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The daughter-in-law from hell

A fairytale bedtime story

Once upon a time, Dragon Lady left her father’s house in the Middle Kingdom and went to live with her husband in his home after they got married.

Let’s call this Dragon Lady by the nickname BigD due to her huge and voracious appetite. She eats non-stop and is always mengidam (“craving” for) this food and that food at all odd hours.

Didorong sifatnya yang tamak haloba, dia tak segan-silu untuk sapu segala lauk-pauk yang enak belaka waktu makan bersama. But she still complains how her husband’s family treats her like “second class” when in fact, it is BigD herself that often calls her husband’s sisters “low class”.

Even though it is the husband who feels besieged, nonetheless it is the wife BigD who endlessly declares she is suffering a “heartache”.

“Oh, my most tender heart is breaking”, she incessantly cries and loudly. Every one and then, she would exclaim, “Heartbreaking!” as it is her favourite word.

Most human societies are patriarchal, including the community to which the hen-pecked husband in our story belongs. Children usually follow the patrilineal (susur-galur) tradition and taking after the man’s race (salasilah). But in this case, BigD is so imposing that her daughter ikut keturunan mak dan bukannya bapa.

You will not be surprised to hear that BigD imposes on her husband’s family and pushes hard to make them “change”. She demands change here and change there because she is unable to accept things dengan seadanya (as they are in their native state).

She even attempts to throw away the familiar furniture in her parents-in-law’s house and make them order a new sofa set from the trendy shop.

Then she further interferes by trying to make her parents-in-law stop gardening and cultivating fruit trees and flowers for pleasure but instead wants them to plant commercial cash crops in their kebun.

This daughter-in-law must force everything to conform to her enlightened idea of how progressive people should live.

When her parents-in-law are reluctant to ‘ubah’ ikut telunjuk menantu mereka, si pompuan yang asyik mengada-ngada itu mula lah meragam. She starts badmouthing her father-in-law as a “racist” and her mother-in-law as a “religious bigot”.

BigD and the family she married into actually adhere to different religions but the daughter-in-law has no qualms in meddling with matters of faith as practised by Abah and Ummi. (Not that she refers to the Pakcik and Makcik this respectfully; instead the biadab daughter-in-law prefers to call her bapa mentua dengan panggilan ‘Bodoh’ and her mak  mentua ‘Ignoramus’ because they’re orang kampung.)

In her several decades of married life, BigD never bothered to try to fit into her husband’s community nor understand their customs.

She treats his faith beliefs with secret contempt, so much so that the relatives think this daughter-in-law yang suka buat hal is anti their religion. And although this pompuan yang pandai bermuka-muka is able to keep up with her pretense most of the time, there were one or two occasions when her musang-berbulu-ayam mask had slipped.

Perangai dan sifat rakus BigD makes her father-in-law, quite understandably, more partial to the wife of his younger son despite that the darker-skinned girl is of another race too. There are two mixed marriages in Pakcik’s family (among his several sons) but the younger daughter-in-law in nowhere near as pushy as the incomparable BigD.

Additionally, the junior daughter-in-law, who gets along much better with Pakcik, is willing to convert to her husband’s religion and learn to speak her husband’s native tongue. Not so BigD though. When asked, she insisted most adamantly that she was not a member of their worship and threatened to lodge a report with the beadle to arrest anyone spreading such a false rumour.

Sometimes Makcik is driven to meleter when she could not tahan anymore fiil si anak menantu ini. As well, the elderly lady begins to be more and more convinced with each passing day that her son made the wrong choice in picking a wife.

She also blamed herself that the rombongan merisik did not do a thorough background check when Pakcik agreed to the pertunangan. Itulah, she grumbled … ini semua angkara sikap terlalu cincai.

BigD retaliates against the simmering disapproval shown by her parents-in-law by telling the neighbours that her husband is an “extremist” and his father “spews hatred” while his mother is “wicked”.

tear emoji

She tells anybody who would listen that she is very badly treated in her husband’s home and perpetually persecuted.

tears streamingBecause she’s an expert in rolling out crocodile tears – her eyes can well up with tears even when she is eating Nasi Lemak – BigD is thus able persuade some folks (at least her own uncles and aunties and cousins back in the motherland) to believe her stories.

