S’pore Ambassador: M’sia on trajectory of tensions that may lead to violence

“Malaysia is on a political trajectory that has heightened racial and religious tensions and may well lead to violence,” Singapore Ambassador-at-Large Bilahari Kausikan has reiterated.

He said this in a speech at Cambridge University last week. (Note: Kausikan is a very high-ranking roving ambassador. Singapore does not have an embassy in Malaysia; she maintains a High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.)

The senior diplomat’s Oct 31 speech on Lee Kuan Yew’s legacy was uploaded in Lee Hsien Loong’s Facebook on Nov 2. The Singapore Prime Minister said in his FB, “I found it well worth reading, and hope you will too”.

Kausikan is a public intellectual and policy advisor to the Singapore government. His views are certainly worth pondering and that’s why he made the DAP and its delusional Chinese go all ape shit earlier last month.

Kausikan had opined that “violence at these demonstrations [Red Rally on Sept 16] was avoided by the strong police presence. But the demonstrations certainly raised the temperature of an already racially fraught atmosphere”.

In his Oct 6 Straits Times commentary above, Kausikan noted that the Low Yat mini riot was racial in nature and “exposed the tinderbox Malaysia had become”.

In his recent speech at Cambridge, Kausikan told the audience that Singapore leaders have learned to never “underestimate the lengths to which the Malay leadership in Malaysia would go to defend ‘Ketuanan Melayu’.”

He admitted with candour too that his country’s Chinese majority “live in a region where the Chinese are typically a minority and not a particularly welcome one”.

This candid theme about the Chinese being a less-than-welcome minority, repeated in the Cambridge speech, has been mentioned by Kausikan in his other speeches previously as well.

What he says is true. It is the Firster cult who are in denial but history may just decide to teach the lesson again in slow mo.

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“Too many people believe their own propaganda”

Excerpt from Bilahari Kausikan’s Oct 31 speech delivered in Cambridge:

(I’ve underlined the parts I believe readers of this blog should take note of)


“Big countries may delude themselves about being always in control of events. Small countries cannot afford such illusions. For small countries, foreign policy is usually a series of not always neat or consistent improvisations to a messy and unpredictable reality. The future can at best be only dimly glimpsed and in any case cares not a whit for your concerns. So you must pragmatically adapt yourself to it.

One must of course set goals. But having done so, more often than not the most one can do is keep a distant star in sight as one tacks hither and tither to avoid treacherous reefs or to scoop up opportunities that may drift within reach.

Successful navigation requires a clinical – indeed cold-blooded – appreciation of the world as it is and not as you may wish it to be. This is harder than you may think. Diplomacy is an area of human endeavour that is more than usually susceptible to self-deception and wishful thinking.

Mr Lee [Kuan Yew] and his comrades were not devoid of idealism. Singapore as it is today would not otherwise exist. They risked their lives to make it so.

But idealism must be rooted in a hard-headed understanding of the realities of human nature and power. Without power nothing can be achieved. And even with power not everything desirable will always be feasible. No matter how fervently one may wish that they may be liberated from the surly bonds of earth, pigs are never going to sprout wings and fly.

Understanding requires information. Mr Lee had intense intellectual curiosity. He sought information without regard for hierarchy. He was tolerant of alternate views or at any rate, he was tolerant of the young and brash desk officer as I then was who, too green to know that the tiger is dangerous, ventured on occasion to argue with him.

The tiger’s roar is fearsome and its fangs are sharp. Mr Lee sometimes tried to intimidate you into agreement. But if you stood your ground with reasoned arguments, he listened even if he did not agree. And I am here to tell the tale.

Mr Lee and his comrades were impatient of complexity for complexity’s sake; for the sake of showing off how clever one was. He did not suffer fools. If he sought a view, it was to be taken for granted you had something useful to say and would say it in the fewest possible words. And if you didn’t know, say so.

What Mr Lee and his comrades possessed to a greater degree than anyone else I have ever met, was an uncanny ability to zero into the core of even the most complicated problem or situation. They wielded Occam’s razor with great intellectual ruthlessness, slashing through the pious obfuscations which too often shroud international issues.

Margaret Thatcher once said of Mr Lee: ‘He was never wrong’. That is of course, not true. Nobody can be always right, particularly in international affairs where most of the time most of the factors are going to be unknown or only partially known and where even the effort to know may change what you are trying to know

But Mr Lee and his comrades were never shy about changing their minds. Again this is harder than you may think. Too often vested interests, stubbornness or just plain pride stands in the way. Too many people believe their own propaganda. Mr Lee and his comrades avoided this most common of pitfalls because their laser-like focus was always the national interest of Singapore. And they never confused ideology with interest.

