DAP Malays need to get their eyes checked

There is no meritocracy in the DAP, only dynastic politics. Those politicians slick enough to curry favour with the Kim Family (Kim Kit Siang and Kim Guan Eng) are given the plum positions.

Even though Selangor is among the country’s most mixed state population-wise, there is no Malay elected to the DAP exco. See below result of the Colour-Blind, Beyond-Race party election held yesterday.

Ref. ‘Pemilihan DAP Selangor buktikan lagi Melayu masih tiada tempat…’ (Agenda Daily, 2 Nov 2015)

DAP Selangor exco 2015

Chinese grassroots reject DAP Malays

The DAP Selangor exco is a 15-member council.

Thirteen of the 15 seats are won by Chinese. One Punjabi and one Indian made the cut. No Malay, however, was endorsed by the DAP delegates.

The best-performing Malay finisher is Edry Faizal Eddy Yusof at 272 votes, which is a far distance (142 votes short) from the last contestant in the Top 15, i.e. Ong Kian Ming at 414 votes. Edry is coordinator of Roketkini.

BELOW: DAP Selangor exco 2015

Malay Mail pix
Credit: Malay Mail pix

‘Meritocracy’ party and its window dressing

Since no Malays succeeded on their own merit in the DAP Selangor party election, the party has to appoint three ‘Malaysians’ into the state committee – Edry, Abdul Aziz Bari and Young Syefura Othman (Rara).

The DAP Selangor election result also exposed the party’s hypocrisy. It was only three days ago that Lim Kit Siang taunted Najib Razak as “the first minority Prime Minister in the nation’s history”.

Well, Tony Pua is emphatically a “minority” chairman of DAP Selangor. He finished in eighth place only but is nonetheless elevated as DAP Selangor boss.

Hahaha, the kiasu party bestows chairmanship (No.1) on its blue-eyed Chinese boy who lost the “popular vote”.

BELOW: Even Hannah Yeoh at No.6 performed better than Tony Pua’s eighth place finish


Evangelical Indian, not Hindu Indian appointed

Like DAP Johor which purged the old guard completely through its Oct 11 party election, DAP Selangor too is promoting the Lim cronies.

Rajiv Risyakaran (above, Hannah Yeoh’s former personal assistant) was appointed to the DAP exco along with fellow evangelista Yeo Bee Yin. The duo were placed No.26 and No.16 respectively in the party election yesterday.

The appointment of Rajiv is another indication of the DAP’s favouritism whereby Hindu members are sidelined in favour of Indian evangelical Christians.

Rajiv ialah kaunsilor MPSJ dilantik di bawah kuota DAP

DAP is a Cina kaw-kaw party

Four other Indians (excluding Ganabatirau who received the delegates’ mandate) finished ahead of Rajiv Rishyakaran but did not find favour with the party. DAP chose instead to let the evangelista Rajiv leapfrog over them in occupying the slot for appointed exco member.

Here’s how the Indians fared:

  • No.5 — V. Ganabatirau
  • No.19 — T. Chandra Mohan
  • No.20 — Charles Santiago
  • No.21 — T. Kannan
  • No.23 — V. Papparaidu
  • No.26. — Rajiv Rishyakaran
  • No.27 — M. Manoharan
  • No.30 — P. Sivakumar

Hannah Yeoh colour blind

There were altogether 36 candidates vying for the 15 seats in the DAP Selangor exco.

Twenty-four Chinese and three Malays contested in DAP’s party election yesterday. Nine of the candidates are Indian (not counting Gobind as one).

Their success rate on making it to the elected exco:

  • Chinese: 13/24 = 54.2 percent
  • Indian: 1/9 = 11.1 percent
  • Malay: 0/3 = zero

In DAP, the Chinese rule!

Hannah Yeoh BN wicked

Bangsa Malaysia DAP does not reflect country’s population

Chinese are only a little more than a quarter of the Selangor population – see stats below – yet no Malay is accepted to be a leader in the state DAP.

