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MCA Youth chief sick of ‘pendatang’ tag

Deputy Education Minister senator Chong Sin Woon is apparently “sick of hearing people referring to the Chinese and Indians as pendatang“.

He urged Malaysians not to be misled by these “political dinosaurs living in their own delusions” who call the non-Malays “pendatang”. See J-Star article below.

Mother tongue, motherland

Some intrepid reporter should ask Chong this: If your mother tongue is Chinese, then isn’t your motherland China?

Our mother tongue is the language our moms spoke to us as babies. The dictionary definition is “the language that a person learns to speak first“.

I’m sure Chong’s mother tongue, like mine, is Chinese. (I only learned to speak basic English at about the age of nine.)

Bahasa kebangsaan – the national language and lingua franca of this country – is clearly not our mother tongue either. As children, we were brought up speaking the language that originates from the Republic of China.

If we’re really bangsa “Anak Malaysia”, shouldn’t our mother tongue be bahasa Malaysia?

Hannah Racist Ugly Mouth Hodoh

Furthermore, Chong’s contemporaries are delusional. So why should anyone be surprised that they’re called ‘pendatang’?

The immigration here by our forefathers is a neutral fact. Nonetheless Chong et al are reacting to the ‘P’ word like it was a four-letter word.

Whether ‘pendatang’ is a put-down depends on who is saying it. If a race-baiter uses the word as a taunt, then it is. If a historian uses the word objectively, then it isn’t.

There’s no need to bring up the geographical origin of our ancestors in bad faith and with ill intent … unless the relationship between the races in Malaysia is very bad. If the kumbayah gang want to take umbrage at the ‘pendatang’ word, then they should admit that ethnic relations are now indeed very bad.

Has Chong ever stopped to think whether it is our own behaviour that is lacking goodwill and attracting the bad faith and ill intent of the taunters?

Being disparaged as “pendatang” is an indication that we’re not accepted even though we’re proper citizens born and bred here. Does Chong have any idea WHY we’re not being accepted despite his saying, “We have been here for three or four generations. This is our homeland …”

If this is our homeland, why did Big Mama Muniandy apply for Permanent Residence in Tasmania? She didn’t like the Home Sweet Home, meh?



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  1. Alamak…
    Mandarin bukan mother tongue toknek makbapa mereka la, tak payah temberang..many SJKC Tahun satu students pun find the language alien to them.

    Toknek makayah yg tak pi sekolah SJKC depa pun tak tau tulis or cakap Mandarin.

    Mandarin is the national language of PRC. Apahal bermati matian trying to protect THE NATIONAL LANGUAGE of another country kalau kamu rakyat MALAYSIA? Bahasa Kebangsaan Malaysia is Bahasa Malaysia..faham?

    1. I consider our various dialects – Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese, etc – all to come under the rubric of one Chinese language. Even though each word may be pronounced slightly different between the regions, say in the north and in the south, the written script remains nonetheless exactly the same.

      Only thing is that Mandarin has been adopted as the standard putonghua.

      It’s like English and our Malaysian newscasters may elect to adopt the British pronunciation as the TV network’s standard. There’s the English way to pronounce “schedule”, as one example. The Americans pronounce it differently. But the spelling is the same in British English and American English.

      Other words may be pronounced differently in the Australian slang and if the Aussie accent is too thick, we might even have trouble catching what is said. But English remains English however you pronounce it spanning the native speaker countries.

      The grammar is more or less standard, and the alphabets (A-Z) do not change one iota.

      Same with hanzi (Chinese written characters).

      1. Helen,

        Many including the clueless Najib miss the point.

        Chinese are upset with the tag “pendatang”. But for reasons best known to them, they simply do not want to ask why they are referred to as ‘pendatang”.

        The tag ‘pendatang’ will be used again and again simply because many Chinese including Chinese politicians behave like “pendatang’.

        they simply refuse to integrate. They behave as if Malaysia ni ‘harta mak bapa mereka”. They refuse to share. They refuse to once in a while to look from others perspective. They lament that they are treated like 2nd class WHICH IS BULLSHIT.

        They complain about Azan being too loud but they choose to ignore inconvenience when roads closed simply because Chinese burial procession. Even in malay community, road are closed only during state procession during funeral procession for malay Rulers.

