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The mills of God and Ustaz Nasha

When I read about the Singapore guy who blew the whistle on the City Harvest church 12 years ago finally being vindicated, my mind flew to Nasharudin Mat Isa.

Singaporean Roland Poon got to savour his “I told you so” moment in the wake of the recent ‘guilty‘ court verdict on the Dirty Half Dozen pastors and elders of the City Harvest church.

Mr Poon was the first to expose all that cheating and lying by the City Harvest crooks disguised as pious clergy. He was crucified by the church lynch mob for revealing that their evangelical idols had feet of clay.

It took the passage of a dozen years but time has proven Mr Poon to be on the side of right.

“Though the mills of God grind slowly

Yet they grind exceeding small

Though with patience He stands waiting

With exactness grinds He all” — H.W. Longfellow

BELOW: Ustaz Nasha and Ahmad Ali Karim

Ahmad Ali Karim Ustaz Nasha


Similarly with Ustaz Nasha who had been put through the wringer for his holding fast to his principles (he and Hasan Ali both) on the kalimah Allah issue when their party waffled for the sake of political expediency.

Now that the DAP sudah tunjuk belang (shed its sneaky camouflage), those who were his detractors back during the PAS-DAP honeymoon period will hopefully realise that Ustaz Nasha too had been right all along.

Among my earliest write-ups on Ustaz Nasha is one on 22 Dec 2011 where I said, “kewibawaan dan ketulusan Nasharudin … yang berpegang kepada tunjang asal parti”.

Recommended read:

Evangelical pastor a ‘well-practised LIAR’ – prosecutor told the court

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Here’s another piece I blogged about Ustaz Nasha on 20 Aug 2012. I’d said, more than three years ago:

“He has carried himself with a quiet dignity though it all …”

referring to his ordeal during the time when PAS naifs and the DAP evangelistas were still kissy-kissy and the PAS former deputy president was cast out.

Hannah Yeoh Ugly Pendatang

Congrats and all the best, Ustaz Nasha

Currently with the acrimonious break-up between PAS and DAP, it is proven that Ustaz Nasha possessed the acumen and critical discernment when others in PAS were blinded by the bright and blinking evangeliSTARs.

His appointment today as the new CEO of the GMM is an inspired decision from the left field although I have my reservations about the PM’s ‘moderates’ outfit unless and until Wong Chun Wai is removed from its board of trustees.

I do not know how long it will take before the scales can be peeled off the eyes of Malaysians with regard to the DAP evangelistas.

And I do not care that 95 percent of Malaysian Chinese disagree with my views.

Time will prove me right. I’m very sure.


Saya dah cakap lama dah DAP anti-Islam, kata Nasharudin


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28 thoughts on “The mills of God and Ustaz Nasha

  1. Dear helen,

    Its a great blessing that saifuddin abdullah left umno. he’s a super liberal and not a moderate malay!

    Really wonderful news that najib brings ustaz nasha aboard. he is a moderate, well mannered, patient, experienced and intelligent muslim. he saw dap’s hypocrisy right from the onset and ‘fought’ them.

    i bet helen, mujahid, khalid samad, saifuddin abdullah n especially wong chun wai with be totally surprised, upset and disgusted with ustaz nasha’s appointment …from a liberal malay they now facing a real moderate muslim. all their hard work of so called ‘moderation’ propaganda going down the drain.

    pas should be pleased and guess najib and clan are listening to you helen… moving slightly to the right to please the malays.. thats the only option left for bn in the upcoming ge14…..

    As uduak, great writings helen. always admire yours and joceline’s frankness and opinions.

      1. Helen,

        What is this “moderate” and “liberal” malays anyway.

        I believe the 2 words in political sense mean that as long Malay politicians are against talking about Malay, islam or Bumiputera rights, they must be hailed as “good politicians”.

        But if they show concern on malays or defending islam, they are viewed as “racist”, “not modern”.

        Actually Nasha is not the only one warning about the stupidity of PAS kowtowing to DAP. Many Malays are dead set against it from the beginning.

        What happened to PAS now(being whacked by DAP ) is already expected. Only PAS out to spite UMNO and being blinded by the hatred towards UMNO.

        Still, Nasha is right. So are my sister (lives in Penang) who said that “satu hari nanti PAS akn kena terajang dengan DAP. Padan muka. Masa tu baru nak sedar”.

        She said years ago .

        1. re: “Actually Nasha is not the only one warning about the stupidity of PAS kowtowing to DAP. Many Malays are dead set against it from the beginning.”

          And there are the exceptions. Ada sesiapa yang boleh tolong bagi nasihat kat dema?

          1. The likes of these people in the picture as well as younger sets like Rara and Dyanna are beyond hope.

            Let them sink with the DAP. Focus on others. If people are easily sold out for a pittance, then let it be. Allow them to be made fools of by the Lims, Mat Sabuns, the Evangelistas, the Ngoks and the Ngehs.

