95% hostile Chinese is irreversible trend

October 18, 2015 at 4:47 am 10 comments

It’s IMPOSSIBLE to dial back this level of confrontation.

Dapster cyber terrorism, lies and slander win the day.

The 95 percent Chinese must remember to thank the DAP evangelistas for this.

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Chinese approval for Najib govt now only 5%


star reported

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Churches to be demolished in Aceh Singkil regency, Aceh tomorrow. See Jakarta Post.


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Chinese approval for Najib govt now only 5% Have a referendum – MCA past president urges

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  • 1. aku  |  October 18, 2015 at 6:56 am

    DAP berjaya mengekalkan/menambahkan kuasa/undi dengan menggalakkan pertambahan parti-parti Melayu. Bila parti Melayu bertambah bermakna undi orang Melayu akan berpecah. DAP akan terus dapat undi solid dari kaum Tionghua dengan hanya perlu hantar satu calon masa PRU/PRK. Pada pendapat saya, nak tahu samada BN/UMNO itu dapat tawan hati pengundi-pengundi, kayu pengukur adalah negeri Selangor. DAP berjaya kekalkan penguasaan mereka sebab mereka berjaya menambah bilangan pengundi di negeri ini. Saya rasa mereka telahpun menyusun strategi dengan memindahkan pengundi-pengundi ke tempat yang mereka jangka boleh rampas dari UMNO/BN..target kawasan majoriti tipis kaum Melayu..Contoh Puchong(Yg Gobind)dan Salak selatan (yb Teresa), tidak mustahil mereka boleh memindahkan daftar hampir separuh dari pengundi-pengundi mereka di sini ke tempat-tempat lain dlm Selangor. DAP hanya berpura-pura baik dengan sekutu mereka, belakang kasi hentam..Nampak sangat walau gaduh tak ingat tapi konsessus Pakatan seboleh-bolehnya dipertahan sehingga pilihanraya kelak. Kehebatan DAP adalah taktik licik mereka. UMNO/PAS/PKR (yg berbangsa Melayu) waima BN terus tak habis-habis bercakaran..macam mana Melayu nak unity dalam mengundi…adoii..

  • 2. wawe  |  October 18, 2015 at 7:08 am

    Kalau ramai, dia hostile. Kalau tak ramai dia berpura-pura. Sama jer taktik dia orang ni, merbahaya dan Melayu kena berhati-hati.
    Berpura-pura concerned of the country konon, yang sebenarnya menghasut kearah kehancuran. I experienced that situation last week where they are the minority. Pura-pura budget minta keadilan dan pertimbangan. Jangan harap.

  • 3. RINA  |  October 18, 2015 at 8:32 am

    Hostile takde pride.

    Buka Amanah Saham they grab like crazy
    Buka BRIM they grab like crazy
    Buka 1M People’s Housing (PR1MA) programme they grab kike crazy
    Buka IM Clinic penuh dengan depa like crazy

    Hostile or kemaroq?

    And all those years MCA and DAP dok buat ape?
    Dok angkut harta kekayaan bawa pi sorok kat mana?

  • 4. Mustapha Ong  |  October 18, 2015 at 9:18 am

    DS Najib’s political survival doesn’t depend on Chinese support alone. I don’t think Najib is power crazy but he has to do the job in his capacity as our elected prime minister. If you think it’s easy to be a prime minister in this God forsaken country call Malaysia, you better think twice as we have done very well since our independence in 1957. It’s better to trust a devil that you know rather than to sleep with an angel that you don’t know! So please trust your instinct that we still need Najib to carry on his economic transformation that will develop Malaysia to the next level before 2020.

  • 5. shamshul anuar  |  October 18, 2015 at 10:45 am


    Yup.Chinese are in “euphoria” mode now. Almost entire Chinese community believe the political power will be in their hand.

    They begin to behave as if they own Malaysia

  • 6. wawe  |  October 18, 2015 at 2:00 pm

    whatever party, just vote muslims. that is the formula to teach those ingrates. unless between 2 mims choose the better.

    • 7. TS  |  October 18, 2015 at 4:09 pm

      setuju sgt wawe…simple yet powerful

      • 8. SBA  |  October 19, 2015 at 8:45 pm

        Vote Muslims who steal rob, loot, cheat& lie …..baik punya Muslim wakakakaka terbaaaaiiiikkkk….One fella robs and the other fella wants to cut hands of those who rob….comedians of the first order….

  • 9. UKM UUM Professor Kangkung  |  October 18, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    And yet you have Professor Kangkung in UUM and MCM Sharifah Zaharah clasping warmly the hand of the christian purveyour Wong Chun Wai. You wonder if these UMNO secretary general understand english and read Wong Chun Wai articles in the STAR which promoted racist chinese views on their adopted land Malaya. The STAR Top Christian mubaligh was appointed a junk professor in UUM and UKM to spread Christianity I guess if not what else does this chinese knows? The appointment of Wong Chun Wai as A Junk Professor is slightly lower that Professor Kangkung of UUM Mohmed Mustapah Ishak Profesor KAngkung Riza Atiq Abdullah at UKM.
    The delusional chinese youth understanding of their stand in Malaya is created by the hype in the STAR and none other than the chinese man Wong Chun Wai whose loyalty and fear of Communist China stood clear in his warning to the Malays not to to take on the Communist giant in his recent articles.
    It is up to the REd Shirt Jamal Yunos to throw shit in the face of UUM kangkung professor and Sharifah Zaharah for helping to spread Chrisitanity in our local universities.
    They simply dont understand english!!
    And i guess they dont read your blog too Kak Helen..muahaha

  • 10. Orangkampung  |  October 18, 2015 at 10:56 pm

    What I found to be interesting this past week were the MCA and Gerakan conferences and the timing of that poll results.

    On the one hand we have the Merdeka Centre telling the world that 95% of the Cina do not approve of Najib, which is even less than the last election results.

    And yet the MCA and Gerakan both had Najib over to give a speech as the BN chairman. So, who was applauding Najib, 5% of attendees or all? Were the applause sincerely given?

    I caught the Gerakan guy on the news talking about strategy to improve BN. He sounded sincere, so I guess he must be of the 5%. The MCA youth was very critical touching on 1MDB and such, so I wonder?


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