It occurred to the long-suffering old couple to advise their son to jatuhkan talak ke atas bini tua yang seorang ini, dan lepas tu boleh kahwin lain. The Pakcik and Makcik even had a calon in mind – one bau bacang who happens to be a janda cun.

Carikan wanita yang lebih mampu menjadi isteri solehah berbanding the malicious, besar kepala Dragon Lady who mocks everybody.

The Makcik buat sembahyang hajat beristikarah setiap minggu while the Pakcik promised to hold a kenduri kesyukuran and slaughtering two goats plus a cow if only their wish could come true.

Distressed old people deserve to be made happy, don’t you think?

Disclaimer: Any resemblance between the fictitious characters in this story and particular persons, living or dead, is a miracle. God works in mysterious ways.

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76 thoughts on “The daughter-in-law from hell

  1. Once upon a time, there was peace….until BigD entered the picture. BigD wanted to live in another kingdom actually, the Down Under kingdom….so the story goes

    These days there are so many BigDs and the in-laws are exhausted by her antics. The brothers and sisters in law are now getting fed-up with BigD and may ostracize BigD’s Middle Kingdom’s entourage which include BigD’s cousins, Grand Papa and the rest of the uncivilized family.

  2. “Disclaimer: Any resemblance between the fictitious characters in this story and particular persons, living or dead, is a miracle. God works in mysterious ways…”

    the owner of this posting with Madam Pembesar Suara berpisah tiada..ha..ha..ha..

  3. ‘In her several decades of married life, BigD never bothered to try to fit into her husband’s community nor understand their customs.’

    Try speaking the national language to most Penang Chinamen and you’ll get a feeling akin to having hemorrhoids and an overwhelming urge to bagi penampaq.

    Bloody disgraceful how the old as well as the young, born here are unable to communicate in basic Bahasa, let alone speak it fluently. They seemingly think that they’re in their own little Fujian and behave like Hokkien is the official state language.

    Yet, these are the same buggers who are the first to claim to be Malaysian First and whine incessantly about their rights.

    The sonsabit…err…sonsadragonlady.

    1. “They seemingly think that they’re in their own little Fujian and behave like Hokkien is the official state language.”

      The worst thing of all is that the Hokkien they speak is pidgin. Nobody outside the freaking island and little enclave on the peninsular understands what they are speaking.

      Did you read the latest Sunday School sermon from Ah Wong? He seems to complain that the kids these days are kurang ajar. What about his generation and his Saint Xaviers classmates? They must be Saints from Heaven whereby everyone else is ill mannered.

      “I doubt that this is something they pick up only when they start work. Our character development begins much earlier, during our most formative years at home and in school. That is why a common term we use in Malaysia is kurang ajar, which basically means that we have not been taught properly from young.

      Some of the more colourful individuals in Malaysia have shown us their true colours in the public sphere in the way they treat their elders and authority. The moment they speak, we begin to wonder if their parents ever taught them anything right.

      Maybe my expectations are too high, but I have been advised that the days of according respect to authority are over.”

      And I notice some of my FB “friends” are buzzing over the Cina bukan pendatang thing. They call Ajib-ko a liar. Well Cina memang bukan pendatang dari Cina, cuma pendatang dari Marikh atau Bulan. Their customs are so strange it must be out of this world. They are so sanely delusional that all other people are mental.

      I don’t think the Daughter in Law is from hell. She is just grossly misunderstood. Be kind to Martians and Moonies.

      1. WCW is not always wrong. Sometimes he’s right.

        I believe he’s correct to say that the generation which came after Gen Y are spoilt brats.

        And that some youths are kurang ajar. He must be speaking from experience with his own J-Star reporters.

        1. they are gajet maniac..told you before kak helen..can not live when no internet..kurang berkomunikasi secara lisan..oh gen-y.

          1. My finance department friends sent me this about how sucky the economy is and how poor we are.
            “About 65% of the survey respondents believe that GST has severely affected their finances, and blame GST and the lack of proper execution for the escalating cost of living.”

            Damn GST. They say…Yes, the economy is so bad that people line up for a RM4K Iphone

            In fact the line is so long it is like lining up for BR1M.

