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ALL six City Harvest Church scoundrels found guilty on ALL charges by the Singapore court this morning. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

And this, dear readers, is the difference between Singapore that is alert to a clear-and-present danger and Malaysia yang masih dok tidur mengelamun and oblivious to an existential threat to our country.


BN ditikam belakang

The Gunting Dalam Lipatan has been blacking out this long-running saga in our closest neighbour.

It’s a clear indication of how their Scissorati will continue stabbing and stabbing BN in the back while wearing a fake, pious smile on the face.

If Umno wants to be kicked out of Putrajaya, then continue lah – remain paling tidak apa – and let the Nest of Evangelistas spread its wings unchecked and fly unhindered even further afield.

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BELOW: Look which Big Mama Muniandy is onstage at the City Harvest Church in Subang Jaya

Hannah Yeoh on stage at the City Harvest Church, Subang Jaya

Time for bersangka baik is over

Since you won’t find coverage of this big story in the MCA-owned media, please just go ahead and Google the extensive reporting on the City Harvest megachurch’s dirty laundry in the Singapore media.

There are also plenty of exposes and first-person “heartbreaking” revelations in plenty of chat rooms and sopo forums on how this evangelical cult exploited and manipulated young Singaporeans.

And the MCA media empire can brazenly black out this story.

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Only 5% of Chinese still support the government

Ponder on why the evangelical party is able to garner the support of 95 percent Chinese. Answer: It’s through 24/7 indoctrination, cyber terrorism and information blackout on any negative stories about the DAP evangelistas.

The MCA must be expelled from the BN for their treachery in promoting Umno’s nemesis.

You will find the same ingredients of Tipu, Bohong, Putar-belit and Fitnah in the City Harvest RM743.5 million corruption scam as you find among the church elder’s evangelista cousins across the Causeway.

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43 thoughts on “GUILTY !!!

  1. This taking advantage of ‘in the name of God’ in whatever form is still rampant. We get some coming in my shop carrying tiny Buddhas, Hindu Gods or surah2 yasin booklets complete with their official receipt books asking for donation.

    One gangster looking Apek even insisted wanting to screw to our wall their ‘donation’ box telling my reception girls they will drop by weekly to collect its contents.

    Yang lagi licik dok con gunapakai nama2 Churches, semejid and temples, situ lagi la boleh banyak dapat kutipan.

    May these people rot in Hell.

    1. What about those from Malaysia who surface in Singapore every year before Hari Raya Aidilfitri asking for alms? They are most commonly seen in the vicinity of the Sultan Mosque in Arab Street.

      Are they “deserving unfortunates” or “taking advantage” of that particular season?

      The same principles should apply, yes? As you have outlined?

  2. Singapore – u do wrong, even with GOD as shield, you will be charged.
    Malaysia – u do wrong, as long as you kow-tow to nation’s kleptocrat leader, u won’t be charged.
    That’s why Singapore is a first world nation, and we are still deciding whether to make English as a must pass syllabus.

  3. The day will come when these people go after the budak Melayus and UMNO will still be in their “tidak apa mode” They have never sensed the anger that lies in many Malay hearts…and yet they called themselves Pembela Melayu,,,,,,except for a handful that benefitted, many Melayus felt sidelined after voting in Melayu BN. And their Ketua Pemuda openly appointed one of those as his Press Secretary.

    And these people, similar to the guilty ones in S’pore, are trampling Melayus all over. And UMNO is still dumb. Enough of this baik sangka…true Helen, UMNO needs to be stabbed by the Melayus baru dia sedar but the President will always have a very soft sport for these trouble makers.

    When the Malay liberals, PM included, rule without the ruh Melayu, all I can say is Doomsday, come..faster, faster, faster lai la and be answerable to our Creator

    1. I am not sure where the mention about Singapore is going.

      Have the religious rights of any community in Singapore been compromised or infringed upon?

      On the contrary, churches, mosques, temples and synagogues are flourishing in Singapore. Why? Because a secular state emphasises freedom of religion as part of it’s ethos and not merely an abstract ideal.

