8 thoughts on “15% poll respondents “don’t care what Chinese want”

  1. Helen, TMI buat dia punya sneaky bastards act lagi!

    ‘Tampar pekerja Bangladesh: Ahli perniagaan mohon maaf, kompaun RM500 – See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/bahasa/article/tampar-pekerja-bangladesh-ahli-perniagaan-mohon-maaf-kompaun-rm500#sthash.FQS0kGcr.dpuf

    Tajuk tulis RM500-tapi content tulis RM5000! Sneaky bastard!

    ‘Seorang ahli perniagaan diperintah membayar kompaun RM5,000 kepada seorang pekerja pusat cuci kenderaan warga Bangladesh serta majikannya kerana mendatangkan cedera parah ke atas pekerja itu sehingga patah hidung. – See more at: http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/bahasa/article/tampar-pekerja-bangladesh-ahli-perniagaan-mohon-maaf-kompaun-rm500#sthash.FQS0kGcr.dpuf

  2. We may not care what Cina wants. Unfortunately the PM cares, very much. He not only cares, but makes it a point to cater to the wants of the Cina (including the ones from DAP.

    Cina tak nak ISA, PM campak ISA. MCA tukar fikiran dan mahu wakil dalam kabinet. Ya, PM beri ruang. Cina (terutamanya Dap) suruh Najib turun, eh tak bolehla.

    Cina tak kata apa pun tapi PM tegaskan Cina bukan pendatang pada perhimpunan parti Cina baru lepas. Dan beliau juga menekankan sekolah Cina akan terus dibela.

    Cina pun bertepuk, besorak:

    Ramai yang bertanya “Apa yang Cina mahu?” Padahal yang perlu mereka tanya “Apakah yang majoriti pengundi memangkah BN pada PRU13 mahu?”

    Ini mungkin gambaran apa yang Cina mahu –
    1. Menggantikan Jalur Gemilang (yakni perlembagaan)
    2. Memperkasakab bahasa Cina

    1. We have to look at it in tandem with the four other answer options not selected by this 15%.

      My apology to you for casting my reply in terms of Malay-Chinese dichotomy.

      Let’s use the process of elimination.

      This 15% methinks are Malay. The Chinese respondents would mostly have chosen the answer ‘True, I agree’ (12%).

      Those who are fed up with Chinese behaviour and object to the DAP trajectory would – in my appraisal – have chosen the answer “Not true, I disagree” (45%). This is a large/the biggest segment.

      Those who picked the option “Half true, I partially agree” are those who masih bersangka baik and hopeful that things can be improved (16%).

      The ones who “Don’t know what Chinese want” are perplexed and can’t understand the Chinese mind and community. This 11% percent are probably the non-Chinese readers.

      So, coming back to the 15%. I access this group to be those who may not harbour any rancour against the Chinese but have decided to wash their hands of the matter.

      Philosophy: Ikut suka hati lu lah. Continue being in denial but it won’t change the momentum and all your whinging about being “second class citizens” doesn’t cut any ice. Just be prepared when reality bites.

      How? You agree with my reading?

      1. re: My apology to you for casting my reply in terms of Malay-Chinese dichotomy.

        No apology needed for being realistic :)

        I tend to agree with you. The 15% are most likely who you say they are. For one thing, they must be non-Chinese to start with.
        The average Ah Beng and Ah Lian certainly know what they want, be it moderation or economic and political dominance and supremacy.

        Actually a commendable quality to have – the ability to actualise their objectives and work (or lie and cheat) towards achieving their goals.

        Unfortunately for most Chinese, the actualisation of the concept of political dominance is based on a flawed premise.

        A premise that has its origins in a psychotic belief born of greed and the inherent desire for hegemony.

        In other words, delusion.

        Sorry to digress. Back to the 15%.

        If they’re indeed Malay like we think, they must be the “paling tidak apa” kind of the highest order – the kind who are either blissfully ignorant of clear and present danger or pretend not to know or are not interested in knowing at all.

        IMO, Dato’ Sri Haji Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak belongs to that 15%.

  3. UMNO perlu menyusun semula pembahagian kerusi dengan MCA/Gerakan dikawasan majority Melayu. Contohnya, tak logiklah letak calon MCA(Cina) dikawasan DUN Bandar di Terengganu. Sudahlah kawasan tu lebih 70% majority Melayu, di Negeri Terengganu pula yang pengundinya cenderung memilih pemimpin Islam. Pembahagian kerusi hendaklah mengikut winable party bukan lagi mengikut tradisi. Kerusi DUN Bandar ini sepatutnya boleh menstabilkan sedikit Kerajaan BN di Terengganu. Harapkan Cina tak tentu lagi mereka akan menyokong BN.

    Harap Helen membuat analisa dan mencadangkan kerusi2 lain samada DUN ataupun Parlimen yang yang sepatutnya ditandingi oleh UMNO instead of MCA/Gerakan.

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