Diplomacy is not all about being pleasant or making oneself agreeable. It is about defending and advancing the national interest, preferably by being pleasant and agreeable, but if necessary by any appropriate means. In this respect, having to stand your ground in the face of the tiger’s roar – and in the shadows of diplomatic politesse lurk many wild beasts – was another valuable lesson.

This is particularly so in Southeast Asia, where majority Chinese Singapore which organizes itself on the basis of multiracial meritocracy, is something of an anomaly. We live in a region where the Chinese are typically a minority and not a particularly welcome one, and where our neighbours organize themselves on the basis of very different principles.

Perhaps Mr Lee’s greatest mistake was, during the period when we were part of Malaysia, to underestimate the lengths to which the Malay leadership in Malaysia would go to defend ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ – Malay dominance. It was not a mistake that he or any of our leaders ever made again.”


The full text of Bilahari Kausikan’s speech can be read HERE.


If only Najib had advisors like Kausikan to enlighten him on the danger of delusional people


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44 thoughts on “S’pore Ambassador: M’sia on trajectory of tensions that may lead to violence

  1. “In his recent speech at Cambridge, Kausikan told the audience that Singapore leaders have learned to never “underestimate the lengths to which the Malay leadership in Malaysia would go to defend ‘Ketuanan Melayu’.”

    If Malays do not want to defend ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ then who will? The Malays will end up like the Red Indians of the US, the Aborigines of Australia and the Taiwanese Aborigines if they are complacent.

    1. A write up about the Taiwanese aborigines.

      “As Taiwan is undergoing rapid democratization and the emphasis on human rights is becoming more prevalent all over the world, Taiwan’s aborigines are being more assertive on their well-being. They have become more aware of the need to preserve their culture and maintain their identity. Some are beginning to forsake their compulsory Han Chinese names and return to their traditional names; and, officially, they are now called aborigines instead of “mountain” people.”

    2. Mulan Malaysia. Agree. For LKY to dream of overlording our beloved Malaysia was an impossible dream. This I realised when I was wearing short pants. His motive which failed against all odds has been turned into an excuse. History forbids anyway. Hence, the term ‘delusional’ Chinese holds sway to the utter consternation of the Oppostion which is now in an uproar. How ?

    3. Does anybody knows when will Tony the Coward Puaka wants to challenge Kausikan?

      That coward challenged Arul then hid behind PAC’s position. If he’s not a coward, then switch places with Rafizi Jambu la. Rafizi join PAC and Tony the Coward Puaka can debate Arul, just like the coward wanted in the first place. DAP and EvangeliSTAR are currently on hyper-drive spinning the whole thing. Pity the talkative Pua.

      We know who you are Pua the Cuckold.


      P.S. Mufti Pahan said DAP is anti-Islam Still haven’t sue the Mufti. Double-coward.

    4. PESAKA declaring war readiness is just proof what the Singapore ambasador said about Chinese youth delusion in Malaysia.

      The Malay politeness and self deprecating nature has been mistaken by Chinese youth after 1969 as proof of their superiority. Just as the Chinese and Indian Patto was caught by the ferocity of the Malays respond in May 13 the delusional Chinese youth of today will find PESAKA declaration surprising.

      But the Malay today is just below the triggering point with more information coming out by bloggers like Rocky that Chinese have amassed so much wealth of hundreds of billions, thousands of rainforests destroyed that even the Malay Sultans are dwarfed by the coolies greediness.

      Some non Malays are noticing that the Malays rhetoric are menjadi jadi sekarang.

      It is all signs that the boiling point as chinese and indians stealing from 1DMB just highligted how easy it is to steal from UMNO.

  2. Well its called wishful thinking and an attempt at self fulfilling prophecies. Is he talking about the kind of violence that gripped Singapore they blamed on migrants from Bangladesh and India or is it the one at a Chinese bus drivers hostel where bus drivers beat up on their supervisors, managers then trashed their dormitories before being rounded up and deported without a hearing? . What was done to them too was an act of violence. Passive aggression and violence.

    The tensions there too in Singapore are building up and have been so for some time (but it was not part of the Ambassador’s scripted speech).

    A repressed society needs an escape valve to let off steam which Singapore does not give to its repressed (s)teaming masses.

