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The devil wears Prada

In Indonesia,

“The Acehnese government started on Monday the demolition of 10 churches in Aceh Singkil regency, Aceh.” Continue reading in the Jakarta Post.

This follows a church burning last week by 500 rioters. Around 1,000 Christians had fled Aceh for their safety when the Muslims mengamok. Pictures @ MyMassa.

BELOW: Among the City Harvest church elders charged is Serina Wee (pix).


In Singapore,

“six former and current City Harvest Church (CHC) leaders were arrested to face varying charges of criminal breach of trust and falsifying accounts. They are accused of misappropriating and misusing $24 million in church funds…”. Continue reading in the Straits Times.

The Singapore court is expected to deliver a verdict on the City Harvest case tomorrow.

Although it was a huge controversy involving the misappropriation of RM74.4 million, the English-language press in Malaysia has buried the scandalous story. This is because the media owned by the MCA is a Nest of Evangelistas.

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21 thoughts on “The devil wears Prada

  1. Ms Helen

    Although i know what you are trying to get at, but my opinion is that these are two separate events that should be viewed differently under their own circumstances.

    The Sg case, even amongst my Christian friends, pun tgh hentam City Harvest. its a pretty big issue in SG, but i dont see whats the point of making it headlines for the Malaysian market

    The situation in Acheh ( and many other parts in Indonesia where there is prominent Muslim x Christian conflict), is a complicated one. Indonesia can be a land of extremes, sometimes there is no middle area, esp in religious issues. I work in Indonesia on a weekly basis, the Muslims and Christians there dont really share the same perangai as their malaysian brethen ( good and bad)

    1. Evangelizing for Jesus? Detachment from worldly profit? Scrupulous behaviour? Humble demeanour? Sober exhortation?

      Pastor Sun Ho’s Drunken Enterprise

  2. You are right Helen, the CHC scandal is big news in Singapore but the star chose not to expose it.

    1. its not covered up lah…its in the Star every day…plus, with the internet & facebook, its pretty much spread out faster than print..You have parody websites of serina wee :D

      1. re: “its in the Star every day”

        Can you please show where it is in The J-Star “every day” as you claim?

        Below is a Google Search result. No story on City Harvest Church turned up from The Star Online over the past month – see screenshot.

        Like Naruto said, it’s “big news in Singapore” but the J-Star buried it. If you look at the results of Google search on Past Month, why there’s no City Harvest story, the MCA Gunting Dalam Lipatan instead featured a story on a “hardline Buddhist party”.

        A similar Google search on Past Year only turned up two stories on City Harvest Church, i.e.

        3 Jul 2015: ‘Kong selling penthouse for RM28mil’

        21 May 2015: ‘I was in the dark, says Sun Ho’

        re: “plus, with the internet & facebook, its pretty much spread out faster than print”

        (1) If people want to get their news from Facebook, then newspapers will go out of style. But since the J-Star remains Malaysia’s best-selling newspaper (print), why did it bury this City Harvest scandal?

        (2) Since the J-Star has its Internet mirror version, why did Star Online too black out the City Harvest scandal?

        1. I cant speak for the online version Helen. By cursory glance i see the news on the international pages in the print version, during lunch time when the star copies are in the pantry :). Then again, if the argument is about coverage, i wonder if our mainstream TV news covers this story as well? ( i dont watch TV so cant say)

          But anyway, like i said, its a well known case and newsflash, all 6 are charged guilty ( as of 1 min ago, from news site i see on facebook)

          1. But i maintain ( my personal opinion) , its not within my interest to catch up with this City Harvest case. Scam evangelist do exist, most esp in the US…

          2. re: “i wonder if our mainstream TV news covers this story as well? ( i dont watch TV so cant say)”

            The reason I bring up the crackdown by Beijing and Chinese provincial (state) governments on China’s evangelistas is because the Chinese officials know what these people are capable of.

            The Malays don’t. You all are simply not able to grasp the extreme sneakiness.

            re: “But anyway, like i said, its a well known case”

            Show me mainstream coverage of it in Malaysia, since you claim it is a “well-known case”. And have Malaysian netizens and politicians reacted to it in the past several years that the scandal has hogged headlines in Singapore?

            1. well its on the star online now ( the court decision)…dont know about print..tak sampai office lagi…. :)

              put it this way lah…im not defending the star or anything…simply because now city harvest issue is the least of many people’s( at least Mine) concern….

