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The pair of Beluders oughta read Zam and reply KJ

Zam’s latest kata on 1MDB and Khairy’s “drama baru” – read HERE.

I hope Pak Zam will also kata something on The Sneaky Star to enlighten current Kota Belud MP Abdul Rahman Dahlan and former Kota Belud MP Salleh Said Keruak. The two men are respectively BN Strategic Communications director and Communications Minister.


Both Beluders should be also, hopefully, be informed by the ex-Utusan boss on what goes on in the Nest of Evangelistas. Zam thinks Chun Wai is lalang.

Swaying lalang is a menace in these dangerous times we live in.

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18 thoughts on “The pair of Beluders oughta read Zam and reply KJ

  1. on page 13 –
    suapan ertinya –
    a) wang, DERMA, alang, pinjaman, fi, ………..

    Click to access SPRM_akta_BM.pdf

    in short, DERMA is a type of suapan, meaning rasuah. And because of the astounding amount, SPRM should be taking action against Najib. Looks like SPRM is also compromised. Smart people ain’t gonna buy dahlan’s lie.

    1. All politicians(opposition inclusive) are getting “political donaton for political party” from inside and outside the country every now and then and because of their reluctance to declare the amounts and sources, that these are never exposed. Ask Anwar, LKS and LGE. They are experts. They will never ever want to expose their sources nor the amount and there is no law to force them to do likewise. So don’t talk about “derma as suapan” as defined in the Corruption Act as “Political donations for political party” is different.

    2. Child, u ‘ve got a lot to learn. Derma= Donation not Rasuah which is Corruption. If Derma is equivalent to Corruption, then SPRM will have to nab all the people who ‘Derna’ at PAS Ceramah or even at any function where people give donation such as church, mosque, temple, school etc.

      1. You are right. Derma is not rasuah. Looking at the precedent set by Najib, Malaysia is not officially zero corruption. Any giver and recipient can conveniently label the money as ‘donation’. What important is the money must be transfered/deposited into the recipient’s bank account and described as ‘donation’. MACC can close shop. Prosecutors have less case to prosecute and judges have more time for non-corruption cases.

  2. I agree with you sir, any person with brains and common sense will not believe that a donation of such magnitude is happening. SPRM has no choice but to agree but what happens to the IRB. Donations are taxable unless it is an approved institution by IRB.

    1. wak gondol
      Actually USD700m is not much to some. Ramai dermawan all over the world and if you r active into this area, many choose not to go public.

      For instance even in Malaysia, some very rich Apek ignored by own children chose to donate all their possessions to private welfare homes. Ohya.. Cik Helen can vouch, her late grandpa donated a chunk of his land, at current value should be worth millions right?

      Dont forget one PakArab recently gave USD32b away.

  3. Yalah katakanlah ia derma, Persoalan yang timbul: derma untuk apa? Kalau derma hanya RM1juta maseh boleh diterima sebagai derma tetapi kalau dah mencecah RM2.6 bilion, kenapa seorang sanggup bagi begitu banyak duit. Apa tujuannya.

    Bukan mudah untuk seseorang mengeluarkan sehingga berbilion hanya untuk memberi derma kepada seorang walau pun seorang pemimpin negara.
    jadi apa muslihatnya.

    Ini tidak pula terjawab hingga sekarang. Kalau tidak ada apa-apa pun muslihat kenapa begitu susah sangat hendak beri penjelasan?

    Itu saja yang rakyat hendak tahun?

    1. rejal arbee
      Tu la hang kena active sikit dengan kerja2 amal. You will be surprised.

      Sedekah dari peningalan harta pusaka simati Islam is nothing new.. Keluarga mereka akan mohon harta diagihkan khas kepada golongan2 yang sah dari golongan asnaf miskin atau demi perkembangan Agama Islam. Specific.

      This year Raja Saudi mangkat. Selain wasiat pasti banyak harta pusaka dia pun keluarga sedekahkan. Oghang Islam meninggal dunia hanya bawa bersama 3 perkara. Tau tak apa 3 perkara tersebut?

