella. Or to put it another way, Umno is Perkasa lite.

The demo photo gallery indicates how DAP’s evangelical Christians are freaking out Perkasa. They’re also freaking out PAS. They’re super freaking out Isma.

Earlier in June, PAS’s Dewan Ulama deputy chairman told the gathering at his party convention that the DAP “rata-rata” comprises Christians. Additionally, Dr Nik Mohd Zawawi Salleh blamed DAP Chinese Christians for stymying PAS’s Islamic push.

Malay unity essential for survival of the bangsa

In a press conference two days ago, Perkasa announced that it is teaming up with PAS … to tackle national issues, konon.

Malays are evidently closing ranks. At some point in the future, a conjugal relationship between PAS and Umno is inevitable.

The significance of their hook-up is this: When these two parties eventually come together, it is PAS that will lead Umno, ideology-wise.

At the 61st PAS muktamar last June, the professionals faction was wiped out by the ulama faction. The consequence of this benchmark party election is the crucible of ‘ideological purity’ as its chief aftereffect.

PAS’s ideologically pure, orthodox Muslims – the ones left in the party after its Erdogans had been purged – will be able to drive their Islamist agenda even more effectively because they’re now one like-minded fundamentalist collective.


Who will influence who more?

DAP are ideologues, Umno not. Whereas reactive Umno just makes it up as they go along, proactive PAS on the other hand is in possession of tremendous ideological clarity. Hence the hypocrisy and duplicity of the DAP grates more on PAS than it does on Umno.

PAS is a party focused on its Islamic State objective and always having the end game clearly in sight. Umno is more diverse within itself. Obviously it is PAS that will influence the future direction of Umno because PAS has the higher moral authority.

PAS has already been influencing Umno. Nowadays Najib attends the Selawat Perdana event (pix below), something his predecessors did not do. Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein and Tun Dr Mahathir did not cultivate the kopiah putih image.’

Can you spot PM in the front row?

Post-Erdogan, the homogeneous PAS is unerringly sehati sejiwa (pix below). If anyone can swing an Umno-PAS unity bid, put your money on Najib.

Redux: It was Tun Razak who brought PAS into BN although the marriage did not last.

Najib Selawat Perdana


Patriotic M’sian Firsters unable to speak national language

One Kausikan critic is Danny Quah, currently professor at the London School of Economics. He disagrees with Kausikan placing such importance on race and religion as the twin drivers of Malaysian politics.

I would not go so far as to call Danny delusional but I dare venture that he is clueless. The Muslim world depicted in the photos above – of jemaah Pak Ketayap and incidents like Doa Pecah Perut in the Kota Bharu stadium – is alien to Dr Quah, an academic who received his training in the West.

The Chinese are equally isolated from the Malaysian mainstream. Recently on Oct 4, China ambassador Huang Huikang described the Chinese here as the daughters of China. His Excellency also praised Malaysia’s vernacular education system for “having a continuous chain right from primary to university level”.

In other words, a Bangsa Anak Malaysia can spend his entire life from kindergarten to primary school to secondary school to university to working place cocooned in his own ethnic Chinese silo.

How many non Chinese do you see in the DAP? To help you scan the DAP leadership line-up, I’m breaking the photo call into five magnified segments. Look for yourself.

Click to enlarge

How many Malays can you see?
How many non Chinese?
How many non Chinese?
How many non Chinese?
How many non Chinese?
How many non Chinese?

Danny Quah believes Malaysia is a “rogue” state

Writing in his blog DQ-en on Oct 10, Quah states his belief that it is “bread and butter issues” which are posing “a wide array of social problems” in Malaysia.

Quah argues that “escalating corruption, criminal malfeasance, rising extreme poverty, widening income disparities, and a failure in national governance” are the problems that genuinely bother Malaysians. Not race. Not religion.

Hannah Yeoh
Born Again Christian Hannah Yeoh

Clearly he has no inkling how Malays find the Born Again Christians to be so very creepy.

According to him, “leading narratives on Bersih4 or 1MDB make no mention of race or religion”. The London-based academic is merely parroting what the Bersih players are proclaiming about themselves, i.e. being non-racial.

