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Tun is a one-man wrecking ball

“Mahathir has never contented himself with his successors, three times turning on men he handpicked …”, wrote Oliver Holmes and David Munk in The Guardian yesterday. See, ‘Malaysia’s Mahathir: strongman turns activist to unseat former protege

The Grand Olde Man told Holmes and Munk who interviewed him in KL, “We don’t want that kind of behaviour [sodomy] to be connected with our prime minister”. That was Tun’s view on Anwar.

On the next fall guy, the Guardian writers commented, “Mahathir came out of retirement to say he had lost confidence in Abdullah”.

Then follows this observation on the next guy whom is targeted to be felled. The Guardian writers observe:

“… after Abdullah resigned. But now Najib too has fallen out of favour, Mahathir is considering whether any Malaysian can hold the office and the power he had in his grip for so long.”

It’s incisive of the Guardian writers to say so. Can “any Malaysian can hold the office” which Tun held and pass muster with the ex-premier of 22 years?

Dr Mahathir Cheshire Cat

The error of Tun’s ways

MISTAKE #1 – Tun has admitted he made a big mistake in selecting Anwar as his successor.

MISTAKE #2 – He undoubtedly made a colossal mistake in passing the baton to Sleepy Dollah who gave us the Fourth Floor Boys who epitomized Umno as arrogant.

Under Tun Dol’s stewardship, the BN lost its 2/3 majority in GE12 for the first time since 1969. It was the FiL and his SiL who let the opposition genie out of the bottle.

MISTAKE #3 – Tun now feels he was wrong also in helping to ensure Najib’s ascendancy to the premiership. He alleges that Malaysia has become a “pariah state” under Tun Razak’s eldest son.

The above are three consecutive mistakes that Tun has admitted to.

KJ 10 Q  …  terima kasih Khairy

KJ's convoy -- see his SUV number plate
KJ’s convoy — see his SUV number plate

Sins of commission and omission

MISTAKE #4 – Tun erred in who he FAILED to pick inasmuch as the three men he did select, only to later find them wanting.

At anytime during the 22-year Mahathir tenure, Tun should and could have handed over the reins to Tengku Razaleigh. It was an error of judgment that he did not. KuLi is indeed PM material but unfortunately he will be 81 by the time the next general election rolls around.

MISTAKE #5 – Tun held Mukhriz back. Looking at this positively, Tun has preserved his own reputation from being sullied by the charge of political nepotism.

On the negative side, due to his late start, Mukhriz is lagging behind Hisham and even KJ, who by virtue of being Ketua Pemuda, is automatically a party vice president (as is the Ketua Wanita).

Lee Kuan Yew groomed his son Hsien Loong to take over. Political dynasties are a fact of life, even in the most developed Western countries. Canada’s newly elected PM is the son of Canada’s old PM (1968-1979, 1980-1984). Does Dr M have faith in Mukhriz or not?

If Tun made all the above mistakes, why should anyone believe that he’s not making more mistakes now?


NUMBER #6 – After Tun’s successive wrong calls on Anwar, Dollah and Najib, now he’s very reluctantly and half-heartedly endorsing Muhyiddin.

Let’s say the Sleepy Dollah saga repeats itself and Tun manages to force Najib to step down at some point in the future with Muhyiddin taking over.

Let’s say Muhyiddin becomes PM by default post-GE14 with the power transition taking place in 2019. (As a comparison, Dollah Badawi made way for Najib a little more than a year after GE12.) And then another two years after Muhyiddin assumes power, Tun decides that he had made yet another mistake.

By then Tun would be 96 years old. Would he initiate another revolt to remove Muhyiddin in 2021?

Tun Magnificent Seven

The Magnificent Seven

Tun is flanked by a host of “formers” in his press conference above:

  • Muhyiddin is the former DPM
  • Shafie Apdal is an ex-cabinet minister
  • KuLi was the president of a defunct political party S46
  • Sanusi is ex-Kedah MB
  • Tee Keat and Liong Sik are MCA past presidents

In fact, the MCA former presidents aligning themselves with Tun begs the question of their party loyalty to the BN.

mahathir reuters najib oust


In his interview with Reuters two days ago, Tun conceded that chances of unseating Najib are slim.

