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Najib will pick PAS over MCA

Titik pertemuan sudah dijumpai.

For PAS, it is “Islam memartabatkan Melayu”. For Umno, it’s “Melayu memartabatkan Islam”.

Both formulations have their own intrinsic logic. When they’re able to synergize, it will strengthen both the Malays and the Muslims as one holistic force to be reckoned with.

Umno is becoming more kopiah-flavoured these days, after all. During the time of Onn Jaafar, Tunku, Tun Razak and Tun Dr Ismail, Umno was a songkok party.

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Wajdi Dusuki

New Hope (Harapan Baru) sounds like evangelical church

The official website of Parliament has been updated to reflect the defection of seven MPs from PAS. So now the party has 14 MPs compared to 21 in the last sitting.

Seating arrangements have been modified accordingly for this Parliament session. The MPs from PAS are no longer seated alongside those from DAP and PKR as previously. Hadi Awang has been moved to Block G from Block I.

Whoever did the present rearrangement has a wicked sense of humour. He/she put Amanah’s Mujahid Yusof Rawa between the Lims, Kit Siang and Guan Eng.

Mujahid squashed between Lim Sr and Lim Jr (below) reminds us of that iconic photo of Nizar dikepit Ngeh and Nga.

Mujahid sandwich

“Many Chinese fearing that this was just the beginning”

Two weeks ago, Najib Razak officiated the MCA general assembly.

Covering the event, veteran MCA watcher Foong Pek Yee wrote:

“The Barisan chairman is surely aware of the calls for MCA – the second largest Barisan component party – to leave the coalition in the wake of open racist threats and remarks from some Umno leaders and those seemingly linked to Umno.”

(In fact, MCA past president Ong Tee Keat had called for a referendum proposing his party’s withdrawal from the BN.)

Writing in the J-Star, Foong commented:

“Topping the list of racially charged episodes was the Sept 16 red-shirt rally which left feelings of fear which turned into anger among the Chinese. […] While the ugly episode may be confined to Petaling Street, it certainly sent shock waves across the country, with many Chinese fearing that this was just the beginning.”

Foong also described how some Chinese stocked up on food supplies after Jamal Sekinchan’s threat of a possible riot.

Ikan Bakar Sekinchan

“If they want war, we will go to war”

MCA president Liow Tiong Lai, in his keynote address to the party AGM, directed an appeal to Najib, saying: “Saya sangat-sangat khuatir Dato’ Sri. Rakyat meluahkan rasa cemas, bimbang dan gusar dengan apa yang sedang berlaku ini”.

In response to the Chinese anxiety and distress, the BN chairman made some soothing noises. See, ‘Najib reassures Chinese community that racially-charged episodes are temporary‘ (The J-Star, 13 Oct 2015).

That was last fortnight.

Last night however, Najib “mengisytiharkan silat sebagai bela diri rasmi negara” in an event attended by Panglima Angkatan Tentera Jen Zulkifeli Mohd Zin. The text of Najib’s speech was read by Shahidan Kassim.

At the same function, silat big chief Ali Rustam said his organization is ready to go to war, if need be, to defend Malay dignity. The Pesaka boss was quoted as saying, “if they want war, we will go to war”.

Pesaka was among the main organizers of the Red Rally last month on Malaysia Day (Sept 16).

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Apa lagi Cina tidak mau

What the Chinese don’t want is an Islamic State.

Hudud was one of the main factors leading to the break-up between DAP and PAS. If Umno supports PAS’s hudud, MCA may be compelled to leave BN.

MCA deputy president Wee Ka Siong had floated the idea last year that without a ‘No’ consensus, his party would not be able to remain on the BN platform. See ‘MCA might ditch BN if Umno lends support to hudud, says Wee‘ (The Malay Mail, 7 May 2014)

BELOW: Bersih 4.0 rally goer with a placard saying, “Kami bukan anti-PM, kami hanya benci Najib”

Bersih 4 benci Najib

Bersih 4 Cina benci

Chinese hate and reject Najib

Lim Kit Siang described Bersih 4.0 as a “34-hours-long carnival to celebrate democracy”. Actually, it was more like one big hate fest against Najib where the Chinese let it all hang out.

Fart on punching bagThey pantomimed the PM being sent to hell, prison caged, kicked, punched, stepped and his face farted on – pix right.

Yesterday the J-Star‘s Joceline Tan commented that not only has Najib’s popularity rating slipped, he is “also struggling with the fact that his coalition has only 5% support from the Chinese”.

The Merdeka Center poll, which found only 5 percent of the Chinese to be happy with Najib’s government, was carried out in August.