    Thank God for the internet and the many social media and private news papers on line where they censor those who disagree with and criticise the opposition but allow their “brown shirt” regulars to continually refer to those they disagree with as Kelings and Keling Maccas whatever that means. (The Keling part I understand). The use of these invectives somehow is not objectionable to these censors and free thinkers Singapore style.

    I suppose now the Malaysian Insider will run the story as a front page special report.

    1. grkumar Sir. The Achilles heel of Singapore is to be found in its demographics. eg. 3.2 millions indigenous Singaporeans, 1.2 million FTs and 800,000 Permanent Residents and billionaires. The moment there is the sound of rustling sabres up North, the foreigners will decamp leaving behind the 3.2 millions Singaporeans. This is the killer 2 Child Policy of the late Lee Kuan Yew of the 1970s and the 1980s. This is the cross the PAP Government has to bear ! Now China faces the same disastrous problem. Who copies whom we have yet to find out ?
      Overnight Singapore can disappear with the departing foreigners. Hence, the anxieties now being openly expressed by Bilahari Kausikan and the dysfunctional elites on the 19th Century thinking of the late Lee Kuan Yew who emphasised on force based on fire power and foot soldiers. They have now discovered that their Maginot or Siegfried Line at Batu Pahat-Muar-Muar River is indefensible. Irony of all ironies, the First and Last Line of Defence for Singapore is the same as Malaysia’s which is UMNO of KL ! Hence, we will see the Singaporeans chummy up to UMNO to make it STRONG and UNITED hopefully. Wayang datang, Sir !

    2. grkumar. Sir, If the late Lee Kuan Yew did not tamper with the demographics in the 1970s and 1980s as a brilliant lawyer and not a scientist like Charles Darwin, our Singapore would have at least 5 millions indigenous Singaporeans who are robust and dynamic and loyal. They would not run in a crisis. In the ancient days, towns and cities were decimated by disease. Now we see with our open eyes how absolute power corrupts absolutely ie. to apply the 2 Child Policy on only 1.6 millions of productive people in those years without regard to the sterilizations, abortions, suicides, mental anguish and the future demographics etc. The old and young excluded.

  3. The myth of Chinese ‘multiracial meritocracy’ … try Googling ‘Chinese Privilege’.

    1. Muhammad Muhammad. Sir. The multiracial meritocracy of Singapore was based on the 70% majority Chinese. Meritocracy is just an excuse to enslave the 99.99% by the elite. How many can go to Ivy League or Oxbridge in a year ? One or two. Meritocracy failed in Singapore in October 2008, when the dysfunctional elite with the smartest fellow on top, lost US$ 108 Billions (RM 420 Billions) on Wall Street. In 2013, kudos to the Singapore Government, 2 Ministers announced that in future, applicants for jobs and promotions will not only be based on their academic qualifications but also on their secret talents. Meritocracy kaput !

      1. Oh, I can’t resist this.

        Why, then, is Singapore a “triple-A”-rated economy while Malaysia can only manage a ” A-” rating?

        Subterfuge or sleight-of-the-hand?

        And what are these “secret talents” you have mentioned? Have they been identified as such?

        Oh, btw, I believe that it’s more than just “one or two” Singapore students who get admission to Oxbridge and the Ivy League colleges every year and who graduate from these institutions.

        We can go on and on debating about Singapore and Malaysia, but the fact of the matter is that Singapore is the financial, logistics and transport hub of the region. As Malaysia has acknowledged by seeking investments from Singapore. K

        1. Kineas 1067,

          No need to compare whether Malaysia or Singapore is better in any aspect. That is very childish.

          Singapore has been a major port for almost 200 years , long before Lee Kuan Yew existed. It was the centre of trade in this part of the world. that simple.

          Both countries have weaknesses and strengths. Malaysia is not failed state either. With its diversity, it manages itself quite well. I notice many are amused when I told them Malaysia(meaning the UMNO led government) treatment of non Malays is a model of benevolence unsurpassed.

          Malaysia too some mistake. the habit of UMNO leaders who refuse to be firm resulting in DAP “bermaharaja lela memfitnah”. THAT IS SOMETHING DEFINITELY WE CAN LEARN FROM SINGAPORE.

