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Wong Chun Wai: “we are not a banana republic”

Scissorati-in-Chief Wong Chun Wai is predictably using his EvangeliSTAR column to attack the Red Shirts.

The J-Star CEO alleges in his article today titled ‘Time to get real‘ that certain politicians are “seeing shadows when there are none”.

Chun Wai claims that these has-beens “waving the racist card” / “waving the keris” against their “so-called imaginary enemies” are creating havoc. He targeted Mohd Ali Rustam, who he accuses of employing “racial rhetoric”, as one of the culprits.

Reminding Ali Rustam & Gang that “nobody is challenging anyone”, Chun Wai called on them to wake up – “stop dreaming and stop imagining things. The greatest enemies are outside Malaysia, not fellow Malaysians”.

Wong Chun Wai (chunwai09) on Twitter

Chun Wai also wrote:

“At business gatherings, we all use our networking to impress upon our listeners that Malaysia is relevant and a prime attraction. We stress that we are not a banana republic with tribal and sectarian issues and that we are not doing the war dance and clubbing each other.”

Commenting on the moderationbuzzword’, Chun Wai admonished that “we also need to practise it at the local level”.

“It will be seen as mere empty talk, if not double talk, if we preach moderation to the world, showcasing ourselves as a moderate Muslim country status, but allow those who preach racism locally to go untouched. In fact, they do not even get a slap on the wrist.”

Saifuddin Abdullah Wong Chun Wai

Like it or not, and whether it is true or not, The J-Star is seen as an MCA mouthpiece because it is the flagship of the media empire that is under the BN Chinese party’s ownership and control.

So it is the MCA machinery that is at the forefront in demonizing Umno, on top of whitewashing the sneaky evangelistas.

Chun Wai’s op-ed clearly regards segments of Umno as Public Enemy No.1.

These segments of Umno implicated by the EvangeliSTAR should return MCA the favour. The Gunting Dalam Lipatan needs to be dealt with.

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7 thoughts on “Wong Chun Wai: “we are not a banana republic”

  1. “we are not a banana republic”

    Yes we are. Bananas (white minded yellows) that tell us what to do all the time like Adolph Tokong, Hannah Muniandy Banana. Chinese who cannot understand Chinese running our politics.

    Like the latest hoohah over Halloween costume. What happens if we come in a costume dressed like Adolph Tokong with a dog head as accessories or LKS in his snake snare look, I wonder what the Pakatoons will say. Or we dress like Hannah Muniandy in a Tudung (with a fat suit of course) (that’s scary)

    1. But it’s a really effective tool. Not many people know that it’s fake (I didn’t until you pointed it out) and many would be reading it and say that the government or PDRM or whoever is in charge is becoming more authoritarian. It definitely works to the advantage of the opposition.

        1. Are you talking about the gunting paper, DAP evangelistas or that financial-fraud cult-cum-“church” ? It’s difficult for to differentiate, they all behave the same way. It reminds me about Pahang Mufti’s sermon that DAP is anti-Islam. Well, DAP still didn’t sue the mufti.

      1. This is an example where Sedition Act 1948 is useful. For each and every fake account use to disseminate fake info or anti govt statement, catch the culprit and hang them to dry. These are what IP address is for MCMC!

  2. Ms h. Some Western pundits cracked that the Republic of Singapore is a rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas !

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