This was a month before the Red Rally took place in September.

Not even one Chinese in ten support BN

If the opinion survey had been conducted in the period following the Red Rally, pollster Merdeka Center would have discovered Chinese support for the Najib administration to be even lower than five percent.

Shortly after Sept 16, Jamal Sekinchan made another threat to mob Chinatown. This prompted the China ambassador intervening through his controversial walkabout in Petaling Street.

The ambassador’s intervention in turn caused Deputy Agriculture Minister Tajuddin Abdul Rahman (below, at the Red Rally) to declare “Nak kena lempang macam itu” – referring to Malaysian Chinese who complained to our motherland.

Tajuddin Abdul Rahman

Aside from refusing to apologize for his “slap” remark, Tajuddin also retorted, “MCA boleh buat bising sehingga kiamat”.

These slights by Umno leaders have further alienated the Chinese from the BN.

With more than 95 percent of the Chinese being anti-government, the MCA’s belated suggestion for national reconciliation is too little, too late.

Apology to Ustaz Nasha long overdue


ABOVE: Former PAS deputy president Nasharuddin Mat Isa and Najib look like Siamese twins conjoined at the shoulder (file pix from 2013)

Ustaz Nasha must be feeling vindicated today in the aftermath of PAS’s belated realisation that the DAP is full of Christians – see ‘Dewan Ulama PAS: Cina DAP rata-rata Kristian, lawan hukum Allah

He was right! And his critics and detractors in PAS were wrong. They owe him an apology. And Hasan Ali too.


Umno and PAS gravitating to each other

Last week, Umno Penang announced that they are ready to cooperate with PAS in the DAP-held state.

As well, the Umno hawks look inclined to cosy up with PAS. Mara chairman Annuar Musa, who had attended the Red Rally, is for example one of the main proponents of Umno-PAS cooperation on hudud. Annuar is a Kelantanese.

There are some key personalities who are bridge builders between Umno and PAS. On the other hand, who can ameliorate the estrangement between the Chinese and the BN?

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No cure for the DAP hate virus

A couple of days ago, most of the PAS Parliamentarians passed on the ‘Mana RM2.6 bilion?’ mini protest during the Budget 2016 speech. They did not join the DAP and PKR Yang Berhormats in disrupting the PM’s budget presentation.

The litmus test on a potential Malay unity pact is how many among PAS Malays can be swung to support BN in the next general election. This figure is compared to how many of the 95 percent anti-establishment Chinese can be persuaded to relent and pangkah dacing.

It’s a battle of numbers, really. Is it PAS people who are more keras kepala and cannot be weaned off their hatred for Umno? Or is it the Chinese who are more berdendam and cannot be weaned off their hatred for Umno?

Umno will obviously go with the one who does not hate it so irrevocably.

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Najib Hadi


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44 thoughts on “Najib will pick PAS over MCA

  1. umno cheats everybody. umno has cheated pas before. That’s one of the reason pas is skeptic on umno’s proposal to venture. and moreover, pas agenda on hudud is not well received by umno – thus umno would never implement hudud…although at times, umno will give a picture just to woo in Malay voters, but will never follow up to fully implement hudud.

    1. re: “Umno cheats everybody”

      About Dr Mahathir:


      “To him natural justice and social justice are strange notions. Human rights and democracy, in his opinion, impede progress and prosperity. If and when necessary, he could stretch the truth and break promises. – K. George”

      (Unquote) / Source,

      Isn’t it the tool of the politician’s trade?

      re: “Umno has cheated PAS before”

      What are the specifics?

      re: “PAS agenda on hudud is not well received by Umno – thus Umno would never implement hudud…”

      Dunno. But see poll results,

      re: “although at times, umno will give a picture just to woo in Malay voters, but will never follow up to fully implement hudud”

      The current Cabinet is rather hawkish. Also more ketayap/kopiah wearers. In 2013, Umno even offered Ustaz Kazim Elias a seat on the Umno supreme council but he declined the appointment.

      The pix below is Zahid Hamidi leading congregational prayers. He comes from ustaz family.

      1. When PAS was cheated by umno, i was very young, so i have to rely on reports…AND there has to be a very valid reason for Nik Aziz not to trust umno during his time.

        It is said – PAS became Umno’s coalition partner in 1973 and joined the expanded ruling coalition Barisan Nasional in 1974 when it was launched just before the general election. PAS was sacked from Barisan Nasional in November 1977 after the party objected to a Parliamentary bill to impose emergency rule in Kelantan. It was triggered by the Federal Government exploiting a protracted leadership crisis in Kelantan with PAS state assemblymen having voted a no-confidence vote against Menteri Besar Mohamad Nasir, who received tacit support from Umno. PAS lost Kelantan in the subsequent state election in March 1978. In other words, PAS was cheated by Umno.