          1. Shamshul anuar. No need to copy Singapore which policies are all based on MONEY MONEY MONEY. See what this Policy has brought to us in Malaysia via the GLCs and also to Singapore. No other country in the World based their democratic policies on this Godless Ultra Communistic Political and Social System with the GLCs created by the late Lee Kuan Yew and imposed slowly and insidiously on the citizens through his regime 1959-2015. This Singapore Model, or authoritarian capitalism or benign dictatorship (all dictatorships are cruel) or rich Cuba without the havanas but the bananas is known to the West except the Singaporeans and the Malaysians from Day One. Our beloved Malaysia practises the Free Malaysian Style Democracy with Open Capitalist Characteristics and a Malay Bias with our loyalty and devotion towards the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the Royal Sultans, our cherished Constitution which safeguards Islam and all the other religions. This System which is diametrically opposed to Singapore which is dictatorial, is governed by checks and balances like Bank Negara Malaysia, AG Chambers, PDRM, Judiciary etc. Only when the digits in the System go awry then we have one big mess which takes a long time to clean. PLEASE GIVE ME THE MALAYSIAN SYSTEM ANYTIME. No dictators for us !

            1. AK47,

              Yup. No need to be childish by saying which country is better off, which country is worse off.

              It will bring no good . The only thing it accomplishes is creating bad blood. Both Singapore and Malaysia have advantages and weaknesses too. Singapore, being a cosmopolitan city and centre of trade may not have to handle complexities that Malaysia is facing.

              But we can learn. One thing I agree we learn from Singapore is its physical cleanliness. It is clean.

              OK KALAU malu nak belajar dari Singapura, pergi belajar dari Melaka atau Bandar Kuching.

              1. Shamshul anuar. You are right. Singapore is small and is easy to keep clean. What has happened there was that the normal hygiene standards are observed. We cannot compare chalk and cheese.

        2. Kineas1067. Let us do facts. i) Lee Kuan Yew went into Fizwilliam House a bottom-most non-collegiate body out of 30 colleges by the back-door. He did not do the Open Entrance and had no Lation. I took the Open Entrance Examination into the best College against the best of United Kingdom and pass in 9 months with 100 marks each in 4 subjects. The Queen’s Chaplain Dr Raven at Windsor Castle gave me his personal recommendation into his own College of which he was a Master and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. ii) OMG. Your question Why then, is Singapore a ‘triple-A’-rated economy while Malaysia can only manage a ‘A’-rating. I ask you a question first Sir. You mean the 6″ headline in a newspaper of the name Singapore and Malaysia means that both are of the same physical size ? Here is the rub. If we compare Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, we get the same ‘triple-A’-rated economy. You cannot compare chalk with cheese. You cannot compare a city with a country of 30 millions of wood and water. This is what I call brainwashing a’la Mossad, not suberfuge or sleight-of-the-hand. iii) ‘secret talents’ – only the employers of these folks will inveigle these talents. iv) The Ivy Leaguers and the Oxbridgers failed Singapore when they lost US$108 Billions (RM 420 Billions) in October 2008 on Wall Street by the dysfunctional meritocrats with the smartest fellow on top ! Hence, the Ministers came out with their spiel in 2013. v) Unless one is from Mars, SINGAPORE HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE FINANCIAL, LOGISTICS AND TRANSPORT HUB OF THE REGION SINCE ITS FOUNDING BY SIR STAMFORD RAFFLES IN 1820 ! It was planned and designed this way. Sorry to say ! Cambridge taught me to think and observe and not to lap up all the rubbish from others. My College is so good that that the Singapore Government grab a place every year for their President’s Scholars – none of them made any mark yet after decades and decades ! People are born not made !

          1. uncle, could it be u started well but ended badly if compare against lky, n that is y the recurring need for u to make self-aggrandizing statements to hide yr inferiority complex when facing him? just asking.

            n btw, if i may direct yr attention to present day 21st century n briefly divert yr attention away from the 1820’s, there is no more sir stamford raffles, only dictator lee, n our own nyanyuk dictator.

            1. HY. You are just jealous of me. Let me tell you HY I turned around the biggest bankrupt company in the 1970s with no money and made millions of ringgits for the Consortium – Folex Industries Berhad now Sri Hartamas Berhad.. Go and check and show your inborn inferiority complex. I was the first Chinaman to plant oil palms and the first to build condos in Singapore, Balmoral Park in 1965. If you want more of my achievements let me have your email address. Jealousy will get you nowhere. I have a list of 53 names, from Tengkus to Enciks who thought I died first. The youngest was my son-in-law like you 39 years clutching tons of my money when he died. Meritocracy is my second name. Mr J.