              1. re: “well its on the star online now (the court decision)”

                Since you’re Googling the church in the J-Star domain, you can see for yourself how few stories the EvangeliSTAR has carried on it in the past.

                re: “simply because now city harvest issue is the least of many people’s( at least Mine) concern”

                Out of 100 news item in The J-Star today, how many issues are close to your heart?

                Regardless of whether these hundreds of news item daily of your concern or not, news is news, and a NEWSpaper publishes the news to cater to a broad readership (other readers than you).

                Not many people might have cared about Alvin Tan but it didn’t prevent The J-Star from ‘agenda setting’. See,

                The Star newpaper carried 17 stories of the “sex blog couple Alvin Tan and Vivian Lee” over the long weekend alone: [11]

                6 stories on Friday, 19 October 2012;
                7 on Saturday (20 October); and
                4 on Sunday (21 October)”


                Like I said, the EvangliSTARs downplayed the City Harvest church scandal. The news outlet set their own agenda. Utusan does. Why should you disbelieve that the J-Star does the same?

  3. You are right Helen, the CHC scandal is big news in Singapore but the star chose not to expose it

  4. I will be very surprised if Pastor Kong Hee and his ilk are acquitted of their criminal charges by the Singapore High Court on Oct 21. Kong Hee has passed over leadership of CHC to his wife, Sun already and now in a major rebranding called CHC 2.0

  5. His disciples questioned him and said to him, “Do you want us to fast? How shall we pray? Shall we give alms? What diet shall we observe?”
    Jesus answered: “Do not tell lies, and do not do what you hate (if done to you), for all things are plain in the sight of heaven. For there is nothing hidden that will not become manifest, and nothing covered up that would not be uncovered.”
    – The Gospel of Thomas

  6. In Penang.

    Pulau Pinang sudah dikenali sebagai hab dadah kata Timbalan Menteri Dalam Negeri:

    ‘Pulau Pinang dikenal pasti antara negeri yang menjadi hab pembuatan dadah sindiket pengedaran antarabangsa bagi pasaran di rantau ini. – See more at:

    Sebelum Pulau Pinang jadi rogue state maka eloklah jika ianya dipulangkan kepada Kesultanan Kedah semula. Semoga YDP Agong sudi mempertimbangkan cadangan ini.

    ‘Murad juga berkata perjanjian itu dimansuhkan pada 1957 apabila negara mencapai kemerdekaan daripada British dan Pulau Pinang serta Seberang Perai sepatutnya dipulangkan kepada Kedah secara automatik.

    Malah, menurutnya pada 1955, Sultan Kedah ketika itu, Sultan Badlishah dalam sepucuk surat kepada British meminta supaya dipulangkan Seberang Perai yang baginda sifatkan sebagai sebahagian Kedah.

    ” Oleh kerana Light pernah menemui Sultan Abdullah Mukaram Shah dan Sultan Zainal Azilin Jiwa Muazzam Shah, telah menekankan tentang memori dan kesedaran Kesultanan (tentang perkara itu),” katanya.

    Menurutnya, tuntutan Kedah ke atas Pulau Pinang atau mana-mana tuntutan terhadap kawasan sama ada dalam negeri atau antara negeri bukan sesuatu yang luar biasa atau mustahil dari segi perlembagaan dan politik.

    “Sebagai contoh. Satu daripadanya ialah Hong Kong kembali kepada China.
    – See more at:

  7. As expected, all the City Harvest Church Singapore pastors and leaders are convicted of CBT & other criminal charges. I was right. Justice is done. God is good. Let’s see what the christian leaders in Malaysia have to say. All will be dumbstruck & in spin & denial.

    1. These scumbags are hurting traditional mainline Christians the most.

      When Muslims lash out in anger, they’re not going to be able to distinguish between a conman/woman Born Again and ordinary Christians who are not cultists.

      I hope Lee Min Choon will step up his efforts.

  8. Have these kinds evangelists ever committed CBT or other criminal acts in Malaysia?

    Can the authorities act on them if what they do here is only ‘partying and screaming on stage’?

    1. The MACC was investigating Hannah Yeoh in a dragnet on DAP Aduns some years wrt to their constituency expenses but that investigation appears to have been NFA after the sudden death of DAP aide Teoh Beng Hock.

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