37 thoughts on “Why do the so clever Chinese do such stupid things?

  1. Dear Aunty Helen,
    Please do not be racist like the weather :D Nanti Madame Speaker marah. There is no Malay, no Chinese, no Indian. Just Malaysian.
    “the weather is behaving like some racist newspaper/NGO – so extreme” – Hannah Yeoh.

    1. I looked again at the photograph. I don’t see any Malays. All Malaysians only.

      And the extreme haze we’re experiencing is “racist” too.

      1. Dear Aunty Helen,

        I cannot understand what makes some Malays support DAP. DAP leaders clearly say that they want to eliminate race, e.g. – Anak Malaysia, no Malay, no Indian, zero Chinese, etc. Mana jatidiri kita jika kita malu mengaku apa bangsa kita. Proud to be a Malay does not make one racist if one respect other races and eliminating races will not solve racial problems if the self proclaimed Anak Malaysia are behaving the way they do now.

        If we need to eliminate races for racial unity, does that mean that we need to eliminate religions for religious unity like the lyric of the song, Imagine that was sang by Tun M? Nanti kena eliminate gender pula kah?

        1. re: “If we need to eliminate races for racial unity, does that mean that we need to eliminate religions for religious unity like the lyric of the song, Imagine that was sang by Tun M? Nanti kena eliminate gender pula kah?”

          Ask Marina.

          BELOW: The transformation of Bruce Jenner into Caitlin; it appears to accepted by going by the largely positive response in American social media

          1. Corrections, spelling & typo:


            appears to accepted by (Westerners) going by the largely positive response

      2. Helen,

        Many times I said to my friends that Chinese alone cant dictate the outcome of elections. But many did not buy my view. To them, I was trying to scare them off.

  2. ‘Clean’ Gomen = ‘Clean’ Dog. The dog is UMNO?

    When they stomped on an edited photo of Najib and Haji Hadi embracing each other, it shows their hatred and anger when UMNO and PAS, unites.

    1. I’m more concerned about the safety of the poor dog in an unpredictable crowd.

      It is irresponsible of the owner to subject his animal to unnecessary risks.

      1. Ms Helen,

        It is fashionable, now, to use innocent party(ies) to further one’s agenda.

        Not only the very clever Chinese, but also the not so very clever Melayus….

        itulah hakikatnya dinegara kita.

            1. Actually I was trawling the Yellow Rally photo gallery due to Ali Rustam’s declaration last night that his silat boys (Red Shirts) are ready for war.

              What are the 5 percent Chinese gonna do? Caught between a rock and a hard place.

  3. It is a very good question, Helen. You have shown us similar pictures before and perhaps should put together those as a montage. What is this man trying to do? Show off his dog, demonstrate that even dogs supports the cause, that he had a fierce dog (so don’t play play) or that he like others were being led on a leash like/by the dog. In a crowd people are supposed to work/behave in unison for a common objective but people join in for varying reasons. Some actually believe in the “cause”, others come because of peer pressure, yet others join in for fun. Like football spectators, despite being in a crowd, some paint their face or go topless just to show off their own individuality. So with the bersih crowd. Even though all wear yellow, some carry brooms, some are stupid enough bring along children, others piss or stamp on portraits (since no graves to piss on). The purpose of a demonstration is to make people know the stand of your group regarding a particular issue. For that, the group need to identify themselves clearly in the hope that others will be sympathetic towards them or may be join them. This the organizers failed to do. Indeed most participants not only tried hard to deny who they actually were/are but also failed express what cause they are trying to champion. Nothing much was proclaimed regarding improving election rules and practices (what the group is supposed to champion). This is probably because most, if not all, their demands (also suggested by others before them) has been met. Indeed the rally should have been a celebration of this success (if they want to take credit for it). If the cause has changed then they should have re-branded themselves (from one shade of yellow to another).
    Perhaps because of the lack of common purpose and identity that many individuals make it their own stage (like this guy), and in the process expose their inadequacies.

    1. re: “some are stupid enough bring along children”

      Same rationale. Don’t bring children, don’t bring dogs to demo. For their own safety.

