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What’s the difference between PAN Malay and DAP Malay?

A beautiful friendship told through 5 photos…

PAN is Parti Amanah Negara. Its president is Mohamad Sabu.

Guan Eng Mat Sabu

PENING hadi Mat Sabu

ABOVE: Hadi Awang reacts

Mat Sabu’s party is the “new hope”.

And this guy below heads the outfit that is the DAP’s Malay and Muslim partner in the coalition now called Pakatan Harapan.


Where do thinking Malays figure they stand with the present arrangement that’s taking the opposition into GE14?

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This photo (below) is rather lucah, don’t you think?

Mat Sabu touchy feely


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4 thoughts on “What’s the difference between PAN Malay and DAP Malay?

  1. PAN will suffer the same fate of previous PAS splinter groups.

    It’s so obvious that thinking Malays do not have to crack their brains to predict PAN’s future.

    PAN is DAP’s running kangaroos.

    1. Considering that PKR with all it’s “baling kerusi meja” prowess is also afraid of DAP, to the point that Nenek Jijah terhegeh-hegeh buat last-minute usul to Dewan Rakyat after the Tokong got angry, PAN has no chance to stand against DAP la. Bukan setakat jadi kangaroos, tapi DAP’s dedicated doormat. Kangaroos pun ada otak dan tak sanggup jadi macam Mat Sabu and his pathetic PAN followers.


  2. H, ada yang kurang dengan posting gambar-gambar ni. Apa ya? Oh you lupa pasang soundtrack Titanic, la.

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