              1. uncle, i where got attack u? imitation is the highest form of flattery, my writes is exactly what i learn from u la.

                re read yr own comment, yr measurement of success is nothing but marks n money n first, whats the diff btw u n lky? come on tell us more! i am one of yr loyal reader la, dun let yr inferiority complex fail u, okay?

            2. HY. Before you attack others without reason, I managed Folex Industries Berhad the bankrupt textile company in Malaysia and turned it around. At that time there were cynics just like you who thought i would runaway. I did not. I stayed for 9 years. I was paid only RM 7,000 per month which was what you are getting now. I looked after a force of 1,200 workers who were mainly Malays and Indians on three shifts with no problem. The factory spent RM17 per minute. OK. HY. Chinaman. You want to know more, please send me your email address. Thanks Ms H.

          2. I didn’t know that KL is a “triple-A”-rated economy. Could you please provide the relevant references to Fitch, Moody’s and S&P?

            1. kineas1067. You did not know that KL is “triple-A”-rated economy, Sir ? You do know now. Very soon you pro-Singapore folks will be pro-UMNO and pro-our beloved Malaysia too. To confirm, please read and UNDERSTAND.
              1. Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional meritocrats non-delusional opus with the delusional title,” Singapore is not an island.” These folks only bloomed after March 2015 before this I have never heard of him’
              2. Same – ” The Legacy of Lee Kuan Yew.” Speech on 31 October 2015 given at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University.

  4. Bilahari Kausikan and LKY understand realpolitick which a lot of intellectuals politicians do not or refuse to understand.

    BTW. All Commonwealth countries have High Commissions in fellow Commonwealth countries and these in essence are embassies.

    1. re: “All Commonwealth countries have High Commissions in fellow Commonwealth countries and these in essence are embassies.”

      I clarified Kausikan’s status b’cos some clueless people mistake him for Singapore’s ambassador to Malaysia and want him expelled from our country.

    2. Realpolitik is right.

      Which is why, among other things, Singapore’s ICT sector is more advanced than that in Malaysia.

      There are, of course, substantial numbers of Indian, Filipino, Chinese and European “expats” working in Singapore’s ICT sector.

  5. Ms H. The latest blurbs from Bilhari Kausikan and his dysfunctional meritocrats confirm actually the failure of a tiny isle like Singapore to keep on being World class. This is not sustainable even without Lee Kuan Yew’s intervention in the demographics. With his failed Policy, the future of Singapore is certain like Sparta, Palembang, Hong Kong, Goa, Pondicherry, Gibraltar, etc. Within 25 years or less Singapore has to consider the following 5 Options :-
    1. Merges with the United States as the 53rd State of the Union. Our venerable Johor Straits becomes a monsoon drain with a chain-linked fence. We say ‘Selamat Pagi, Amerika’ every morning across to our American friends.
    2. Becomes a British Crown Colony again. Even the Scots want out !
    3. Confederates with Scotland to create a super-duper kiasu Confederation of Scotland and Singapore of Scotsmen and Chinamen with a Jewish (Scots or Chinese) President. The World’s First Teleconfernce Parliament comes into being.
    4. Re-merges with our beloved Malaysia. But the ancients forbid because a good horse does not return to old pastures.
    5. Maintains status quo with an Indian Prime Minister and the humongous full-fledge foreign manned Military and the highest cost of living in the World.

  6. Ms H. It is good, very good that you have this wonderful Blog for all to participate freely. Do you know that you have by accident, are witnessing and recording a important watershed in the political and socio-economic relationships between Malaysia and Singapore. There were other important political watersheds too eg. i) the aborted Malayan Union of 1946 with the rise of UMNO. ii) the founding of the Federation of Malaya 1950 iii) Merdeka in 1957 iv) The formation of Malaysia in 1963. v) The separation of Singapore 1965 – the animosity and bitterness of this unhappy lasted till the appearance of the 2 efforts by Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional meritocratic crew in 2015 !. vi) The 13 May Riots of 1969 which led to the NEP. vii) Bilahari Kausikan and his dysfunctional meritocratic crew which only blossomed after March 2015 like the “keng hua” which flowered at mid-night ! Late bloomers so to speak.

    1. Bilahari Kausikan and the dysfunctional meritocrats’ non-delusional opus with the delusional title, ” Singapore is not an island “.
    in which the Opposition crowd took great offence at being labelled
    ” delusional Chinese”. If the opus is taken as a whole, you may surmise that the security is the main issue based on UMNO which has become Malaysia and Singapore First and Last Line of Defence, no longer the Batu Pahat-Muar-Muar River Line of old LKY. And their urging of the Chinese to back UMNO and not at some pies in the sky.