According to the article ‘Malaysia’s Mahathir says little chance of ousting PM Najib’:

“They’re [Umno legislators] not looking after the party, the nation. It’s about themselves,” he told Reuters, speaking from his office at the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

“The way he’s going he might go full term. The way Umno has accepted him because they find he’s comfortable to be with, I think he can go full term.”

I could have told Tun that, and in fact it was what I blogged months ago, i.e. Najib can’t be unseated before GE14 is called.

Paulsen hannah deficit

Tun causing the most damage to Umno and BN

The assault by Tun on Najib is never ending. Just this week alone he vented in The Guardian and to Reuters. Tun mounted his relentless attacks pre-Budget and post-Budget.

He is unable to isolate the damage inflicted on Najib from the damage inflicted on Umno and the BN.

That's Tian Chua behind Siti Hasmah
That’s Tian Chua behind Siti Hasmah

In the process of Tun toppling Sleepy Dollah for instance, BN lost 58 Parliament seats.

In 2004, BN had held a record of 198 seats in Parliament. After the losses in 2008, BN was left with 140 seats and a weak Badawi administration. The opposition gained 61 seats in GE12 and an additional four states.

When Dr Chua Soi Lek was attacked, the MCA was weakened too. These current attacks on the Umno president and BN chairman is weakening Umno and BN so much so that the opposition feel emboldened to launch an open season on Najib (see Hannah Yeoh’s sniper shot below).

Paulsen hannah trust deficit

What Tun is doing is bringing down the BN house 

Tun is the most destructive single force knocking at the foundation of the BN.

After many months of aiming his cannon balls at Najib, Tun today admits that Najib can’t be ousted. So the upshot is that despite all the damage Tun has wrought, his objective is not achieved.

DrM Claire

And there are no signs that the attacks by Tun will abate. In the months to come, he will still continue wrecking the BN.

The weaker Umno is, the stronger the DAP will become. See the inverse correlation between the relative strengths of DAP and MCA – table below.

Before MCA was reduced to being the 7-Eleven party, it was a direct rival of the DAP. The two parties contested head-on against each other in the Chinese-majority seats.


Note the reversal of fortune within a mere two election cycles:

  • In 2004, MCA had 31 Parliament seats and DAP 12
  • In 2013, DAP had 38 Parliament seats and MCA 7

Currently MCA is a dead man walking. It no longer poses any challenge to the DAP.

The DAP is the second strongest party in Parliament while Umno is the strongest. So now the fight is a clash between No.2 and No.1.

If the opposition wins the next election, it will most certainly be with DAP as the Pakatan Harapan anchor party even though they’re compelled to nominate a Malay as the figurehead.

BELOW: Nizar enthralled by Ngeh and Nga


Enemy of DAP’s enemy is the DAP’s friend

Every day Najib is under fire left, right and centre.

Don’t think that Najib is under attack in his personal capacity alone. If Muhyiddin or Zahid were Umno president, both would surely be subjected to the same intensity of attacks too because the DAP has tasted blood and see Putrajaya as within its grasp.

Although Tun is not an ally of the DAP, he has of late been aligning himself to the opposition’s causes such as Bersih 4.0, anti-Sosma, pro-The Edge/TMI etc.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Malays are split, Chinese are solid

Umno is split into the Najib faction and the Tun faction. PAS is split into the ulama faction and the breakaway professionals faction. PKR is split between the Wan Azizah and Azmin factions. PAN is split between the Ikram faction and the PAS renegade faction.

The Malay grassroots are being pulled in different directions – Perkasa, Isma, liberals/Firsters.

Chinese are consolidated 95 percent behind the DAP and the opposition.

Beijing cracked down on the China evangelistas. Singapore nailed the evangelista crooks in court. The Malays powers-that-be and the powers that wannabe are so busy infighting they’re not even aware of the enemy at the gate.


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25 thoughts on “Tun is a one-man wrecking ball

  1. Helen,

    Though Najib and his administration has many flaws, Tun non stop criticisms will only make UMNO weaker.

    Tun is a statement. He is on a different league from Mohd Sabu or Rafizi or Tian Chua. I understand why UMNO is quite hesitant to whack Tun. whacking Tun is tantamount to whacking your own father.

    But Tun must stop at one time. Tun may want to dethrone najib only. But the effect may bring the collapse of UMNO.

    So far UMNO is still “holding the fort” as the other divides( PR) are in disarray too. Tun must realise that though Malays have issue with Najib, they still vote UMNO in as that is the best choice they have.

