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Evangelical pastor a ‘well-practised LIAR’ – prosecutor told the court

Pastor Kong Hee is a “well-practised liar” with an “utter lack of credibility”, the Deputy Public Prosecutor told the Singapore court in closing oral submissions during the City Harvest church corruption trial.

See Straits Times report headlined ‘Both senior pastors ‘are liars and lack credibility’ on 15 Sept 2015.

During the course of the 3-and-1/2 year sensational trial, the mountain of lies and deception practised by the City Harvest church elders and pastors was revealed to the stunned public.

Yup, they’re that kind of people – the evangelistas – and little different from their Jerusubang cousins.

Critic of the church finally vindicated after 12 years

Back in 2003, businessman Roland Poon alleged that the City Harvest church funds were being misused.

The church then proceeded to vilify, harass and threaten to sue Poon. Like I’ve said, always beware what ‘they’ do to people.

(This kind of thuggery reminds us of evangelical kindred spirits Lim Guan Eng who challenged – “you see what I do to you” – any reporter daring to publish the rumour swirling around his one-time alleged liaisons with Ms Rainbow, and Hannah Yeoh who has been trigger happy in making police reports against Umno bloggers and even an ustaz for exercising their freedom of speech.)

hannah caption extreme

Poon’s daughter said her father is “vindicated” now that his expose has been found to be true. See ‘Man who alleged funds misuse vindicated’ – Straits Times article on 22 Oct 2015.

On the same day, Singapore news portal also commented:

“12 years ago, City Harvest Church threatened to sue whistleblower Roland Poon Swee Kay. They owe him an apology. Saying sorry is the least the church could do. But, alas, it hasn’t and most likely won’t.”

Typical evangelista behaviour. These ultra kiasu’s will never admit that they’re in the wrong and prefer to putar-belit (like insisting Bak Kut Teh is not pork) and tegakkan benang basah instead.

But you know what was the ‘best’ (sarcasm) part of Poon’s unpleasant tango with the evangelical church?

BELOW: Check out ‘Singapore’s City Harvest church controversy comes to the Hollywood Hills’ in the L.A. Weekly on 22 June 2010


Pastor Kong Hee had told his congregation to “forgive the whistleblower Mr Poon in FIVE! sermons over the weekend of 27 Jan 2003. Fuyoh, such love and magnanimity, and of course the ultra kiasuness in rubbing it in over five sermons.

How the innocent Poon must have gritted his teeth at the nerve of the guilty pastor and his sneaky posturing.

The recent verdict on the City Harvest pastors proved that Poon was right all along. Likewise across the Causeway, the day will soon come when the whole of Malaysia will be able to see the DAP evangelistas for what they really are. Tick tock, tick tock.


It’s in the Kim family genes

Singapore has successfully exposed the City Harvest evangelistas as well-practised liars.

And what about the Dapster family in our own Jerusubang?

Grandpapa Dapster Lim Kit Siang was recently suspended from Parliament six months for slandering the Speaker of the House.

Papa Dapster Lim Guan Eng has been badmouthing stray dogs in Penang in a desperate damage control bid. Imagine that! Even four-legged animals are not spared from the Dapster treatment.

In order to contain the fallout from his callous directive to cull thousands of dogs, Guan Eng spread the story of a dog bite and accused the said canine culprit of carrying rabies (not proven).

If anyone is rabid, it is surely his evangelical party Red Beanies and their vicious smear campaigns.

Hannah Yeoh Putrajaya punishing KL and Selangor voters

Cakap ikut sedap mulut jer

Meanwhile, Mama Dapster Hannah Yeoh (her tweet above) seems to be implying that “Putrajaya is punishing” Klang Valley voters with toll hikes.

Waaah, Hannah can insinuate like that one.

How can Hannah appear to claim that Putrajaya is “punishing” city folks when periodic toll increases are provided for in the concession agreement? It is not an arbitrary decision left to Putrajaya’s whim and fancy but the contractual option of the concessionaires.

What kind of people – like Hannah – love to “simply accuse“?!

Furthermore, the Selangor state government is the majority shareholder in some of the toll companies. In fact, PKR’s Sivarasa Rasiah is a SPRINT board director (below).

Is Hannah going to similarly insinuate that Shah Alam is punishing KL voters with the toll hike?


The blame should not be put solely on the federal government for reducing the toll subsidy.

And btw, when is the Umno-led government going to do anything about all the vile slander aimed at it by the opposition hate mongers? Something must be done about these sneaky bastards. Beijing and Singapore would never let them off the hook so easily like Putrajaya is doing.