        They have no qualm in putting “Mandarin is preferred” yet they wonder why they are not trusted. They mock Malay leaders but they are the first to que up during Raya Open House held by UMNO politicians.

        They refuse one school system but they support DAP that insists on allowing christians to use “:allah” a word that no christians use.

        They chide UMNO for behaving like a Supremo when it(UMNO) is the Supremo. They talk about democracy when DAP is known for being dynastic,

        They lecture others to resign over incidents but that never apply to them.


        1. Mandarin is preferred? Macam ni:

          See, Cina MCA sudah terikut dengan politik Dap. Jika sebelum ini mereka memperjuangkan hak Cina secara baik, tetapi sekarang untuk menunjukkan kepada bangsa Cina bahawa MCA setanding atau lebih bagus dari Dap dalam memperjuangkan hak bangsa MCA pun telah melabelkan Melayu racists.

          Melayu membalas dengan menggelar Cina pendatang kerana Cina nampaknya sungguh sensitif dengan perkataan ini. Kebudak-kebudakan tetapi cuma itu yang mampu buat masa ini.

          Btw off topic sikit. Apa maksud KJ dengan Salam Red Warriors di Oarlimen sebentar tadi? Anyone?

          1. re: “Red Warriors”

            Dunno about KJ’s intent but on a separate note, I hope the Umno team realise that the RBA have stepped up their game.

            We’ve by now caught on to the impersonators using Malay and Muslim monikers to defend the DAP and oppo.

            What they’re doing now is continuing to masquerade – similarly using fake Malay and Muslim handles – but this time they try to pass themselves off as ultra Malays and making outrageously right-wing comments like e,g, how Malays must tekan the other communities (Indians) down so that Indians tak jadi besar kepala.

            These DAP operatives pretending to be Malay-Muslim want to try to persuade the silent readers in the online community that Malays are racist and Muslims are extremist.

            They do this to laga-lagakan the other minority communities (Indians, pribumi, etc) against the Malays so that more of the fence-sitting Indian votes will go the opposition’s way when Indians are incited into believing that the Malay ultras are becoming increasingly vocal and aggressive.

            These chameleon bastards are so sneaky they’re a threat to national security. They’ve got totally no scruples and their methods of dusta and fitnah … fuyoh!

        2. shamsul anuar, Out of my own volition, in 1972, I conceptualized and delivered the first British conglomerate for the Malays control by 1976. Our great Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak and Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah fully supported me. My view was that if the Malays did not do big business after the NEP, the Chinese would be at a disadvantaged in their progress and would be called pendatangs. This arose out of my observation that on 13 May 1969, 70% of the best assets were owned by the British, 25% of the third rate by the Chinese and only 2% by the Malays. In the 1960s, my newly graduated Malay friends could not even by a pair of cavalry twill or a pair of brogues. There were no OD, credit cards, housing loans etc. The economy was very slow as it was under the aegis of the Currency Board. We spent what we earned. It was only in 1972, the the Currency Board was dissolved and the Bank Negara Malaysia began true operations. However, Sime Darby never cared for the Malays, the Malaysian Chinese and Indians and all. From 1976 to 2015, Sime Darby did small businesses in the nice places of Australia and New Zealand where it sponsored Ocean Yacht Racing for 9 years. After 39 years, and after 2 multi-billion ringgits bankruptcies in 1996, and 2010, Sime Darby should return home and buy a Mall for the Malay traders and all to trade, expand and progress. And also it should erect platforms over the Sungai Gombak and Sungai Klang for the Malay traders and all to trade. Access to these places is by shuttle buses from all the KL hotels. There is no necessity to call the Malaysian Chinese, Indians and all
          ‘ PENDATANGS’ !

          1. “There is no necessity to call ….”

            wow, from one that keep calling the hainanese tis n tat. finally u learn huh?!

      2. Sama la among the Bumiputras here Cik Helen.

        Kelantan, Kedah, Trengganu, Perak, NS etc.. perbualan harian ‘mother tongue’ pun macamtu juga banyak yang payah nak faham. Spelling pakai romanised a-z or Jawi, serupa saja. Similarly akan ternganga nak jawab payah if the cantonese, khek, hokien speakers tak pi belajaq Mandarin.

        Bahasa ibunda is bahasa ibunda dan BAHASA KEBANGSAAN is bahasa kebangsaan. Mandarin is not bahasa ibunda to majority of those who landed here, it is bahasa kebangsaan Negara PRC.