    Do remember should UMNO be toppled, Tun and najib will be sent to jail just to spite UMNO.

    1. re: “Malays have issue with Najib, they still vote UMNO in as that is the best choice they have”

      There will be a lot of Malay new and/or first-time voters in GE14 because of our population growth curve. Their voting trend is yet to be established.

      This young generation are the X-factor. Unlike your generation, they may not necessarily feel beholden to Umno. They may not believe in the BN formula. They may not fear the DAP.

      On the other hand, they may be taken in by the spiel that ‘Racism is so yesterday’. They may be hoodwinked by the Love talk.

      1. I believe parental influence play a role for first time voters among the malays. In the last election where I volunteered for Umno (curiousity, mainly), when I asked young voterswho dropped by, most of them did not really like the Umno candidate but voted anyway because of parental influence.

        Some of them lived in the cities but came back to vote, mainly to ensure that BN will rule Perak and not DAP. So maybe Umno is counting on that hence their very lackadaisical attitude.

        1. I believe you.

          However DAP is ahead in controlling social media. In GE13, whatsapp was not a factor. In GE12, Facebook was not a factor. In GE11, blogs were not a factor. The march of technology.

          Dunno what will play in GE14. I can believe that BN has got a grip only if HY’s Twitter following can be curbed from its fast and furious expansion (like Madame’s waistline).

      2. Helen,

        “…their voting trend…..”.

        So this is where UMNO local and grassroots leaders must work and ensure Malays vote for UMNO.

        I notice many Malays whom after getting so much benefits from DEB look down on the policy and feel it is racist in nature. They feel they are successful because of their own hardworks (meaning they do not recognise opportunity that leads to their success). They feel great to chide anyone who thinks of Malay aspiration.

        The problem is made worse by Malays who do not register to vote or not voting during election. They have this misplaced nonsense that political power held by malays is assured.

        As Malaysia is ruled by UMNO that is certainly not racist, many Malays mistakenly believe any other political party rule will be the same. The truth is that not many realise how dangerous and racist to its core DAP is.

        1. re: “many Malays mistakenly believe any other political party rule will be the same”

          You’re right. The Malays take this for granted.

          The Chinese, on the other hand, believe the rest of Malaysia must be just like them in character and that’s why Chinese are easily suspicious (sceptical) and some like Hannah Yeoh can even “simply accuse” people without proof.

          The Malays, like you say, do not “realise how dangerous and racist to its core DAP is”.

          1. Helen,

            More of a case of “tidak apa” and ‘malas nak fikir” attitude.

            I make it as crusade to tell anyone who is willing to listen that DAP is very dangerous. Behind the facade of “transparency, color blind, accountability” is a sneaky party that cares only for Lim dynasty. Transparency despite being lectured to others is actually alien to DAP.

            Many times, I was accused of being paranoid. Not to mention that i was often accused as trying to scare PAS when it said rubbish on “tahaluf siyasi”. Only after being whacked by DAP that many of my friends in PAS realise what I was saying about DAP is the truth.

            Many Malays ask me why on earth I am dead set against DAP. I told them DAP is a ruthless party. Its character(meaning Kit sSang and Guan eEg’s real characters) will only be revealed once they assume power. They even today unable to accept genuine criticism, They even with limited power chide others non stop. imagine Kit Siang with total control.

  2. quote,”The Malays powers-that-be and the powers that wannabe are so busy infighting they’re not even aware of the enemy at the gate.”unquote.

    I beg to differ.

    The one Malay powers-that be is very aware of the enemy at the gate.

    He’s too lembik to take action.