Meanwhile, the Punjabi who finished top is also denied the chairmanship. Gobind Singh Deo is DAP Selangor deputy chairman. Tony Pua is chairman despite finishing eighth.

See also, ‘Pemilihan DAP dah masuk era gangster‘ (Tranungkite, 27 Oct 2015)

Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji, who is DAP Adun Mentakab, failed to finish among the Top 15 in the recent party election Pahang chapter and was eliminated from the elected exco.

The DAP elections – including Zairil ‘Melayu’ Khir Johari’s inclusion via Excel – show the real face of the party. Don’t believe what they say (jual air liur). Assess them on what they do.

Wakakaka, and through their actions you see how DAP bikin tak serupa cakap. Malaysian First, konon.

BELOW: DAP rejected Najib’s 1Malaysia

Population statistics

Malaysia’s three most mixed states with an absolute Malay majority are:

  • Selangor — Malay (51.5%), Chinese (26.4%), Indian (12.4%)
  • Johor — Malay (52.6%), Chinese (30.9%), Indian (6.5%)
  • Perak — Malay (52.6%), Chinese (29.5%), Indian (12.0%)

KL most densely populated

Malays and Chinese are almost equal in number in the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur:

  • KL  — Malays (40.6%), Chinese (39.1%), Indian (9.3%)

Chinese outnumber Malays in Penang:

  • Penang — Malays (40.7%), Chinese (42.9%), Indian (9.8%)

NOTE: Coincidentally, Johor and Perak have almost the same percentage of Malays in their population.

  • Johor has a total population of 3,348,283 and of which Malays are 1,759,537; Malays are 52.55 percent in Johor.
  • Perak has a total population of 2,352,743 and of which Malays are 1,238,357; Malays are 52.63 percent in Perak.

(All the percentages above are calculated from the 2010 population census and include residents who are not Malaysian citizens.)


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17 thoughts on “DAP Malays need to get their eyes checked

  1. with a low number of malay members out of 100, 000 dapigs what to expect!!!! bitch.
    even with 1,000,000 to 2,000,000 memebers of chinese in BeNing also being treated like “shit” bitch
    bloggers like helen ang bshould try to help malays be members of DAP, then see will DAP be like PKR or PAS-UG

  2. There is actually meritocracy Ms H. All the stupid Malays failed to make the cut…and the clever ones fall into the trap

    The Twitter Q is of course on merit having a big following, as per weight in grams.

    And the Malays in DAP will remain stupid, staying in there waiting for the pot of gold even if they are only arselickers (and that’s what they are good at). We know who they are, and they will forever be blinded by meritocracy, democracy, led by an ageing leader and ably assisted by counting-deficiency pak pandir

    1. Hahahahaha, exactly. I think we cannot fully blame the DAP non-Malay delegates. If they know that these cheap Malays are so stupid macam lembu kena cucuk hidung to believe in DAP’s empty slogans, why on earth would they vote all the stupid Malays to lead them anyway? So, they’d rather vote for the non-lembus and then the top-15 non-lembus (assuming Microsoft Excel is correct this time) will then elect the super non-lembu to lead DAP Selangor and who better than Tony the Coward Puaka right?

      Takpelah, all the stupid Malays in DAP rather be permanent furniture in that non-racial outfit, because they know if they join DAP, at least ada lah peluang nak jadi “pemimpin”. Delegate dah terang-terang tak nak kat korang, tapi takpe la, sebab parti Dinasti Tokong boleh lantik je korang join jawatankuasa itu dan ini. So dapat jugak kan jadi “pemimpin”? That’s why those Malays joined DAP, the chance for them to being appointed ala-ala kesian untuk jadi pemimpin tu exists. Why won’t those DAP Malays join PKR or PAN, obviously they have no chance la, because these two parties have significant number of Malays and they don’t appoint other failed Malays to positions in the party untuk faktor kesian. DAP always does and knows those Malays after being appointed, will never dare cause any trouble in the Tokong Dynasty party. Everyone wins then.

