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Najib should have sacked Saifuddin as CEO of ‘moderates’ BEFORE (!) his hop to PKR

The Umno sec-gen said it all – “Kami tak nak ‘sampah’ dalam Umno: Ku Nan” (Ismaweb, 15 Oct 2015).

What took him so long to realise that Saifuddin Abdullah is trash? The party grassroots, the Umno ground and Si Pudin’s own peers were aware since a long time ago.

From the early days already, the Umno bloggers, writers and operatives universally despised this self-proclaimed ‘New Politics’ man – seen below flanked by Rafizi and Hannah.

saifuddin hannah rafizi

Cuba teka apa lagi yang telah dibayangkan awal-awal dah oleh bloga otai The Unspinners?

Sila tengok pada tajuk posting di bawah.

And see what The J-Star Gunting Dalam Lipatan has been up to.

Click to enlarge

Wong Chun Wai lalang The Unspinners

Hannah Yeoh 10 tweets 24 hours Speaker Star

Yang sekor lagi

Saifuddin Abdullah is the CEO of the Global Movement of Moderates.

Sitting on GMM’s board of trustees is J-Star big kahuna Wong Chun Wai.

An 11-year-old boy had the following question for the PM last year – see below. Ahmad Ali Karim wanted to know “Does Najib ever read The Star?”

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Following the announcement yesterday that Saifuddin is now PKR – he did not even have the courtesy to exit Umno honorably first before jumping ship – the unanimous reaction from the Umno camp has been ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’.

It’s high time that Najib Razak cleaned up the rest of the backyard.

BELOW: Chun Wai and MCA president Liow Tiong Lai

Liow Tiong Lai WCW

Well, there’s nothing that Najib can do at the moment against The Star. But he has the option of removing Chun Wai from the GMM board.

The J-Star editorials have been attacking those its senior editors label “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses”. No prizes for guessing who are the targets of the MCA paper’s unending criticism.

BELOW: Saifuddin spending GMM funds on Chun Wai’s project

chun wai saifuddin

It is most certainly the MCA that must be held accountable for the actions of the Scissorati who collect their monthly paycheques from the Star Media Group, a conglomerate under the control of the BN Chinese component party.

Surely any individual with a modicum of intelligence can figure this out: If the MCA owns our country’s largest media empire, how come the BN is suffering from such a bad public perception?

The answer is simple. MCA is knowingly nurturing the poisonous Nest of Evangelistas headquartered in Phileo Damansara.

WCW3 No to race politics

It was only a fortnight ago that Chun Wai wrote an opinion editorial headlined ‘No to race politics’ in his weekly column on Sundays – see above.

BN is predicated on the race formula. In effect, this CEO of the media group owned by the MCA is firing the Bintang Lima’s big bazooka at Barisan when he urges “No” to the consociational politics that merely reflect the reality our of own communal attitude.

Perhaps the real reason MCA why has placed the village idiot – see photo below – as its party representative to chair the Star Media Group board of directors is to really to secretly facilitate the sabotage.


Dial_M_BlogNo wonder the J-Star is able to have a free rein and get away with stabbing BN in the back.

Obviously MCA veteran Fu Ah Kiow (standing on the right, above) as Star Media Group chairman is not providing the necessary oversight to curtail the Scissorati’s sneaky subversion.

Below is duri dalam daging Saifuddin pictured with Gan Ping Sieu.

A former MCA vice president, Gan supports Ling Liong Sik who has called for the resignation of the BN chairman.

BELOW: Najib’s brainchild GMM has been used as a vehicle to promote the opposition agenda

gan ping sieu saifuddin

Dr Ling’s fellow MCA past president Ong Tee Keat, together with him and other BN veterans including Tun, had put their seven names to a condemnation of the government’s use of Sosma barely a couple of days earlier.

Yet Ling Liong Sik, Ong Tee Keat and Gan Ping Sieu all remain members of the MCA still. None of the trio has been censured by the party for their recent actions. What does this tell you about where the MCA’s true inclination lies?

The Pudin thorn in the flesh has ignobly removed himself from Umno. But MCA continues to be the api dalam sekam.

BELOW: Ah Wong taiko and his sweet pudding doing their ‘Moderation’ walkabout

Chun Wai Saifuddin walkabout

The J-Star is the tail that wags the MCA dog.