            If the damn GST is sucking out everyone’s finances and the currency is tumbling like a meteor, where do people suddenly have RM4000 to spend. They are willing to line up overnight to fork out RM4K. Is an Iphone as edible as milk powder?

            1. Ms Mulan

              dont ever use the lining up for phone as an argument. let me ask you: how many % of the population actually cares about the iphone? the long line means nothing, most likely the 1% who are likely living in debt.

              Disclaimer: i use a Nokia company phone :D

              I know your point…but using this phone analogy ( which ive seen floatng around everywhere) is just plain stupid.

  4. A fairytale bedtime story 2

    BigD’s brother Bengbeng would always complaint that he is constantly harrassed by BigD’s dumb and racist in laws that he would save a lot of money to send her daughter Sepet to Oz. He prayed and prayed to the spirit in the sky and his wishes came true.

    One day Sepet went to Oz and met the Scarecrow. They made a cozy cottage in Oz and made three little Sepet Scarecrows. Bengbeng would brag to his neighbours that if the Bodohs (BigD’s inlaws and kind) of Bodolan would harass him he will take a big rainbow balloon and fly away to Oz.

    One day Bengbeng decided to leave Bodolan. He decided to tear up his magical entry ticket into a million smithereens. He took his wife and the other kids on the rainbow balloon to Oz. He is sure Scarecrow would want them there.

    But woe. A storm came and Scarecrow was unable to take in Bengbeng and his family to live in the cottage. Poor Bengbeng had to hide among the mushrooms in Oz.

    Having destroyed the magical entry ticket, Bengbeng begged the evil wizard of Bodolan to take pity and take him in.

    To be continued.

  5. Kak Helen,

    It’s not only your race that is behaving this way. Remember how I said we should be vigilant with the Hindus. Today Dr. Subramaniam has come out to parrot the Cina line. He asked why Malays should feel threatened when we have the majority of positions, the army and police. He is also complaining about the Indians position!!! Biadap and ungrateful, now the Indian wave will come. Fortunately, this is just noise because the Indians have no economic clout whatsoever. Their greatest contribution is as gangsters and gangsters with briefcases (Bar Council).

    1. re: “the majority of positions, the army and police”

      The above is true, and fact.

      re: “He asked why Malays should feel threatened”

      He does not understand the Jerusubang triumphalism. The onus is on Umno’s media and the BN communication mechanisms to help Dr Subra comprehend.

      This fear is not necessarily based on racial conflict alone. Beijing is freaked out by evangelistas and in China, it is Chinese officials who are being creeped by their own Chinese subversives.

      MIC must be made to see this, and the BN Indians deal with their own community’s triumphalists. The evangelistas do not draw from the Chinese gene pool alone.

      re: “He is also complaining about the Indians position!!!”

      Why shouldn’t he? I believe he’s justified to worry about the Indians who are not Doctors and not IT consultants (the success stories) and who have been marginalized, i.e. the working/blue-collar class.

      re: “Biadap and ungrateful”

      I’m presuming you learned history in school and were taught that rubber was Malaya’s main export and income earner for the longest time (before the advent of Petronas). You would also have been told by your history teacher which race labourers were the backbone of the rubber industry.

      The biggest beneficiaries from the introduction of rubber were the white colonialists who owned the big plantations like Sime Darby, Guthrie and Golden Hope. But bringing a side benefit to the native population was the build-up of infrastructure like railway and roads, towns and ports which mainly facilitated the colonial economy.

      The Indians were the workhorses. Why hurl the harsh words against them?

      re: “now the Indian wave will come’

      No. The Indian wave had already passed in 2008. The Chinese wave was in 2013.

      To come in 2018 is definitely the Malay wave. The only question is whether Umno or PKR will be washed away. PAS is the kingmaker. DAP will increase its current 37 seats.

      re: “Fortunately, this is just noise because the Indians have no economic clout whatsoever.”

      So you say that the Indians are generally poor except for their doctors and elite professional class. Collectively have little political influence because they’re unable to consolidate into a solid 95 percent bloc like the Chinese. (Four Indians will establish five mosquito parties.)