        ……..The Chinese have different languages in different provinces, to such an extent that they cannot understand each other…. [They] also have another language which is like a universal and common language; this is the official language of the mandarins and of the court; it is among them like Latin among ourselves….
        — Alessandro Valignano, Historia del principio y progresso de la Compañía de Jesús en las Indias Orientales (1542–1564)… Wiki

        1. just curious, can one learn to read n write proper bahasa kebangsaan via ‘bahasa’ kelate n ‘bahasa’ kuala pilah?

  2. If the Chinese want to remain as pendatang ,let it be then . No one else can change that ,unless they themselves want to change it ,but don’t blame others if they regards them as one .

    Najib say ,’selagi ada bulan dan bintang ‘ the SRJK(C) and SRJK(T) will remain ,in other words Najib also want them to remain as such ,if that is their choice .

  3. Dear MCA Youth Chief….. do YOU and many other Malaysian descended from other lands speak decent Malay at home?

    And this land is not called Malaysia for nothing. It was Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, and by the grace of Melayus, compromised and changed it to Malaysia but still the national language is Bahasa Melayu.

    Still, many people from various lands come to this land of milk and honey. Even the gwailo saw the shine and light, colonize this land. And a few of them speak Malay…some quite well too.

    Unless and until you can speak Malay properly, why should we stop calling you a pendatang.

    Correct yourself first. Learn more of the culture of the Melayus and be part of that.

    More importantly, have respect for the religion of most Melayus. The azan is a call to prayers, 5 times a day and not something you make fun of as many of your pendatangs did.

    There are many more things you and other pendatangs should know before telling others not to call you a pendatang.

    The Melayus have bent over backwards, esp the current PM to please you, the pendatangs and along the way, Melayus got F***** and sodomized.

    And more importantly, your Deputy Minister post is a gift. You did not win any seat to represent anybody and yet you try to teach us a lesson. Silly boy…and you never did once appreciate that gift. Consider yourself lucky wahai pendatang

    Possibly the next PRU will see your President and his Timbalan become a Minister thru this gift called Senatorship…and the rest of you will be burning paper money instead

  4. “they simply refuse to integrate. They behave as if Malaysia ni ‘harta mak bapa mereka”

    Picked that image from one of the blogs. Since I don’t follow TP’s twitter, don’t know if that’s real. Anyway the point is, Dap is not racists.

    1. The TP segment is fake.

      Too much of this black ops ongoing. Dunno which side cybertroopers yang buat pun. It could be a reverse booby trap, i.e. agent provocateur DAP did the dirty but sneakily lead public perception to point finger first at Umno cybertroopers.

      The Umno troopers have been punk’d again and again by the sly and crafty Red Beanies e.g. (1) photo of the chess grandmaster – Hong Kong girl – passed off as the molested Penang teenager vis-a-vis the allegation against Guan Eng’s son.

      Umno cybertroopers falling into the trap by going to town with the ‘wrong’ (mistaken identity) photo which was a set-up by the RBA caused their own credibility to be damaged which was what Guan Eng needed to deflect the heat. (Personally I’m not inclined to believe the Lim family story.)

      (2) Then in another separate episode, some of the Umno cybertroopers also mistakenly used the photo of the Malaysia-born pen drive inventor and credited him as the RBA general. The troopers had gotten punk’d again by the RBA. It just goes to show the sophisticated, and not to mention super sneaky level of the DAP psywar.

      (3) And then there was the photo of the Filipino actress in a bikini passed off as Dyana Sofya and which had the Umno troopers riding on their tutup aurat high horses.

      That was yet another set-up akin to how Taiwan presidential incumbent faked his own shooting to garner sympathy votes – see how the level of sneakiness from which the DAP operatives can learn.

      The Umno troopers would not have had enough time to source the bikini photo. It was more likely the DAP oepratives because they would be aware earlier that Dyana was to be the candidate whereas the public (Umno troopers included) would only know on the by-election nomination day.

      Malay Muslims may be in the majority by numbers but when you’re up against sneaky bastards in possession of a wide array of dirty tactics, then the numerical advantage may not count for much.

  5. “If this is our homeland, why did Big Mama Muniandy apply for Permanent Residence in Tasmania? She didn’t like the Home Sweet Home, meh?”