            In time, people like them, will be thrown out…no value to DAP, to he Melayus and Islam. Also up to them to realize that they are just pawns.. ( ref: DAP against Tengku Puri as Pahang DAP chief…from the grapevines)

          2. Helen,

            many are willing to help advising to them. But they need to throw away their ego in order to be able to understand the danger of sleeping with DAP.

            The picture reminded me with my brief encounter with a Palestinian way back in 1988 outside a mosque in Seattle. I was a student then.

            He asked me where I come from. Proudly I told him I am from Malaysia. He replied that he is from Palestine. Being a young man, I told him that Palestine was a history.

            He, overcome with emotion said and I still remember his sentence “If only Arab leaders 100 years ago were able to see how miserable Arabs are now, they(arab leaders 100 years ago) would certainly not made the mistake they made 100 years ago”.

            Initially I was confused. He explained that by late 19th century, Arab leaders were influenced by British Govt to go against the Ottoman Empire. Arab peninsular was at that time ruled Ottoman sultans.

            Many genuine arabs reminded the leaders that they were playing with fire. These honest people said that at least Ottoman Empire was not cruel. Though the Sultan ruled, he put many Arabs in positions of governance.

            Many Arabs then voiced it is better being ruled by Ottomans who are Muslims rather than having a government controlled by British. But arab leaders , excited to be leader of independent nations instead of mere representation of Ottoman sultan rejected the idea.

            THE REST IS HISTORY.

            These “pakcik and makcik” are simply naïve. They think as life under UMNO is not “cruel” (though not all good), then life under PR(meaning DAP) will be the same too.

            They often said Selangor under PR is not cruel too. They ignore that the real character is only revealed once DAP assume total power.

          3. Bukan depa ni saja, ramai… dan mostly those dilusional ones thinking if they kaw teem with DAP n geng, mereka boleh jalan sana sini tak payah bawa dompet!

            I have one sedara, diehard PAS grp baru follower. A group of Amoy and Aso usung dia pi sana sini as the only Muslim lady rep promoting their MLM products. They are using her to get into the Muslim market. She is using them to get rich quick.

  2. What amazes is the deafening silence of the flock of sheeple who are otherwise content to knock on your doors, breath fire and brimstone and threaten hell fire to all who they defile with their God talk unsolicited.

    Where is the call to redemption and repentance to their pastors and “elders?” why are they shamelessly in Gods name not calling for accountability as they have for decades from government (there too without a scintilla of proof other than the rumours they finance with their mates)?

    These frauds are not different to the snake oil salesmen of the early settler days in the US. A shameless demonstration of everything wrong with our education system and the families that bring these fools into the world.

    Don’t hold your breath for any repentance or apology. No church in this category has a following of independent minded people. They are the dregs of society who seek redemption in the Amway logic.

    Perhaps we may see a show of the Tammy and Jim Baker type or a Jimmy Swaggart type of cringe crying on TV before a congregation as Swaggart did after being caught using the Church’s money to get a blow job in some Hollywood back alley.

    I love Hannah Yeoh. Her time will come.

  3. ‘Time will prove me right. I’m very sure.’

    No doubt about it, Helen.

    Even some zombified Penangites (or maybe the 5% or hardcore Gerakanite?) are slowly coming to their senses. Received this over watap. Not entirely accurate but the contempt is obvious:

    ‘The Divine Gifts of Tokong Lim Guan Eng, Cheat Minister from Damned Arrogant Party (or Developer Action Party) to Penang:

    Sell land, exchange sea for reclamation and use the money for feasibility studies of cable car and undersea tunnel.. Cost of consultancy in undersea tunnel RM308mil paid by swapping land. However if project is not approved by DOE, land swap still given… Great contributions!

    No new factories coming in, but tons of factories leaving Penang. Another great achievement.

    FDI drop from 1st place to 7th place, dare not publicise. Going overseas to badmouth Malaysia, who dare invest?? But when in 2008, 2009, brag that it’s his effort to get FDI 1st spot for State. In fact, that’s Gerakan’s past effort. Another own goal for DAP.

    Smart Bicycle Lane, spraying few stretch of road and claim there’s bicycle lane in whole Penang. Let’s see whether there’s more casualty. By the way, how much the bicycle lane costs? Few millions gone for painting the road green.

    Free shuttle bus for BM to Penang Bayan Lepas. Where’s the service now?

    Penang Free Wifi, claimed the first state in Malaysia to implement free wifi. Cannot even connect, few millions paid to Telco every month… Taxpayers money…

    Illegal Clearing of Hill Top, stop work order granted, but work continue. Why no action against the developer? Because the boss is the one who supported LGE and gave few millions election funds to LGE and helped him capture Penang.