      Since they’re a poor and uninfluential community – those who are rich and Indian refuse to admit themselves as Indian (see screenshot below); they prefer to identify their race as bangsa Anak Malaysia – then why get so antsy over Dr Subra’s remarks?

      re: “Their greatest contribution is as gangsters”

      Do you think a little Indian boy will say “when I grow up I want to become a gangster” or will he say “when I grow up I want to become an engineer”?

      The fact that Indians end up in jail in disproportionate numbers/ratio to their population size is a testament of the shortcomings of our country’s socio-economic system and the deviation of the NEP’s objectives.

      The expressed aim of the NEP was to uplift every citizen regardless of his race, and it has been successful in helping the Malays. As one example, those Indian rubber tappers who lost their job and home when the rubber estates were fragmented should have been given greater access to the Felda schemes.

      re: “and gangsters with briefcases (Bar Council)”

      On this, I agree with you. Don’t forget the Indian superbullies in the English-language media either.

      Below: Comment by the J-Star‘s former managing editor P. Gunasegaram

      1. The only consolation for UMNO or any future powers that be is the Indians can never unite. They will sooner unite with someone else than with their own.

        Case in point –
        Indian cabbies who are mostly Tamil will join forces with Malay cabbies and Umnoputra Spad vs Uber-riding middle class who may well comprise Malayalees, Ceylonese Tamils among others.

        Middle class Indians are with the Chinese 90% in being unwilling to stand for the demands and improvement of Indian urban working class welfare (read: Tamil, non Ceylonese/Chettinad etc). What irony that it is a Malay led BN that gave Hindraf a Ministerial post! Many unaddressed issues, yes, but where are the equivalent gestures from pakatan, if they were truly concerned about the tamils?

        The Tamil electorate of low caste and of low socio economic status can thus be approximated to Malays and treated as such. Wear a garland on their holidays + greet kollywood stars when they are in town = votes.

        The non Tamil subcontinentals (Pakistanis, Ceylonese shudder to consider themselves Indian) are for all intents and purposes, Chinese. Any amount of goodwill lead only to more pijak kepala, nil votes.

        1. re: “Middle class Indians are with the Chinese 90% in being unwilling to stand for the demands and improvement of Indian urban working class welfare (read: Tamil, non Ceylonese/Chettinad etc).”

          True. I had noticed that those nastiest wrt Hindraf and the plight of the Indian poor were the English-speaking professional class Indians who support DAP. (And of course the Lim family bloggers … these would be Chinese.)

          I’ve met various Hindraf grassroots – sincere – leaders. I did ask the Hindraf top leadership what kind of supporters/activists they have. I was told they didn’t really have the upper middle-class (say, the Sivarasa types) in their ranks.

          So understandably, Hindraf would come nowhere near the kind of fund-raising that the DAP is able to source from the housing developers and SMEs and Chinese tycoons hedging their bets by financially supporting both sides, though I reckon MCA funding to dry up by GE14. They wouldn’t bet on a lame horse.

          re: “What irony that it is a Malay-led BN that gave Hindraf a ministerial post!”

          Najib has a flexibility that (I don’t suppose) Zahid and Muhyiddin to have. Appointing Waytha was out of the box.

          Here’s my assessment: BN is slipping and sliding due to several major factors – the anti-establishment sentiments of the youths being one, and the delusional ailment contracted by the rabid Dapsters another.

          ABU will kill any Umno Malay in its path. Those pro-BN but at the same time anti-Najib Malays are wrong to think that the attacks by DAP will stop once Najib (whom is a convenient scapegoat for the DAP black ops) is removed. The Dapsters adore Saifuddin Abdullah but nonetheless they still killed his political career in Temerloh.

          Nothing will satisfy the DAP short of seeing Umno dead and buried.

          In this scenario where the DAP is on shoot-to-kill mode, the BN needs a chairman who’s not only flexible but able to improvise.

          Najib’s ten-point solution is one example of improvisation. His nimble weaving around the 1MDB critics (great white sharks) is another. Stodgy Umno leaders who are inflexible and unable to improvise when confronted the Sneaky Bastard opposition will ring the death knell on the BN.

          re: “Many unaddressed issues, yes, but where are the equivalent gestures from Pakatan, if they were truly concerned about the Tamils?”