    Let me share one thought I said to an irritating DAPster Australian migrant which bugged me all the time on FB until I reported abuse to FB.

    I told him not to be so proud that he and his children are Aussie PRs. PRs are not citizens of Australia just long time residence. They are just like Banglas in this country who live for a long time here and they can ejected from Oz when they are not needed.

    Marah betul dia and his fellow migrants to Singapore and Oz. They say I am bitch (am I 1st, RINA ?)
    But it is true – yellow skinned Bangla type in Oz and Singapore.

  6. Helen, if you are happy and contended to be labeled “pendatang”, by all means, adapt it happily. But, you have no right to advice other Malaysians to adapt it too. They were born, bred and will be buried here too.

    AS far as smart voters are concerned, the “pendatang” label is used by umno clan to create ruckus when there’s a need. it’s a political tool – to cheat the ordinary Malays and suppress the non-Malays.

    1. re: “As far as smart voters are concerned”

      Are you sure you’re all that smart? I hope you will at least acknowledge how sneaky the RBA are.

      (1) Fact: Chen Shui Bian, the Taiwan presidential incumbent, staged his own shooting (just a light flesh wound) during the election campaign in order to garner sympathy votes.

      (2) My strong suspicion and Shen Yee Aun’s too as well as that of other otai bloggers who’ve been covering politics long enough:

      The bikini photo of Dyana Sofya (actually the woman was a Filipino actress) was similarly leaked by the RBA. The Umno bloggers took the bait and read the riot act (moral police) to Dyana.

      As Dyana was not the woman in the photo, she can claim the moral high ground as a victim of photo ‘mistaken’ identity and swing some sympathy votes to her side.

      During Zaid Ibrahim’s by-election campaign in Hulu Selangor, a doctored photo of him was circulated holding a beer bottle. Together with that, he was attacked for being kaki mabuk. The thing is Zaid himself does not believe it was the work of Umno cybertroopers.

      Zaid himself was convinced that a rival in PKR (need I mention his name?) wanted to sabotage him – to block Zaid’s win and consequent rise up the PKR ranks so much so as to be able to challenge the PKR big-name saboteur.

      From the examples I’ve provided above that things are not necessarily what they may seem at the first knee-jerk reaction, let’s look at this “pendatang” label.

      Can you name me the Umno leader you’re accusing to have said the “pendatang” word?

      I don’t think so. Neither have my ‘real’ and regular Malay readers ever called me “pendatang” except for the RBA masquerading as a Muslim and using a fake Muslim moniker who did so incessantly.

      Chong Sin Woon is reacting but I fail to see ‘who’ exactly – please give the name of the alleged Umno as I’ve challenged.

      Look at your own over-the-top reaction. You accused: “the ‘pendatang’ label is used by umno clan to create ruckus when there’s a need. it’s a political tool – to cheat the ordinary Malays and suppress the non-Malays”.

      Show me Who from Umno created this ruckus When and Where.

      It is the DAP that is pitting the Indians against the Malays, and you’re falling for it.

      1. The Star article clearly pictures that someone started the “pendatang” issue and Chong responded to it. Who else would say something stupid and irrelevant if not someone from umno clan. umno leader has hurled too many derogatory remarks over time – too many to keep track.

        BTW, came across this – on Tajuddin Abdul Rahman MP for Pasir Salak. He refers to the non-Malays in Malaysia as “pendatang,” as in all Mon-Malays in this country are “pendatang asing”. He apparently said so on July 1 in Parliament.

        i have yet to get the video on it.

        BTW, i love Malays. They are the best people to work with and they have the best of etiquettes, when it comes to respecting others.
        but i hate umno clan members, who uses race and religion to suppress others and stay in power.
        And i also hate chinese or indian who looks down on others.

        1. (1) You said: “The Star article clearly pictures that someone started the ‘pendatang’ issue”

          Simple then. Why don’t you make a quick scan of the J-Star archives a few days preceding Chong’s statement, since you said the MCA Youth chief responded to it?

          Then just provide us the name of the Umno leader alleged to have said so, said what and at which function he said it. Boleh? If not from the J-Star, any other news source also can – whether mKini, FMT, Malay Mail or what not.

          (2) You said: “Who else would say something stupid and irrelevant if not someone from umno clan”.

          If this is what you believe, then why should you be surprised if the Malays are hostile. It’s just a tit-for-tat reaction to this kind of stereotyping.

