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MCA must answer to Cabinet if The J-Star is inciting against the govt

Malaysiakini and The J-Star were raided by the police yesterday for the same story both had carried.

Commenting on the raids, MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker (below) said “the authorities were doing the right thing if they were clamping down on wayward or irresponsible reporting that was damaging the country or national interests” – see Rakyat Post report ‘Trouble in the fourth estate?

tiliankerTi said, “Malaysiakini must also be reminded it is not immune or untouchable”.

He said, “just because it [Malaysiakini] is pro-opposition or claim to be righteous or courageous in reporting with a slant against the government” does not provide the publication a shield against police action.

“Action must be taken against those whose agenda is to provoke the people towards an uprising or violence against the government,” added Ti.

“Otherwise, anti-establishment sentiments will grow rampant and ultimately an Arab Spring may occur in Malaysia by orchestration.”

According to the Rakyat Post article yesterday, Ti said the claim of fearless reporting without “does not mean that one is above the law and free to abuse the freedom of the press to incite the people against the government”.

WCW moderation

The J-Star is “not immune or untouchable” either

Since Malaysiakini and The J-Star are both under investigation for the same story, should Ti Lian Ker’s statements on Malaysiakini also be extended to his party-owned newspaper?

Is The J-Star

  • “wayward” in its coverage on selected issues and “reporting with a slant against the government”?
  • fanning “anti-establishment sentiments” with an agenda “to provoke the people towards an uprising or violence against the government”?

Liow Tiong Lai WCW

Liow Tiong Lai must answer to his BN colleagues on this claim at the Cabinet meeting.

Can the MCA president refute Raja Petra Kamarudin’s allegations that:

  • “The Star is owned by MCA but serves DAP.”

“So The Star receives money from one paymaster but serves another master. They masquerade as pro-government while in truth they are anti-government,” wrote Raja Petra in his No Holds Barred column (Malaysia Today, 4 Nov 2015)

  • “The Star is now serving DAP while its salary is paid by MCA”, wrote Raja Petra in his Corridors of Power column (Malaysia Today, 5 Nov 2015)

Raja Petra also said we can see the many anti-Islam and anti-PAS items that the MCA-owned newspaper publishes.

MCA must answer to the Cabinet on the Gunting Dalam Lipatan conduct of its media empire.


Wanita MCA press statement yesterday defends DAP rep and attacks Umno MP


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10 thoughts on “MCA must answer to Cabinet if The J-Star is inciting against the govt

  1. Dear Aunty Helen,
    I really hope that PM Najib will take stern actions to stop all the slanderous and malicious reporting that can split the people of our country.
    Hope Uncle Tiger can do his part too!

  2. Probably MCA people didn’t read the Star , they read other paper . That goes the same with UMNO ,only DAP members and supporters does .

    Can’t blame them if they didn’t read ,probably the all read Utusan .

  3. the star editor wong chun wai proudly proclaimed that he is a moderate. moderate my foot when the star always carry stories which are anything but.
    Malays are always belittled. if a Malay were to achieve something the story will invariably be carried in some obscure place tugged in a corner somewhere. but achievement by a Chinese will get the full treatment.
    so much for fairness and being racially correct.

    1. Siti Nurhaliza, the voice of Asia, ada peminat berjuta di Indonesia, Singapura, Brunei, Malaysia, Jepun dan lain-lain tempat di serata dunia, KAHWIN, masuk kotak kecik cenonet, dalam paper JStar.

      Tetapi seorang unknown to the world laki Cina proposed kat awek guna billboard, jadi berita muka depan akhbar Cina1st tu!

      WCW ingat olang bodo meh???

  4. the star editor wong chun wai proudly proclaimed himself to be a moderate. moderate my foot when everybody reading the star know its slant and how it treats stories on and about malays and cinese, stories of malay achievement will always be given poor exposure buried somewhere in a obscure place. but stories about chinese achievements will be given the full treatment and play with some even splashed on the front page.
    this is fairness according to the star and that wong fellow.

  5. MCA won’t bother to answer the Cabinet about its Star Paper being DAP closet supporter since Najib is too lembik to compel MCA to do it!

  6. Please PM, don’t give any malay majority(>50%) seats to MCA. Dasar gunting dalam lipatan. Musuh dalam selimut. Sudah terang lagi bersuluh. MCA sebenar hanya perlu memujuk semua ahli-ahlinya yang berjumlah berjuta-juta orang tu mengundi BN. Mereka seolah-olah tidak berbuat apa-apa bagi membantu Najib sama macam Muhyiddin apabila diserang Mahathir. Kita boleh nampak Zahid membantu Najib tetapi tidak Muhyiddin yang hanya membisu dan mengintai-intai untuk merampas kuasa. 1MDB hanya alasan. Siapa yang menyusahkan 1MDB? Dengarlah penjelasan dari Arul Kanda.

    Kebanyakan pembaca the star anti-Kerajaan. Dengan melihat undian mereka terhadap artikel2 yang diterbitkan anda boleh tahu siapa mereka. Saya sarankan agar orang Melayu boikot saja the star. Saya sudah lama baca NST online menggantikan the star.

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