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KJ prolly jeles of ARD

Bukhari Halim

ABOVE: The RM2b question from @BukhariHalim to @mpkotabelud and @Khairykj

BELOW: @mpkotabelud and @Khairykj react to Bukhari’s tweet

Rahman Dahlan

The ultra kiasu oppo will be tossing this soalan cepu mas into the air like flying chapati – today, tomorrow and until 2018, and beyond.

So which cabinet minister can best sambut this flying chapati monster will get ahead in the queue into No.1’s good books. My bet is on @mpkotabelud (see photo above).

Abdul Rahman Dahlan is doing his job as BN Strategic Communications Director with the gusto of a pit bull sinking his teeth into a meaty bone.

Ever since ARD snagged the director’s post, Khairy has been eclipsed ‘cos the Kota Belud guy – one half of the Dynamic Duo together with his fellow Kota Beluder (Salleh Said Keruak) – have been hogging the headlines while poor KJ is stuck with Malaysia’s mediocre sports performances.

Continues: The pair of Beluders oughta read Zam and reply KJ

Here’s what Zam thinks of KJ 10 Q – the veteran newsman’s tweet below:


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11 thoughts on “KJ prolly jeles of ARD

  1. Where the wind blow that is where you will find the jaguh kampong KJ. Its just his natural silver spooned mentality , under the radar, play both fields discretely then makes his move.

    He is nothing much as a politician without Pemuda, what he is today he never earned it, just served to him on a silver platter..

    1. Why are you whacking my boyfriend KJ? He’s tall, dark and handsome. Very athletic and I bought all the Men’s Health magazine with him on the cover. He’s what women want in real men, bukan macam that fat penguin from the south, asyik blabbering non-sense saja dlm media. Gila glamer ke apa? I love my KJ to bits.


      1. KJ really dont what the fuss is all about… He is above the fray. Doing situp and muaythai is his thingy.
        Glamer dalam Men Health better than glamer ARD muahaha…

    2. You can come out now KJ. It is safe to come out now. The storm has passed hehe…
      Now KJ can act stateman like…

  2. Generasi muda kita skrg idola mereka are the ‘self made’ men and women. What they want to see are results and achievements bukan sekadar nak tengok air lioq tersembur2 keluaq dari mulut saja.

    Khairi2 semua ni depa tak berapa kenal sangat. Itu LKS and LEG semua depa lagi tak minat. Asyik palu gendang kosong, to them lagi merugikan.

    Sori jangan marah ya. Reality masakini.

    1. Good Rina, it’s the reality and it’s the future. Enough of these who blasted hot air and yet there’s nothing to it. Carry on, Rina, get your friends and be the self-made men or women you aspire to be. Seize the day and make your lives extraordinary.

    2. actually, i think ( based on general observation je la, takdak statistics) Khairy is quote popular with the Gen Y. Not so much political wise, but because he’s prob the only Minister that embodies his portfolio very well.

    3. RINA, thanks a lot for that. Aku ingat aku sorang dok menyampah kat KJ nuh… cakap berdegar-degar, tapi impak keje langsung takdak.

      Aku rasa dah cukup lama dah dia sandang jawatan dan boleh laa tunjuk sikit-sebanyak results. Tapi.. ilek!

      Si KJ memang sesuai dengan si menteri tourism.. yang tu satu bijak laksana.. kau sepatutnya galakkan lebih ramai pelancong asing datang, bukan supaya dorang lebih ramai tak datang!

  3. Helen,

    One thing I learn when dealing with DAP is one must never be apologetic.

    And we must be tough as DAP does not know what is diplomacy. to them “sopan santun’ is a sign of weaknesses and guilt

  4. I salute this Kota Belud duo. It testifies the (seemingly)sea-faring Beludans. There are also testimonies of their other kins/clans doing their rounds and errands around here; smart, astute and adorable yet humble and non-vociferous, instead of those ‘noisy’ fellas who do not exude much impact whatsoever.

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