          (3) You said: “umno leader has hurled too many derogatory remarks over time – too many to keep track.”

          Pick one example and share with us. I’m all ears.

          (4) You said: “BTW, came across this – on Tajuddin Abdul Rahman MP for Pasir Salak. He refers to the non-Malays in Malaysia as “pendatang,” as in all Mon-Malays in this country are “pendatang asing”. He apparently said so on July 1 in Parliament. i have yet to get the video on it.”

          Okay, pls show us the video. While we’re waiting for you to furnish the proof, I can direct you to the Hansard for the date that you mentioned.

          (5) Helen says: Here’s the “pendatang” reference on 1 July 2008 mentioned during the Parliament session on the said date. And it was not made by Tajuddin. It was by Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid.

          The YB Kuala Langat was not referring to Indians or Chinese. He was talking about present-day illegal immigrant workers. See below,

          Penyata Rasmi (Hansard): PR-1212-U13050

          Tuan Abdullah Sani bin Abdul Hamid [ Kuala Langat ] akan

          “Bahawa Dewan ini membuat resolusi untuk mengambil tindakan terhadap
          kemasukan pendatang asing yang terlalu ramai sehingga tidak dapat
          dikawal dan menjejaskan sektor pekerjaan dan sosial.”

          The Hansard archive is in the Parliament website @

          Go to the date and open the folder and then sub-folder in the Parliament website. It will contain a pdf of the transcription of proceedings. There you can read Abdullah Sani’s statement in context. The search on 1 July 2008 only turned up ONE mention of “pendatang”, as above.

          (6) Helen says: So apart from the entry in Galadriel’s blog, can you furnish us with any other reference of an Umno leader saying the “pendatang” word?

          There was one Umno Bukit Bendera chief Ahmad Ismail who did say it. Note: Just a party division chief, mind you, and not a Minister or Deputy Minister. He was punished with a suspension of three years by the Umno disciplinary board.

          You said: “BTW, i love Malays. They are the best people to work with and they have the best of etiquettes, when it comes to respecting others. but i hate umno clan members, who uses race and religion to suppress others and stay in power.”

          Okay, so you love Malays but this is excluding “Umno clan members”. Urm, so that’s 3 million Umno members & 3 direct family members of each of the Umno member – say +spouse (wife/husband) and +two kids in the clan = 9 million “Umnoputras” all in all you do not love?

          Do you love Malays but feel unable to love PAS clan members as well?

          You said: “And i also hate chinese or indian who looks down on others.”

          Hmmn, if that is case, I wondering if you’re a DAP supporter :)

          (btw, I don’t think you’re Chinese.)

          1. gotta give it to you….you made your point….and i’ll be on a lookout for this “pendatang” remark from now on…..but i still hate umno clan members…they have this idea that the country belongs to them and everybody needs to kow tow to them, and to which i reply, “fish off”

            1. Dear Surrhead,

              I make a similar point through research and cross-referencing on other issues too. I never take any opposition claim at face value.

              If more Malaysians can sift through the DAP black propaganda by several layers, then people will realise that Umno is not as bad as the DAP makes it out to be, while the DAP is much, much worse than even their worst enemy is aware.

              re: “they have this idea that the country belongs to them”

              If you go live in France/Spain/Korea/Thailand and you’re expected to be able to speak French/Spanish/Korean/Thai and understand as well as respect French/Spanish/Korean/Thai customs, then you’re kowtowing to Ketuanan Peranchis/Sepanyol/Korea/Siam too.

              re: “and everybody needs to kow tow to them”

              Let’s reverse the situation.

              If our peninsula was Tanah Kecil Hujung China and it was the Chinese in charge of government in the 1950s, do you seriously think the DAP rulers would have granted two million Merdeka citizenships to Malay and Indian transient foreign workers between 1952 and 1960?

              And this at a time when the Malayan population was only 6.3 million.

              You can use that as the starting point to ponder on the nature of the Melayu. They were Umno Melayu, yah.

              1. If i were to migrate to another country, then i might not have much say as i will be regarded as a “pendatang”. BUT, the fact is i was born here, so ‘pendatang’ DO NOT apply to me and the others who were born here. moreover, i am not worried about DAP, we Malaysians can keep DAP in check. it’s is Umno that running around like a loose cannon, manipulating, plundering the nation’s coffer and what nots. Why is this happening? it’s happening cos umno has “besar kepala” due to the rakyat has been giving them the mandate for 58 years

                1. Surrhead,

                  Wow this word “pendatang” really manages to penetrate DAP thick hide. so, it is not that impossible to rattle them.