          The only good Indians to the DAP are the ones willing to polish the Lim family crown jewels.

          A friend texted me to point out that the biased torrent of reader comments to Malaysiakini stories yesterday on Tony Pua vs Sivarasa just shows up the Dapster mentality.

          1. Helen agreed with most of what you have said but I disagree with your assessment of Zahid. I think if given the power he will be willing to play very hard ball. He would not take insults from the Chinese or Indians sitting down. As for UMNO losing out, I doubt it. The Chinese ploy has worked in our favour. UMNO has never been more right-wing and we will get stronger the bolder we behave in reinforcing ‘Ketuanan Melayu’. A more funfamentalist Malay will not be frightened to apply Ketuanan in a stronger fashion. We need to send them the signal so that they feel more emboldened.

  6. Kak Helen,

    Ungrateful –
    Same mentality as the Cina who complain that ‘they are not being given a fair chance’. And by the way, The Indians mastery of Bahasa Melayu is not very far from the Chinese either.

    1. They’re much better BM speakers.

      Even the ones fresh off the boat from India and working in the mamak shops can speak BM.

      1. I concede that my second point is irrelevant to calling them ungrateful. It was just a response to Helen’s point. What I was trying to say was that the ‘we are not being given enough’, is the same mentality as the Cina.

          1. Bro,
            That’s scary but I’ll take your feedback and consider. I honestly cant imagine how I sound like the very people I hate.

  7. why get antsy over Subra’s remarks?
    Because, if a Dapster said they same thing, I would go after him, as would you. As you have rightfully pointed out, the Chinese are now so loud because we allowed their ‘little remarks’ to go on without check. This ‘tidak apa’ attitude has to stop. Imagine, this Indian suddenly talking big as if they have any real value. If we don’t nip it in the bud, it will fester. Let us learn from our mistake with the Chinese.

    1. re: “Imagine, this Indian suddenly talking big as if they have any real value.”

      With Chinese support for the BN-led government plunging to only five percent, Indian votes would be much appreciated by the BN.

      Did you know that in Labis – a constituency won by BN in GE13 by a whisker – it was the last box of Indian votes to come in, and very late, from a faraway plantation that pipped the MCA man over the finishing line? If if was not for the rural Indian voters, BN would have lost Labis in 2013.

      re: “If we don’t nip it in the bud, it will fester. Let us learn from our mistake with the Chinese.”

      The Chinese population in Malaysia is 6.8 million. The Indian population in Malaysia is 2.0 million. Hence the Chinese are 3-and-1/2 times bigger in number than the Indians.

      Furthermore, the Chinese are 95 percent solid block, while Indians are not pronounced in their support either way (BN / oppo) and they also support non-mainstream like PSM and Hindraf.

      The Indians will not behave like the Chinese.

      That’s why the Malay reaction has hardly ever been to call for doing away with Tamil schools. Indians are not perceived as any threat.

      Looking at the GE14 calculus, I believe it will be worthwhile for BN to court the Indian votes. Hence the call by MIC for more Senatorships is reasonable. They can be given the MCA quota.

      1. this fellows remarks are starting to sound like it. I’m sure 10 years ago when the Cinas talked like this, we reacted the same way. The Indians may be negligible in volume but that doesn’t mean that we let them forget their place. This kind of commentary cannot be tolerated least of all from a so-called ally.

        1. re: “The Indians may be negligible in volume but that doesn’t mean that we let them forget their place.”

          If Malays keep trying to put everyone (including Dayak, Kadazan-Dusun, Murut, etc) in their place, then Umno will have no allies and friends left. Then BN will lose Putrajaya.

