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No hope, no cure lah, Tan Sri

Zam is hopeful that Nasharudin Mat Isa will be able to convert the J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai “to come to true sense of Malaysian moderation”. See tweet by @ZainudinMaidin below:

Urm, I don’t think so. The evangelistas are beyond redemption.

After all, it can only be through the covert help of the MCA media empire that 95 percent of the Chinese are today converted to become anti-establishment. The EvangeliSTARs cannot be a part of the solution when they’re the problem.

See Lost in space: “Danger, Will Robinson, danger!”

BELOW: Joshua Wong, creepy Christian evangelist leader of the Umbrella Revolution

Joshua Wong

Born Again messianics and their millennial revolt

The only vocabulary the evangelistas understand is the language of force. That’s why Beijing – a Chinese government that best comprehends how the delusional psyche can overpower the lost sheep – is presently cracking down on the Lambs of God.

China has seen various Christian-led rebellions to know better now. The Taiping or ‘Big Peace’ rebellion (1850–64) was started in China by a born again Christian, Hong Xiuquan, who believed himself to be the younger brother of Jesus Christ.

Hong’s taiping evangelical movement was hardly peaceful. It was violent and took an estimated 20 million lives over a period of 14 years, according to Encyclopædia Britannica.

Ordinary people in China – again freaked out by creepy Christian missionaries and Chinese Christian converts – gave rise to another upheaval called the Boxer Rebellion (1899–1901).

The uprising saw Boxer rebels “openly attacking Chinese Christians and Western missionaries”, and in Beijing, the Boxers “burned churches and foreign residences and killed suspected Chinese Christians on sight”, according to Encyclopædia Britannica.

Most recently, Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution (2014-2015) was led by young activist Joshua Wong – pix above – who is a staunch Christian evangelist. (“Joshua” is a modern variant of the Jesus name, also spelled Yeshua.)

From experience, China knows that moderation is not something to be expected from delusional sheeple.

Tsunami means MCA passed the point of no return

Zam also views the libel suit initiated by Najib against Ling Liong Sik as tarnishing the longstanding relationship between Umno and MCA established since before Merdeka.

As accurately noted by TS Zainuddin, Umno’s current president suing the MCA past president is a watershed event. Nonetheless, as Najib has also correctly pointed out, he (the Umno Prez) has been slapped on the left and right cheek by the Chinese Tsunami 1.0 and 2.0.

And not only Dr Ling but another MCA past president Ong Tee Keat is against Najib as well.

The decision by the Umno boss to sue the MCA ex-boss is indeed groundbreaking. It allows for the hitherto unspoken sentimental barrier to breached, finally.

From now on, the kid gloves are off. It signals that Umno is prepared to deal with the MCA as necessary.


MCA fears “possible race-based attacks by extremists”. MCA Publicity Bureau chairman Senator Chai Kim Sen said in a press statement yesterday that Malaysian Chinese “have a right to safety, stability and security in Malaysia without having to live in fear and anxiety” of such attacks.


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12 thoughts on “No hope, no cure lah, Tan Sri

  1. Bila Ling Leong Sik burukkan Najib, tak pulak dia kata hubungan MCA dan UMNO tercalar.

    Entahlah. Makin merapu geng Mahathir ni.

    1. Tak perlu. MCA telah lama calarkan hubungan dengan Umno. Melayu mula persoalkan keikhlasan MCA bermula dari waktu mereka menyebelahi Dap dalam kes yang melibatkan Islam, dan kemudian diikuti dengan PRU13.

      selepas tsunami Cina PRU13 ramai dari Umno termasuk Zam yang tidak puas hati dan persoalkan Najib. Tidak diperdulikan. Jadi tidak hairan jika Zam tidak pertahankan Najib bila Ling LS burukkan dia.

  2. This is another prove that MCA has no b-lls…won’t dare to respond to Ling Liong Sik’s criticism against Najib! MCA cannot play safe all the time….the rakyat is smarter than this sitting on the fence BN partner!

  3. Zam is living in a fantasy world if he thinks WCW can be converted on moderation. WCW and his evangelistas have cornered the market and defined moderation to suit their agenda and it will take an almost miracle to change the mindset of their followers.