                  For the “unenlightened ” people like you, the term is used as many chinese simply behave like “pendatang”.

                  “I am not worried about DAP”. I beg to differ. The only reason why we feel that we can keep DAP in check is simply because DAP is not in power. Once in power, it will destroy anyone who goes against the party.

                2. RE: “BUT, the fact is i was born here, so ‘pendatang’ DO NOT apply to me and the others who were born here.”

                  Nobody uses “pendatang” in the literal sense lah. If someone calls you “bastard,” you cannot say, “BUT, the fact is my parents were lawfully wed when I was conceived, so ‘bastard’ DOES NOT apply to me.”

                  “Pendatang” is a slur. It means you are LIKE an immigrant. Specifically, a nasty immigrant. Ignorant and disrespectful towards the mainstream culture. Unable to converse like a local. Ill-mannered. Uncouth. Ungrateful. (Bonus Dapster points if your first thought is “Bangla!”)

                  So if you fit all those characteristics, except for the recently immigrated bit, then you are for all insults and purposes, a “pendatang.”

                  If you don’t fit those characteristics, then congrats, you’re not a “pendatang.”

                  1. who the fish gave you the right to label other?? Are you OK if i label you with a slur?? get my point……

                    1. Surrhead,

                      “…who the fish….’

                      is that not the truth?

                      Do not miss the point by playing on semantics. The term pendatang crops in as Malays perceive Chinese as refusing to accept reality that they live in Malaysia, not China

                    2. Oh, my…

                      I won’t slur you, but I will make one observation: you take things too literally.

                      My point is that “pendatang” does not literally mean “immigrant.”

                      And when I use the second-person narrative, it’s not directed at you and you alone. I dislike using“one” in place of “you.” As in, “One must not read things too literally.” It’s inelegant.

                      Bonus fish to the one who can comprehend this. Perhaps one could ask all those non-UMNO clan member Malays one professes to love about the proverbial cili.

                    3. shamsul and faizal, are you guys sure you guys are OK if someone labels you “lazy jocks”… “crutch jocks” and whatever that sounds derogatory…….if it’s so, so be it….

                      See, everybody can play the game. And it will never stop.
                      It’s not about comprehending whatever you say, but getting the right message across.

                      I was told that no umno top guns has used “pendatang”. Fine…so, it’s culprits like you. and i have to emphasize that you guys need to stop labeling the fellow citizens.


            2. “but i still hate umno clan members” ….
              yes continue hating, its in your blood and people who hate others will one day have to pay for it.

              “they have this idea that the country belongs to them”
              Malaysians ( and that especially, include UMNO members), always feel this country belong to them…..don’t you?

              Not easy for tiger to change its stripe, but seriously….. ALL UMNO clan members? No wonder our country is in bad shape, but please don’t make and ass of yourself

              And if you feel this country doesn’t belong to you, you know what to do.

        2. The only pendatang remark I’ve heard over this past week or two is theone that the PM made at either MCA or Gerakan conference where he pointed out that the Cina are not pendatang but anak watan. That stirred up some Malay academicians to disagree and pointed out that the Cina are warganegara but also keturunan pendatang.

          Personally I don’t care if you are of migrant stock or bumiputra or if you just got your citizenship yesterday as long as you can uphold the Rukun Negara, Perlembagaan and contribute to nation building.

  7. Dear Surrhead,

    RE: “and i have to emphasize that you guys need to stop labeling the fellow citizens.”

    Take your own advice.

    This started with your post: “AS far as smart voters are concerned, the “pendatang” label is used by umno clan to create ruckus when there’s a need.”

    And then: “Who else would say something stupid and irrelevant if not someone from umno clan.”

    And then: “but i still hate umno clan members…they have this idea that the country belongs to them and everybody needs to kow tow to them”

    I dislike UMNO. But I dislike even more people who are quick to tarnish an entire group of people, and then complain when they are on the receiving end.

    Those UMNO “clan members” are your fellow citizens, too. What goes around, comes around.

    RE: “It’s not about comprehending whatever you say, but getting the right message across.”