If it was so non-racial as Quah claims, why then was the sea of yellow predominantly Chinese faces? After all, Bersih 4.0 was ostensibly a demand for “good governance”. The Malays gave Bersih a miss. Is Quah saying that Malays don’t care about good governance?

Malays did not buy the DAP con about Bersih 4.0 being non-racial. More than three-quarters of the respondents (a total 815 votes) in the poll below said the Yellow Rally was racial.

Merdeka Center findings from poll on Bersih 4.0 conducted 15-21 August 2015

Merdeka Center Bersih4 race

Eight out of every 10 Chinese surveyed by Merdeka Center were favourable of the Bersih 4.0 while seven out of every 10 Malays viewed it unfavourably.

Pro-establishment Malays do not see the Yellow Rally as how the pro-DAP propagandists portray it. The pro-government Malays view Bersih’s true intention as toppling Malay dominance, and not just wanting to get rid of Najib alone.

Quah says, “Singapore has long advanced these same principles [of clean transparent governance and zero tolerance of corruption]. Malaysians, young and old, are excited and energised by their possibility.”

I would say that the Chinese are energized by the possibility of DAP coming to power and hence the central theme of Bersih 4.0 was ‘Sack Najib’. The leading narratives on Bersih 4.0 make little mention of preserving integrity in the electoral processes.

BELOW: Bersih rally goers display “Turun Najib” banners

Bersih 4.0 Turun Najib

Chinese who bray ‘Free and Fair’ elections supported the Kajang Move

In his write-up disparaging Kausikan, Quah declares: “Concerned law-makers, conscientious observers, critical law-makers have all worked hard to stem the serious breakdown in transparency, confidence, legitimacy, and legality in Malaysia”.

It’s not necessarily true that opposition Chinese are “conscientious” lawmakers. I would in fact argue otherwise. The newly minted Pakatan Harapan pledge that they want Anwar Ibrahim installed as their PM. In the past, they’ve indicated that they would bust him out of jail the moment they obtained power.

Their most recent declaration of desiring Anwar as PM means they’re subverting the judiciary. It was the courts that imprisoned Anwar. Any demand for Anwar’s release is disrespecting the judgment of the justices.

Langkah Kajang was done for no purpose than to make way for Anwar Ibrahim to contest a forced by-election in Selangor.

PKR and DAP Aduns colluded in the irresponsible ploy to coerce the resignation of a young state assemblyman who otherwise had no valid reason to vacate his seat. After all, he’d won in the general election only a little more than eight months earlier.

Thus the claim that Bersih Chinese are concerned about “Free and Fair” elections is not credible. The dodgy Kajang move did not bother the Chinese, did it?

How sad that someone of Danny Quah’s stature is playing along with the opposition’s sleight of hand.

Bersih chicken

LSE professor on what the Chinese want

Danny Quah writes, “That [Kausikan] essay ignores all the positive change happening, and constructs a narrative built on how it is, instead, religion and by implication race driving the Malaysian political landscape”.

The positive change meant by Quah is the supposed Chinese dream, hope and expectation of a clean, transparent government, reduced corruption and “well-functioning public services”.

BELOW: A scene in Selangor sometime last year


(1) While Quah’s idealism sounds good on paper, it is doubtful that zero corruption will be welcomed by the Chinese black/underground economy. Reality bites.

(2) Opposition-leaning Chinese are, after all, willing to put up with sub-par public services in the delivery of basic amenities such as water supply and rubbish collection.

Selangor is unable to guarantee its residents an uninterrupted flow of potable, piped water. We Selangorians have been subject to off-and-on water rationing.

At one time, Selangor also earned itself the nickname of “Selangor Darul Sampah”.

If the Chinese prioritized “well-functioning public services”, they would not endorse Pakatan as the Selangor state government.

BELOW: Inspecting a landfill … Azmin Ali’s PR exercise on the Selangor rubbish problem soon after taking over as Menteri Besar from Khalid Ibrahim

Azmin sampah

Beware – Subterranean tensions are even more frightening

Below are Danny Quah’s criticisms of Kausikan in conclusion:

  Quah says Kausikan “fails to acknowledge the universal aspirations of Malaysia’s citizens, but instead sees only the obvious surface tensions in that country”.

