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Waiting for PAS to send PAN-New Hope into oblivion

“If your DNA is racist, you can try to show moderation but your true colours will come out,” commented Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad who is strategic director of PAN, the political party previously known as Harapan Baru.

Dr Dzul was querying the “true, genuine moderation” – if any – in Nasharudin Mat Isa, the newly appointed Movement of Moderates CEO as well as hinting that Ustaz Nasha’s intolerance will soon be “showing up in possible racial slurs”.

The former PAS supreme council member was quoted saying the above in an Oct 29 Rakyat Post story, ‘Former PAS leaders question Nasharudin’s appointment as head of GMMF‘.

(Note: Ustaz Nasha remains a PAS member)

BELOW: Ex-PAS member Dr Dzul is chummy with the Christians


Nasha’s qualification is “handicapped” – Mujahid

PAN vice chairman Mujahid Yusof Rawa was contacted by Rakyat Post too for his response to Nasharudin’s appointment which comes into effect tomorrow.

Mujahid told Rakyat Post reporter Nawar Firdaws he believes that Ustaz Nasha’s “stand on our multiracial society is racially biased”.

“His appointment in the current handicapped situation is appropriate as his qualification itself is handicapped,” Mujahid is reported as saying.

PAN leaders sound like evangelical mouthpieces. The relationship between PAN and the DAP, which sponsored the fledging party’s entry into the new ‘Hope’ opposition coalition (Pakatan Harapan), sudah terang lagi bersuluh.

BELOW: Ex-PAS member Mujahid is even more chummy with the Christians


Is a real Muslim to be called an extremist?

Ahmad Ali Karim has responded to Dr Dzul and Mujahid. Ali’s blog posting yesterday can be read @

Ali wrote:

“Does a moderate Muslim means to be only partly Muslim and a real Muslim is called an extremist? Moderate means not extreme, so if Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad thinks that a conservative Muslim is an extremist, then he misunderstand Islam and he seems to view Islam in a negative way …”

Ali is also nonplussed by Mujahid’s seeming chagrin at the appointment of Ustaz Nasha – a PAS member – to head a think-tank that’s the brainchild of Najib Razak.

Ali asks: “Why can’t a PAS member be appointed as the CEO of GMMF when Mujahid himself heads a NUCC’s working committee when he is an opposition leader?”

BELOW: Ali pictured with Ustaz Nasha on 20 May 2012

ahmad ali karim nasharudin mat isa

Other developments on the political front

#1 — Lim Guan Eng claims that Nasharudin was given the CEO job “after his attacks against Pakatan Harapan” – see tweet below by Jahabar Sadiq, the Malaysian Inciter chief dajjal:

#2 — Selangor DAP chairman Tony Pua claims his party will be able to wrest from PAS the latter’s current eight state assembly seats in Selangor come GE14:

#3 — Political pundit Umar Mukhtar observes that “Chinese votes are for strengthening DAP in Selangor”.

He opines:

“Even if DAP were to win only half of these eight seats [currently held by PAS], in addition to the present Chinese-majority seats, DAP can be the largest single bloc in the Selangor DUN and it can stake a claim to the Menteri Besar’s post and the leadership of Pakatan Harapan in the state.”

Umar’s Oct 31 article @ Malaysia Today.

Born Idiots

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Who are the real lost sheep?

Beating drums of war for a lost cause‘ by Phlip Rodrigues (Malaysiakini, 31 Oct 2015)

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BELOW: Malays make up 52.3 percent of the Selangor population, Chinese are 25.6 percent

Selangor population 2014


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  1. If there’s one thing that we can learn from all the political squabbles and bickering we are seeing and reading is the melayus do not need any outside force to intervene. We are very, very, very capable at being divisive without any outside help.

    I guess Dapsters are just speeding up the process.

    1. “if there’s one thing that we can learn from all the political squabbles and bickering……..”.

      Yes, thanks to Anwar supporting the DAP and both had become the creators of all the political squabbles and bickerings, and the best part , the “wise old man” Mahathir are being pulled into it. Anwar must be laughing in jail whereas his No.1 enemy, the old man who should be retiring and resting peacefully, is getting stressed every now and then.. What goes up, must come down..spinning wheels go round and round……

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