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Tunggulah sehingga kucing bertanduk

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4 years, 3 months & 6 days ago …

I launched this blog on 28 July 2011 with the announcement, “I don’t have a Twitter account and do not publicly interact on Facebook” (FB since deleted).

The next day on July 29, I followed up with an entry about Lim Guan Eng’s Special Officer getting into ‘trouble’ over her Christianity as well as ‘Chan Lilian’s series of denials’; Ms Chan is the said special officer.

That was 4-and-¼ years ago.

Even back then, I was blogging about how Christianity was being dragged into politics to further the DAP’s agenda, and how the trademark of DAP operatives is their automatic reflex to Deny, Deny, Deny when they’re held to account for their provocation.

The following year on 10 Aug 2012, I posted ‘Logo Hari Merdeka Pakatan ada elemen-elemen Kristian‘ which drew 181 reader comments because I had obviously stepped on more than a few toes.


Today some Born Again evangelistas still persist in being problematic and are still in denial. Masih tak ubah-ubah perangai dema.

SPARKs – see event above – will fly next Tuesday. Some sneaky bastards who go around proselytizing their cult to Muslims, even though they know this to be against the law, are gonna get singed.

A few months ago on July 17, I posed the following question “Are the evangelistas willing to make peace with Islam?”

Yes or No? What do you think?


I have no Faceook or Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Tunggulah sehingga kucing bertanduk

  1. “how the trademark of DAP operatives is their automatic reflex to Deny, Deny, Deny when they’re held to account for their provocation.”

    Yes, it is so true Kak Helen. They don’t just deny, they twist things then roll on the ground crying and claimed being victimised all the time. Just look at Tony the Coward Puaka’s cheap stunt recently. He was the one who initially challenged Arul Kanda 1MDB for a debate, then he denied and twisted everything saying he wants no conditions attached then he doesn’t want a debate but only Q&A session, where only he can ask the questions, then finally he said debate is not DAP’s culture.

    Well, I’m not surprised at all about debate not part of DAP culture, because if anyone in DAP dares to question the Tokong Dynasty and fails to become one of their taksub arselickers, you’ll be ostracised and fitnah will start being hurled at you. Many times already one. Just look at what happened to those DAP Johor guys after their Kedah friends similar ordeal, they all cannot tahan already.

    Why Tony the Coward Puaka only want him to ask the questions? He’s not conducting the Q&A session on behalf of the PAC right? So let Arul also ask him questions la. Why so afraid one? Afraid all the tembelang of seeing the conspirators pecah one? Money trail? The “leaked” and doctored information? Why so afraid for a proper debate?

    The best part is, Tony the Coward Puaka was the one so gung-ho in challenging Arul Kanda 1MDB in the first place, then when Tony Puaka is in hot water, that Fat “Soalan Mulut” madam Speaker twitted saying something like UMNO and the government has the habit of targetting whistleblowers like Tony Puaka. What? Was it UMNO and the government that actually forced Tony to challenge Arul in the first place? What whistleblower when Tony is so afraid of cross-questioning by Arul?

    Then Kak Helen, did you read how the gunting paper’s cheap tactic in showing Tony the Coward Puaka in better limelight recently? Funny one.

    Oh let’s not forget, according to Mufti Pahang, DAP is anti-Islam.


    1. The bunch of Malaysia of Chinese origins in DAP are a gerombolan of cowards, eunchs,

      They touch touch, feel feel and groped here and there but when caught in the act, turned themselves into class A Hollywood actors, some crying shamelessly, many claim ignorant and innocence. We know, and can expect what reactions and outcomes from them.

      Just be aware and bash them where we can. I once chased a way a preacher of the Jewrusubang type and told them in their face not to show up again or else they can expect the face redecorated… I am totally fed up of monkeys like them. No more patience, ever, with them.

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