MCA must be made to bear responsibility for the lethal and venomous scissorsing that is being carried out by the EvangeliSTARs.

Has the Saifuddin fiasco even taught Umno a lesson? Anything at all?

BELOW: Najib being accosted by Chun Wai while Tiong Lai smiles

tionglai najib

If the party leadership still refuses to do anything to remedy the situation, then the Umno war general and his lieutenants will find eventually themselves leading the charge into GE14 without any foot soldiers following in their wake.

MCA is not only a liability to the BN, it is musuh dalam selimut. Just review how the party has been more DAP than DAP of late.

Jangan lah buat akar umbi Umno lagi meluat dan benci. Kera di hutan disusukan, anak di rumah dibiar kebulur.

Saifuddin Abdullah Wong Chun Wai


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29 thoughts on “Najib should have sacked Saifuddin as CEO of ‘moderates’ BEFORE (!) his hop to PKR

  1. Helan,

    Your article merely underscores the fact that jibby is ultimately clueless. This country is being ran into the ground by his excellent cluelessness.


    1. Helen,

      I read that Wong Chun Wai is appointed as visiting fellow for UUM.. As far as everyone knows, UUM is government owned university.

      So now we have a government funded and owned university funding and supporting Wong . And wong is known for leaning towards DAP.

      As for Saifudin, he is all the way supporting PR. Yet Najib refused to sack him. All because Najib looks down those who are defending UMNO.

      Apalah nasib Melayu ni

  2. Oh and by the way, he will be clueless also as to which candidates to nominate PRU 14.

    I’m not a betting person but i if i could, i will bet that he’ll still give mca those malay majority seats.

    1. He can and he will give the Malay majority seats to MCA/MIC or whatever but, the voters…. the Malay voters will ensure a PAS win if PAS put up a winning candidate. Ka SIong and Tong Lai…watch what comes from your mouth.. Melayus are watching…very very closely.

      And they will become Ministers, as a face -saving thru Senatorship

  3. aiseyman Helen

    you know it what…UMNO kan dinosaurs….and you know what happened to dinosaurs ;)

  4. Hari ini, ummah Islam berbangsa Melayu menerima tamparan hebat. Pejuang cina-kristian tegar, Wong Chun Wai dari The Star telah dilantik untuk mentarbiyah pelajar di UUM dan UKM. Baca:

    Personaliti ini memakai topeng “moderation” dalam semua gerak kerja yang dilakukan. Perjuangannya berdasarkan asabiyah tegar semanggat kecinaan. Kita perlu bertanya kepada beliau berapa ramai anak Melayu yg telah dibantu setiap tahun dalam program, Star Scholarship Fund yang jumlahnya mencecah jutaan ringgit.

    Topeng yang beliau pakai telah menjadikan dirinya lebih merbahaya kepada ummah Islam berbangsa Melayu hatta jika dibandingkan dengan komander-komander dari DAP. Melepaskan beliau berkeliaran bebas menjalankan indoktrinasi untuk memastikan lebih ramai Melayu Islam berpegang kepada konsep liberal dan plural dalam beragama serta sama rata sama rasa dalam mendokong negara berperlembagaan adalah satu pengkhianatan terbesar kepada ummah Islam berbangsa Melayu di Malaysia.

    Kita mengutuk tindakkan Dr. Mohamed Mustafa dari UUM dan Dr Riza Atiq Abdullah dari UKM di atas perlantikkan ini. Pengkhianatan ini mempunyai implikasi yang teramat besar dalam mengatur susun susur kepimpinan negara serta corak dinamik ummah Islam Melayu pada dekad-dekad yang akan datang.

    Dengan lafaz لآ اِلَهَ اِلّا اللّهُ مُحَمَّدٌ رَسُوُل اللّهِ kita menentang sekeras-kerasnya penjajahan minda beragama dan penjajahan minda bernegara dilakukan terhadap ummah Islam Melayu.

    1. Kak,

      Please consider making an online petition to protest his appointment which we can present to the Education Minister once we’ve collected enough signatures. We’ll get his fellowship revoked.

      Methinks a petition along the lines you’ve mentioned above would be alright.

      I’ll highlight the initiative here in my blog.

