Our motherland

SRJK(C) provides mother tongue education.

If our mother tongue is Chinese, then our motherland is, quite naturally, China.

Hannah Yeoh’s daughter is officially categorized ‘Chinese’ on her birth certificate. But it is the MIC & Umno troops who are “racist and distasteful”. Hannah Yeoh claims they used “nasty words” on her family and her response is to “Salam 1Malaysia back to all of [them]”.

Urm, with DAP members, shouldn’t it be either “Salam 1China” or  “G’day mate” to their pesky critics?

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  1. Please don’t comment about the race. It’s critical in this political situation. We all Malaysian.

      1. Helen,

        Between Malaysian school (I take it you mean national school) vs Parents’ rights to choose school for their kids, which one should prevail?

          1. Now that you support single stream school or national school, my next questions:

            1. Which level the single stream shall be imposed? Eg. kindergarten, primary, secondary, pre-U and Uni.

            2. Will you agree that other type of schools that segregate based on the factors below to be abolished as well?

            a) religious school;
            b) private/international school;
            c) boarding school;
            d) elite school.

            3. For schools (from kindergarten to Uni level) in foreign countries, do you think the government should disallow Malaysians from going to these schools?

              1. Yes. Any problem? Trying to get Helen’s response in a specific manner. I don’t mind if you would like to chip in. I know your are a proponent of national school system. But to what extent?

        1. In other countries, there are no choices. Only in Malaysia.
          If you want choice, have it your way, pay for it. Talk about choice. Your choice means ‘grab’ everything…br1m, kr1m, and everything else. But, shout about gst, toll, etc.–urgh!

          1. Vernacular schools (partially public funding), Chinese independent secondary schools (zero public funding) and private college/uni (also zero public funding) survive till today with increasing demand annually. Parents that enrol their children to these schools are fully aware of the fact that they need to pay from own pocket.

            What you mean by ‘grab everything’? Middle class irrespective of race are hardly BR1M and KR1M beneficiaries. However, all Malaysians are affected by GST and toll hike. In fact, middle class is trapped. Hardly get government assistance but affected by price hike. At least the lower income get assistance.

            1. When I went to enquire about my excessive tax payment at an IRD, I could not easily find a parking space. Why is that? It was April, I recalled when everyone there was busy about br1m.
              And I was there to inquire about my refund for the last 10 years or so. And, the cars there were not indicative of br1m-qualified recipients. Plzz, have mercy to these poor rich folks, urghhh! Previously, I had no qualms about donating any excess tax I incurred. No more, since those greedy br1m applicants obstructed my parking spot. I am going to claim every cent of it. I am not going to ‘bersekongkol’ with those munafiqs who pretend to qualify to GRAB anything along their path. .I hope my tax will be reduced since I am now the sole bread-winner of my family. So, I truly support gst since it is one way to reduce my tax.

              1. I might be in the upper mid group, but I do not feel the pinch of gst a bit. If only, you bersyukur and make the necessary adjustments, instead of blaming others, God will provide you with bountiful sustenance. gst is not the determinant of our well-being or sustenance. Only those ingrates will feel the brunt as meant for those greedy ingrates.
                My only regret, there is this group of greedy people who jump at any opportunity to make extra profit by profiteering in the name of gst. They can ‘kenakan’ me once, and that is it. If any shop mentions a price hike ‘because of gst, ma…”, that is my last visit there. No more money from me.You can count on other aplenty customers to your shop. When and if we go overseas, we can claim refund at the airport of the countries where gst had been imposed on its citizens ever since and they dutifully support the move as obedient citizens unlike many here who like to ‘bark’ at any initiative by the government.
                I will find those new Malay shops instead, at least puas hati, gst or not. Do not parade that racist word no more, it is outdated. Why do I have to support those ingrates, besides they are already more than self-sufficient.
                May I ask anyone here where I can find ‘new’ shops selling automotive parts and tyres, hardware shops and furniture shops. I already know where to go for my ICT gadgets.

                1. ‘instead of blaming others’

                  Ala some dah biasa sangat lari cukai sebab tu la marah bila ada GST-Susah skit maa mau lari cukai!

              2. You are casting aspersion on the BR1M. The government already outline the criteria of BR1M recipients. Low income is the main requirement (I would not go into details). So between your observation of “cars there were not indicative of br1m-qualified recipients” vs the government’s official guideline, how a reasonable person can trust your allegation that BR1M recipients are not low-income group in light of the official guideline and statistics of the government.

            2. ….Hardly get government assistance but affected by price hike….

              You makan apa hari2. Pasir?
              Masak pakai kayu api ke?
              Travel sana sini naik kereta lembu?

              Bulan2 gomen subsidize beratus2 tu pun “hardly get govt assistance?”.

              Individual tax payers berapa orang sangat? 1.5m orang?