          1. Betul Helen. This “put in their place remark”….statement macam ni pun ada? Malaysia did not prosper by showing ANYONE their place..kalau hang nak sgt duk semua Melayu EN Mohd Salim, pi la carik pulau…

            1. Oge Perlis,
              Human beings are creatures of hope. The Chinese and Indians at the start of Merdeka were just grateful to be given a place to stay. Over the years, they started to want more. Why? it’s human behaviour. We cannot change this. What we can do is wipe such dangerous ideas of ‘stake’ and ‘ownership’ out of their minds. Let me give you an example. The Banglas now are just grateful to have a place to live and work. They do not feel they are equals or can be given the same rights. Now, imagine if they continue to prosper, in 30 years they’ll be singing the same song as Dr. Subra. We need to remind them of their place and then we can all get along. Once in a negotiation with a Chinaman and my MNC boss in a JV, the Apek was starting to talk a lot and I remember how my Mat Salleh boss shot him down. He said, “we may be partners, but we are not equals”. That’s the message that needs to be drilled down. I don’t mean for them to leave Malaysia. But if you are going to stay, play by the rules. As Helen points out, you are NOT Bangsa Malaysia! There is no such thing. You are Chinese or Indian or whatever. This idea that we are all one, is at the core of the problem. When you see us as one, then everybody has to get the same rights. That’s blasphemy as far as Article 153 goes. So by all means stay, but behave. The Malays have been very gracious and kind hosts. Do not bite the hand that feeds you.

          2. Sorry..while we are talking about this Indian thing, did I hear it correctly, just now, the Dep. Edu. Min. is proposing to bring teachers from India to teach English here?
            If it is true, that is a very unfortunate move to be taken. Even if we are trying to save cost by not employing the native teachers, pulizz la, do not bring in all those sco###..
            We have enough of twisting around here already. It is not about racism, rather it is about an accurate delivery of facts, instead of twisting around.
            It is better that we do with whatever local teachers here, instead of creating more nightmares for our students in their attempt to be acquainted with the language.
            On second thought, if it is meant to be placed at the SJK or SMJK schools, then I have no qualms about that. In fact, I give my fullest support. They suit each other. One side will try to twist and turn, the other will bite back.

  8. Gunasegaram – ya, this Indian was the one who after TDM’s retirement suddenly found the guts to write his ’22 questions for TDM’ article. If there is one thing you can say consistently about Indians is they all like to ‘cakap besar’……….thats why they seem to breed in law courts….

      1. Yup. The one of the born again christians cure all. Go eff a whore, go binge on alcohol, have fun with whatever makes you forget the whole thing tonight cos tomorrow morning you can confess or pay tithe and absolution will be yours. Pure white cloth again and you can start the gd cycle all over. No wonder their deity cried blood.

        1. I see that you have chosen to defend the ultra racist. Tells me everything I need to know about you. What a pathetic little man! You should be the last person to be judging the moral values of others. Go and read your holy book again as it’s clearly not helping you at present.

          1. ‘What a pathetic little man! You should be the last person to be judging the moral values of others.’

            And you are quick to fooking judge him, didn’t you?!

            1. Oh look who decides to join the party. Just how insecure are you and AE about your race and religion. Truly pathetic. Grow up lads, get out of the dark ages and step into the 21st century. You might actually enjoy it here.

              1. ‘‘What a pathetic little man!’

                ‘Truly pathetic.’

                Feel better now WTJ, now that everyone else around you are nothing but pathetic?!

                1. “Feel better now WTJ, now that everyone else around you are nothing but pathetic?!”

                  Nah, just you two. AE is the worst, you are actually a lot milder and I don’t think you are beyond redemption. But AE’s hatred of all things Christian is so transparent, it’s really outing him. Notice how he started attacking Christianity in his retort and then goes crying when his own beliefs are questioned. And you wonder why I used the term “pathetic’.

                  Have also noticed that whenever he loses an argument, he throws out the standard “typical Evangelical response” retort as he really has nothing else. And he seems to love to take the moral high ground on deciding what is “sinful’ and what isn’t.

                  Westerners for example are extremely free and liberal with their bodies and their lifestyles, but are also the most humane. Easterners love to preach about piety and religion, but it doesn’t reflect on their society if corruption and humanitarian statistics are anything to go by. So tell me, who is more pleasing in the eyes of God? I definitely know it’s not the so called “God brigade”

                  Funny that he jumps on a thread started by the ultra racist and doesn’t call him out on it, but has a go at me for a flippant one liner. To me, racists are the scum of the earth. They lack intelligence, are ignorant, cruel and have no place in a civilised society. I don’t view you as being a racist, islam1st, but AE is definitely one and it’s obvious to anyone who reads his posts.