  Quah says Kausikan “ends up articulating a narrative no deeper than what power elites have, for decades now, wanted ordinary people to believe”.

It is Quah who ends up articulating a narrative no deeper than what the DAP, in its ‘Ubah’ appeal, wants ordinary Chinese to believe”.

With regard to “the universal aspirations”, that’s just the DAP smoke and mirrors such as its ‘Malaysian First’ marketing. Look at any DAP event and any DAP committee or line-up. They are all predominantly Chinese.

Malays were glaringly absent from Bersih 4.0. The DAP hard sell on sugar-coated political slogans can hardly be deemed “universal” when there is so little take-up from the majority race.

Rather than promoting “universality”, the Yellow Rally provoked a counter Red Rally on Sept 16.

Bumi ini bumi Melayu Islam

Tanah Melayu, Bumi Islam

Himpunan Merah was an invocation of the ‘Spirit of 1946’ when the Malay masses rose up to protest the Malayan Union and its offer of citizenship to Chinese transient workers.

Under Article 11(4) of the Malaysian constitution, the government can block preachers from spreading the gospel to Muslims.

Under Article 12(2), the government can spend state money to build mosques, Islamic centres, schools, etc and fund Islamic programmes but the authorities are not obliged to provide monetary support for other religions than Islam.

Both articles above of the Constitution privilege Islam. They augment Article 3 that says Islam is “the religion of the Federation”.

round DAP yang berhormat

The Raja-Raja Melayu are heads of Islam in their respective states while the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong’s oath of office compels him to uphold and defend Islam.

Aggressive evangelical Christians are nonetheless trying to upend the role and position of Islam in Malaysia. Not only are these people delusional, they’re plain dangerous.

Kausikan should be lauded for grasping the danger arising from the trajectory of Malaysian Chinese aspirations. The Malays will snap soon if the evangelistas are not stopped.

BELOW: The government is right

the government thinks I am stupid


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41 thoughts on “If only Najib had advisors like Kausikan to enlighten him on the danger of delusional people

  1. Kak Helen,

    Mufti of Pahang said that DAP is anti-Islam. I believe the Mufti but I am also waiting for DAP to sue him. Why so lambat one? In fact, DAP should also sue the Jabatan Agama Islam Pahang (JAIP) and the Sultan of Pahang, because both the Mufti and JAIP are under the Sultan’s purview. Ada berani?

    As what the Mufti of Pahang said, DAP is anti-Islam.


    1. Princess,

      The Mufti holds office in official Islamic governance in Pahang. as such, DAP is not that eager wanting to cross sword with the MUfti.

      Had UMNO said DAP is racist, DAP would likely go berserk. But going against Mufti may invite rebuke from the Sultan . No politicians who want to earn the crucial malay votes would want to be in that position.

      Way to go Tuan Mufti. You are just being honest. DAP MEMANG “sial”.

      1. ‘DAP MEMANG “sial”’

        Kalau orang yang selalu bersabar dan jaga kata macam abang pun sudah cakap macam tu, saya fikir DAP kena belajar faham cue tu…

        Tapi DAP will forever be DAP, they won’t belajar one, no matter berapa kali trip pi asia barat. Or would they, abang?

    2. The voters decide, ma cherie. Not the honourable Mufti. Not you.

      Why should the DAP sue the honourable Mufti?

      It’s like asking why the WSJ and Ms Rewcastle-Brown hasn’t been sued by you-know-who?


      1. marathon490,

        DAP initially said it wanted to sur the Mufti. The idea of suing came from DAP itself

      2. “Why should the DAP sue the honourable Mufti?”

        Er, that’s because DAP said they will sue the honourable Mufti if the Mufti did not apologise within 5 (five/lima) days. However, DAP still do not sue the honourable maybe due to technical glitch involving Microsoft Excel. Plus, if DAP sue the Mufti, what will the voters decide? Hahahahahahahahah.