  3. Ms H. Your factual description of the ding-dongs of Malaysian Politics currently is correct. The flaw is the 95% Chinese who for reasons best known to themselves are unhappy with the incumbent Government. My view has always been the Leader of the UMNO has a very heavy responsibility and duty to discharge because of the inherent power of UMNO as backed by our cherished Constitution. UMNO’s leader not only safeguards the 51% Malays but also the 49% non-Malays as well. This tested and rellable modus operandi has always been dependent on the wisdom and character of trhe UMNO leader. However, it is also interesting to note that UMNO is also the First Line and Last Line of Defence in our beloved Malaysia. Hence, the dysfunctional elites of Singapore expressed their view of the future of Malaysia through Bilahari Kausikan’s ” Singapore is not an island.’ – a delusional title written by a non-delusional writer. With the Cold War and antiquated thinking of Lee Kuan Yew, our beloved Malaysia was under stress and strain, from1965-2015, culminating in his crafty, cunning and crooked TPPA which was inspired, created and promoted by him. But that was 2001 and a lot flowed under the bridge of the World’s politics since. Suddenly, Singapore’s dysfunctional elites realise if under the TPPA, Malaysia has no First and Last Line of Defence, UMNO. Singapore goes kaput also because Singapore has never been defensible. This was the careless mistake of the British in their strategic planning for the defence of Malaya in 1941-1942. Therefore, my view has always been UMNO is the first and foremost our guardian and safeguards all Malaysians AND ALSO SINGAPORE ! If not UMNO, who ? Strange as it may sound ! OK ! Ladies & Gentlemen. Lee Kuan Yew created the bomb of TPPA for Malaysia in Singapore’s interests in 2002 ! Let his inheritors the dysfunctional elites like Bilahari Kausikan rush around to defuse the TPPA bomb made in 2002 to save themselves and us, Malaysians in 2015 ! Acheh ! Lee Kuan Yew’s Policy was to make our beloved Malaysia weak and dominated by Singapore. His inheritors, the dysfunctional elites now sensibly think otherwise under the current geo-politics of the World. Singapore has to make Malaysia (UMNO) strong to defend themselves meaningfully. It’s a strange World. What goes round comes around. Like China and Britain ! How appropriate ! Good Lee Kuan Yew will jump up no doubt as he said he would !

    1. brader

      i like your analysis…

      but for God’s sake use paragraphlah….easier on older eyes :D

  4. Ms H. I strongly believe that our beloved Malaysia and Singapore will work very closely together in the near future and the future for the common good and benefit all like China and Britain. It is pointless for Singapore which invests biilions of good Singapore dollars in strange places at a very high risk sometimes without a decent return. It was the abnormal, Cold War and antiquated thinking of Lee Kuan Yew who actually held back the development of Singapore which now has an absurd population of 3.2 million indigenous, 1.2 FTs and 800,000 PRs of billionaires and the like. Once, the slightest sign of unhappiness by the latter group, the PRs just decamp and Singapore’s GDP will be no more !

  5. Ms H. I read Bilahari Kausikan’s piece as a proposed major Policy shift towards Malaysia by Singapore like Britain in 1946 and 2015. Interesting but credible. Singapore’s wealth now is entirely dependent on the imported 1.2 millioms FTs and the 800,000 PRs with the billioinaires. Their indigenous population is only 3.2 millions. The slightest sign of trouble the PRs will decamp and Singapore’s GDP goes kaput. Hence, it is absolutely essential that our beloved Malaysia is strong and not weak in today’s World in the minds of Singapore’s dysfunctional elites. I forsee Malaysia and Singapore will work very closely together for the common good as equals and no more nonsense behind our backs. This is only logical and proper.

  6. all the mistakes can be solved into ONE single conclusion. all the men cannot handle mahathir. not that he is not handle-able but all three of them went / go very fast and almost bypass all what normal people do.
    i have been told that when u are drinking with tailos and taikors u wait for them to sip it first. its not that they had to kowtow to him but people do things with high respect and order.

    the problem with fourth floor was that everyone suddenly became very powerful. not a single day pass that i can forget about hisham keris yelled so hard about paklah cannot do anything because pemuda wanted khairy. u can go browse the archieves on this. that was outright campaign, no more the usual silenced ‘ketua pemuda choice’ thing. and of course anak omak then repaid the debt sometime later during the last party election that cousin barely safe. but nonetheless saved. and dont forget about those gatekeepers etc etc. and ah that brown envelope rm200 dignity fee also dont forget

    then this current one. why not go and sit with the old man and figure out how. we might not necessarily need to know what the chat are about but for the love of umno and barisan just figure something that work. that old mand isnt at all wasted infact he did everything he could some 22 years. but the current dont know how and of course goes too fast. the old man knows what hes talking about and surely he isnt bringing down everything he built but then he was mishandled. he is one man wrecking ball and he doesnt need a team to do what he is doing.

    the best is now get someone else and give the current one tunship. that someone cannot be selected even from half the MT umno now.

  7. So you all believe Umno is of lesser evil then Dap.?
    Get rid of Najib and reinstate Lim Kit Siang to Parlimen.
    Those are not a rhetoric.
    A functional democracy needs to weed idiot peoples out.
    Party can change.