    Penang Parking system, introduce the coupon system, very Green effort. Cleaner, Greener Penang, kononnya.

    And parking charges extended to 12midnight, including weekends and public holidays for many places vs the past BN which is only half day charge on Saturday and Sunday free… Parking also increased from 30 cents to 40 cents per half hour. It read, Tiap-Tiap Hari… Ubah!!

    No new parking space created, but more clamping of tires and MBPP very hardworking towing cars even on weekends. Clamp RM50. Towing and keeping car, easily RM200 and above. Good money..!

    Never build a single units of low cost houses in Penang. Previously, developers are required to build a certain percentage of low cost houses for every high end units built. But now, Penang State Govt allow developers to pay a fine for not building low cost units. Hence, the skyrocketing property prices in Penang making it terribly unaffordable for Penangites, since 2008.

    Killing of dogs will not stop spreading of rabies, as rats, bats and other animals will also carry the virus, but LGE go ahead to kill the dogs, why?

    Because the NGO found out that for every dogs killed, someone gets the money. One of the NGO representative, is Dalbinder Singh, Karpal Singh’s nephew, oppose the killing of dogs. Wanted to send memo to LGE. Komtar was lock down, nobody can go near 3rd floor. And Dalbinder was subsequently removed as MalaysianInsider Journalist, out of DAP payroll.

    State Govt unwilling to working with international NGO who willing to give free vaccines and politicise the issue to blame federal govt. This is freedom of Speech? That’s the Transparent in CAT slogan! CAT and DOG can’t be friends.

    DAP members publicly cursing MBPP Malay officers for clamping their car, and threw money at the officer on duty. The officer coolly pick up the money, unclamp the car, and make polis report. LGE gave RM200 each to the officers, namesake wise, it’s to praise the officer for being professional, in actual fact is to pressure them to retract their polis report. Luckily PDRM and DPP go ahead to arrest the 2 bullies nonetheless. That’s the Accountability in CAT slogan!

    Ng Wei Aik declared Penang Flood Free in 2010, claimed that Flood issues solved in 2 years after taking over Penang. Laugh at Gerakan State Govt for failing to solve the issue even though in power for 22 years. But in 2015, Penang experienced the worst flood of the century. LGE explained, no rain, no flood. Flooding is because of sudden heavy rain. Bravo!

    When Pahang was flooded, LGE claimed if Pakatan takes over, they will resolve the flood in one term. Loo at Penang now, almost one half terms still can’t resolve.

    Penang Traffic is getting worse and congested everywhere especially during public holidays and rush hours after work. Chow Kon Yew, Penang DAP Chairman, who supposedly the Penang CM, tell the Penangites that they should be grateful that Penang is jammed, that shows tourism is thriving in Penang. Wow… What a comforting common sensible reasoning. Maybe that’s how LGE comforting him when he didn’t get to become CM of Penang.

    LGE declared in 2010 that there’s zero hardcore poverty in Penang. That’s the effort of State Govt lead by DAP. But every now and then, we see news report of Penangites needing help and asking for public donations. Maybe the costs of living in Penang is so high that most poor moved out of the Penang Island. That can be consider an achievement also.

    Raised Penang Water Tarriff three times since he is CM and Chairman of PBA, reasoned that Penangites shouldn’t waste water, to conserve water during dried season. In fact, Penang is always blessed with abundance of water supply because Air Itam Dam and Teluk Bahang Dam are built by Past CM who have the foresight. LGE reasoned that after raising the water tariff for more than 100%, Penang still have the cheaper water compared to other States, so Penangites should not complain.

    Change State Exco cars twice within 6 months, from Camry to Mercedes, reasoned that cars are more safety and Mercedes gave huge discounts, so it’s financially wise to buy the luxury cars. Previously, fly with AirAsia in economic seat, for show?

    Hotels levie charge of RM1.00 for locals and RM2.00 for foreigners per day. Reason to use this money for Penang Tourism… where is the account update todate? – Transparency and Accountability?

    No Plastic bags day… 20 cents collected for each plastic bag – how much is collected per month and where these money are spent? -– Transparency and Accountability?’

    1. Indian, You are doing very much better than the opposition(BN) in Penang. They have a lot to learn from you. Maybe the oppo in Penang i.e. MCA and Gerakan must be sleeping as they kept very quiet like good dogs. I think they are scared the Tokong fellow will culled them.

      I think MCA and Gerakan in Penang still think that they are governing Penang. They must have forgotten they had become the oppositions. As oppositions, what are they doing there, sleeping in twinkle twinkle land after reading the Star and Sin Pin Jit Poh?

