9 thoughts on “The J-Star raided by police

  1. High time they did. Serves them right and teach them to be more responsible when reporting.

    Should close them indefinitely. Lets see if SG and WCW wll go down on their knees begging for mercy. I bet you, it will be the MCA who will do all the dirty work….

    You see, MCA works for the opposition. No doubts at all.

  2. Well these so called “voices of the people” (which people they do not say and a manifestation of their “democratic principles”(the opposition’s that is) are in truth intellectual toilet rolls.

    The Malaysian Insider takes the cake. They censor my postings which take a different view to theirs claiming the postings I make are sometimes “offensive” or capable of being considered “defamatory”. I am happy to give them the contact details of my lawyer.

    The instead allow their regulars (Brown Shirts) to repeatedly call me “Keling” which for some reason they do not find offensive, or racial vilification of the Indian communities of Malaysia.

    Its time the Najib government turned the heat up on these pretend independent freedom loving news rags. They are intellectual toilet rolls.

  3. i didnt read the newspiece so i dont know what was wrong with it. i do know that the transfer did happen, as to whether the MACC officer was shocked, that remains to be seen.

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