  4. Now that Penang is experiencing layoffs in the manufacturing sector, the Emperor is keeping a low profile. When grilled by the press, all he could muster was ‘ask Mida’. What a pathetic response. When times were good, he claimed credit for things he did not deserve. Now that times are not so good, it’s not his doing. No wonder the Aussies dumped him, just like that one female underling of his, the big mouth SJ groupie. Pathetic trash.

    1. I would also blame the arrogant managers of the state apart from Adolph. The products coming Penang’s factories are as heritage as Penang itself.
      Dell is reorganizing. Yes, who uses PCs these days?
      Who actually uses a Motorola? The staff of Motorola all use iPhones and Androids, definite no Motorola.
      Does anyone want to use a Blaupunkt? Isn’t the car audio now bundled as a device supporting a smart phone like what Mazda is doing with Apple Music? And what Proton is doing with Yes? Nobody wants their new car to have a CD player only – people expect more.
      You would notice the reorganisition of the hard disc industry in Penang. Who actually uses Hard Disks – only the enterprise sector. The new PCs (Windows 10) are tablet hybrids. They don’t have a hard disc and is cloud based. So is the new Mac.

      “Why do the so clever Chinese do such stupid things?”
      Arrogance is the answer. The arrogance that make Penang people feel they are so clever and ahead of everyone else that they fail to learn new things. So who is stupid?

      1. How much have the “cloud giants” like Amazon.com, Google, Microsoft and Facebook invested in Malaysia as compared with, say, Singapore?

        Where have they located their regional Hqs, data centres and server farms?

        Not in Malaysia, for sure, despite all the blandishments of the MSC and the tender ministrations of MCMC.

        So, why single out Penang? Why not ask instead what Mida and Miti have done or are doing to get all these “cloud giants” to invest in Malaysia and employ more skilled Malaysians (racial quotas, anyone?)?

        1. “So, why single out Penang? ”

          Nobody in the Federal Government or BN is singling out Penang.It is the customers of the world who single out Penang. If your products are out of date we just don’t buy. Simple.

          Perhaps to save Penang I suggest all Pakatan/Bersih lovers do the following:
          1. Ditch your iPhone and use a Motorola phone.
          2. Ditch your iPad and buy a Dell desktop
          3. Learn to use Windows XP
          4. Learn Excel
          5. Use an Erricson phone if you don’t like a Motorola
          6. Convert to brand new Blaupunkt Radio Cassette system
          7. Never trust the cloud. Get a WD or Seagate.

          I sure our super clever CM will save us.

          Here is some rubbish propaganda from BN. Cannot believe punya.

          1. And this is not applicable to the rest of the country?

            Or to the federal government’s investment promotion strategies for attracting high-tech and ICT investments?

            How many of the “cloud giants” have their regional HQs, data centres etc in Malaysia compared to Singapore?

            Let’s benefit from more your “logical insight” into the ICT industry and the cloud economy!

    2. What’s even more pathetic is when his sheeple agree with him and hold him blameless for anything that goes wrong in Penang while shifting the responsibilities to other parties (read Umno).

  5. Smart, clever people don’t do stupid things. It’s below average people who have high opinions of themselves that do stupid things.

  6. Smart or clever is different from kiasuism. kiasus are not necessarily smart, rather they go through some conditioning process. Those subjects such as maths are those which can be conditioned through practice. that is not necessarily smart. only those who can suit or condition their brain to the demands of the surrounding are smart people.

    People who stomp on others’ pictures are not smart at all. They have no better means to douse their grouses, in the same way as name-calling does, as is always practised by the dapsters. Ohh, holding the Malaysian flag upside down is the weirdest idiosyncrasy of them all.

  7. When we are still on the subject of dogs. MBPP does not allow dogs in the pound to be adopted. So the killing goes on.

    What does the Penang government have against stray dogs so much so stray dogs must obliterated?

      1. I have to share this with you. This LGE is … no words to say. Even the people want to save the dogs by adopting pun tak boleh.

        Lim Li Lian
        De Facto Spokesperson of a dog activist coalition
        Stop Killing Start Vaccination (SKSV)

        Attn: Dr Afif, Health Exco of Penang.

        Your duty is to the rakyat who voted you in, please do take the time to at least send some kind of acknowledgement or reply.

