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Catwalk: Kitty tiptoes on two hind legs, exactly like human

I absolutely LOVE (!) this fantastic 5-second video clip. It’s at the bottom of the page, scroll down.

My cat gave birth a couple of days ago.

One of her kittens was stillborn and the mother cat had already isolated it from the rest of the litter the first time I checked. I’ve buried it.

I took away the woven box in which she gave birth and replaced it with a nylon mesh laundry basket that I proceeded to line with old T-shirts and towel.

I then moved two kittens from the box to the basket.

The mother cat started meowing frantically and searching high and low.

I was puzzled and thought she wanted back the bloodstained box. So I got the box and there was a third kitten left in the box. It had been dead, which was why I missed seeing it earlier (because it didn’t move).

I only caught sight of the two live ones.

My cat is a first-time young mother. Two of her kittens survive and two were stillborn. She stopped searching for the second dead kitten after a bit. I don’t know what the cat was thinking through it all.

But life goes on.

Of the two living ones, one is a calico like the mother while the other is white with ginger patches.

My cat is nesting under the stairs.

So I’ve put a makeshift partition around this small, triangular below stairs area and leaving two separate cracks (‘doors’) for the cat to go in and out. I’ve also placed some foot mats (because once the kittens start crawling, the floor will be cold for them) as ‘carpeting’.

Although the closed-off space under the stairs gives my nursing cat privacy, half the time she still prefers – understandably – to lie outside at the entrance of her new den where it is cooler and more airy while her kittens remain inside the ‘nursery’.

BELOW: The funniest ever cat gif

It’s very brief – only five seconds – blink and you’ll miss it

walking cat

Postscript: If you’re wondering why this posting is not about politics, well, it’s just my experiment. I’m testing …


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25 thoughts on “Catwalk: Kitty tiptoes on two hind legs, exactly like human

  1. Dear Aunty Helen,
    If you need advises about mummy cats and their babies, you can always ask my big sisters Aiman and Aeshah. They have lots and lots of experience regarding this matter :D

    1. Thanks, Ali.

      If only somebody could tell me what the cat was thinking when she stopped meowing for her out-of-sight kitten. Did she know it was already dead?

  2. Dear Aunty Helen,

    Ali came giggling down the stairs insisting that I should check your latest blog post immediately. If you ask me, your experiment seems to be a success :D

    Although I had once seriously considered Ethology as a study I’d like to pursue, I cannot claim to know what the cat is thinking – or if they think anything like we do. What I do know is that it is a really good sign for your cat to not wait on her stillborns to respond and leave her living kittens unattended. We witnessed that with one of the mommy kittens who decided to take shelter in our compound. She was persistently meowing to her dead kitten and left the hungry, living kitten by the roadside. It was a relief for us when my father finally managed to convince her to feed the other kitten.

    I remember Aeshah’s darling, Primiligh, lost all of her first three kittens one after another. She was okay after she saw that the first two kittens were dead but when the last one died, she kept on meowing and pawing it, trying to wake it up. When she left, we thought that she had finally accepted that her kitten was dead so we took it away but for the following days, Primiligh searched high and low for her kittens and tried to entice them with all sorts of food she could find around the neighbourhood – even a piece of chicken which still looked and smelled freshly cooked that we suspected she had stolen from someone’s kitchen. It was heartbreaking.

    Anisah has photos of some of the cats who frequent our neighbourhood some years ago you may enjoy:

    I hope that your kittens and the mother are healthy and well, Aunty :)

    1. Thanks Aiman.

      Both the mother cat and her two kittens are healthy.

      The kitten with the orange spots seems more adventurous. His sibling the calico doesn’t crawl about that much. (An orange would usually/always be a male while a calico is always female.)

      Their gender behaviour is evident even before these two kittens open their eyes.

  3. Congrats grandma helen. Best wishes for your kittens. I had two recently, a snow and a brown but nothing dramatic :)
    Just remember to change the sheets every 2-3 days and feed the mom with kitten kibbles with high protein content.

      1. 6-8 weeks or as soon as they are able to climb out of the laundry basket. Pls dont use the cheap litter for the kittens, quite dangerous for them. The woody kind is good but pricey or use shredded j-star to maximise your subscription value, need to be managed daily though. Line the box with 1-2 whole pages b4 the shredded ones for easier collection.

        1. Thanks.

          The laundry basket is not standing upright but stood on its side, like the pix below (Internet photo, not my cat), and as such they’re crawling out already.

          My previous cats were spayed. So I hadn’t thought about the mechanics of the shared litter box before as these are my first home-birthed kittens. The mom has her litter box in its usual place.

          Is the litter box to be placed (proximity) near the kittens for the time being and gradually relocated to where it should be?


          1. Re: “use shredded j-star to maximise your subscription value”

            Boss Helen … guna proper paper shredder yg menghasilkan ‘shredded pieces’ yg lebih halus.
            Jangan shred manually … sebab kasar sangat. Bukannya apa … khuatir ‘mama cat’ terbaca j-star tu pula.
            Nanti … samada:
            > ‘mama cat’ tu terpengaruh ngan j-star pulak
            > menambah duka-lara ‘mama-cat’ yg kehilangan/kematian anak tu …
            Keciaannn ….

          2. Upright basket is better. I always find boxes 2’*3′ with at least 1.5′ height perfect for this use. Dont let them crawling about now. The less mom have to move them around is better. Kittens will imitate mom, so where mom poo so will they. So if the present position is near the stairs just add another one there. If too far just put one under the stairs
            My litterbox policy is usually one for each cat plus another one or two.

            Kittens picture please!

          1. They will explore and are very curious. For kittens to familiarise, just remove the flap for few days..

            No need to train, you will be surprised how clever they can be by just watching wht mummy does.

            Just put some steps to make it easier for them to climb. When they are 3mths old, they can already jump in from the floor.

  4. We can learn a lot about ourselves and about life itself from observing cats (especially) and dogs and other animals and their lives.

    1. I’m still feeling unsettled and upset by my cat looking for her dead kitten.

      But she’s doing very well as a first-time mom now.

      1. And getting into everything and running between your legs and tripping you up, and tearing into papers, tissue etc. and sharpening their claws on furniture. Yeah, that’s when the fun starts. But they are such cute little things you’ll forgive them anything even that little dead bird they bring to your feet.

        1. (1) My cat jumps on the dining table and scratches the table runner which is made of thin slatted wood.

          (2) Yup, the kitchen rolls are shredded.

          (3) Passing thought: A bob-tail cat doesn’t risk a long tail getting stepped on vis-a-vis tripping up humans poses the counter risk to the cat getting of getting its tail stepped on. Bob-tails are the cutest.

          (4) I like the idea of manicuring my claws to razor-sharp perfection ,) endless possibilities…

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