  8. So you all believe Umno is of lesser evil then Dap.?
    I said get rid of Najib and reinstate Lim Kit Siang to Parlimen.
    Those are not rhetoric.
    A functional democracy needs to weed idiot peoples out.
    Party can change.
    I think your discussions about race and race laden political parties is held in the other room.?
    We talking about the state of our state.The nation is made up of many ….Indians tribes.That discussion is alive to eternity.
    The state of the state is temporary.The state is been infested with “follow the leader” assholes.
    The leader “Najib” is stealing your money.
    Need your right attention.
    There is no one Najib..there are more like to come.What will you do next time.?

      1. Hi Helen,

        News portal Yahoo News,Huffington Post.,Malaysia Insider,Ants Daily…Asia Sentinel ,South China Morning Post,BBC,Star Online.Blogger Outsyed,Blogger Malaysia Today,Blogger Azly Rahman,Blogger Din Merican,Blogger Bakri Musa,Blogger Jebat Must Die, Blogger Helan Ang ,Blogger Apanama.?,Blogger Sakmongkol AK47,Blogger Din Turtle,Blogger Kadir Jasin….and Facebook friends.
        Tell me.

        1. Meor,

          If you read the risk analysis which the professional firms prepare for investors evaluating FDI, they unanimously say that race relations are very fragile in Malaysia and the tensions can easily catch fire.

          My own assessment agrees with the reading by Singapore ambassador-at-large Bilahari Kausikan that our pressure point is religion, which in Malaysia overlaps with race, i.e. all Malays must constitutionally be Muslim whereas the party of choice for Chinese voters – DAP – is evangelical.

          Hence the ‘Clash of Civilizations’.

          The DAP is synonymous with the Politics of Hate, and the pro-oppo media fans resentment and anger against the government – Umno.

          In my opinion, the online English-language media in Malaysia is very skewed. It’s partly because of this pronounced bias that BN is only left with 5 percent Chinese support.

          There are of course several other main reasons why 95 percent of the Chinese are pro-oppo but the 24/7 incitement by media is undeniably one of the major factors.

          A ratio of 5:95 is worse than skewed. It’s suicidal when 95 percent of the belligerent and hostile minority group is stridently anti-government. The 5 percent Chinese has no capacity to check and balance such an overwhelming dominance of 95 percent who are rabidly DAP.

          Even S’pore is worried about the instability in Malaysia. The ambassador’s commentary was published in the very pro-establishment Straits Times, and we take it that His Excellency wouldn’t have thrown the cat among the pigeons if the views he expressed did not reflect the concerns of the S’pore top leadership.

          The pro-oppo media are one of the main agents driving our racial conflict to the brink. Utusan, although persistently demonized, is far from being the chief culprit. The most agenda-driven publication is not Malaysiakini nor J-Star either. It’s The Malaysian Inciter.

    1. MeorUSA. I have always said it is the closest aides, the GLCs civil servants, the unqualified cartoonists, the party boys, the academic fellow travellers etc who mis-led our Prime Ministers like our Honourable and Distinguished Prime Minister Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak. The model for 1MDB could not have been the creation of our Prime Minister. With the power which the closest aides had, no one borrows so much to do business especially in a country with open captial markets like Malaysia. These inexperienced closest aides made a mess of the whole thing. This is my interpretation of this financial conundrum as with all the others which always involved the closest aides. One of them who was an aide until 2003 ended up collecting Stradivarius violins at US$5 million a piece which he on-lent to the Singapore Philharmonic but not to KL. He was only an aide to a factory manager when he embarked to be a closest aide !

  9. “”A functional democracy””

    Beg your pardon ,

    600 over million so called political donation disappeared from Najib account and then the country.

    “‘Party can change”‘


    Should be ,

    “‘Party Must Be Ovehauled”‘
    Replace the cylinder head.pistons.rings,pistons,crankshaft,push rod,bearings, seals, then top that all up with pure synthetic oil.

    Then we can talk about a functional democracy !

    1. Replace the cylinder head.pistons.rings,pistons,crankshaft,push rod,bearings, seals, then top that all up with pure synthetic oil.

      As long as the “vehicle” is still a functioning “vehicle” we can do the above.If not what the used of the overhaul.?
      We are not here to destroy,A functioning democracy needs maintenance.

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