        I was pregnant and in my first trimester when I volunteered as PACABA for PKR. I was very tired, I took my grandparents out in the morning to vote and I even skipped lunch so that I would be ready for my shift hour. I was lobbying so many people behind the scenes leading up to elections, giving my time, my money and my heart towards the effort. And when they lost, I cried so many tears of sadness. I signed petitions, I lobbied people. I attended Bersih. I sacrificed many hours for the cause, although I am a single working mum, and taking care of my grandparents.

        Now, after they are in power, when there is a real issue at hand, to be rewarded by stony silence, politics, indifference and unfair statements in the press by Penang State government officials, is just very disappointing. Even DVS, a Federal Agency that I am cooperating with in this rabies issue, treats us infinitely better.

        LGE asks us to go and vote for BN if we are dissatisfied. Is this how you treat your loyal supporters? We have very right to question why you are not following WHO protocol. We never said we don’t support you, but don’t we have a right to ask questions? Or are we supposed to just agree with everything you say blindly? If you would rather lead sheep, then I am definitely not one.

        After you’ve got the votes, you start passing through projects that do nothing to benefit Penang: land reclamation, tunnels, etc. If they aren’t benefiting Penang, then who are they benefiting?

        At meeting at KOMTAR with LGE, I presented him with all the research from WHO outlining why vaccinating the dogs protects human health, and why WHO always recommends vaccination of dogs, because it is more effective and cheaper than vaccinating all humans. Mountains of evidence and proof. Do you know what he told me? He told me to go and convince DVS. I told him “Since you have all the research here, why can’t you go and convince DVS yourself? Why does it have to be me?”

        So many of his YB’s who were also present told me that I should consider myself lucky that the State allows me to speak with DVS. I asked them, “can’t you read for yourself what it states on WHO website? Isn’t this your job? You are the policymakers. Not me!!!”

        You should all be very ashamed of yourselves. So many people all around Malaysia and Malaysians all over the world have sacrificed SO MUCH for the opposition. People have gone to jail, people have been censured, you yourself sacrificed. Have a little more respect, please. Have a think about how your actions are destroying what opposition has built up over the years. You are showing us that PKR and DAP actually have the same attitudes as BN.

        Penang is being destroyed in many ways. It is the current administration that changed the plot ratios so that more high-rises could be built at housing areas. Now we are left with super luxury accommodation everywhere that no ordinary Penangite can afford. If you are so CAT, then please release data on what you do to the strays that you catch at the pound. Release data on housing occupancy rates in Penang. It is this administration who changed the zoning of many areas to allow for more rampant development, vanity projects and overcapacity.

        It is sad that your most ardent supporters are now the ones most disappointed in you. You even threatened some animal NGOs who are here on MM2H to be careful of their activities. These are people who have been helping you selflessly to achieve your 0 stray policy by keeping dogs off the streets and rehoming them. And you threaten them if they dare to question your policy.

        Many times I thought about leaving Penang. But after careful consideration, I won’t. I was born and bred here. My family and friends are here. it is not me who should leave. It is you, all of you, who should leave.

        I am not a supporter of BN but I am no fool either. Not supporting BN doesn’t mean I will support you. In fact, I am hoping that by all this pressure you will do a better job and be the party that is worthy of our votes.

        Official letter SKSV sent to Dr Afif to which he replied with nothing:

        Dear Dr Afif,


        We know you are busy attending to other important matters and thank you for your kind attention to this letter.

        2. With regards to the subject matter, we at SKSV would like to report two recent occassions where volunteers from various NGOs were denied access into MBPP dog pound to do their regular work of rescuing the strays there. One occurred on 19th October, at around 10am and another on 20th October at around 2pm.

        3. On both occassions, volunteers were informed by MBPP staff that they were no longer allowed access into the dog pound to claim the dogs, and that dogs who were left unclaimed after 7 days to be put to sleep. MBPP has also boarded up the pound so no one is able to see the dogs anymore from the outside.

        4. We would like to refer to a copy of the SOP (hereby attached) which states that stray dogs can be claimed by NGOs and ask for clarification on how we are able to rescue the strays for rehoming and adoption from MBPP going forward.

        5. The NGO’s have run a very successful adoption program in cooperation with MBPP over the past few months. Penang has shown that it is a caring animal-loving community by adopting over 100 family pets directly from the pound. We hope this matter can be cleared up soon so we will no longer deny a Penang family the right to adopt an animal from MBPP.