    2. On 31 October 2015, at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge University, BK and his colleagues continued on the same theme with just one sentence after pages of apologia why they behaved like what they did under LKY and his 2 comrades. That sentence was most telling if read in conjunction with their non-delusional opus in the Straits Times ie. quote ” Malaysia is on a trajectory that has heightened racial and religious tensions and may well lead to violence.” unquote. This is the nub. This is the rub.

    This confirms what you and the other sensible Malaysians have been saying all the time for years in your wonderful Blogspot ! And I support you folks wholeheartedly now in consonance with BK and his crew. In other words, the RM2 denominated churches are heading for trouble. We did not say this but the PAP Government of Singapore did. And soon, Ms H, the Malaysian Chinese will desert these charlatans in droves and support UMNO for all our sakes because the PAP Government of Singapore said so that UMNO is the First and Last Line of Defence for Malaysia and Singapore !
    The irony of all ironies, Ms H ! And the troublemakers will be reduced to just 5% of the Malaysian Chinese. Akan datang, Ms H !

      1. hello none the wiser (everyone know), just one short comment, stop trying to use unnecessary words to convey a simple message. It merely shows yr poor writing skills wakaka.

          1. my culture cultivate us to show respect of others culture n religion no matter how one portray oneself. I admit there r many weakness in our 5000 civilization (cultural perspective), but we would continue to adapt, change and transform. one good example, our uncle ak still acknowledge his appreciation to u even when u sound critical to our culture, we dun run amok n start cari gaduh.

            1. Ms H. Culture ? What culture ? All the Malaysian Chinese in our beloved Malaysia have no culture compared with those in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. You fellows are just without cultural ballast hollow and empty. For the English educated Chinese – argumentative and loud mouth. For the Chinese educated Chinese – a propensity to cheat and have an inferiority complex. A very good example of the former had already shown himself. And this guy had the additional demerit of jealous of innocent people as well. Good luck to him in life !

              1. Ms H. Please see how us Malaysian Chinese should not behave as superior types as exemplified by this fellow’s mental attitude and his speech. This sort of behaviour has given us Malaysian Chinese a BAD NAME and a lot of trouble in relation to the other communities. This is the result of COMPARTMENTALISED VERNACULAR EDUCATION which creates fear and an inferiortiy complex which is often mistaken as a superiority complex like this fellow’s. President Franklin D Roosvelt in 1931 quote, ‘ No fear is greater than the fear of fear itself ,’ unquote. A strong Malaysian Chinese political leadership would have knuckled down these errant types hiding behind pseudonyms. In fact, the Chinese are just like any other type of people under the skin. No more. No less. This is the reason why the Chinese ( unlike the pseudo-arrogant Malaysian Chinese types ), could live with others the World over.

            2. what culture? nanyang culture. if u pour yr heart to read the writes of ktemoc n mulan, u might have found it.

              we cant compare with china, taiwan n hk. u shd know y better than me, u must learn how to present yr argument in a consistent approach, its never too late. chinese educated r generally poorer, n many r from rural. if again, u pour yr heart to understand socio-political n socio economy of various countries n people, u would know not many wan to become terrorist n cheater, do more reading la, its good for u, at least u wont sound so absolute n childish.

              1. HY. Sorry ! Whatever education you had made you incoherent, confused and argumentative without logic.

              2. that’s perfectly fine. i am just a ordinary chinese.

                we do have our own unique culture, that’s y when xu beihong visit nanyang, he notice the diff of painting style when one in china n in nanyang. perhaps yr understanding of what is culture is diff with mine, but I believe I can still learn from u anything cultural in a narrow sense, for example, music, painting, dialect, literature, food, life at yr era. however if u prefer to talk aby lky n making money, I cant stop u.

  7. Ms H. And at this juncture, I applaud the Federal Government for making the right moves when dealing with the coloured shirts. No trouble. Syabas !

  8. back to tis article, “Perhaps Mr Lee’s greatest mistake was, during the period when we were part of Malaysia, to underestimate the lengths to which the Malay leadership in Malaysia would go to defend ‘Ketuanan Melayu’ – Malay dominance. It was not a mistake that he or any of our leaders ever made again”

    what would mr lee do if he is given a second chance?

    kausikan message is for spore audience consumption, that is if u chinese sporean dun behave yrself, the malay would kick yr ass like what happen in msia. only pap can protect u. what a typical communist minded bullshiter.

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