      Remember, Mufti Pahang said DAP is anti-Islam.


  3. The Punjabi by the way Helen is also Indian. The Tamil is not the only Indian. But I understand why perhaps you have described these two as you have. The Punjabi somehow see themselves as a separate race through the prism of their Sikh religion.

    No one is fooled by Deo and his late father and family carrying themselves like many of their kin in Malaysia as something other than Indian. In some ways it is a favour to the rest of the Indian community that the jagas wish to remain in a ghetto of their own making.

    Lovely swipe at DAP. I can’t for the life of me understand how any self respecting non Chinese could even set foot in that party without feeling like a sense of embarrassment.

    1. re: “The Punjabi by the way Helen is also Indian.”

      Perhaps I missed something but off hand, I can’t think of any other Punjabi who is prominent in DAP except for the Karpal family (his three sons are YBs).

      So the Karpal cubs are actually in a league of their own. They’re party royalty, second only to the Kims.

  4. Hardly know these DAP 15s. Kena check wiki to see their family backgrounds.

    First or second generation Malaysians or parents born in British Malaya or parachute case like Zairil Khir Johari and Zuraida where mamapapa all born in Indon?

    1. 1. Gobind Singh Deo  – 736
      Papa born 1940, Straits Settlement.
      Mother donno born where.

      2. Lau Weng San – 695
      Google pun taktau latar belakang dia?

      3. Ean Yong Hian Wah – 668
      Google pun taktau latar belakang dia?

      4. Ronnie Liu  – 649
      Pun nothing in Google?

      5. Ganabatirau Veraman – 581
      Pun nothing in google?

      6. Yeoh Tseow Suan (Hannah) 554
      Pun nothing mentioned in google?

      Malas nak google the rest 9s. Rasanya all will come out with similar results. Macam mana vote if we know nothing of their background or past contributions to this nation?

      Nak pilih menantu pun kena merisik latar belakang dulu apatah lagi someone to become our State and Nation leaders? Pakai main cekop siapa saja ke?

      Isssh macam ni bahaya tau!

      1. If 1 to 15 all wear baju Melayu/baju kebaya with tudung/songkok, they will all be Malay. And don’t forget to go to mosque for a buffet.

  5. We need more aggressive malays like those in Anak si Hamd blogs. In her blogs she showed that 100 years ago the Malays were writing about too many immigrants chinese and indians in Malaya.
    The malay writer was asking the malay authorities to stop these migrations for tin and rubber industries.
    Today we have Javanese like Hamidi who want to bring in 1.5 million indians from Bangladesh. Yes you read it right 1.5 million and his brother has put in a proposal for the system for these which will earn billions..just calculate yourselves.
    Corrupt UMNO leaders will lead the country to racial strife once more in the future.

  6. Helen – it is a matter of perspective. The Dapsters will spin that there were no Chinese, Malay or Indians in DAP – only Malaysians.

    Interestingly Tony Pua and Fat Mama did poorly compared to the last election when they came No 1 and No 2. So does this mean even Dapsters are getting fed up of the ways of Fat Mama and the iron-fisted control of Evangelistas in DAP?

  7. Talking about Kim Jr Adolph. He’s got a great solution for the economy.

    “PETALING JAYA: The DAP has called for the abolition of the Goods and Services Tax, lower petrol prices, and a freeze on highway tolls, among measures to restore the value of the ringgit.
    DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng described the imposition of GST as “the principal cause of the economic downturn” and repeated the DAP’s current campaign claims that 1Malaysia Development Bhd’s RM42 billion debts and a reported RM2.6 billion donation to Najib Razak’s personal bank accounts had been the cause of the fall in value of the ringgit.”

    If we give away petrol, perhaps the Ringgit will be so strong that the Singapore Dollar will become Banana Notes. But make sure you pay Cukai Katil.

  8. Helen Ang you are very racist for dividing Indians.Gobind Singh Deo is an Indian.Shame on you for dividing Indians.Just count it all as Indians!All of them are of Indian origin

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