      Also, you might want to read up on the connection between Wahhabism and the Saudi royal family, specifically the partnership between Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Wahhab and Imam Mohammed bin Saud that “laid the foundation for today’s kingdom (Saudi Arabia) and its reliance on the Sheikh’s 270-year-old teachings” (AFP).

      1. Indeed, freedom of religious conviction is a right in societies governed by true Islamic principles. And there is a distinction between rulership (umara’) and religious authority (ulama’) in the Muslim polity. There has never been a rightly guided theocracy (khalifah rashidin) since the first generation of Muslims wherein the roles of umara’ and ulama’ resided in particular individuals
        The Saudi-Wahhabism regime that you speak about and the resulting Islamist clamour to return to the glorious age of Khalifah Rashidun are just that – unjustifiable religious claims to political ascendancy. The religion of Islam has been secularized and radicalized in various places worldwide. Islamist wahhabism has boldly sidelined our classical Nusantara Sufi tradition for many decades now, while the libertarians mock at the conservatism of religious morality.
        Today, there are Islamists from this country who will join terror mongering groups like ISIS who kill and maim large numbers of human beings – Muslims and non-Muslims alike – in the name of their god and ambitions.

        Imam Al-Ghazzali entreats us to abandon our self-worship:
        “Are you ready to cut off your own head and place your foot on it? If so, come – Love awaits you!
        Love is not grown in a garden, nor sold in the marketplace; Whether you are a king or a servant, the price is your head, and nothing less. Yes, the cost of the Elixir of Love is your head! Do you hesitate? O miser, it is cheap at that price!”

        – This ought to be our ethos and not merely a rhetorical ideal.

        In the Name of Allah Most Compassionate & Merciful

        1. 116. Why were there not, among the generations before you, persons possessed of balanced good sense, prohibiting mischief on the earth – except for a few amongst them whom We saved (from being harmed)? But the wrongdoers pursued the enjoyment of the good things of life given to them, and they persisted in sinfulness.
          117. Nor would thy Lord be the One to destroy communities for a single wrongdoing, or if its members were likely to mend their ways.
          118. If thy Lord had so willed, He could have made all mankind one people: but they will not cease to dispute with one another
          119. except those on whom thy Lord has bestowed His Mercy: and for this did He create them. But the Word of thy Lord shall be fulfilled: “I will fill Hell with (rebellious) jinns and men all together.”
          (Surah Hud)

  4. Before you get all carried away, it should be noted that the prosecution of the CHC leaders in the Singapore courts had absolutely nothing to do with Christian evangelization.

    It was all about “allegations that they conspired to misuse church funds to the tune of millions of dollars to further the music career of singer Sun Ho, who’s also Kong’s (CHC founder and senior pastor Kong Hee) wife” (Singapore Business Times, Oct 21).

    Note – “misuse of church funds…to further the music career of…Sun Ho…”. Not a word about evangelisation.

    The Business Times report also noted that “whichever way the verdict swings, parties can still lodge an appeal…”

    So I’d hold back on the “hallelujahs”, if I were you! Because there’s a possibility that the judgement will be appealed all the way up to Singapore’s apex court.

    1. re: “Before you get all carried away, it should be noted that the prosecution of the CHC leaders in the Singapore courts had absolutely nothing to do with Christian evangelization.”

      The court found them guilty of dipping their grubby Christian evangelical fingers into the cookie jar (church collection bag).

      re: “It was all about ‘allegations that they conspired to misuse church funds to the tune of millions of dollars’…”

      Now that the verdict is out, it is no longer allegations but proven fact.

      re: Note – “misuse of church funds…to further the music career of…Sun Ho…”. Not a word about evangelisation.

      It shows what kind of people they are. CROOKS! Scum in pastors’ and church elders’ clothing who bully and brainwash gullible sheeple. The foolish Lambs of God and their money are soon parted.

      re: “The Business Times report also noted that ‘whichever way the verdict swings, parties can still lodge an appeal’…”

      As of this morning, we’re justified to call them deviant ‘Christian’ crooks.

      re: “So I’d hold back on the ‘hallelujahs’, if I were you! Because there’s a possibility that the judgement will be appealed all the way up to Singapore’s apex court.”