        Zahid is just another opportunist in umno, an indonesian descendant who will use race & religion to achieve his target. And, my opinion, the buck stops at DPM post for zahid. There is no way the ruling families are going to allow zahid to become PM. Zahid is just a pawn for Najib to control umno members.

        1. re: “protracted leadership crisis in Kelantan with PAS state assemblymen having voted a no-confidence vote against Menteri Besar Mohamad Nasir”

          If PAS Aduns voted ‘no confidence’ on their own MB, then how is it that Umno came to be blamed?

          re: “Zahid is just another opportunist in Umno, an Indonesian descendant”

          If you think that way of Zahid, then you shouldn’t be surprised when the Malay think of us as Chinese/Indian descendent (keturunan pendatang).

          1. Helen,

            PAS was very angry as UMNO refused to support the vote of no confidence to then MB of Kelantan, Mohd Nasir. The MB was from PAS itself.

            The reason that UMNO gave was that it( UMNO) had no issue with Mohd Nasir.

            PAS reacted by threatening to initiate votes of no confidence on states ruled by UMNO.

            YET for decades PAS goes on and on blaming UMNO for its(PAS) removal from BN. Obviously here PAS is not honest. why must you initiate a vote of no confidence against your own member and then blames UMNO for that.

            This is one reason why I prefer UMNO over PAS. Though UMNO too has many shortcomings, it is not hypocrite like PAS. It tells the truth to the face: that unless Muslims unite, Hudud cant be implemented.

            PAS on the other hand wants to cage Malays over its anger againsts UMNO on one political issue that happened 40 years ago.

            1. re: “This is one reason why I prefer Umno over PAS. Though Umno too has many shortcomings, it is not hypocrite like PAS.”

              Umno is tidak apa while DAP is ultra kiasu.

              I prefer to live with tidak apa rather than with ultra kiasu.

              1. Helen,

                Me too.

                But being too “tidak apa” is simply suicidal. which Is why I do understand when my father in law once said he feelsclike to “lempang semua ahli Majlisdtertinggi UMNO”.

          2. It is also said that the MB…- Antara sebabnya ialah Datuk Muhammad Nasir adalah pilihan BN dan bukan kehendak parti PAS.

            And, let us get this right once and for all, you are happy being called keturunan pendatang, so be it. I am a Malaysian.

            And as of Zahid position from a political view, i stand by what i have written. The ruling families are NOT going to give the Premiership to someone from outside the family. BTW, i did not label him “pendatang”, that would be derogatory. So it says, most of Malaysians have ancestral background from another land. Do you think Zahid has the right to call you “pendatang”?

            1. re: “And, let us get this right once and for all, you are happy being called keturunan pendatang, so be it.”

              That’s a technical fact. My forefathers came from China.

              And like I said, if our mother tongue is Chinese, then our motherland is China. And like the ambassador said, the family ties are not broken.

              re: “Do you think Zahid has the right to call you ‘pendatang’?”

              It’s not something I personally lose sleep over.

              Also I think a lot of Chinese do behave like they’re not a part of this land.

          3. Nothing wrong with ‘keturunan pendatang’. No one can deny this. But that is different from being a ‘pendatang’. Their grandparents maybe pendatang but those who are born here are rightful citizen (i.e. not pendatang per se).

    2. Surrhead,

      Insisting Hudud to be implemented when you are outside corridors of power is actually very easy. Implementing Hudud is another different ball together.

      If PAS is serious about Hudud, it has no choice but to cooperate with the largest malay party, UMNO. Name calling simply will not bring UMNO to implement Hudud.

      The truth is that both UMNO and PAS are not really serious about Hudud. Umno clarifies that it is not against Hudud but rather how to implement in multi racial society. PAS on the other hand never tries doing anything beyond insisting Hudud to be implemented.

      Its explanation on Hudud remains “sketchy” or “simplistic”.

      1. No Shamsul, i don’t favour hudud. It’s outdated. And statistically, hudud is only implemented in nations where 95% and above practices Islam. Malaysian don’t. And most hudud practicing countries are out of reach with the current world.

        1. Surrhead,

          Ok. point noted.

          The question that you should ask Chinese then should be why on earth Chinese supporting PAS when it calls for Hudud.