        By the way, the Mufti said that DAP is anti-Islam.


  2. Kak Helen,

    Mufti of Pahang said that DAP is anti-Islam.

    That Pahang DAP boss had threatened legal action within 5 (five/lima) days if the Mufti does not apologise. How many days now? Does the DAP boss needs Microsoft Excel to count days also one? He wants to blame Microsoft Excel just like what happened to DAP’s CEC election meh? Five days only. Sue la, why wait some more?

    As what the Mufti of Pahang said, DAP is anti-Islam.


    P.S. Hahahahaha, I’m doing what the Gunting “Dangerous Views, Divisive Ideas” paper did when it repeatedly Tweeted about that buruk lantak Hannah “Soalan Mulut” Yeoh’s accession to the Selangor Dewan’s speaker’s chair.

  3. PAS has already been influencing Umno. Nowadays Najib attends the Selawat Perdana event (pix below), something his predecessors did not do. Tunku, Tun Razak, Tun Hussein and Tun Dr Mahathir did not cultivate the kopiah putih image.’ –

    Isn’t this a good thing? Doesn’t this mean that Malays will be more united?

    1. “It is of the adab of the high path of Islam to abandon lying, for it is unlawful. Allah Most High curses liars by saying, “May liars be slain” (Qur’an 51:10), in which slain means “cursed” according to the Arabic idiom likening the accursed – who loses every good and happiness – to the slain, who is finished to earthly life and its blessings. The Qur’anic exegete al-Khazin notes that “May liars be cursed” originally referred to those who sat on the various roads outside Mecca warning people against the words of the Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) to keep them from becoming Muslim.
      The verse, however, like other Qur’anic verses, is not limited to the original circumstances in which it was revealed, but applies universally, to the end of time.
      Those who lie, except in dire circumstances in which Sacred Law permits it, are cursed by Allah.”

      -Sheikh Nuh Ha Mim Keller

        1. Rasa sedih bila diingatkan bagaimana Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin dan Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal terusir dari jawatan kementerian mereka.

          1. Mereka sekarang kan bersekongkol dengan Tun?

            Baik MCA ditendang keluar BN juga. Dua orang mantan presiden parti Cina itu pun satu regu dengan Tun.

  4. Ms Helen,

    Even if there was one who could offer advice to Najib, I can my bottom dollar that he won’t bring him into his circle of advisors. PM prefers nincompoops over sound advisers.

    And even if, by chance, there is one within the exclusive rank, it would be thrown out pronto as Najib prefers fairly tales like Cina sokong PM, we Love PM over harsh facts and reality. He so loved to please the Chinese that want him out…… he is fighting fire with fuel

  5. You might want to take a closer look at Mr Kausikan’s views by reading his published commentaries.

    Rather than focusing on what he wrote about “delusional” people.

    Note that this particular commentary was directed at a Singaporean audience as a perusal of the complete text would have made clear.

    But, then, in your rush to score points, you neglected to mention this seemingly insignificant detail.

    Kausikan, like other senior Singapore civil servants, is squarely focused on what makes Singapore “special” and sets it apart from the rest of the region as a preferred destination for investments and talent.

    You didn’t grasp that particular nuance, did you?

    Now, was that deliberate?

    1. I’ve no issues if His Excellency is Singapore First. His patriotism to his own country doesn’t take anything away from his commentary on Malaysia.

      And I have already read one or two of his other opinion pieces. Excellent stuff. In fact, I had linked it. Go to this sentence in my article above,

      “Kausikan has a track record of being spot on when he chooses to expose the hard truths.”

      The link in embedded in the word “track record”.

        1. I wanted credit IT.Scheiss.

          But anyway, within the Microsoft doc. is linked the url to the relevant Straits Times article that Mr Kausikan had penned.

  6. Kak Helen,

    It’s Pwincess again, doing the Gunting paper stunt.

    Mufti Pahang said DAP is anti-Islam.

    The Mufti also advised the Pahang DAP boss to beristighfar and leave DAP. Other muslims who joined DAP should also consider doing the same. So, that Tunku Zulpuri should leave DAP as DAP is anti-Islam.