      Until (if ever) they’re exonerated, as it stands as of today, they’ve been pronounced by the Singapore court as crooks who prey on vulnerable idiots. I hope they given maximum sentence.

      1. You are evading the issue.

        Where in the CHC case has Christian evangelisation in Singapore been put on trial? That’s the key issue, isn’t it?

        Christian evangelisation is present in Singapore. From the established mainstream churches, the so-called “megachurches” and the smaller “independent” churches. Their modus operandi hasn’t been called into question.

        The CHC case was purely and straightforwardly about criminal behaviour and the misuse of church funds. Not, I repeat, about evangelisation and proselytising.

        1. Repeat all you want.

          You can pretend but your reiteration won’t change the fact that the ‘evangelisation’ dirty laundry was aired due to this City Harvest trial and as a consequence, the image of the evangelical mega churches suffered.

          Kudos to the S’pore govt for nailing these church crooks on their “criminal behaviour”.

            1. Not really, boss.

              Just seeing off asinine comments like the ones you have a predilection to posting.

              And that isn’t too difficult…hahaha!

          1. What “dirty laundry”?

            And how has the image of the “evangelical mega churches” on Singapore suffered? By diminished congregations? By reduced numbers of conversions? By falling collections? By scaled back outreach programmes? Where are the supporting statistics?

            It seems to me that you are the one repeating yourself!

            1. Either you’re in denial or being kiasu. I’m more inclined to believe it is the latter.

              I’ve just asked Lebai Google. More than enough write-ups and first-person confessions of members deserting City Harvest and some moving on to New Creation.

              Yet you persist in pretending the scandal has no repercussions?

            2. Kineas, keep hollering in here and you will be confirmed as an ignoramus with a damned good command of the language.

      2. I was told by my old political science professor that whenever the government fears that a particular religious group has grown too strong or cult like, ‘something’ would happen.

  5. quote,”If Umno wants to be kicked out of Putrajaya, then continue lah – remain paling tidak apa – and let the Nest of Evangelistas spread its wings unchecked and fly unhindered even further afield.”unquote.

    Do you think Najib would listen to UMNO ordinary members?

    He only needs the UMNO division chiefs. Yang lain, dia peduli apa.

    1. If the division chiefs don’t want Umno to lose power, then they’d better compel their party president to act – not only on The J-Star but also in many other areas, e.g. Christian Zionist-funded NGOs that are enemies of the state, the seditious calls for secession as well as the abolishment of Article 11(4), 153 etc.

      All these attacks left, right and centre are undermining the BN’s hold on power.

      1. quote,”..then they’d better compel their party president to act ….”unquote.

        Helen…Helen….how do they want to compel their president to act when their president compel them to be just YES man?

  6. They have done it in Acheh. They have done it in Singapore. Only in Malaysia. Woah, so tolerant.

    1. No churches have been burned or torn down in Singapore.

      Unlike, say, in Aceh.

      Or wherever ISIS’s writ runs large.

      Anymore asinine comments?

        1. Dunno, leh – why don’t you call him up and ask him?

          It’s a small enough effort on your part, dont you think?

        2. Cik Helen.
          Kalau kata akidah Muslims mudah digoyang, pendapat saya tipis sekali. Selagi mereka2 ni sembah patong half naked male, or some sculpture in whatever form. Imagine asking my kids or someone to make a patong whatever, tempek kat alter and sembah2, memang tak masuk akal. Fullstop.

          Yang goyang2 sikit biasanya ada masalah peribadi. Pasangan dari Agama lain yg depa cannot part, kecewa dalam hidup aahh biasanya ada kaitan dgn mental problems.

      1. Did anyone mention anything torn down in Singapore? Tak kannn! Do not jump like ‘kera kena belacan’, you know? Being found guilty in court is as serious a punishment, is it not, huhh?.
        Asinine la kononnn, typical!
        Btw, what is ISIS? Do you know who they are? Do not start wild guessing. Do you want to be hunted by them? Best wishes.