          1. The general Chinese would want a clean and fair gov. On that grounds, PR was a better alternative. Then PR was messed up. Hopefully they can regain the support with the current PH, with Amanah taking over PAS’ role by being the foward thinking Islam party

            1. Surrhead,

              PR for clean and fair government? Hmnnnn. The concept of clan government is actually alien to PR.

              Remember Anwar lying about Sept 16. What about refusal to accept reality that Anwar failed (again and again) to be the PM SIMPLY because malays have had enough of him. Yet he slandered( his forte) an imaginary Bangladeshi voters.

              Amanah taking over PAS role? Mohd Sabu lost 3 consecutive times. and that loss are the manifestation of Malay rejection. He may be popular BUT he is not trusted.

              1. re: “Yet he slandered( his forte) an imaginary Bangladeshi voters.”

                Lim Guan Eng slandered stray dogs.

      2. Why share power with PAS when UMNO can takeover Kelantan by next election? From our intelligence, ground sentiments there is very negative on the state government after 25 years of poverty and misrule.

        Now there’s lots of ground chatter about PAS Kelantan government awarding huge tracts of forest land for timber to various PAS divisions all over the country, especially those from Selangor, Johor, Perak etc to maintain their members’ loyalties from defecting to Amanah.

        Imagine thousands of acres of forested areas, which are crucial natural reservoir for flood prevention will be chopped down next 1-2 years. If you thought last year’s Kelantan flood was bad, wait till the storm rains hit next round…

        PAS leaders are incompetent, greedy yet holier-than-thou. It will be a national disaster to join with them.
        If there’s a coalition between UMNO and PAS, they will surely demand many positions of power in UMNO-controlled state governments, FELDA, RISDA, GLCs etc.
        It’s like 1974 again, where PAS used their official Federal government resources to infiltrate FELDA, JKKKs, Kemas etc to spread their influence among the rural Malays.

        Those of us from veteran UMNO families have experienced it in the villages when PAS was intoxicated by power afer been given a small window of opportunity by late PM Tun Razak.
        UMNO grassroots will not tolerate these jokers in administration.

        ~ AJK Masjid Tanah

    1. Bottle blonde.

      But I keep forgetting. We’re to be made raceless at the barrel of the gun.

      She’s bangsa Anak Malaysia. No Chinese, no Indians, no Malays in the photo.

  2. I always believe that if the old guards are no longer around; specifically Dr M and Hadi, there will be a high chance that UMNO and PAS can cooperate and form a strong coalition party. The old guards can’t tolerate one another, but they are near the sunset of their lives and should start thinking of forgiving one another before the last day of their lives.

    I am more intrigued to see what will happen to DAP if LKS decides to throw in the bucket. I wonder whether the son, LGE, can withstand the onslaught of other DAP aspirants for the top job.

  3. Not that easy to see Umno and PAS cooperate officially
    (i.e. PAS joining BN). We have seen ‘unofficial’ collaboration (i.e. PAS and Umno voted in DUN Kelantan to support hudud at state level). After all, the DUN only consist of Umno and PAS. Already other non-Umno parties in BN are making objections. That is why the same collaboration is not seen at Parliament level. Only time will tell if the tabling of hudud bill and amendment to whatever laws to allow hudud implementation in Kelantan will succeed. The tabling of such bill is already postponed indefinitely due to court cases filed by Gerakan. If Umno is really sincere in supporting the bill, it would have asked Gerakan not to file the case in the first place. Pas is already seeing the insincerity of Umno.

    1. re: “Already other non-Umno parties in BN are making objections.”

      MCA objects to Umno working with PAS. If there is Umno-PAS collaboration, MCA will threaten to pull out from the BN.

      Umno will tell MCA, dipersilakan.

      1. Not only MCA. Gerakan, MIC and even BN Sabah/Sarawak parties have expressed objection to PAS’s hudud. Consider this:

        1. Parliament speaker is an Umno man;
        2. Umno/BN controls the Parliament;
        3. Umno/BN controls the Fed Gomen.

        If Umno is really sincere to table and approve the hudud bill of PAS, Umno would have done the following:

        1.Table the bill as gomen bill. Right now Hadi is doing the same by way of private member’s bill;
        2. Ask the Speaker to put the tabling at the top of agenda for current Parliament session;
        3. Ask all BN MPs to support the bill.

        Have you seen any of the above happening? Kelantan Dun approved hudud in Mar 2015. In fact, the original hudud was approved by Kelantan way back in 1993. Where is the sincerity of Umno?

        1. (1) PAS is still in the opposition. It would be jumping the gun for Umno to table it as government bill.

          (2) & (3) contingent upon (1).