      1. Gerakan and MCA terikut dengan sikap tidak apa Umno. Ormaybe they know it’s a futile effort. All the constituencies they contest in Penang are Chinese majority. Mana boleh menang? And if they are contesting inMalay majority constituency, no need to work so hard la, free pass area. Mesti menang. Kalau tak menang because melayu tolak Umno.

      2. re: Indian, You are doing very much better than the opposition(BN) in Penang.

        Sorry buddy but that wasn’t me. It was a WhatsApp rant sent to me by my Serani masuk Islam friend.

        ‘As oppositions, what are they doing there, sleeping in twinkle twinkle land after reading the Star and Sin Pin Jit Poh?’

        The opposition in Penang can be summed up with just one word: CLUMSY.

        UMNO is completely ineffectual – probably sleeping after reading the Utusan. In the past they used to use their mamak macais who pulled stupid stunts that only strengthened the holier-than-thou Dapster propensity for labeling Malays and Mamaks as being barbaric.

        It was just one emotional outburst after another. Tokong and his pengikut were probably eager to see the next mamak stunt – to exploit and capitalise on. Very counter-productive for UMNO/BN.

        Only recently has UMNO stopped using their macais and progressed to something resembling political bickering of the kindergarten variety.

        Gerakan is only slightly better. They do hantam DAP every now and then on critical issues that Tokong can only respond to by diverting and making accusations as per his SOP. But not enough.

        They’re also only half awake.

    2. You have to blame the Penang managers for the job losses. Don’t tell me after 12 IPhone models (6 and S models), Penang Hard Disk CEOs do not realise that their product is out of date. If a baby is born the day, iPhone 1 is born today the baby would be in Standard 6.I know of many Penang factory managers who spend all their time calling people stupid especially UMNO.
      If you spend all your time calling people stupid, where would you have time to learn?

      Again I said who wants a Blaupunkt product? Why do people pay silly bucks for a Dr Dre headphone? Simply the MP3 sounds so bad you need speakers that will enhance the sound – thus the high-priced Dr Dre speakers. An old technology piece of HiFi is only good for CDs – full spec sound and does nothing to enhance sound.

      “Killing of dogs will not stop spreading of rabies, as rats, bats and other animals will also carry the virus, but LGE go ahead to kill the dogs, why?”

      Like their CEO supporters, LGE is the kind of I do no wrong leader. The kind that will never say sorry I made a mistake. The same kind of arrogance like Kong Hee who will receive an apology from Jesus himself.
      You will see the last page of the Book of Revelations if these people actually learn to say sorry and mean it.

      1. You would notice after all the bad press on the job losses in Penang, the DAP press is heralding the Penang good news.

        We are actually #4, after Kotor (Montenegro), Quito (Ecuador) and Dublin (Ireland)

        Yes. Next to Kotor is Bersih. So apt.

  4. Dear Aunty Helen,
    I was quite shocked to see the photo. I was 9 at the time. Thanks Aunty Helen :D
    PM Najib has been making good moves lately. Earlier he appointed Uncle Asyraf Wajdi as the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s office and appointed Apandi Ali as the new Attorney General to replace Ghani Patail and now he appointed Uncle Nasha, a much more capable candidate for the job to replace Pudin as the CEO of GMMF.
    I wonder what Pudin and the gang of liberalists think about this. I guess Wong Chun Wai is not happy about this. Najib should clean up NUCC too and remove all the viruses in NUCC and GMM.

    1. :) PM must make more good moves. I’m glad Ustaz Nasha is deservedly being given this recognition.

      Must REMOVE Wong Chun Wai (good move) and blunt The Gunting (very good move).

      As for the NUCC, just dissolve it.

  5. All is not lost for Malaysia when I see how well this young lad writes and his mature thinking way beyond his age. “Kipidap”, son.

  6. Breaking news: Penang Dog catching.
    Here it starts again.

    The reign of terror begin again.

  7. A global movement of moderates is nothing without self-understanding and personal integrity.

    1. Moderation in Malaysia is a contradictory concept.
      It is the moderates who take their dissatisfaction to the streets.
      CAT means the lack of transparency like the dog case in Penang, plastic bag etc.
      Moderation means screaming in parliament.
      Bersih means screaming obscenities including kids.

      It would be more moderate if all become radicals.

      1. ‘CAT means the lack of transparency like the dog case in Penang, plastic bag etc.’

        This is no ordinary CAT.

        This kucing kurap is Niao Kong – The Cunning CAT!

  8. well, looking at Najib style, he is not the type to act spontaneously, rather he will takes his time and strike at the most opportune moment.
    he probably waited for Saifuddin to cross over to PKR first before replacing with Nasha. Same goes to Wong Chun Wai. Maybe he is waiting for the right time and the right person to replace him.

  9. Regarding WCW in the GMM Board – case of “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” perhaps?

    The PM is showing himself to be a very subtle player. He’s not bombastic like Tun M. Let wait and see what’s going to happen.

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