Govt must investigate Subang Jaya City Harvest church over the RM6.4 million

For other details on ownership of the tolled roads, see the list below compiled by the blog KL Chronicle.

Fakta mengenai Lebuhraya Tol yg perlu diketahui…..
1) Eastern Dispersal Link – Tol dihapuskan 100% – Pemegang saham utama MRCB (KWSP pemegang saham utama)
2) New Pantai Expressway – Tol Kpg Medan dihapuskan – Pemegang saham utama IJM
3) Kajang – KL (Grand Saga) – Kerajaan pusat mengurangkan 50% drpd tol… terpulang kpd pemegang saham (Taliworks i.e. KDEB/KPS/MB Slgr Inc ) utama utk menghapuskan terus.
4) KESAS Highway – PKNS (badan kerajaan Selangor) adalah di antara pemegang saham… belum ada2 ura nak kurangkan atau hapuskan tol.
5) SPRINT Highway – KPS (syarikat kerajaan Selangor) adalah di antara pemegang saham… sama spt KESAS belum ada2 ura nak kurangkan atau hapuskan tol.
6) GCE Highway – pada asalnya dimiliki oleh Guthrie semasa Khalid CEO semasa Umno….terpaksa diambil alih oleh Prolintas (PNB) kerana masalah aliran traffic yg tak mencukupi.
7) Mana2 Toll Highway yg PLUS pemegang saham utama (NS, ELITE, NKVE, Seremban-PD, Kulim Butterworth)
8) Begitu juga Toll Highway di bawah Prolintas (AKLEH, GCE, SKVE, LKSA)
9) LDP pemilik konsesi LITRAK



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22 thoughts on “Evangelical pastor a ‘well-practised LIAR’ – prosecutor told the court

  1. Hannah Yeoh will undoubtedly be looking for as many distractions as will Guan Eng about his Ms. Rainbow affair (alleged). There is more to dig up in this mountain of hypocrisy that has gone untouched and protected in the name of God for far too long.

    Time for UMNO, the Barisan, all self respecting Malays to begin bashing these rogues. If there are any self respecting Indians left out there (which I admit is a shot in the dark rhetorical question) let them now stand up and be counted or forever hold their peace (and pieces).

    An American president is reputed to once have said “there is a sucker born every minute” whilst someone else added to it “never give a sucker an even break” To top it all off another quote from the home of the evangelistas and born agains ” no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public”.

    In this case no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the wannabe American public in these churches.

    Subang Jaya and Old Kelang Road Assemblies of God must be thoroughly audited.

      1. Helen,

        Singapore is proactive while Najib administration believes the mantra that problems will dissapear if ignored.

        Singapore took a clinical approach. It simply thew the law book to these criminals hiding behind church activities. This is something Malaysia can learn.

        When Singapore began to charge these criminals, I was expecting Kuala Lumpur to begin scrutinizing the similar church activities in Malaysia. But UMNO led goverrnment seems lost.

        1. Maybe, too many politician in the opposition are practicing lawyers. High profile at that and they defended criminals too. Sort of double edge, law celebrities earning a living as law-makers, at the same time, soliciting either for victims or criminals. Even the Police and the prosecutors are scared of them.

  2. “In order to contain the fallout from his callous directive to cull thousands of dogs, Guan Eng spread the story of a dog bite and accused the said canine culprit of carrying rabies (not proven).”

    “relative of church member.receivin anti-rabies treatment in GH”

    Church member. The key word.

  3. Helen,

    You need to get your facts right. Selangor via PKNS and Perangsang is a minority shareholder in Kesas (30%) and Sprint (20%). respectively . The remaining Kesas stake (70%) and Sprint (80%) were held by Gamuda respectively. No doubt Sivarasa is a board member in Sprint. Source:

    You can independently verify the info above. Under corporate management, a minority board member is bound by the decision of the majority. Most importantly, Sivarasa said that the issue of toll hike was never discussed in any Sprint board meeting.

    “How can Hannah appear to claim that Putrajaya is “punishing” city folks when periodic toll increases are provided for in the concession agreement? It is not an arbitrary decision left to Putrajaya’s whim and fancy but the contractual option of the concessionaires.”

    The real question to be asked is why would the federal government entered into such lopsided agreement at the first place? Concession companies are sure to make profit as the government guaranteed either a toll hike or compensation in lieu of. Either way, the rakyat pays for it.

    1. drinho,

      re: “The remaining Kesas stake (70%) and Sprint (80%) were held by Gamuda respectively.”