      I will not be surprised kalo Pak Arab tu bagi sedekah macam tu kat Najib, pasai apa semua oghang kalut sangat owh? The amount USD700m is nothing to some people.

    2. Personally, I can overlook the derma if I have to. It is an extraordinary thing but at the end of the day it doesn’t really affect the rakyat directly.

      But the substatial debts incurred by 1MDB which have not been successfully explained will have an impact on the nation. That to me is more worrisome.

      Of course getting some straight answers on both would be better.

      1. re: “Personally, I can overlook the derma if I have to.”

        If Muhyiddin becomes Umno president cum BN chairman, how does he plan to furnish the election war chest? Ditto Zahid and Hisham.

        1. Good question. Probably through corporate donations and fund drive.

          There have always been stories, especially when Anwar was running for the No. 2, of companies lobbying for favours through financial support (or in current terms “donation”). There were also a lot of rumours circulating about the Renong group financial support of Umno in its hey day. And of course Tan Koon Swan’s contribution to MCA.

          Since all those rumours were started by people who were opposed to the government, it was circulated and repeated over time that it became the acceptable truth. But Umno with totally lackadaisical attitude did not counter attack the Dap or PKR on their sources of funds.

          So now comes the RM2.6 billion donation. The authorities said its not from 1MDB, fine. But it gives ammunition for the opposition to attack Umno and since they seem to get better coverage especially through the online portals, that donation story has become a burden on Umno.

          So what the PM should do is push for some legislation on political donations so it will not become a burden for Umno and at the same time open up the opposition’s funding to scrutiny. He, through SPR should make this a priority befor the next elections.

          1. re: “it gives ammunition for the opposition to attack Umno and since they seem to get better coverage especially through the online portals, that donation story has become a burden on Umno”

            Yes. B’cos that’s the nature of the DAP ultra kiasu beast.

            Like the secret taping of Chua Soi Lek in the hotel room and how the DAP exploited it to the max.


            The online portals are a reflection of the kind of people who support the DAP. Here one example from today,

    3. Rejal,

      Kalau PM beri penerangan, En rijal boleh ke terima penjelasan tersebut.

      Bila dijawab enggan pula menerima , Bila SPRM kata duit tu bukan berasal dari 1MDB, masih tak mahu terima. Bila dijelaskan yg Bank Negara pun tahu pasal derma tu pun masih tak nak terima.

      Ada sesiapa ada bukti yg duit tu dari 1MDB

      1. Rejal

        Lagi satu nak tambah.

        Malaysia ahli OIC. Katakan Pak Arab lafaz niat wakilkan kpd Najib jumlah tu ” Hang tengok mana mana Muslim dlm rantau ini (Aseanla katakan) susah, bantu dengan apa cara hang rasa patut dan guna duit aku bagi”.

        So Najib nak kena jelas kat rakyat Malaysia dia agih kat mana duit tu? Alamak ini semua bukan perkara baru, sejak zaman tok kadok lagi. Nak cerita kat sini tak boleh.

        Ada perkara2 sulit hanya reported direct to ‘certain’ persons in this country.. Habaq kat oghang macam setengah Adun dan MP habih depa heboh kat betina Sarawak report la, NY Times la.. Banyak sangat pengkhianat yang kerja depa nak menjahanamkan negara ini tau tak?

  4. I have personally written a letter direct to Wong Choon Wai of the Star questioning his self proclamation of being a moderate Malaysian when the paper he helms is anything but being non racial.

    If it really do not practice being racial why havent there been any Malays being appointed to senior posts in the paper. Except for Adibah Amin who was a chief editor there at one time (but actually in name only) why hasnt there been any other Malays occupying senior editorial posts in the paper?

    What had happened to a number other Malay reporters who at one time were given prominence and some of the better assignments but had now been sidelined?

    And I can attest that the paper had at one time offered NST reporter Shanaz Karim to join it doubling her salary. She had got in touch with me to ask for my opinion and I had told her bluntly to stay put in the NST. My reasoning is simple: the Star was not sincere in offering her but had sinister motive of putting her down ultimately.

    Being a racist paper it just cannot stand to see Malays making their names in english journalism.

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