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Have a referendum – MCA past president urges

MCA must ask its members and the Chinese community whether they want the party to remain in the ruling coalition.

What’s the point of sticking like a thorn in the flesh when 95 percent of Chinese are against the BN government?

“So far, by and large, I think that MCA grassroots, being a part of the [Chinese] community, they have a lot of grouses if not uneasiness over the situation of the country and also their future,” MCA ex-president Ong Tee Keat told a press conference last week. See video, 0:50 onwards.

“If need be, certainly, we need to go for a referendum within the party or even within the community – whether should we or should we not stay within the coalition,” said Ong giving his take on MCA’s role in the BN.

China ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang recently likened the country’s minority of seven million Chinese to be akin to a married “daughter” who has left the family home to live with her husband.

Today speaking at the Gerakan AGM, Najib Razak reassured Malaysia’s Chinese diaspora that they’re not pendatang but “sons of Malaysia“.

BELOW: Like Wong Chun Wai’s J-Star column, the article below similarly exploits a picture of children


These people proclaim “I tidak mau balik China, I cinta M’sia” – see photo below taken at Bersih 4.0.

So which Malaysia is it that the Cina DAP love? A Malaysia where Umno is buried six feet under as what the ABU movement is clamouring for?

A Malaysia where the PAS mullahs are sent to live in the cave with the Taliban? These are common expressions you come across in the social media dominated by Dapsters.

Cina DAP- I love Malaysia

Now that Najib has reassured the Chinese that we “look at one another as fellow human beings … regardless of Malay, Chinese or Indian” and furthermore guaranteed the community “Chinese schools are here to stay”, it’s only fair for the MCA to reciprocate.

The rest of BN would surely like to know whether MCA’s allegiance is still given unwaveringly to the BN.

Thus MCA former president Ong Tee Kiat is quite correct to propose that his party hold a referendum to ask members whether they want to continue being in the BN.

What the Malays (and Indians) see now is that MCA is, more often than not, siding with the DAP.

MCA has not been fighting the DAP. Instead MCA’s media empire is promoting the rival party evangelistas who badmouth and try to bully Umno’s troubled politicians every chance they get – see Hannah Yeoh’s tweet above.

DAP politicians are Super Cyberbullies but you will never hear this from the influential and widely circulated newspaper owned by the MCA.

Hannah Yeoh BN wicked

DAP Super Cyberbullies like Hannah Yeoh scream all the time that BN is “wicked“.

It’s clear that the MCA is in cahoots with the DAP when the MCA media and machinery not only give favorable coverage to the DAP evangelistas but are willing to bury and blackout negative news about them.

Unless the MCA can convince BN stalwart supporters otherwise, many will just regard the Chinese party as colluding with the enemy.


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