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DAP’s Dr Heckle and Mr Jibe

Cambridge dictionary defines the word ‘jibe’ as “an insulting remark that is intended to make someone look stupid”. The dictionary illustrates the word by alluding to how it is typical for ​politicians to ​indulge in ​cheap jibes at other people’s ​expense.

‘Heckler’s Veto’ is a legal term to explain the “position taken by law enforcement officers based on an alleged right to restrict freedom of speech where such expression may create disorder or provoke violence” (ref. Duhaime’s Law Dictionary).

Outside of legal terminology, the phrase is also used by the layman to describe how a hostile mob may coerce an individual to self-censor.

heckler's veto

Heckler’s Veto

Oxford dictionary defines the word ‘heckle’ as a verb which means to “interrupt (a public speaker) with derisive or aggressive comments or abuse”.

‘Veto’ means refusing to accept or allow.

To exercise a veto through the means of heckling can be taken as indirectly causing a person to keep a forced silent by verbally abusing or directing derisive/aggressive comments at him.

In our local scenario, you may be reluctant to voice a contrary opinion because the minute you do, the Dapsters will jump and brand you a “racist”.

The Dapsters are best at this form of attack. And on top of the heckling, they hurl slander and fling fabricated smears too.

Take the episode where a vice president of Isma attempted to explain the concept of “perantau” in the context of “pendatang”. The Dapsters rained derision on him to try and drown out his arguments.

Most recently, Ustaz Nasha’s appointment as the CEO of the Moderates movement has been met with heckling too.

Hannah Racist Ugly Mouth HodohThe J-Star editorials calling those people whom the paper does not favour as “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” is an example of exercising the Heckler’s Veto.

The EvangeliSTARs label you as a hater and a racist to preempt you from putting forward your views, or to create a negative impression of you to the audience in order to discredit what you’re saying.

You may be telling the most correct and accurate facts but the Dapsters will still nonetheless carry out their drive-by shooting and heckle one-line their putdowns at you, such as, “You’re talking nonsense/rubbish/gibberish”.

Hannah HECKLER Yeoh leads the Dapster pack in this art of heckling. It is a very useful skill for a DAP politician to have.


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7 thoughts on “DAP’s Dr Heckle and Mr Jibe

    1. Helen,

      That is the reason why we(especially who’s who in UMNO) must subscribe to time tested saying ‘take bull by its horn” or “calling a spade a spade” when dealing with DAP.

      DAP does not understand the language of diplomacy , honesty, integrity. These word though often preached to others are actually alien concepts within DAP circle.

      The recent Tony-Arul saga is a classic example of this. tony was actually trapped by his own challenge to Arul. To his surprise, Arul agreed to his debate. To save face, Tony gave a ridiculous condition “only he can question Arul not otherwise”.

      WHY ON EARTH NO UMNO MINISTERS want to take this opportunity to whack Tony as “penakut”. Why cant they open their mouths and attack Tony now.

      What needed are common sense when dealing with DAP. I said earlier why none in UMNO Majlis Tertinggi bothers to call Hannah as “idiot”( she is an idiot) or DAP as “dynastic’ . Open your mouth and say out loud as that is the truth.

      1. I agree with you Shamsul. When dealing with DAP, there’s no such thing as diplomacy. It’s just like dealing with very wild animals, which are ready to pounce from behind when your eyes are turned. The only way to discipline this type of animal is to whip them when they misbehave.

        Again no UMNO leader is taking this opportunity to whack them for the same reason that I have on numerous occasions stated.
        “biarkanlah…let it be lah…dia orang punya pasal..lah…buat apa sibuk sangat… tak apa..lah.. lain kali..lah.”. The main weaknesses of UMNO shown in broad daylight.

        If I am an UMNO leader, I would put it mildly and effectively this way, with a tinkle learned from the late Karpal Singh. :-

        “Tony Pua ini bukan coward atau penakut, dia hanya kurang berani saja untuk berdebat. Cakap berani saja semua orang pun bolih buat.”

        1. “The only way to discipline this type of animal is to whip them when they misbehave.”

          And you fucking Melayu think we cannot whip you back. Fuck off back to your padi field.

  1. Ms H. Singapore’s suave diplomat Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional Meritocrats published a non-delusional opus with the delusional title, ‘ Singapore is not an island ‘ which claim these DAP Chinese are indeed delusional by barking up the wrong tree !

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