        6. We would also like to suggest that all the dogs in the pound will be given vaccinations by DVS or the Council vet (for rabies as well as against the other diseases) so that the State is able to provide Penang families with healthy animals for adoption. We hope you are able to provide answers on Penang’s position with regards to dog rehoming and why the pound has been boarded up. Your kind attention and further action with regards to this would be very much appreciated.

        Thank you.
        Lim Li Lian

  8. Because they confused being clever to make money with being clever in everything.

    Because they have become too parochial and insular, only mixing amongst themselves and reinforcing point 1 above in daily conversations.

    Because they have not been taught or lost sight of the Confucian ideals of proper behaviour in society, the Buddhist aspect of mental cultivation and the Taoist philosophy of understanding the environment in which we live. 沒有文化

    Because they have succumbed to the 3 defilements of delusion, aversion and attachment.

    1. Or, perhaps, they are being pragmatic and realistic in dealing with, as they perceive it, discrimination and racialism clothed in fine verbiage?

      Are you afraid to acknowledge that?

        1. to many average chinese, its a reality thus the perception. but I do agree tis is not something good. I think the malay generally live a better life, that’s y the malay r more helpful, accommodative n friendly.

          btw, do u really understand the difference between perception n delusion? if u just wanna sound sarcastic, that’s fine.

          1. Mr. Najib and his circle have succumbed to an acute form of materialistic delusion which many modern people have become accustomed to.

      1. Afraid? There is no strong emotion attached to what I said.

        “Discrimination and racialism” are very heavy words to be bandied around the way you do. Have a care in what you accuse others of doing or being.

        Your perspective is out of balance. Yes, there are certain privileges that the Bumis enjoy. Yes, it seems unfair on the surface.

        But you have to ponder the other aspect also – non-Bumis have certain freedoms and advantages that the Bumis/Muslims do not.

        The reality is that we exist in a delicate balancing act. I will say that BN does a poor job in explaining this, and yes, botching some of it up over the years, while the DAP is very good at pointing out only the negatives.

        I do not deny that the Chinese especially, are much more attuned to the vagaries of the global economy. We feel the effects much sooner and perhaps to a greater degree due to our focus.

        However, being sensitive to it doesn’t translate to being right in the perceived solution to the uncertainty wrought by so many extraneous factors.

        In fact, I put it to you that the reaction to this angst as demonstrated in the pictures above has been nothing less than shameful and childish in the face of our long history and cultural values.

        Is making a mockery of our funeral rites a “practical and realistic way” of dealing with so-called discrimination and racialism?

        In fact, your use of the word ‘afraid’ is very telling – from your replies here and there, I perceive that you are a very intelligent person whose mind is being led by emotion. The sad part is you have convinced yourself that your opinion is the only truth.

        Remove the fear and the hatred from your mind. Where you are now, is no way to live.

      2. How Confucius resolved a case of filial piety:

        Confucius was once appointed Chief Justice to the State of Lu. Shortly after taking office, a father and a son filed a lawsuit at his court. The father charged his son with disrespect and lack of filial piety, requesting Confucius to bring the son to justice, while the son also accused his father of committing blunders – and the two kept bickering in the court. Confucius would not deliver his verdict right away. Instead, he detained the father and son in one cell, and henceforth held no inquiry. Three months later the father took the initiative to see Confucius. According to the father, he had reached a peaceful settlement with his son, and therefore asked for the withdrawal of the suit. Confucius released the two men subsequently. However, this led to the dissatisfaction of some ministers, who condemned Confucius for his connivance with the son’s unfilial behavior; at his injustice which is unworthy of his prestige, together with his nonobservance of the advocated filial piety.

        As a matter of fact, it was not difficult for Confucius to sentence the son to prison in accordance with law. His refusal was out of his consideration at a deeper level. We may as well imagine, if the son was sentenced to imprisonment, seemingly the father had won the case, but what consequence would the son face back home? Over time, the mother would be very much saddened about her son, other relatives would naturally be resentful of the father’s heartlessness; the son in prison would even hate his father all his life. The father himself, would likely be left in long-term embarrassment and remorse.
        Therefore, a seemingly legitimate and reasonable judgment would have caused rupture of family relations as well as irreparable harm to family members, and nobody benefits from it indeed.


        Gautma Buddha taught us this:

        “Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

        “You will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished by your anger.”

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