    1. Pak Zam cakap berlapik kot.

      re: “WCW and his evangelistas have cornered the market and defined moderation to suit their agenda”

      Spot on. Najib’s appointment of Pudin was a big mistake. He is belatedly rectifying it with replacing the turncoat with Ustaz Nasha. Now the PM must quickly proceed to rectify other missteps as well.

  4. “Now the PM must quickly proceed to rectify other missteps as well.”

    Somehow, I think that’s expecting a lot from him. It seems to me that he only took the right steps when he’s pushed to the wall. TSMY, cabinet reshuffle, bangang, bangsat, Pudin, Ling LS, all are under circumstances when there is no other way out. He ismore comfortable being the good, benevolent guy who wants everyone to love him.

    I am frustrated with Umno. The grassroots, my kampung people are also frustrated with Umno. I’m not a member but I support Umno because there is no alternative. But the leaders tidak apa attitude is getting out of hand.

    The narrative now is controlled by Dapsters and their partners. They are keeping 1MDB and donation very much in the headline and Umno’s present fight seems to be on these issues. In the meantime Dap is building up their base and strengthening their support to position them in Putrajaya after the next GE. Since they are pushing those two issues, they can hoodwink the new generation of voters into thinking that they are not a race based party.

    And what are the Umno leaders doing? The older leaders are clueless on the youths’ aspirations. And when they get down to the bahagian, they think they are receiving unanimous support since most of the bahagian chiefs are of their generation.

    Pemuda is Pemuda. Head in the clouds. Busy spending the huge budget allocated to Youth ministry on fun and games andgod knows what.

    And the kampung people looked on, makin meluat and yet still looking for excuses to support Umno.

    P/s I’m still orangkampung even if I’ve changed my nic since there are two many people writing as orangkampung in the blogs.

    1. re: “They are keeping 1MDB and donation very much in the headline”

      Yes. All the way until 2018 and beyond.

    1. Nor,

      Padanlah dengan Melayu ni.

      kalau sesama Melayu, kita basuh betul betul. Kita persendakan pemimpin Melayu.

      Tak dapat attack Najib, kita attack bini dia. Kita jaja satu dunia kata kerajaan Melayu perkauman. Kita kata kita nak islam tapi kita jadikan fitnah sebagai makan pakai.

      Asal Mealyu kaya raya kita bantai kata kroni. Pada hal berlambak Cina yg kerajaan bantu kita diam saja. KIta sibuk mengata orang lain. Kita cukup suka UMNO tumbang walau pun kita sedar yg ganti UMNO adalah DAP. Siapa yg bodoh sangat kata PAS yg ambil alih tempat UMNO ni.

      Walau pun ada pemimpim UMNO yg salah atau sombong, kita pukul rata seolah UMNO terlalu zalim. Bila tersepit gerai kena roboh oleh DAP< kita cari UMNO juga. Masa mengundi kita percaya Rafizi. Masa susah kita cari UMNO.

      Kita bantai cukup cukup Shahrizat walaupun suami dia menang kontrak ternak lembu. Dan dia dok bayar pinjaman RM250 juta tu. tapi kita jaja cerita yg dia makan duit kerajaan. Akhirnya kerana hati busuk kita, gagal usaha kerajaan nak tambah bekalan daging tempatan.

  5. Dear Aunty Helen,
    I wonder if Zam really approves Uncle Nasha’s appointment as the CEO of GMM. Or deep in his heart he prefers Pudin.

    Ex PAS leaders, Dr. Dzulkefly Ahmad and Mujahid have given their opinions regarding the matter. They both are not happy with Uncle Nasha, because he’s not a liberalist like Pudin. But they do not understand; moderate is not liberal but moderate is wasatiyyah.

    I tried to answer their statements in my latest post.

    The funniest thing is, Mujahid questioned Uncle Nasha’s appointment saying that Uncle Nasha is still a member of PAS which is an opposition party. Maybe Mujahid has forgotten that he himself was appointed by PM Najib to head an NUCC’s working committee when he was still a PAS member.

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