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Guess which one is my favourite picture?

walking cat

This is the great-grandfather (below) and Johor’s first ever Menteri Besar.


This is the grandfather (below) who is regarded as Malaysia’s greatest statesman.

Dato' Onn, pemimpin Melayu paling berwibawa

This is the father (below) who was Malaysia’s third prime minister and respected for his impeccable integrity.

Hussein Onn

This is the great-grandson (below). Portraits of the famous forefathers in pendekar Melayu dress can be seen on the wall.

Hishammuddin Interview

He is KJ’s friend.

They look serentak, sehati dan sejiwa.


He sits – see below – in the ‘Commanding Officer’ chair in this latest photo.

So, what is the Umno hierarchy now? Does HH go up to No.2 should Najib be removed?

Hisham at sea


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18 thoughts on “Guess which one is my favourite picture?

  1. HH may be up there, but are there other alternatives?

    Sad, but that’s the truth. UMNO never did groom enough charismatic leaders of great potential. Always the family ties remain important….

    Given the choices, Anifah Aman would be the ideal replacement…and please groom Dato Mustapha Muhammad.

    1. Yes, thumbs up for Anifah. Umno Sabah is a heavyweight in terms of Parliament seat contribution.

      I hope KJ either gets replaced if he defends his Youth presidency or otherwise he fails to make the cut if he goes for VP. Hope he gets sidelined from Umno politics altogether.

      Wished MM had gotten that third VP the last party election.

      1. On KJ, exactly how I feel……and the less said, the better.

        A lacklustre Minister (and even as KP UMNO) and when he leaves, so does his Pro Oppo Press Sec.

        Good riddance to this pair of obvious garbage

    2. They are on my wishlist as well.

      I’ve added Johari Abdul Ghani to my watch list mainly because 1. there was a lot of hate from the oppo prior to the GE13, 2. I’ve seen him standing up for his constituents in Titwangsa over some land development in the past few days and 3. he’s got some qualifications.

      H., MM’s chances of moving up in current conditions is probably just a tad better than mine in getting a RM2 billion donation.

      1. I am woman,

        Agree with your choice of Johari. Another UMNO guy to watch is MP of Kota Tinggi, Ehsanuddin..

        Johari from the feedback of several of his constituents is a good politician who serve his Titiwangsa seat well. Ehsanuddin on the other hand is able to articulate well.

        There are few other UMNO politicians who are good such as MB of NS and MB of Perak. I like this MB of NS. What he says make sense.

        Actually we do not need “flamboyant” politician like Khairi that did the catwalk. It damages his image as Ketua Pemuda. He is well liked but not respected.

        I believe one good Malay politician must learn from late Tun Ghaffar. He was not known to be brilliant. But Malays are drawn to him as he was sincere during his life time. He was not pretentious.

        People look down on him as “boring” politician. But this “boring” politician managed to bring UMNO to Sabah. all because he was the only UMNO politician ever trusted by Malays there.

        Tun Mustapha would not have agreed to dissolve USNO had not for his trust to Tun Ghaffar.

        1. re: “People look down on him as ‘boring’ politician. But this ‘boring’ politician managed to bring UMNO to Sabah. All because he was the only UMNO politician ever trusted by Malays there.”

          Najib might be able to bring PAS to BN b’cos he’s the only Umno pollie the Tuan Gurus seem to like ;)

  2. Dato Mustapha Muhammad is one of the better and more intellectual minister in our cabinet.Minister of Finance or Education material.

    Its a pity when you have a person of his calibre being distanced from the top and we have Hishammudin and KJ being glorified to be one of our future leaders.

    But its what Umno wants,they dont want intellect, just get a few nitwits and make them ministers is how it goes.The dumber you are better.

    1. UMNO sidelined intellects… So true. Be it at the bahagian or at the top. This practice is the reason why many intellects are discouraged from joining the party. That is also the reason why UMNO leadership lacks ‘Pelapis’.

  3. well as Najib said, he values loyalty more than brains. so by that alone. MM will never be considered.

      1. HI Helen, i read off a paper…not sure how to post a picture in this comment box? but here is what was reported:

        Says Najib “If there is a need to choose, I will pick loyalty instead of intelligence. We can always look for people who are smart, but loyalty is priceless”

        1. :) No worries. I take your word for it.

          (1) Hisham loyal but not smart.

          He carried the can (took the blame) for that keris wielding display at the three successive Umno Youth annual assemblies when the little wayang was actually for Khairy’s benefit to burnish the latter’s Malay credentials. (KJ not seen as Melayu enough due to his international schooling in S’pore.)

          Hisham himself has not need to prove his Malayness given his most distinguished pedigree. It was KJ that was the parachute upstart who needed the Melayu ultra coating when he’s really a Firster at heart.

          The keris episodes were a very sticky point with MCA and blamed by the party for its losing Chinese support, esp. since HH had to make a half-hearted half apology post-GE12 (2008) after BN lost badly.

          (2) KJ smart but his loyalty questionable.

          (a) Was he dating Nurul as rumour has it before he hooked-up with Nori?

          (b) Why did he personally deliver Anwar’s passport?

          (c) Currently, KJ and Umno Youth are not defending the party president unlike SSK and ARD.

          If you were No.1, would you trust Hisham or trust KJ?

  4. susah nak lihat pemimpin UMNO yg tak nampak mewah/kaya dalam kehidupan sehari-hari..rakyat yg hidup cukup2 makan(terutama di S’ngor/KL) hanya mampu geleng kepala..Bolehkah kita gambarkan yg mereka-mereka ini merasai perit getir nadi hidup orang melayu lain..(nak hidup senang, masuklah UMNO lepas tu glemerkan diri) thanks

    1. Aku,

      Pemimpin UMNO saja kah yang nampak mewah?

      Bagaimana ngan pemimpin DAP, PAS, PKR.? Mereka pun mewah juga.hat anwar dengan istana “segambut” nya. Lihat pula mahligai pemimpin DAP Perak.

      Yg berimej Tok lebai PAS pun kaya raya juga.

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