    Why don’t you try to comprehend what I’m saying? Just give it a shot. It won’t hurt you.

    And maybe you’ll see that my message IS the right message: don’t be a jerk, and no one will call you a jerk.

    Don’t act like a “pendatang,” and no one will call you “pendatang.”

    1. ‘Those UMNO “clan members” are your fellow citizens, too. What goes around, comes around.’

      Cina DAP, all 95% of ‘them’ memang kuat mengata dulang paku serpih!

      But then again depa ni reti bahasa ka??? Kalau tak macam mana nak berbahas?? Kalau tak macam mana nak berbudi-bahasa??

  8. Surrhead,

    The word will appear again and again because many chinese politicians behave like “pendatang”.

  9. Hello:

    When i read on this post, there r a lot of mixed feeling … Sad, angry, pissed off, cool down, trying to understand why Helen write this post, eventually cool down and accept certain points which i think are correct.

    ‘Pendatang’ this word is sensitive, may be because in fact my grandfather is from China and i’m being the 3rd generation Malaysian chinese i always feel myself as part of malaysian… Im not dare to say my parent had any significant contribution to Malaysia but Malaysia definitely is the place they found love, peace and able to settle down and work together to build a happy family. I take myself as Malaysian and proud to be a malaysian and I’m serving government for 16 years by now …. i was surprise to know when someone called chinese as pendatang ( i can’t remember where i saw it and who started it ) the sensitive part (sad and angry )was triggered.. why there r some ppl still take chinese as pendatang. But i feel touch as there r Malays who stand up to protect us and i look around i have so many malay and indian friends and they treat me no different than any malays or indian or other bumiputera and never take me or my others chinese as pendatang.

    So i ignored it till today i read this post , again the mixed feeling come … why a chinese make chinese sound like pendatang. After i cool down and read all the comment … i accepted that chinese scold a chinese for certain mistake or misunderstanding is always better from others race to scold as it might look like racist.

    I do agreed lately a lot of news tittle is very misleading and a lot of time the news didn’t give the whole pic of it but pin point to some minor wrong /misleading act/ speeches … in fact after reading certain great title news, at the end felt that no important message/news was given but lead to some misunderstanding and argument and unhappy feeling toward certain ppl…

    I do agree that some opposition group keep target and argue on certain statement that make by government/ even within the same party with different ideas.. ( which a lot of time not require to give any comment) … and sometime government MP or YB responded inappropriately to certain query that leading to more doubt and further raise to more question and more misunderstanding.

    Pls don’t use any “sensitive” word to a group of ppl like Malays, Chinese, Indian, UMNO, MCA, BN, DAP, Opposition and so on .. As within the same group not everyone is same…It is easy for anyone to say that if u r not pendatang then that word is not use on u when u said that group r consider pendatang as the one within that group might not interpret so….

    Not all the Chinese r the same and this is apply to not all malaysian are the same.

    We can have different opinion doesn’t mean those who have a different opinion is the bad guy… we can have different in ideas we can explained debate understand n come with solution (i understand that is good easy esp in Politician) …doesn’t mean we need to fight or see each other as enemy… So Politician please use ur words carefully as u are a well manner well educated one.

    Lets make this country a friendly and peaceful one.

  10. I’m ethnic Chinese from pantai timur of at least 10 generations and my mother tongue is Malay. That means I’m most comfortable speaking in Malay over English (slightly) and Hokkien because all my relatives at home speak pantai timur Malay. I learnt to read and write Jawi together with the Latin alphabet and I understand basic Mandarin and Cantonese through experience. My world view, taste etc. are shaped by the Malay culture. I’m labelled pendatang all the same especially by people outside pantai timur and I’m subjected to the same quota system etc. To other ethnic Chinese Malaysians, I’m assimilated Chinese (not integrated) although I’m inclined to agree with one scholarly publication by the Oxford University which labels people like me as Malay-acculturated Chinese. I don’t feel like a pendatang and any Malay (or anyone for that matter) who dares call me that will be talked back to death in Malay, my mother tongue and first language which I speak as a native speaker, accentless and all.

    1. Mek, I wish for the day when someone will challenge you and say, you are pendatang because I bet you can’t speak proper Malay.

      1. U-Cinta, I, too, wish that we can meet and speak in Malay because I really do speak Malay as a native speaker, sumpah wallah, if I may be permitted to say so.

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