              2. Bla bla bla. Nothing new to say so just keep repeating same old same old. Sorry la bro, we muslim do not take advice from people with low moral. Our absolution does not come easy. Not going to waste it on your 21st century lifestyle. Christians boleh la, weekend pergi gereja, bayar kompaun, sudah suci balik ma, mcm bayi baru lahir. Wonder who is the real deity here, Jesus/Tuhan/Hantu Suci or the church that sells absolution?

                1. “Sorry la bro, we muslim do not take advice from people with low moral”

                  Well, you probably won’t like to hear what I am about to say about sexual promiscuity among Malays girls then, but based on my experience, some of the kinkiest and most promiscuous girls I have ever met have been tudung covered, Mosque attending girls. And don’t pretend that it’s not true, we all know that it is. It’s an open secret.

                  Also, not sure if you are aware of this, but the states that registered the highest numbers of online porn viewers in the country were none other than Islamic Kelantan and Terengganu. You want facts, here you go. Try to worm your way out of explaining the sexual promiscuity of your people. And here’s a link for you as well in case you thought I was making it up.


                  “Our absolution does not come easy.”

                  In your case, probably not at all.

                  1. ‘but based on my experience, some of the kinkiest and most promiscuous girls I have ever met have been tudung covered, Mosque attending girls.’

                    Tudung covered, perhaps. But mosque attending?? Really? Got reference or not? Or you gonna tell me that you actually follow them to the mosque before you get to fook them?? Seriously??

                    Its the beer isn’t it?!

                    1. What are your thoughts on the porn viewers? I see that you conveniently didn’t comment on that. Typical.

          2. The hallmark of an evangelista retort, put label, call name, deflect. No need facts, just mouth off, so long as it demeans the target. Lol. I can read you also la WTJ. Did i defend anyone? I did not. The only thing that i commented on is your “advice”. Was it a “good” advice? Was it full of moral values? Well, we all know what kind of moral you have now, don’t we? So does your christian preachers give out these kind of advice all the time that you parrot them to everyone with seemingly pent up anger?

            1. So you are actually ok with a person making racist slurs but jump on a one liner that I made towards him? Do you realise how bad that makes you look and what it implies? Figure it out champ.

              “So does your christian preachers give out these kind of advice all the time that you parrot them to everyone with seemingly pent up anger?”

              Please lah, we know that Christianity terrifies you no end.You insecurity levels towards it is beyond ridiculous, but so transparent. And please don’t assume what my beliefs are. I have almost as little respect for most Christians in Malaysia as I have for Muslims here. Both groups are not mature enough for religion, are extremely hypocritical and annoy me no end.

              1. ‘Do you realise how bad that makes you look and what it implies?’

                Similarly do you? Owh lupa plak, you are NEVER the pathetic one! The rest of us are. Right. Got it!

                Getting any beer lately??

  9. The Indians can’t blame the government for their inability to pull themselves out. You have to admit that those poor Chinese from Kg Baru figured out a way to get out. While I don’t like them, at least they show some ability to succeed.

    1. If you don’t believe in government intervention to help poor people out of poverty, then you must be against affirmative action programmes which means you must be against the NEP.

      As for the ability of the Chinese to pull themselves up by their bootstraps, I concede this to be true. But their “ability to succeed” comes from the ethos Survival of the Fittest, It’s a Dog Eat Dog World, and There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch.

      A positive way of looking at the Malaysian Chinese’s concept of “meritocracy” is that they’re highly competitive. A negative way of looking at it is that they’re ultra kiasu.

      So in the Malaysian context, our pertembungan budaya at both extremes is Ultra Kiasu bertemu Tidak Apa.

  10. I think my earlier comment, which you haven’t published, makes it clear that I am for the NEP and intervention.

    1. It is published at 3:10 pm serentak (approved simultaneously) with my reply to you.

      This is how the WordPress dashboard works if the blog admin chooses to respond to the reader, that is, reader comment and blog host comment will both appear (be visible) at the same time.

      Alternatively, I could publish your comment first and then only compose my reply later. I usually adopt the simultaneous option.

