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Lost in space: “Danger, Will Robinson, danger!”

Does anyone remember the TV series Lost in Space? One of the sci-fi show’s most famous catchphrase is Danger, Will Robinson!”

This warning of eminent threat is uttered by the clunky robot to Will Robinson – the boy in the b&w photo.

Danger Will Robinson

To find out the relevance of the above to our Malaysian context, click “See More” on Azmi Arshad’s Facebook link below.

One example – screenshot below – of what Azmi means when he talks about The Heat inflaming public sentiments.

Further Facebooker views on The Heat‘s social media can be read @

Born Idiots

what enemies


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One thought on “Lost in space: “Danger, Will Robinson, danger!”

  1. Haha…I remember that show.

    And that scheming Dr Smith going “Never fear, Smith is here!”

    LMAO…for some reason, that line and the uppity expression on his ugly mug cracked me up everytime!

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