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Ex-Miss Malaysia losing a lot of money

Before I blog about the former Miss Malaysia and her money being parted, here’s a quick look at the questionable ‘niat’ behind the way people dress, including the said ex-beauty queen.

First, to illustrate how jaw-dropping a starlet’s fashion sense can be – the photo gallery below is of American celebrities at the Emmy Awards and other gala events. What is the intention behind their dressing like that? Attention seekers?

bizarre fashion

Trend of Chinese doing the tudung thing

I’m not putting up any of Miss Malaysia 2008 Soo Wincci’s bikini shots but below is a montage of her two poles apart style of dressing.

I don’t know why Chinese attention seekers so like to pull the tudung stunt.

While for the Muslim woman the tudung is a serious religious obligation, for the Chinese “celebrity” (as how Soo styles herself), it is a photo ops to win Malay fans.

Most Malay women who cover their hair will furthermore keep to modest apparel at all times. Whereas Chinese women who are not Muslims may posture as a hijabista one minute and revert to type the next.

BELOW: The two faces of Soo Wincci


Sponsors reportedly pulled out of Soo’s concert

Soo Wincci courted the limelight last month when she uploaded to YouTube a video clip calling on Najib Razak to resign.

She is an aspiring singer who will be holding her debut concert tomorrow at the KLCC. She complained to the media – ‘Soo Wincci claims Oct 31 concert sponsors pulled out in response to video clip’ (The J-Star, 9 Oct 2015).

Her video disparaging Najib – (minute 4:01) “kepada Najib … tolonglah bolehkah anda sebagai seorang dewasa sila turun daripada pentas dan memberi ruangan kebebasan kepada semua rakyat Malaysia” – was an opportunistic publicity stunt akin to “Ini kali lah”.

The Chinese really thought Putrajaya was within their grasp on 5 May 2013 when they went out to vote.

This ex-beauty queen appears also to believe that Najib was within an inch of being ousted when she added her voice to the clamour with her “THIS IS THE TIME” message to the Malaysian public, accompanied by Bersih rally footage and blaring vuvuzelas.

The ‘Soo Winnci Desak Najib Letak Jawatan’ clip – below – was uploaded to YouTube by the J-Star‘s bahasa Melayu publication mStar.

SNIP, SNIP, SNIP – The Scissors strikes again!

Soo Wincci desak Najib letak jawatan

Singer wannabe and her costly misfire

It would seem Soo had wanted to cash in on Najib’s fall (in terms of winning popularity) but she evidently miscalculated.

Now the ex-beauty queen claims that she has to bankroll her concert by putting in her own money – half a million ringgit – after the pullout by sponsors.

But even if all the tickets to her concert are sold out, Soo has admitted that she will be unable to recoup her production costs. To top off her woes, Malaysian concert goers are not buying – the sales have been lukewarm at best.

An earlier story (6 Sept 2013) in The Heat reported that Soo took a loan of RM1 million to finance her break into the music industry. In the same month, there’s also her interview [story archived in AsiaOne on 18 Sept 2013] — ‘Men pay almost RM1 million for “playthings”: Soo Wincci’ — with The J-Star‘s lifestyle mag The Daily Chilli.

Like The J-Star, the DAP politicians have been promoting Soo and her upcoming concert. Birds of a feather flock together.

But what we need to take away from this affair is that the Chinese women who exploit other people’s religion are really a piece of goods. It is the non-Muslim Chinese tudung wearers yang dok mengada-ngada.

BELOW: Soo Wincci posing with DAP pollies Teresa Kok (Seputeh), Dapsy chief Teo Kok Seong (Rasah) and Jimmy Wong (Kota Kinabalu) and hawking her CD to Dapsters

Teresa Soo Wincci



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17 thoughts on “Ex-Miss Malaysia losing a lot of money

  1. Hi, Helen. Last time, this fella added me in her FB – apparently she is my junior from secondary school. Initially, I accepted. However, I deleted her from my FB years before this video came out because I am just not a fan of her. She is one of those who puasa during Ramadhan because she wants to diet and then bought many pairs of baju kurung after that.

    Even though I know whatever she wants to do is her prerogative, but as a Muslim, I get irritated when people do that. It is one thing to fast because you wanna learn more about Islam and understand the hardships of the poor and needy who do not have much food, it is another thing when you fast because you want to maintain a good figure. And then, go spend lavishly on clothes which totally contradicts the spirit of Ramadhan itself, where moderation is the key. It is the same with the tudung wearing – just a fashion statement and nothing else to her.

    Well, what she does is up to her. She is not a Muslim anyway. Malas nak layan.

    1. When I was a young teenager, I thought the crucifix was a cool fashion accessory ala Madonna’s earrings.

      But I’ve never worn a cross because I’m not a Christian even though I thought it was a attractive jewellery worn by my classmates. There’s a boundary we observe. These non-Muslim tudung wearers have no boundaries.

  2. Well she can always count on the Born again Christians, the Marina Mahathir set of ageing revolutionaries, Bersih and Ambiga (same sense of fashion and logic) and a grand failure.

    All in a good days work taking risks and defaming the PM on a rumour and a prayer (an evangelical prayer that is).

  3. Dear helen,
    soo wincci learns from the ‘best’ evangelista mentor..hannah yeoh.she’s doing exactly what hannah does, woo the malays with her persona, puasa n tudungs. Similar MO n propaganda…

    1. The sponsors pulled out their money from Soo Wincci’s concert.

      Corporations should similarly pull out their sponsorship of the J-Star.

      Umno must start turning the screws.

  4. 230,545,163 views

    Baru dok sembang2 dengan my daughter and she commented about celebrities of Canadian origins said they somehow project that ‘Canadian identity’ aura and she showed me this;

    Kasi malu sama Justin Beiber aje ni! Tengok Rain, baru saja completed his military service.. Managed 3.3b viewers! Fans dari China pula tu.

    Ini betina banyak perasan la @30 dah kira dah tua, owhya fans tua2 macam Teresa Kok mungkin ramai kut?

  5. guess you guys were pissed off too when najib donned the Chinese attire and drummed the famous Chinese drum during CNY 2013 ad…

    1. Najib’s red shirt was culturally Chinese but had no religious connotation.

      On the other hand, Hannah Yeoh accused Sin Chew columnist Lim Fang for being a Chinese extremist. She claimed that he held “extreme views” when he questioned her tudung-wearing.

      She falsely alleged that he failed to understand the Muslim custom/requirement of covering one’s hair when inside a mosque. So, going by Hannah’s hatchet job on the Sin Chew writer, the tudung is accepted by (some/many) DAP leaders and supporters as having a religious connotation.

  6. She had nothing to worry ,as you said Helen ,’birds of the same fathers ,flock together ‘ , I am sure she would have all the support .

    If all the ‘bersih’ goers ,are with her ,that’s more then enough ,even if the sponsors pulled out ,may be the Chinese ambassador will be there too.

  7. Dear Aunty Helen,
    It seems like they are using music to gain power (e.g. Jaclyn Victor, City Harvest’s Pastor Sun Ho). The Malays must be more careful when it comes to music because this is their secret weapon.

    1. not only that boy, at many times they would hug u tightly until u cant breathe n u might die in their hmmm…., unless their cleavage is deep enough, but I think some malay like it, if u dun believe what I said, go ask yr daddy.

  8. what was that under her thigh? was it a ringworm?

    sorry i was not attentive to what she was saying in the video. the song with all the bersih4 backdrops just drove me off.

    it sent a wrong message to the world about Malaysians as a whole and the cinas in particular. it is the evangelistas hypocrisy approach in lies and deceits.

    win some and lose some served her right.

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