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Is DAP transferring out supporters to vote in marginal mixed seats?!

A Malaysian born in 1997 would be eligible to vote for the first time in 2018 (as at May 4).

During GE11 @ 2004, he would have been seven years old.

During GE12 @ 2008, he would have been eleven years old.

During GE13 @ 2013, he would have been sixteen years old.

Come GE14 @ 2018 (probable), he would be legally an adult. Continue reading “Is DAP transferring out supporters to vote in marginal mixed seats?!”

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The daughter-in-law from hell

A fairytale bedtime story

Once upon a time, Dragon Lady left her father’s house in the Middle Kingdom and went to live with her husband in his home after they got married.

Let’s call this Dragon Lady by the nickname BigD due to her huge and voracious appetite. She eats non-stop and is always mengidam (“craving” for) this food and that food at all odd hours.

Didorong sifatnya yang tamak haloba, Continue reading “The daughter-in-law from hell”