      Noted. Gamuda is a company. It’s not a federal government-owned company. Hannah Yeoh was hate-mongering if she had implied that Putrajaya was “punishing” Klang Valley voters by hiking the toll.

      re: “The real question to be asked is why would the federal government entered into such lopsided agreement at the first place?”

      Ask Tun.

  4. Federal Governemnt may not have significant/controlling stakes in Gamuda. But it is a company that benefits from government contracts such as MRT line 1, MRT line 2, Smart tunnel, LDP, Kesas, Sprint and Splash. Some of these came with long concessionaire periods. Not to mention the majority shareholder is the Perak royal family. It may not be a GLC like Maybank or Tenaga, but it is in the same league of companies owned by YTL and Syed Mokhtar.

    HY is somehow correct. These expressways were mainly located in KV and the majority users were KV dwellers.

    Yes, Tun M was the culprit. But Najib was part of Tun M’s cabinet when these concession contracts were made. If ISA (a law enacted way back in 1960) can be repealed, why can’t concession contracts be at least reviewed and renegotiated? If the government is willing to spend 5 years to negotiate TPPA, why can’t the same effort be put into concession contracts?

    1. re: “HY is somehow correct.”

      Hannah Yeoh is somewhat malicious.

      The majority shareholder of Gamuda is the Perak royal family. The Perak royal family is not Putrajaya. The building below is Bangunan Perdana Putra, not Istana Perak.


      re: “These expressways were mainly located in KV and the majority users were KV dwellers.”

      How do you prove that Putrajaya is deliberately “punishing” KV dwellers?

      re: “why can’t concession contracts be at least reviewed and renegotiated?”

      Can the Penang and Selangor governments show us how? Since like you say, PKNS and Perangsang are shareholders of the highway companies.

      1. How to initiate a review if you are a minority shareholder? Let say you own 20%. The other party owns 80%. The board of directors have a composition of 5 members. You have one representative in the board. The other party have 4. You move a resolution. The board will deliberate. Voting comes now. The other 4 directors voted down your reso. Decision is always based on the majority. Nothing much a minority can do.

        Ultimately, the rakyat have to pay more and Putrajaya is the indirect beneficiary. Without going into numbers, Putrajaya saves on compensation to toll companies. Putrajaya also collect more revenue in term of corporate taxes paid by toll companies due to increase in toll collection (which is due to toll hike). Can you see how money is taken from rakyat and being channeled to toll companies and Putrajaya?

        “Deliberately punishing KV dwellers”? The fact that rakyat have to pay more for toll and have less disposal income is a ‘punishment’ per se. Not to mention that rakyat already suffering less disposal income due to GST and gradual subsidy removal.

        1. Nothing much Putrajaya can do about the toll rates either since the companies are Gamuda as majority shareholder whereas the Selangor investment arms are minority shareholders.

          The contracts should be watertight if the lawyers who drafted them are worth their salt.

          So why demonize the federal government as HY appears to have done?

          1. Lawyers draft as per the wish of clients. If the Federal gomen happily agree to clauses that say “Either toll rate hike or pay compensation in lieu of” and mutually agreed by Fed Gomen and toll companies, can we blame the lawyer? I put the blame on the Fed Gomen. Decision is with the client, lawyer merely formalise it.

            BTW, the toll concession agreement is between the toll companies (eg. Kesas etc) and Fed Gomen. Definitely, the Fed Gomen can do something if it has the political will.

              1. Sorry Helen, I wish I can. But I can’t. Details of the concession agreement is never made public. It is protected under the OSA. Nobody knows the actual terms in the agreement. What we know is either the toll rate is hiked (i.e. rakyat pay directly). Otherwise, the fed gomen has to pay compensation (i.e. rakyat pay indirectly). Either way, rakyat is the loser.

                1. Then it is an impasse.

                  All the noise that the oppo is making is for political mileage merely.

                  1. Have you come across any BN supporters that have openly make statements to the effect of declaring that he is happy to pay more toll?

                    1. But then BN supporters are not malicious like Hannah Yeoh.

                      We don’t claim that Purtajaya is deliberately targeting in order to “punish” us.

                  2. So, what is the position of BN supporters in relation to the toll hike?

                    If oppo supporters are ‘sad’ because being ‘punished’ by toll hike, can I assume that BN supporters’ position should be as below by virtue of BN-Oppo at the different ends of the political aisle:-

                    “BN supporters are ‘happy’ for being ‘rewarded’ by toll hike”.

  5. This pastor damn tokok wan. When he do wrong he always say god allow wan. Go bluff people for a house. Tokok la

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