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The mills of God and Ustaz Nasha

When I read about the Singapore guy who blew the whistle on the City Harvest church 12 years ago finally being vindicated, my mind flew to Nasharudin Mat Isa.

Singaporean Roland Poon got to savour his “I told you so” moment in the wake of the recent ‘guilty‘ court verdict on the Dirty Half Dozen pastors and elders of the City Harvest church.

Mr Poon was the first to expose all that cheating and lying by the City Harvest crooks Continue reading “The mills of God and Ustaz Nasha”

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A right-wing Najib is better for BN’s chances in GE14

Najib’s date with destiny is as a war general.

The fiasco that is Saifuddin Abdullah should be a chastening lesson for Najib Razak that ‘moderation’ backfires.

Saifuddin, in an interview two days ago with Oriental Daily News, said Najib is no longer the moderate and progressive leader that he once knew the latter to be.

According to Si Pudin, his ex-boss changed after being hit by the Chinese tsunami in GE13 Continue reading “A right-wing Najib is better for BN’s chances in GE14”