      We can also rally the umno bloggers and Muslim NGOs to our cause.

      These masters of propaganda are a menace and must be kept away from UUM undergradd who risk being brainwashed like the biaDAP young Daptsers.

      Dah lah berjaya masuk kampus kolej-kolek swasta dok buat Subang Rally, sekarang mahu sasarkan IPTA pula.


  5. Hi Helen,

    Any comments on the Johor royalty for their anti-Najib statements recently as well as its Bangsa Johor position?

    I read in his TMJ FB that the Tengku Mahkota is even saying secession is possible if Federal Government don’t treat Johor better…

    1. Can TMJ cite any provision of the Federal Constitution to back up his position (what he’s saying)?

      1. The papers are either quoting this part in full or paraphrasing –

        “People deserve to know, that the mess we have in the country right now, should in no way be associated to the Johor royal family. Over the years, we’ve always been strong and independent as well as resourceful. In fact, we only joined the Federation of Malaya, upon both parties agreeing to several basic terms. And if any one of those terms are breached, we have every right to secede from this country. You can accuse me of instigating state-based sentiments, but to me, I’m merely doing my duty to the people of Johor, and reminding them of the history and heritage behind this great land.”

        1. re: “we only joined the Federation of Malaya, upon both parties agreeing to several basic terms. And if any one of those terms are breached”

          Where are those terms in black & white?

          If I read Prof. Faruqi correctly, no state is allowed to secede. Even the ones with special status like Sabah & Sarawak cannot secede, much less Johor. See,

          “In recent memory, Crimea (2014), Timor Leste (1995) and Bangladesh (1971) travelled down the painful, blood-soaked path of national liberation,” the prof also wrote in his column @

          Time for Najib to step up and be War General.

          Funny, his dad also faced the Emergency rule/NOC challenge.

          1. H, you’re getting technical. This is TMJ. He can say pretty much anything he wants because he is TMJ. The Johoreans especially the youth loves him. He is generous, he is vocal and he has presence. He is also very active in sports. He can beat KJ anytime for popularity. In fact if he were to slap at KJ, the reactions would be interesting to watch.

            And you’ll notice the Dapsters and their sheeple are all very rah-rah over TMJ especially when he slaps the BN administration.

            1. I’d rather a strong political party than the monarchy flexing their muscles in politics.

  6. DS Najib simpan lama Dato Saifudin sebab kononnya dia boleh jadi pengantara antara BN dengan pembangkang, terutama yg berbangsa Tionghua.. (apa punya strategi la). PM kita masih cuba nak ambil hati mereka walaupun mereka terang-terangan menolak BN tempoh hari..ini la bahana dikelilingi oleh punahsihat-punahsihat yg sememngnya ada agenda untuk menjatuhkan BN..thanks

  7. Dear helen,
    Referring to ahmadalikarim’s question,i think not only najib does not read the star,the 2 academicians too,i guess. why wong chun wai? his greatest contributions are merely to spew hatred rasicm labels to the majority malays disguising under the love n peace moderate malaysian n promoting evangelisme…please ibu zain and helen,lets start the petition!…we dont want another hannah’s delusional taylors college….lets get rid of wong chun malaysiakini is waiting for him with glee n open arms….

    As for saifuddin,good riddance from umno!.at least now pas n umno is cleasing itself from the trash liberals. we can now easily identify the greedy delusional liberals in pkr and Amanah and the ferocious evangelistas dapsters.their day in day out fitnah, hate spewing,hypocrisy and ABU is really, really taking its toll on our political social n economic peace n stability….

  8. So PKR is indeed the rubbish bin for ex Umno people. This is not surprising given that it was initiated for the sole benefit of a certain ex Umno leader who is now languishing in prison somewhere in Sg Buloh. Just like the old man Mahathir, PKR is truly pathetic.

    So it goes without saying that when an ex Umno or ex BN leader join the opposition he is celebrated by a certain commentator here who goes by the initial HY, who himself is also pathetic to begin with. Ah but the pathetic man does not know his own pathetic existence.

    1. I agree with Saudara Dictator.
      They cry ABU here, ABU there and ABU everywhere yet they shamelessly hoist UMNO rejects on their shoulder in triumph, especially that immoral guy “who is now languishing in prison somewhere in Sg Buloh.”

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