              Mana pi Apek2 yang kalut cakap mereka semua pandai2 dan kaya2? Bayar tax atau tidak ni? Oghang yang tak pernah bayaq tax la yang kalut semacam pasai GST6%.

              1. How you arrive at the findings of “Bulan2 gomen subsidize beratus2 tu pun “hardly get govt assistance?”.”

                I may be wrong. But things like petrol, sugar, toll, electricity etc have no subsidy.

                We still have subsidy on flour, cooking gas etc. Will these amount to ‘beratus2’ per month for an average household in urban area?

                1. No point arguing with one who is already stuck in one’s own murky world. , you won’t accept facts. The way it is hard if you are already stuck with your subsidized mentality.
                  As for the ingrates, we know who they are. Of course, the government is being ‘nice’ you agree with the gov’s move about br1m? Anything la, as long as it benefits you, that is all you people care about .Adios.

                  1. Why malas to argue if you have solid facts? Rina said that “Bulan2 gomen subsidize beratus2”. I am very keen to know how the figure is derived. While I acknowledged that certain items like flour, cooking gas etc have subsidies, I doubt that the amount will come to few hundreds per month for a typical urban family.

                    BR1M is a good move. A targeted assistance to the low income group. Unlike the blanket subsidy on petrol. Everyone benefited including the rich. You may be in the upper middle group. Try go around and ask the low income earners. Ask them if BR1M can really offset the hike of prices due to GST.

    1. Is it holy mackerel time that race is soo soooo sensitive to be out in the open?

      It is the bloody politicians who tore it out, esp the DAP and here we have a Lebai Kampung wanting to keep it under the lids.

      Gerakan’s Ketua Pemuda, Tan Keng Liang wants to give tips on how to get Chinese votes.. Hey…TKL is still sleeping or what…The Chinese votes will never ever go the govt way…and it is the Chinese themselves who need to do some rationalization.

      Unfortunately, PM Najib has a very spot for China anti-Govt. You win 1 Chinese votes and you will lose 10 Malay votes

      Now won’t the UMNO Pemuda do something about getting back lost votes? Give tips or are they plain lazy and basks in the efforts of others?

      Lebai, everything is politicized now…. Let every race lay their cards on the table…the slug it out. Maybe the aftermath would produce a better nation….or we get eaten up, as Malaysians

      Time to get the belacan eating Malays, the pig loving Chinese to face the truth. Politicians are always covering up….

  2. ask the Tionghua, what would they do to contribute to Malaysian unity? Are they willing to sacrifice any? Thanks

  3. Cik Helen,
    Are they bringing in English teachers from India? Pluizz la!
    Even if we are trying to minimize cost, don’t let these b#### jeopardize the future of our students by importing those twisted tounges to teach here.
    The minister has nothing better to do than bringing in more of those tongue twisters which we already have more than enough here. Are they his relatives?
    I had some horrific experience communicating with them as compared to the native speakers. Somebody please, I am not sending my kids or family members where these sc### will be dumped.
    Our kids will suffer more serious communication problems.
    Maybe they should be sent to sjk or smjk. Those schools are very suitable for them. Do not spoil the students of sk and smks with those defect stuff.
    Btw, I found out that many tesl students are still unemployed. I wonder the motive of recruiting aliens of questionable quality to teach our students here.

        1. the native speaker is not good enough to find a job in their native land, thus choose to be a eng teacher in china, n we know the mainland chinese love luxury goods regardless of quality. many indian in fact have better command of eng than the native speaker n they also find it horrific to understand yr accent la.

          the word racist mana ada outdate? it suits u perfectly.

          1. Haha, the word suits what is on your mind.
            Hah? Better command? What do you mean?
            If you intend to work in India, by all means, hire the cheaper teachers. After all, you prefer to go for lower quality, as long as it is cheap. You can have all the teachers in your favourite v.schools. Good luck.

    1. The question you should be asking is why are these TESL students unemployed?maybe they dont want to teach english anymore?

      1. Hehe! Siyes? They don’t want to teach English anymore, and why is that? I really wonder how you come to such a conclusion.
        I am in their midst and am fully aware of their plight. Oh oh, did I say anything, wrongly?

        1. nola cik wawe, mana ada conclusion…since you are in the midst…u bagitau ler kenapa these tesl students takde kerja….because i dont know.. i mean seriously….if there is a glut of tesl students kenapa MOE ( as far as i know…sebab terjumpa a few of them) Americans to teach english…now India pulak….

  4. My nieces have problem answering the PT3 Oral questions this year since they are not used to the slang of the I-teachers, as compared to previously, the native speakers.
    OP, I do not wish to further comment. I am not in the know either. I was only pondering based on my own observation. As for the Americans, it is merely them being native speakers, I guess.

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