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A “forensic examination” of the Scientology cult snagged Oscar-winning documentary producer Alex Gibney three Emmy Awards on 12 Sept 2015.

Scientology [like the City Harvest church, if this blogger may add], is best described as “a business (that) is thriving,” said Gibney.

Scientology was “invented by somebody who’s looking to make a buck,” Gibney also stated in an interview on 28 June 2015.

According to the Q&A with the filmmaker by The Guardian, the Church of Scientology is “a powerful, multinational organisation that controls its followers through abuse and fear”.

Devotees who leave the “ruthless” and “brutal” cult are quickly hunted down. Gibney told the British paper, “they [the Church] really go after you pretty hard”.

The fascism of cult mind control

For his work Going Clear, Gibney – above – walked away with three statuettes in the following categories:

  • Outstanding Documentary Or Nonfiction Special
  • Outstanding Writing For Nonfiction Programming
  • Outstanding Directing For Nonfiction Programming

Going Clear, which blew the whistle on the Church of Scientology, premiered on HBO cable television to 1.7 million viewers — “the most watched [telecast] since Spike Lee’s four-part report about Hurricane Katrina in 2006”.

Following Going Clear’s debut on March 29 this year, the two-hour exposé drew more than 5.5 million viewers within a fortnight of its screening.

Gibney’s documentary is based on a book of the same name by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Lawrence Wright (below).

In an interview with Salon magazine, Wright responds to the interviewer’s question on “the atmosphere of crazy at a Scientology event” by referencing Leni Riefenstahl.

(Note: Riefenstahl was a German film director best known for her Nazi triumphalist propaganda and close association with Hitler.)


Former church member: “This is some crazy shit”

Scientology returned under the spotlight this week when an ex-member, actress Leah Remini, made “explosive claims” about the church on ABC’s 20/20 programme.

The network’s exclusive interview with Remini on Oct 30 netted 8.2 million TV viewers overall, according to Nielsen ratings.

What the ones who got away have consistently revealed about the Church of Scientology is its “crazy” cult aspect and how the clergy brainwash members and brutally keep the sheeple in line.

Those of the flock unable to make a successful getaway are put through punishing and humiliating rehab “treatment”.

BELOW: Leah Remini calls Scientology an “extremist religion” – ABC News (video HERE)

Leah Remini

Scientology Church accuses critics of lying

Whistleblowers tell all about the cult at their own peril.

Katie Holmes, now ex-wife of celebrity Scientologist Tom Cruise, spirited away their young daughter in order to keep six-year-old Suri Cruise from the clutches of the church. Nicole Kidman, another ex-wife of Tom Cruise, was famously freaked out by his church as well.

Many other former Scientologists have publicly spilled the beans on how creepy, not to mention intimidating, the cult is. On its part, the wealthy Hollywood-based church has moved its slick public relations machinery to deny, deny, deny the various allegations.

In fact, a standard flat denial by the church has become routine in the American media landscape each time a controversy breaks out.

Interestingly, the Church of Scientology was even raided by the FBI in 1977 and subjected to protracted IRS investigations.

BELOW: The Church of Scientology


What they do to people

Going Clear documentary producer Alex Gibney revealed in his Guardian interview, “you’ll find they vilify me, my dad and everybody who’s in the film”.

[Similarly, it’s what the Dapster cultists do as well.]

Now that Going Clear is submitted for consideration in the 2016 Oscars to be hosted next February, the Scientology Church has intensified its attacks on Gibney.

See ‘Scientology ramps up Going Clear smear campaign‘ (The Hollywood Reporter, 16 Oct 2015)

walking cat

A church that cultivates culture of fear

The smear campaigns conducted by the church induce a fear of reprisal on the part of parishioners who want to break free of it.

Books have been written about the church instilling fear in its congregation – below.

Malaysia’s evangelistas operate in much the same way harassing and terrorizing their critics. Observe the uncanny similarity in their methods of intimidation and fear tactics.

Malays have a vague but foreboding fear of Christianization.

Hence the ‘Ancaman Kristianisasi terhadap umat Islam’ seminar by the Johor Education Department and state Mufti Department on 31 March 2012, the ‘Kalimah Allah dan Kristologi nusantara’ seminar in UiTM Shah Alam on 6 May 2014, and the upcoming SPARK (Seminar Pendedahan Ancaman Rencana Kristianisasi) scheduled for next week.

Evangelistas have been very vocal in their condemnation and threats (making police reports) against organizers of these seminars that warn Malaysians of the Christian cult modus operandi. 

In the USA, the Scientologists have mounted a ferocious battle against the American authorities trying to throw the book at them. In Malaysia, it doesn’t look like our religious authorities are up to speed in reckoning what they’re up against.

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  2. There’s another article newly published that summarises actress Leah Reminy’s time in Scientology. The saddest part was on how she found out that Tom Cruise’s adopted kids have been brainwashed into hating Nicole Kidman, their mother.

    If a so-called religion or sect of a religion says you need to give more and more money to “progress” in that religion – just turn around and run as far away as possible from such people.

    1. re: “Tom Cruise’s adopted kids have been brainwashed into hating Nicole Kidman, their mother”

      Dapsters belong to a cult that brainwashes them to hate anything and anyone that thwarts the evangelistas’ ambitions.

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