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Chinese approval for Najib govt now only 5%

The Straits Times today reported on a Merdeka Center public opinion survey conducted last August. The Malaysian pollster had last week briefed Singapore financial sector analysts of its result.

In a news item headlined ‘Approval sinks for Malaysian PM Najib’s government’, the Singapore broadsheet quoting Merdeka Center on its findings said:

“Only 5 percent of the significant Chinese minority said they were happy with Datuk Seri Najib’s government. Tellingly, the Chinese also indicated a higher awareness of troubles surrounding state investor 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) and just over a third said they were well-versed on the topic.”

Chinese approval for the Najib administration’s had registered 11 percent in January this year. Five percent must be rock bottom already. There are really no more Chinese votes for the BN to lose.

tionglai najib

This being the case, it is high time that the Prime Minister STOPPED paying attention to the MCA because MCA members are NOT among this remaining last five percent that’s not budging.

Statistics don’t lie. The fact that 95 percent of the Chinese are anti-government reveals the treacherous MCA for the backstabber that it is. If the MCA was loyal to the BN, the party could have gotten at least some 35-40 percent of Chinese to support the ruling party.

As it was, MCA members voted for the opposition and some MCA branch and division chiefs even internally sabotaged the BN.

Among those sacked from the MCA is three-term Subang Jaya Adun Datuk Lee Hwa Beng, pictured below with Papa, Mama and Grandpapa Dapster. Lee is, unsurprisingly, an evangelista.

Hannah, Elizabeth and Lee Hwa Beng, the MCA former 3-term Adun for Subang Jaya

The five percent of us who are still with Najib’s BN government are the only rational Chinese left. We can see that with Malay unity, the BN can maintain its hold on Putrajaya. Thus all the rabid supporters of the Chinese opposition will be marginalized from the national mainstream.

When the delusional Chinese decide to give 95 percent support to the anti-Islam DAP, they’re in effect allowing themselves to become the pawns of the evangelistas’ crusade against the Muslim peoples of the world. Look at all the turmoil wrought on the Muslim world through the Arab Spring and other proxies of the Christian Zionists.

Najib must listen to us – the five percent Chinese individuals who are able to think with reason. I’m going to tell the Prime Minister what the five percent BN Chinese want.

We want you, Sir, to jettison the MCA so that Umno can take back the Malay-majority seats. After the MCA is out of the BN, you can start dismantling its evil media empire.

Usah layan MCA lagi.

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FMT articles on the day of the MCA general assembly
FMT articles on the day of the MCA general assembly (Oct 11)

Najib’s government should seriously rate the security risk posed by DAP evangelistas like how Beijing assesses China’s evangelistas to be imperiling public order as well as posing an existential threat to the motherland.

Please trust the China ruling politburo. They rule over 1.2 billion Han Chinese. The communist leaders of China understand perfectly the Chinese psyche. Najib clearly does not! Therefore he should be humble and wise enough to accept input from those who do.

Even Singapore’s roving ambassador can see that young Malaysian Chinese are “delusional“. The DAP’s evangelical Chinese are a bigger menace because they’re demented.

Deal firmly and urgently with the DAP hatemongers, please! See Hannah Yeoh’s tweets below.

If the Najib government continues to permit the DAP black propaganda to go unchecked and allow Malays to be pushed against the wall, then the next Red Rally will be bigger and out of Umno’s control.


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12 thoughts on “Chinese approval for Najib govt now only 5%

  1. DS Najib seem trying really hard to get chinese support because he think that he might lose Malay’s undi some day..thanks

  2. My mom always told me not to layan orang yang sengaja jual mahal. Jangan layankan kerenah mereka. Buat ni salah. Buat itu salah. Tiada yang betul kecuali apa mereka yang mahu khas untuk diri sendiri mereka. Mereka nak jadi pemerintah tanpa memikul tanggungjawabnya. Orang lain dikudakan dan dijadikan tempat balingan tuduhan jika berlaku masalah.

  3. Helen – Zahid would take up your “advice” in a flash, to ditch MCA if he were the PM. Najib would not bother to read the signs (or too reliant to his CONsultants to tell him what to do).

    Why are you still pinning hope on Najib to UBAH?

    1. The point of reference I was implying is President Xi Jinping and his approach to keeping such a big country like China stable.

      China is the world’s superpower and as such, we should not be ashamed of learning from China in this matter.

      1. quote,”……we should not be ashamed of learning from China in this matter.”unquote.

        Tell that to Najib.

        Personally, I never hesitate to learn from anyone on anything under the sun.

  4. Helan.

    I’m ASSUMING the majority of the 5% remaining Chinese are from the Peranakan Chinese. Im hope soon you will all become Bumiputeras, as you’ve rightly been requesting.

    God willing, the Malay unity agenda will also be implemented.

    So the remaining 95% Pendatang Chinese will have to think about living in their own microcosm make believe world while the rest of the nation moves on without even needing their votes.

    However, all of the above have a very importart pre requisite; jibby must not be so clueless lah.

  5. “then the next Red Rally will be bigger and out of Umno’s control.”

    You sure? The Save Selangor rally has so little participants.

    Ultimately, rally is just a rally. All shouts with no real action thereafter. Status quo is maintained. From Bersih to Himpunan Melayu. For the former, electoral system remains unfair and Najib continues in office. For the latter, the Chinese remains as citizen and no SJKC were closed. Rally is for syok sendiri.

    1. Kalau berani, the Yellow Shirts try and do Bersih 5.0 lah and see whether there is a Red Rally in response.

      1. Kita buat yellow shirt/ red shirt serentak la. Same date same venue. Then we will know “Apa melayu mau?”. Asyik asyik cina saja mau. Melayu takde “mau” apa apa ke?

      2. Even if there is a response from Red Shirt, so what? Another gathering to counter an earlier gathering. Still both end up NATO “No action talk only”. Status quo remains. Najib remains in office and Chinese remain as citizen.

        In fact, I dare to say that Najib gave contradictory statements against the Red Shirt rally in his speech in the Gerakan AGM. He said:-

        1. Chinese not pendatang;
        2. Chinese contributed to the nation;
        3. Action will be taken on BN leaders that made racist statements.

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