  7. Ms H. Sometimes, our beloved Malaysia seemed to lack the power of the enforcement of the laws. With the multitude of RM2 incorporated places of worship and the fact that 2 illiterate members of my family can be millionaires through this industry, one a born again Christian and the other a Buddhist, the former reinvested in the Marble Arch area of London, etc, is it fair for our Government not to have these unconventional mushroom religious places of worship (those established before 1970 are to be excepted) reviewed to see whether these leaders are properly trained to be priests or priestesses. It is only fair the Government does so in the general interest of all normal working people who pay their income taxes dutifully.

      1. Ms H. NEP. Besides there no funny duddy born again ‘churches’ which came about by the ingenuity of a born again tycoon 1n 1976 to corral his banking flock so that they are mild and meek and have no sticky fingers ! Smart alec !

      2. Ms H. Like the mushroom insurance companies of the 1950s/1960s, the gemini chit funds of the early 1970s, the MCA inspired co-operatives of the late 1970s, the share rigging of the late 1970s onwards, the foreign exchange and the gold bullion capers, these ‘born again fellows’ are the same as these felons in fact a few of the RM2 churches are OWNED by convicted felons !

  8. Need an independent audit of all off these churches and their books. Hannah Yeoh’s church, father Lawrence Andrew’s Church and every one of the evangelist congregations in Malaysia.

    None of them are clean. Not one of them. And they dare demand an investigation into 1MDB.

    No wonder they have been crowing so loud for an investigation into the 1MDB funds leveling accusations of impropriety against the PM and his government when in fact they may well have been thinking about themselves but speaking against the government

    1. An “independent audit of all off(sic) these churches and their books….” – are you exempting other religions’ houses of worship from similar exacting requirements because they are clean of financial chicanery, shenanigans and skullduggery?

      1. Because other religions house of worship are properly established as religious institutions, not as Sdn Bhd companies. If you are incorporated as a company and there are financial transactions, even in the form of donations, you are subject to audit.

        The question is: why so sensitive?

    2. grkumar. I fully support your sensible remarks. I refer in particular to the RM2 incorporated places of worship established by unqualified priests or pastors. Why gave tax exemption to a group of unregulated self-appointed guardians of other people’s souls who are supported indirectly by the income-taxpayers of the whole country ? These are not the conventional churches which have been in existence for centuries. But these are the creations of unqualified and umemployed persons who had the audacity to collect 10% or more money from the ignorant flock. One or two of these so-called churches are owned by convicted or unconvicted felons. Look at closely regulated Singapore. Yet these desperadoes just made use of money belonging to others with no conscience or qualms. They have a bigger branch in Malaysia. From the sublime to the ridiculous !

  9. Haiya they cristians simply take peoples money wan la. Say giv money can go in heaven. Tokok la they all

  10. Totally agree with you Helen. These crooks are hiding behind their “born again christian” and evangelist labels. They are using religion to dupe people into parting away with their money.

    Shame Shame Shame on the evangelist.

    Low class…

    Where is Hana Big Mama? How come she is shutting off he big mouth? I know why… because she also idolises these crooks.

    If this case happened to be by UMNO or BN, she will surely be quick to jump and call all sort of names.

    Hoi Kineas – why so sensitive one? Why you support these evangelist who are clearly crooks? Have you seen how Ho dresses up for performance? Where is decency and modesty in her dressing? And all that is done under the name of evangelism. And using money inappropriately channel from church building fund. If that is not CBT what is?

    Shame Shame Shame on these evangelist.

    1. You would notice the lukewarm reporting on Malaysiakini. And look at the comments. One tried to divert the attention to 1MdB.

      potato chips So is God going to set them free?
      10 hours ago

      Anonymous 2368651442807108 Money/Greed is the root of all evil
      21/Oct/2015 at 1:47:13pm

      Anonymous_3f6d If he is in Malaysia, he will be praised as hero although still very much smaller than 2.6Billion !
      21/Oct/2015 at 1:18:19pm

      Read more:

  11. Doing what the name of the Church suggests – City Harvest, what do you harvest in the city – money

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