      Also short comments by readers which are time-stamped later may be approved first compared to lengthy comments by readers which are time-stamped earlier. The longer the reader comment, the more time it takes me to go through it.

      One-line comments can usually be moderated after a quick glance.

      1. Your comment on Kg Baru Chinese succeeding by dint of their own efforts was timed at 2.39 pm.

        It was approved at 2.49 pm, i.e. same time as my reply (the WordPress mechanics/procedure which I’ve just explained above) .

        I do not believe that a time lag of 10 minutes warrants you to say that I “haven’t published” it.

        Since I composed my replies to you totalling between 6 and 8 paragraphs (in both 2:49 and 3:10), quite understandably it takes me some minutes to type out my answer which was almost immediate in any case.

        1. my bad Kak Helen. Obviously, your suggestion that I didn’t support the NEP struck a nerve…….my apologies if I cam across as rash.

          1. It’s okay. I replied to you before I saw your follow-up comment.

            These are the pitfalls of us today using the very “fast” (speedy) or even almost instantaneous social media. We inter-cut each other too much.

            In the olden days, a letter took days to reach.

            Previously before we had handphones, if A promised to meet B at such and such a place and time, then both parties would have to be careful to keep the appointment because they couldn’t communicate in the interim while on the way.

            The older generation had more discipline.

  11. Here is an example of the daughter in law from hell. After cursing the Federal government, Penang as the audacity to ask for money again. To do what?

    Look at the words. “Terpinggir”
    What is the money for?
    “Pulau Pinang sedang melaksanakan pelan induk pengangkutan awam bernilai RM27 bilion melibatkan kerja pembesaran infrastruktur dan sistem pengangkutan awam komprehensif yang menggabungkan transit aliran ringan (LRT), trem, bas dan catamarans (kapal pelbagai guna), memperluaskan jalan raya dan membina lebuh raya baharu.

    Pelan induk ini termasuk terowong dasar laut menghubungkan George Town dan Butterworth.”

    Why would national funds be used for a “terowong dasar laut”? By giving Penang a third bridge, wouldn’t Langkawi feel terpinggir?

    And what are the catamarans for? For evacuation during flash floods at the airport is it?

  12. Kak Helen.

    Please expand upon the story and the publish it as satire in book form.

    Proceeds would go to the Anti-Evangelista and Those Who Bite Off The Hand That Fed Them Foundation.

  13. A Sad Tale of Filial Piety

    Kuo Chi, who lived during the Han Dynasty (200BC -200AD) and his family were very poor. He had a three-year-old son. Even though there was little food, Kou Chi’s mother would always give part of her share to her grandson so that he would not suffer hunger.
    One day Kuo Chi said to his wife, “We are so poor and needy that we cannot give mother enough to eat, and worse still this our son is eating part of mother’s share. It were better if we buried our son.” So he started to dig a grave. When he had dug a hole about three feet deep, he discovered a pot filled with gold, and inscribed on it were the words:
    “Officials may not partake of this, and commoners may not steal it.”

    Would any of our politicians appreciate Kuo Chi’s filial naivete? Or keep their hands off a pot of gold?

    1. So the rulers “officially partake” of the toils of the commoners while the poor among them want to “steal from one another” so that they don’t have to kill their children to save their parents?
      Laws are not righteous, except that righteous men constitute them rightly.

  14. why she did not sue you with your articles and write ups about her private business ??? very strange

    1. gen-y not interested in keluar masuk court..gajet lagi penting bro…dalam toilet pun boleh hantar mesej..thanks

      1. AE dah lar. Tak buat macam pun dah kena! Kalau buat jangan cakap la. Mother China mai serang Malaysia kut?! Tak pun Uncle Sam mai nak selamatkan Evangelistas!

  15. ‘The worst thing of all is that the Hokkien they speak is pidgin. Nobody outside the freaking island and little enclave on the peninsular understands what they are speaking.’

    Yeah, and since my basic Hokkien was inadequate, I had to sign up for a 12 weekend course to learn this bastardized version of Hokkien – just to be able to make my way around little Fujian.

    Living in Malaysia but forced to learn Penang Hokkien – out of necessity.

    The irony of it all.

    Celaka betoi.

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