    Tunku Zulpuri also said that he will sue the Mufti and JAIP. Hence, he and DAP should also sue the Sultan of Pahang. Don’t blame Microsoft Excel for failing to count that five-day ultimatum that Tunku Zulpuri threw at the Mufti in the first place.

    Mufti Pahang said DAP is anti-Islam.


    1. ‘The Mufti also advised the Pahang DAP boss to beristighfar and leave DAP’

      But in fact the guy dok badmouth the Mufti kat Dewan Cina KL Selangor kat Kampung Attap, malam tahun baru hijrah. Siap panggil orang Melayu masuk DAP lagi! Ish2…

      1. Eeeeeee, dia tak takut ke nanti kena bakar dengan api neraka? Badmouth the Mufti, eeeeeeeeee jahatnya padahal hati tu nak tunjuk baik ala-ala evangelista konon nak berdialog dengan mufti (lepas dah ugut nak saman bagai), sekarang bad mouth Mufti pulak? Eeeeeeee, that is sooooo Hannah “Soalan Mulut” Yeoh pakai tudung tapi mulut jamban.


  7. Thank You Very Much, Helen.
    I fully agree with your last paragraph.

    “Kausikan should be lauded for grasping the danger arising from the trajectory of Malaysian Chinese aspirations. The Malays will snap soon if the evangelistas are not stopped.”

    1. ‘The Malays will snap soon’

      Harap2 kita di Malaysia tidak perlu melalui episod hitam seperti dalam filem ini (baru tengok semalam)

  8. ‘How sad that someone of Danny Quah’s stature is playing along with the opposition’s sleight of hand.’

    Blinded by ABU Helen.

  9. Orang UMNO yang rasis pun tak salahkan bangsa. Tapi kalau Malaysian Firsters cepat saja nak tulis Malay thugs la etc.

    ‘The chief minister however, dismissed the allegation that the incident involved racial elements.

    “It’s not true. There is no racial elements involved. It was only a bunch of thugs trying to prevent public officers from discharging their duties,” he said.

    1. Hey, did you read the comments on that article?
      Delusion, much?
      Do they think those officers are getting “Datuk-ship”?

      1. The opposition and their supporters are perpetually petty.

        Nonetheless BN pretends too much too, like denying that Lowyat had any racial angle. Two Chinese motorists were pulled out from their car and assaulted while three Chinese pressmen (reporter/photographers) were roughed up when carrying out their duties.

        In the Penang wheel clamp incident, all three women MBPP officers were Malay while the two youths were Chinese. If the incident had happened where there were Malay men in the crowd, the two young Chinese motorists would be dikerjakan.

    1. Are you saying Kausikan is blind?

      I find his observations to be astute. Read this one by him on the European liberals,

      But one thing for sure, Najib needs better people around him.

      Better yet, he should just listen to his own voice in the head. Like Tun. Dr M makes up his own mind.

      But credit where it is due. Najib is performing better now. I support his sacking of Muhyiddin.

      Good also that Matthias Chang and Khairuddin are being charged.

      The present AG Apandi is tons and tons better than Gani Patail, so this is another excellent executive decision.

      Then the SB No.2 who was defanged is now proven to be a Tun’s man. So again Najib did the right thing. He’s on a roll.

      I hope the PM adopts the Nike motto – Just Do It … whatever needs to be done. The public will not remember the process. They only live by the outcome.

      1. Hmm….what’s your basis for claiming that “Apandi is tons and tons better than Gani Patail….”?

          1. Pedra Branca/Pulau Batu Putih?

            I note that Zeti & BNM are sticking to their guns.

            What else has Apandi been tested on?

            Is he, for instance, willing to go before to the ICJ to appeal the Pedra Branca judgement?

            And exactly what cases did Gani not proceed on?

  10. I agree with you Helen. Just Do It. People will make noise for a while. It does not matter. The ultimate objective is stability, peace and prosperity. I am already tired by excessive politicking by the ancient Maharajah which has some effects on the country economy.