          1. Hudud is God’s law. Compulsory for Muslims to adhere to it. Especially in Malaysia where Malay = Islam. PAS has been consistent on hudud since the inception of the party. Whether you are in ruling coalition or opposition, as long as a person is a Muslim he must uphold hudud. It is Umno that was “dilly dally” on hudud despite being a Malay Muslim party. Not to mention that Umno/BN used to have 2/3 majority control in Parliament before 2008 and control virtually all the states except for Sarawak and Kelantan since Merdeka.

            Anyway, time will tell if Umno is really sincere to uphold hudud. PAS will realise the insincerity of Umno after the lapse of the timeline. Just to prove a point, I am putting my bet that from now till the upcoming general election the hudud bill of PAS will not get the approval of Parliament.

              1. I thought PAS never approved Anwar as PM candidate. PAS wanted Hadi instead. Apart from the hudud/secular conflict, this is another issue that leads to the breaking-up of PR.

                1. Were you tri-partite pakatanis going to sort out the pee-em thingy once you conquered barisan nasional’s Putrajaya? Divide the spoils between communist socialists, christian zionists, liberal leftists, hudud Islamists, & pluralist ideologues?

                  1. IMHO, I think the oppo parties (whatever you call them whether PR or PH) will never conquer Putrajaya due to excessive gerrymandering by BN and the never ending fued/dispute between the oppo parties (especially DAP and PAS due to different ideologies). At most the oppo parties can do is to conquer states.

                    1. Pls show us a gerrymandered map of any constituency in Malaysia.

                      e.g. gerrymandering or “crime against geography” in the USA

      2. Helen,

        Hard to predict actually.

        the last election shows that almost entire Chinese community rejected BN( or more importantly reject UMNO).

        But UMNO still survives. As such , the feeling of “why on earth we need to take Chinese view into account” is getting stronger.

        As for MCA or Gerakan, were these parties to leave BN, they will be likely to be wiped out in next election. after all, had not for Malay votes, they(mCA and Gerakan) would hase been relegated to Museum

  4. Dear Aunty Helen,
    Why must some non-Malays and liberal Malays do not like Umno and PAS to cooperate? At the same time they dare to openly call for the Articles 10(4), 11(4), 152, 153 to be abolished. They spin facts about the Sedition Act. They do not respect the law and dare to challenge Islam, the religion of the Federation saying that Article 10(1) gives them the right to do so when Article 10 must be read harmoniously with Article 3(1) since Article 3 is placed in Part I, while Article 10 was placed in Part II of the Federal Constitution.
    UMNO fights for the Malays and Islam. UMNO hates hudud? Ask Uncle Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki for what he thinks about hudud. UMNO and PAS need to work together, after all PAS is stronger than MCA.

  5. Ustaz Hadi had always belittled and condemned the rule of Dr.Mahathir and BN. It demonstrates the principle of Hadi that he is now inclined towards Mr. Najib.

    1. re: “he is now inclined towards Mr Najib”

      Ustaz Hadi shaken, stirred and traumatized by the DAP evangelistas.

    2. It is very unfortunate therefore that he has not retracted his Amanat Hadi Takfir of all things UMNO. There is no sanction in the sunnah for the accusation of heresy (kafir) over other practicing Muslims.

      The Messenger of Allah s.a.w. said, “Abusing a Muslim is open transgression and to kill him is kufr (apostasy).”
      He also said, “The Muslim is the brother of a Muslim – he does not oppress or forsake him.”
      And also: “Everything about a Muslim to another Muslim is inviolable (as a general principle of faith) :- his blood, his wealth and his honour.”

      The Quran states:
      “O ye who believe! stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to Allah, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be against rich or poor: for Allah can best protect both. Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest ye swerve, and if ye distort (justice) or decline to do justice, verily Allah is well- aware about everything that ye do.”
      (The Women: v. 135)

    3. After all these decades of weaving in and out of political alliances with the Zionist backed PKR Anwar and the prosperity evangelists of DAP, Ustaz Hadi Awang must have run out of moral capital to pronounce any Muslim a kafir. My Muslim friends tell me the Prophet warned that apostasy falls on the head of the accuser!

  6. If PAS cooperates with UMNO, PKR/PAN will not get a single seat except may be a few in chinese majority areas. PKR/PAN will not get a support from the Malays because we knows that PKR/PAN is controlled by DAP and DAP is controlled by the evangelical christians who are trying very hard to christianize the Malays. Actually, we have no problem with non-christian chineses. My grandmother married to a chinese and my cousin also married to a chinese. I have seen many chinese muallaf married to malays.brides/grooms at the mosque.

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