4 thoughts on “Pudin ubah jadi hong dou sha

  1. He becomes Hong Duo Sha. When Pudin goes to DAP elections, will the delegates elect him or will be even more popular with delegate when he is with UMNO?
    Perhaps he will become the most popular Malay (true blood) in DAP elections. He will not need a hard disc error (because of the poor quality hard discs manufactured in Penang) to mess up the Excel.
    Next will the Melayus in his area vote for him in the GE.
    Let’s see whether he is better off outside UMNO.

  2. Docile submission to the Grand to’ kong.

    See the body language..

    Pudin now smoked out, just like the snakes at the snake temple in Pulau Pinang.

    Always will remain subservient to the failed accountant, modern-day Pinnocchio

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