    1. Maharajah? Er correction, the opposition supporters especially Anwar Al-Juburi’s supporters once called him the Mahafiraun. Remember?

      I think rather than complaining about losing money bla bla bla, the Mahafiraun should actually asked his billionaire sons to do a country-tour roadshows-cum-hands-on workshops, all across Malaysia and teach young Malaysians especially Malays on how to be billionaires like them. That would help people a lot and we can be a high-income country even before Wawasan 2020 is achieved. So many Malay billionaires can also help recover that “missing” RM42 billions. Tapi mesti dia tak nak buat kan?


  11. “One Kausikan critic is Danny Quah, currently professor at the London School of Economics. He disagrees with Kausikan placing such importance on race and religion as the twin drivers of Malaysian politics.”

    Long before Kausikan said it, it was pretty obvious to me that Malaysian politics is very much driven by issues of race and religion, even to the extent that I had grown tired of the narrow mindedness and silliness of Malaysian politics.

    Whilst I wish it were otherwise, still I have to accept the unpleasant reality.

    Kausikan may be warning his Singapore audience not to dismiss Malaysian politics as “irrelevant” to Singapore, since what happens in Malaysia can well affect Singapore or happen there too.

    Back in the 1980s, I was working for the Malaysian subsidiary of a British multinational and when I visited the offices of our Singapore sister company, one of my Singapore colleagues expressed fear of the influence of PAS in Malaysia on Singapore.

    Over 10 years ago, I attended a Parti Sosialis Malaysia fund raising dinner in Petaling Jaya and loudly cheered one of the speakers.

    Some months later, I attended a Singapore High Commission media event and a gentleman said he recognised me from the PSM dinner, so I asked him whether he was from the PSM and he said no and that he was with the Singapore High Commission and gave me his card, bearing the rank of First Secretary.

    I asked him why he attended the dinner and he replied, “We do not have such Marxist events in Singapore and I wanted to learn more” or something to that effect.

    It’s pretty obvious that he was not at the dinner to learn more about Marxism but to learn more about Marxist movements and activities in Malaysia, which Singapore was or is still concerned about.

    I later leaned from one of my journalist colleagues who knew him better, that this diplomat had been attending PAS ceramahs and quite openly identifying himself as being from the Singapore High Commission.

    More recently, there were reports of Singapore diplomats attending the Bersih 2 march and pro-government bloggers condemned Singapore for “interfering in Malaysia’s internal affairs” and of “supporting Bersih 2”.

    However, I believe it was nothing of the sort, but rather they attended the march to learn more about Bersih directly from the ground because Singapore is afraid of similar protests in Singapore and wants to learn more, so it can try to prevent them happening in Singapore.

    With Kausikan having served with various Singapore diplomatic missions, I’m sure he based his conclusions on such diplomatic findings and observations.

    His conclusions are based on realpolitik and not ideological or political ideals.

    1. ‘His conclusions are based on realpolitik and not ideological or political ideals.’

      But of course, those people just can’t stop being delusional, can they?

      1. No, his arguments are aimed squarely at Singaporeans.

        Like I wrote, his arguments are part of the Singapore thesis to be the undisputed hub of Asean and S-E Asia. Seems to me that they are successful in this.

        Also, there’s the “only good kid in a bad neighbourhood” proposition that Singapore has been consistently marketing to foreign investors and talent. Again successfully, looks like.

        That’s the 3 Ps that define Singapore – paranoia, pragmatism and planning ahead.

        Malaysia could do with some of that.

        I am sure that IT.Scheiss would agree.

  12. Ms H. In the last 13th General Elections, the delusional Chinese were proved to be irrelevant. This does not take a foreigner to point it out to us. Quo vadis Singaporean Trojan Horse DAP ? Is this a disguised call from PAP Singapore for the DAP to join mainsteam politics before it is too late if the First and Last Front Line of Defence UMNO becomes ineffective ? If Malaysia is in chaos, Singapore is in trouble too because their GDP is held up by billionaires and permanent residents who can decamp in the event of trouble. This is the nub of Bilahari Kausikan message. The fuss raised by whoever is overplayed. Sorry !

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